REVIEW: The Wedding Pact by Katee Robert

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The Wedding Pact (The O’Malleys #2) by Katee Robert  is the second weddingpactbook in the O’Malleys series. If you did not read the first book, you will want to read that one first. There is a lot of back story that you need to understand about these characters and these families that you will miss if you do not read the books in order. Each book kind of sets the stage for the next book in the series as well, so that will give you a great foundation for what is to come. This is the story of Carrigan O’Malley and James Halloran.

Carrigan O’Malley is a pawn in her fathers grab for more power, more territory in the mob war that he has with the Halloran family. She is given a very short list of men to choose from, and not one of them is the one man that makes her want, the man that makes her feel safe, her sworn enemy, James Halloran.

James knows that he and Carrigan got off on the wrong foot. He knows that he screwed up when it cames to her. But he cannot forget what it felt like to hold her in his arms, to kiss her, to touch her, to make love to her. As he gets pulled deeper and deeper into the family business, it is Carrigan that helps James keep the darkness at bay. It is Carrigan that helps James hold on to a piece of his humanity.

As decision time comes for Carrigan, she will risk everything to keep James safe, even if it means putting herself in harms way, and James will move mountains to keep Carrigan from making a mistake that will cost both of them a future together.

I loved the chemistry and the connection between James and Carrigan. He promises to always be there for her if she needs him, and she will do anything, even defy her own father to keep James safe. When they are together you can tell that they trust each other in ways that they don’t trust other people in their lives. They have truly become each others safe place.


Book Info:

4SPublished: April 26th 2016 | Forever | The O’Malleys #2

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katee Robert continues her smoking-hot series about the O’Malleys—wealthy, powerful, and full of scandalous family secrets.

Carrigan O’Malley has always known her arranged marriage would be more about power and prestige than passion. But after one taste of the hard-bodied, whiskey-voiced James Halloran, she’s ruined for anyone else. Too bad James and his family are enemy number 1.

Hallorans vs. O’Malleys—that’s how it’s always been. James should be thinking more about how to expand his family’s empire instead of how silky Carrigan’s skin is against his and how he can next get her into his bed. Those are dangerous thoughts. But not nearly as dangerous as he’ll be if he can’t get what he wants: Carrigan by his side for the rest of their lives.



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  1. Jennifer Schultheis

    I read the first book, looking forward to reading this one. Thanks for the review.

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