REVIEW: The Hottest Ticket in Town by Kimberly Van Meter

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The Hottest Ticket in Town by Kimberly Van Meter: That one person you never expected to see again because Hottest-Ticketthey hurt you so much? You know that’s pretty much who you are going to see when you are at your lowest point. The question is what will they see when they look at you and what will you see?

Laci McCall was a small town country girl who had a voice like an angel and when she hit it big she really hit it big and was now playing to sell out crowds on a sold out tour. However the tour was getting to be too much and she was just too tired and while she was trying to explain that to her manager somehow he just didn’t get it, not even when she passed out on stage. So she took off for a bit, ran away to the only place she knew as home.

Kane Dalton had a miserable childhood until he went to work on the ranch. His father was an abusive alcoholic and Kane was left to try and protect himself and his younger brother. Until Warren came along and offered him safety, protection and a home on the ranch not just for him but for his brother as well, from that time forward he would have done anything for him. So when he got the call to go watch the ranch there was no hesitation he just went.

Kane was the last person Laci expected to see at the ranch. He was her first love and her first of many things, including broken heart. Now back together at the ranch what will happen? They both can feel the heat burning the place down but as adults are they willing to risk the fire? Or will they not be willing to take the chance on what might be because of the past?

Talk about HEAT this story is full of lust and flat out burn the pages heat. Ms. Van Meter should give out fire extinguishers with the story. It’s a face paced read with a good plot, if at times a little predictable. The story is definitely leaving itself open for a follow up with Kane’s brother, which would be great. The writing style is well-done, smooth flow and good character definition. Laci is a bit of a mess but it’s nice to see her figure herself out. Kane was a harder sell for me but he has the nicest nice guy heart I’ve read about in a while.

The Hottest Ticket in Town by Kimberly Van Meter is definitely a fun hot read, but be aware this is not a novel for the faint of heart.


Book Info:

04.5SPublication: April 21st 2015 by Harlequin Blaze Series #845

He had a ticket…to her bed!

Country music star Laci McCall is on the run. Away from her punishing tour schedule and her pushy manager. Away from the exhaustion. All she wants is to escape to her home-away-from-home in Woodsville, Kentucky. But there’s a small problem—her bed at the Bradford Ranch is occupied by a damnably hot country boy…her first love.

Kane Dalton is overwhelmed by the fierce lust he’d long thought gone, and feelings he’s tried to forget. He walked away from Laci once—a second time would damn near kill him. Now they have only a small, stolen moment together. Enough to surrender to that lightning-hot electricity once more. Enough to shake them to their cores…before reality crashes in and reminds them that their two worlds were never meant to collide.




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