REVIEW: A Groom For Ruby by Emma Miller

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A Groom For Ruby by Emma Miller was such a delightful story! A true “opposites attract” kind of love story, set in Delaware’s “Amish country”- a fictional setting of Seven Poplars.

I love how Emma Miller weaves together characters from her “Hannah’s Daughters” series with her “Amish Matchmaker” series for a feeling of continuity, allowing her readers to continue to have glimpses of established favorite characters like Leah, Hannah, Miriam, Charley, Anna, Susannah, etc. Sarah, Hannah’s cousin, serves as a very atypical creature in an Amish community- a matchmaker. This is unusual in that Amish couples usually come together through singings and other gatherings.

Ruby comes to Seven Poplars from Lancaster County, hoping to find a husband through Sarah, as the young men in Lancaster County do not seem to appreciate her for her self, but for what they feel will come to them through her family. Joseph, a very shy but successful mason, hopes to meet the lady of his dreams when his mother asks Sarah to find him a match. When Ruby and Joseph meet, it truly seems like love at first sight. Though their “bumping of heads” results in their first encounter landing them in an urgent care waiting room!
Joseph and Ruby continue to connect more and more deeply at every opportunity, while his mother fights their relationship, wanting a different type of girl for her son. Ruby adores Joseph, yet wishes she could share a deep secret with him, one her parents have asked her and Sarah to keep to themselves until she is married. Sarah strives at every opportunity to guide the young couple with her wise counsel.

In order to find out if Joseph and Ruby will obtain their “happily ever after” and if it will be with his mothers’ and her parents blessing, I encourage my fellow readers to read “A Groom For Ruby”. Happy Reading!

Book Info:

Publication: July 18, 2017 | Love Inspired | The Amish Matchmaker #5

After arriving from Lancaster County in hopes of finding a husband, Ruby Plank stumbles–literally–into the arms of one of Seven Poplars’s most eligible bachelors. To her amazement, Joseph Brenneman doesn’t care if Ruby is clumsy or outspoken. The shy, handsome mason thinks she’s wonderful exactly as she is. If only others felt the same! Though Joseph’s mother hired the matchmaker to find her son a wife, she insists Ruby isn’t good enough. When Ruby’s family secret is revealed, it could divide the couple forever…unless pride gives way to love and trust.



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