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In At Fairfield Orchard (Fairfield Orchard #1) by Emma Cane, Amy Fairfield has always felt proud of her family’s apple orchard, knowing it brings jobs to their small Virginia community and that it is steeped in history. Now it’s time for her and her twin brother, soap opera heartthrob Tyler, to take the reins from their parents and bring the business into the twenty-first century. Easier said than done. Especially when Amy’s attention is drawn to local history professor, Jonathan Gebhart, who has a theory he wishes to prove about Thomas Jefferson. And her family’s property may be the key to his research. But with a recent bad breakup looming in her mind, Amy will have to tread carefully getting involved with the hunky genius or risk losing her already damaged heart.

‘She’d pushed away her friends and her family for so many years, had it become a habit she was continuing with him? Could she change that about herself and risk being open and vulnerable once more?’

Jonathan’s academic career–and childhood, actually–has revolved around history. And now that he has a surprising hypothesis to test out, it leads him to Fairfield Orchard. Property that was once owned by Thomas Jefferson himself. Little did Jonathan know that he would be blindsided upon his arrival at the orchard by a beautiful, smart woman with a terrific knowledge of history. He never thought he would be able to find someone who understands his passion for the past and who could evoke such emotion in him. But Amy does just that. After his previous relationship ended on a terrible note, Jonathan had thought he’d spend his days alone with his research, which was fine. But life might get even better if he can convince his lovely orchard owner to take a chance on a relationship with him.

‘He thought about her when he should be thinking about his book. She haunted his daytime thoughts; she was a sexy specter in the night, when he ached for her instead of sleep. It was all-consuming.’

At Fairfield Orchard was a nice start to Emma Cane’s newest series about a family in transition, with two siblings stepping up to run the business that’s defined their family for decades. Throw in a history professor with a grand theory to prove–and an interest in one of the Fairfields–and you have one fun & flirty romance.

“Tyler told him to take a shower at our house, and I saw him without a shirt today. Let’s just say I may have been underestimating the brainy guys of this world.”

I’ve been a fan of Emma Cane’s writing since checking out her entertaining Valentine Valley series. I love the small town feel and sense of community that permeates her stories and I’m happy to say that this is starting off the same way. This being the first book, we got to meet several of the Fairfields as well as a bunch of the townspeople and learned some of the history of the area. And Virginia was a beautiful location to set this particular series, right in viewing distance of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The description of the outlying towns and the orchard was perfectly done by Cane, making it easy to picture what Amy, Tyler and the other Fairfields grew up surrounded by.

Amy and Jonathan were the main characters this time around and I really enjoyed getting to know them both. Amy was sort of a people-person who had a fun personality even after her recent tough breakup with longtime boyfriend Rob. She was a bit analytical, which I completely understood considering how she grew up, but I did get somewhat frustrated with her overthinking things. Jonathan, on the other hand, was a geek-chic beta hero who was quite easy to love. He’d also had a tough childhood and was a rather lonely guy. I adored his passion for history and how surprised he was to find that he could feel so strongly about Amy. Jonathan’s previous relationship ended badly, leaving him thinking he would never truly connect with a woman. His feelings for Amy were strong and sort of frightening for them both, but they made the absolutely sweetest couple you can imagine.

History, family drama, and complicated relationships were abundant in At Fairfield Orchard, making this a quick enjoyable read. And look at that gorgeous book cover! This is the perfect romance to make you sigh happily while taking you on a pleasant journey in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains.


Book Info:

4SPublication: August 30th 2016 | Avon | Fairfield Orchard #1

Emma Cane welcomes you to Fairfield Orchard, where new love blooms and romance is always in season.

For Amy Fairfield, the family orchard is more than a business. With its blossom-scented air and rows of trees framed by the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, it’s her heritage and her future. But right now, it’s also a headache. Putting a painful breakup behind her, Amy has come home to help revitalize Fairfield Orchard. She doesn’t have time for the handsome—distracting—professor who wants to dig into her family’s history for his research.

Jonathan Gebhart knows he needs the Fairfields’ cooperation to make his new book a success. As for Amy—nothing in his years of academia could have prepared him for their sudden and intense attraction. He doesn’t want to complicate her life further, especially since she seems uneasy about his poking around in the past and he knows he’s not the sort of man built for forever. But some sparks can’t help but grow, and Jonathan and Amy may just learn that unexpected love can be the sweetest of all.



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    • shygirl19748

      Thanks, Nikki! Emma’s definitely starting off strong with this newest romance series. 🙂

    • shygirl19748

      The Fairfields are already proving to be a very interesting, dynamic family–which Emma writes exceedingly well. I think you’ll have a great time ‘meeting’ them, Kathleen! 😉

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