REVIEW: To Sin with the Tycoon by Cathy Williams

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To Sin with the Tycoon (Seven Sexy Sins #1) by Cathy Williams, is the first part in Seven Sexy Sins series and this one is based on sloth.

To-Sin-With-The-TycoonGabriel Cabrera has everything a man can possibly want and with the quirk of an eyebrow, he can get anything he wants.That is, until he meets PA Alice Morgan who is totally immune to his charms and wants to be completely clear of his womanizing ways. Alice is unlike any woman he has ever met and the intense attraction between them is making it difficult for him to keep his hands off her.

To Sin with the Tycoon by Cathy Williams is a well written office romance. I liked how sloth was integrated in the story and the wonderful setting of the story. Gabriel is a hero who has literally has everything and therefore he does not have any need to work for anything else. To say it in one word–he is very lazy. He was a womanizer and quite charming at times after the initial few chapters. Alice is a hard working heroine who has lived her life with caution to avoid getting her past repeated again. Unlike the blurb suggest, she is not a virgin and has had two fumbling experiences in the past.I don’t have any problem with that but the blurb does mislead the reader. I liked how Gabriel made her gain some confidence about her self and made her believe that she too was beautiful.I loved the steady romance with just a good combination of conversations and physical intimacy. The main characters had good chemistry so the romance was believable and enjoyable. The ending was a little abrupt and could have been a little smoother.

Overall, To Sin with the Tycoon by Cathy Williams is a well written office romance and is recommended for all the fans of the genre.


Book Info:

03.5SPublication: December 16th 2014 by Harlequin Presents Series #3300 | (Seven Sexy Sins #1)

With the quirk of an eyebrow, Gabriel Cabrera can get anything he wants!

That is, until he meets PA Alice Morgan and he realizes three things:

1) He’s jealous…a first.

2) He’s in pursuit…also a first.

3) She’s immune to his charms…definitely a first!

So he’ll draw her to him—his every word an innuendo promising pleasure, his every touch sinfully seductive. And sweet, virginal Alice will come to him willingly so Gabriel can claim his prize…

Seven Sexy Sins—The true taste of temptation!




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