REVIEW: Darker Than Desire by Shiloh Walker

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In Darker Than Desire (Secrets & Shadows #3) by Shiloh Walker, Sybil Chalmers has lived Darker-Than-Desirethrough her own trying times over the years, but she knows nothing compares to the devastating childhood abuse David Sutter had to endure. She’s been secretly meeting with him for almost a decade after he left town in the midst of controversy. Sybil genuinely hopes that there will be a day when David can come terms with his past and give her the relationship she’s been dreaming of. But until the town’s secrets come to light and the abusive monsters are dealt with, she knows no one will be able to move forward.

‘Every moment of peace he’d ever known had come from her. She mattered, more than anything or anybody else in his miserable world.’

David Sutter has spent the better part of the last two decades trying to forget the trauma that caused him to leave his hometown behind. Never far away, though, he’s kept an eye on what was happening there. Thanks to new information about his past, he’s determined to try to make things right. David is also drawn back to Sybil, over and over again to find some solace in his life. His main worry is that he will only bring evil and darkness into her life and that of her nephew Drew. But they are the closest thing he’s ever had to a real family. And David would do anything in the world to protect that cherished gift.

“I always knew things from my past would come back to bite me on the ass and I wanted you out of the way before it happened. It’s not because I don’t want you, Sybil. I want you too much. And I won’t let everything I am stain what you are.”

Steamy, dark and intense, this is one book that will have readers scrambling to figure out who can be trusted and who will still be standing when it’s all said and done.

Darker Than Desire was a twisted and complex story in the continuing Secrets & Shadows series. Shiloh Walker has done a great job building the plot, book by book, revealing bits and pieces of the truth along the way. I definitely would suggest readers follow this series in the order it is written. There are a lot of characters, and with each new installment there are just too many subtle (and not so subtle) things that happen that will make a difference as you piece together the puzzling past of these victims and townspeople.

David and Sybil were the primary focus this time, although everyone made an appearance in one way or another. I have to say that finding out more details about the abuse in David’s past was absolutely horrifying and made my heart break for him. I thought Sybil was the perfect woman for him. She was tough as nails but was still a wonderfully caring person. David kind of needed that combination, and certainly deserved to finally have someone to protect and love him. I felt like his struggle to do what was right while still wanting vengeance for what happened to him as a child was very honest and realistic. Actually, all of the characters reactions seemed genuine, which was a testament to Ms. Walker’s solid writing.

Darker Than Desire was in no way an easy story to ready emotionally, but I did love that it brought out so many varying feelings through each situation. If you enjoy dark romantic suspense, I suggest checking this series out.

Book Info:

4SPublished March 3rd 2015 by St. Martin’s Paperbacks | (Secrets & Shadows #3)


No matter how many times he’s left her in the past, Sybil Chalmers can’t ignore her feelings for the one man who stole her heart years ago. For countless nights, she has waited for him—for his kiss, his touch—and has longed for him to emerge from the shadows of his past. Only when she is in his arms does Sybil really feel alive…and finally, after all these years, that time is now.


He’s a man raised in a world of strict rules and unbreakable traditions and he’s always yearned to break free. But when a family tragedy lures him back home, he finds his one true passion has been there all along. With Sybil, he can explore his greatest potential—and allow her to discover a whole new level of ecstasy. But will a long-buried secret threaten to tear them apart? The only thing he knows for sure is that he will do anything to keep Sybil in his life…and keep her coming back for more…




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