REVIEW: Changed By His Son’s Smile by Robin Gianna

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In Changed By His Son’s Smile by Robin Gianna, Dr Chase Bowen is surprised when his ex Dr. Danielle Sheridan joins his medical camp in Africa as the new doctor. His surprise turns into shock when he discovers that Dani has not come alone but with a young boy who bears a CBHSS5striking resemblance to him. After discovering he has a child with Dani, Chase is hell bent on marrying Dani and finally accepting her marriage proposal he rejected three years ago.

Losing Dani once was hard enough. Losing her twice is not an option. Especially when he’s already fallen for his adorable son, Andrew.

She broke the kiss. “You are the most confusing man.”
“Not true.” He brushed her lips with his because he couldn’t stand even a moment’s distance.
“There’s nothing confusing about what I want right now.”

Changed By His Son’s Smile by Robin Gianna was a second chance romance where two people find love once again through their child. Chase and Dani were both very relatable characters and I could understand both their actions. Andrew was a lovely addition to the story and it is difficult not to be charmed by him in the story. There was a perfect balance between the romance and the medical details with neither of them overpowering each other. There was never a dull moment in the book and the story flows so smoothly that it is hard not to like the story.

Her lips curved, but she shook her head. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. We have…issues to resolve without making things harder.”
“Except something’s already harder.”
She chuckled, her eyes twinkling, and he knew he could look into the amazing blue of them for ever. He kissed her again, hoping to make her forget about any and all issues and just feel.

Overall, Changed By His Son’s Smile is a sweet story about two people finding that connection once again due to their son. Some dramatic events make the story interesting and worth reading.

Book Info:

4SPublished January 2014 by Harlequin Medical Romance

A family he didn’t know he wanted…

When ex-flame Dr. Danielle Sheridan arrives at Chase Bowen’s African clinic he’s captivated by her…and her little son! Three years ago Chase turned down Dani’s surprise marriage proposal—their life was just too dangerous for a family—but he didn’t know she was pregnant!

Losing Dani once was hard enough. Losing her twice is not an option. Especially when he’s already fallen for his adorable son, Drew. Now Chase is determined to make Dani his again—starting with an undeniable acceptance of her three-year-old proposal!

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