REVIEW: Love in Chelsea by Alykhan Maghani

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In Love in Chelsea by Alykhan Maghani, Aidan Khan is a career minded young man with the hope of one day living a stress-free life. He knows that because of his work he is considered to be boring, especially since he does not like to drink, smoke or attend too many parties. But this all changes when he meets Sara Varsi.
Love-in-Chelsea-by-Alykhan-MaghaniSara is the daughter of a billionaire property magnate and has all the wealth and power that Aidan wishes that he had. She is a beauty and possesses lots of charm and a quick wit. What not many know is that underneath that bubbly persona lies a dark past. Her family is not the ideal family everyone believes and because of her fears she always does and say anything to get her way.

Aidan and Sara are complete opposites in everything except their background, but this does not dissuade Aidan from wanting to be with her. Only her constant lies put a strain in their relationship that lead to Aidan not trusting her.

Things are not easy for this couple and the lies from Sara and anger from Aidan do not help matters. But no matter how much his friend tells Aidan to forget her, he cannot help loving her. But unless Sara is willing to finally turn her back on her family and be willing to take a true chance with him, they will not be able to have their own HEA.

To be honest, the story was good and had a good story line. But it is not exactly my type of read. I prefer to have the story based more on the romance of the main characters. This story focused more on the lies told by Sara and the complications from her family that made their relationship so hard. Also I really disliked that it always seemed that she would do anything to keep her privileged life and never once seemed to stand up against her family and defend her love for Aidan.

Love in Chelsea by Alykhan Maghani is a fast paced read with a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the entire book, all viewed from Aidan’s perspective.

Book Info:

03.5SAugust 5th 2013

The girl of his dreams is actually his worst nightmare.

Aidan Khan is a career-minded young professional with lofty ambitions and a stress-free life.

That is, until he meets a Chelsea girl.

Sara Varsi, the daughter of a billionaire property magnate with all the wealth and power that Aidan can only dream of, is trouble. With stunning beauty, charm and a quick wit, she seems at first to be everything that Aidan’s always wanted. But beneath her bubbly exterior lies a dark, shady past, a dysfunctional family and a scared little girl who will say anything to get her way.

Opposites attract, but will Aidan Khan really risk his sanity for a shot at Love in Chelsea?

LOVE IN CHELSEA is a modern romance novel which tells of star-crossed lovers from different social classes, whose relationship is complicated by trust issues, dependency and family drama.

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