REVIEW: A Decent Proposal by Teresa Southwick

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A Decent Proposal by Teresa Southwick: Sydney McKnight works for McKnight Automotive in Blackwater Lake Montana, her dad is her boss. He is worried about her, both her brothers are married and have started families. Sydney mother died in childbirth, while having her, and her father has recently found love, with the mayor. She wants her dad to stop worrying about her and focus on his own happiness.

Sydney begs a man who drives up to pretend to be her boyfriend. His name is Burke Holden and he owns his own development company. He is divorced, has custody of his eight year old son Liam, and lives in Chicago.

Sydney has had to deal with her long-time boyfriend marrying her best friend. Burke carries around a lot of guilt, he thinks he is a failure as a father. After Burke gets word his housekeeper is sick, he brings Liam from Chicago to Montana, where he has trouble adjusting.

A Decent Proposal is really about the building of friendship between Sydney and Burke that turns into a real romance.

I liked the fact that there was a slow build towards love. Sydney deserved to be happy, as did Burke. Liam was a sweet boy. I also liked Sydney and Burke’s fathers. This is the first time I have read Teresa Southwick and I enjoyed A Decent Proposal. It was fun and about family. I recommend A Decent Proposal to everyone who likes slow-build romances and books about family.


Book Info:

03.5SPublished March 17th 2015 by Harlequin Special Edition Series #2396


Sydney McKnight is looking for Mr. Convenient, not Mr. Right. Her dad insists that Syd be settled…so she asks the first guy she sees to act as her boyfriend. This gorgeous stranger is magnetic, but Sydney has sacrificed her heart before. She isn’t about to give it away, even to a man who revs her engine like no other!

Burke Holden is taken aback when Sydney requests he be her pretend paramour. After all, the single dad hasn’t exactly been Mr. Romance since his ex left him and their son. But as he gets to know lovely Sydney, the bachelor might be willing to give love another shot. Will Sydney and Burke drive off into the sunset on their happily-ever-after…or will the past throw a wrench in their fairy-tale ending?




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