REVIEW: A Night of Royal Consequences by Susan Stephens

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A Night of Royal Consequences by Susan Stephens details the romantic story of a woman who gets the chance to go on a trip of a lifetime, and meets the man who captures her heart.

Callie Smith spent years taking care of her alcoholic father but his death has freed her to start living her own life. A bit of luck on a lottery ticket lets her take a dream vacation to the Amalfi coast of Italy. Always looking for new experiences, she gets the opportunity to work at a local estate in the lemon groves, where she discovers that the handsome stranger she’d met the night before is in fact the owner of the land, and a Prince!

Luca is the heir to Fabrizio, though he’d been raised on the streets and adopted by its ruler, who’d since passed away. But in order to fully inherit the throne, the will states that he must marry and produce an heir within two years. He’s been on the lookout for a bride, but hasn’t found a suitable woman. Meeting the lovely traveler at the bar, and then at his lemon groves, something about her stirs him. A passionate night together could be the prelude to more, except Luca is called back to his home to deal with some troubles there, leaving Callie to consider him a one night stand better left forgotten. Only, once she’s back home, she soon finds out she’s pregnant!

Contrary to her belief, Luca hasn’t forgotten her and tracks her down, though at first she refuses to see him. Eventually she lets him back into her life and he whisks her off to Fabrizio, intent on being a father to their child and hoping Callie will consider marriage too. But when she finds out about his need for an heir, will it ruin the trust and love developing between them?

I really enjoyed this story! Callie is a spirited and smart woman who knows her mind and isn’t afraid to speak it. She’s attracted to Luca upon first meeting him, but isn’t naive enough to fall into his arms on first sight. She gets to know him a little first, sees how he is with other people, especially the workers at the lemon grove and when she finds out he’s actually a Prince, it doesn’t change her opinion of him. For Luca’s part he’s interested in Callie exactly for those reasons – she doesn’t care that he’s a prince, she’s interested in him as a man. And while he may not have planned to get her pregnant, he can definitely appreciate how it works in his favor. But he wants to have a full life with Callie, not just a part time role as a parent.

When Luca convinces Callie to come back to Fabrizio with him, they share several sexy scenes together. Actually, I’d say this is one of the hotter Harlequin Presents that I’ve read. Callie isn’t shy to tell Luca what she wants and likes. But she also knows that good sex isn’t enough to make a lasting relationship. Luca needs to prove to her that he truly cares.

Callie has a supportive ‘adopted’ family of a sort, the Browns, who have helped her through the tough times with her father and even more so since his death. I really enjoyed the scenes with them, when Callie is away in Italy and tells them about her trip, and when she’s back home and they are helping her cope with the pregnancy. For her to take Luca seriously, he must be accepted by them in lieu of her own family and it was sweet to see them take such good care of her, and for Luca to understand their importance to Callie. The end is quite lovely as is the epilogue and also spreads some Christmas cheer. It’s a very enjoyable read.

Book Info:

Publication: Nov 21, 2017 | Harlequin Presents | One Night with Consequences

Claiming his one-night baby

Callie Smith gave up everything to care for her alcoholic father. After his death, she’s finally able to follow her own dreams. And what better way to celebrate than by spending an out-of-character—but outrageously sinful—night with gorgeous Italian prince Luca Fabrizio?

To preserve his family dynasty, Luca was planning to marry a convenient bride—until Callie reveals the consequences of their heated encounter! Having just taken back her freedom, Callie refuses to wear his ring. To legitimize his heir, Luca must persuade her that life in his royal bed will be more pleasurable than she can possibly imagine!



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