Spotlight & Giveaway: A Father’s Secret by Yvonne Lindsay

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 Please Welcome Harlequin Desire author Yvonne Lindsay to HJ!

Yvonne is here to tell to us about her newest release ‘A FATHER’S SECRET’


When I first started writing this story I had several story ideas I’d been mulling over to choose from, but this one really felt as if the story and the characters could go really deep. And I mean deep, deep.

IVF is always a tricky subject to handle. I’ve known couples who’ve taken that journey and succeeded and I’ve known couples who failed. Every step, for every couple, was fraught with worry, hope and love—and those were the elements I most wanted to bring to A FATHER’S SECRET.

I originally set this story here in New Zealand, beside a beautiful lake called Lake Tarawera. The day I was last there the weather was moody and wet, just look at the photo and you’ll see what I mean, and the area just lent itself to the isolated yet beautiful feeling I wanted to portray in the book. Unfortunately, New Zealand law, much like British law, threw a complete spanner in the works regarding child custody issues and I thank my lucky stars that I had a wonderful support person working in a family law background here to guide me away from making a terrible mistake. So cue finding a new location for my characters. The lake that made the biggest impression on me while visiting the US in recent years was Lake Tahoe and I knew, after circumnavigating its shores with friends, that there were plenty of delightful bays where I could set my story. Luckily, I was able to draw on further legal advice, this time on US family law, and I knew my story would work.

Threading through the complexities of Sam and Erin’s tale was very challenging and at every turn there was another question to ask, another answer to find. By the time I finished writing I was wrung out, but happy, and I hope you, as readers, will be happy with the ending too.

Giveaway: Share with me and three (my favourite number!) comments will be drawn to win a signed book of your choice (stocks permitting) from my backlist and some New Zealand candy!


To Enter to Win: Please complete the Rafflecopter form below and post a comment to this: As a Piscean, I am always happiest when I’m near water and I’m curious, where are you happiest in nature? Sea, fresh water, mountains, city, country, plains? Why?

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About the Book:

There’d been a mistake at the fertility clinic. Now widow Erin Connell has to face the possibility that her baby son is not her husband’s child. And worse, that Connell Lodge, her son’s legacy and the only real home she’s ever known, may be lost to them both.

But billionaire Sam Thornton’s arrival at her bed-and-breakfast changes everything. Erin is stunned by the ferocity of her sudden attraction. Sam, too, is thunderstruck…and tormented. He’s come here for one reason only, and falling for the pretty owner isn’t it. He’s not leaving without her son—his son….

About the Author

New Zealand born, to Dutch immigrant parents, Yvonne Lindsay became an avid romance reader at the age of 13. Now, married to her ‘blind date’ and with two children, she remains a firm believer in the power of romance. Yvonne feels privileged to bring to her readers the stories of her heart. In her spare time, when not writing, she can be found reading a book, reliving the power of love in all walks of life. She can be contacted via her website





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60 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: A Father’s Secret by Yvonne Lindsay”

  1. Belinda G

    You ask where am I most happiest in nature and why?: I love being on or near the water. I find it soothes my soul and creating a peace. I especially love reading as I listen to the gently lapping of the water. That environment helps transport me to the place(s) a good author describes by picturing myself there. You feel like you’re there watching as the story unfolds!

    As the e-reader became more popular, publishers created more e-book which meant I’m never without a book! Yay! I have it with me all the time. “I never leave home without it” LOL! I am a self-confessed read-a-holic and proud of it!

    I have a few of Yvonne’s book on my e-reader. I’m a fan. The Billionaire & Babies series is a fun one!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share!

    Belinda G

    • Yvonne Lindsay

      Hi Belinda, I’m so glad you’re a fan! I’m so with you on being near the water. I don’t mind if it’s seaside or lakeside or riverside. Water is my “go to” place for tranquility.

  2. Natalija

    Although I live in Italy now, originally I’m from Latvia where the highiest point is 312 m, so Italian Alps seem pretty amaizing to me. It’s what I see from my kitchen window, it’s where I go to relax, it’s what always make me say “wow”.

    I read this book’s review on Goodreds & heard that it’s very emotional. Perfect! Can’t wait to read it.

    • Yvonne Lindsay

      Hi Natalija, the reviews on Goodreads are quite polarized 🙂 but I guess it’s always a good thing to get a reaction from readers. And yes, the story is a very emotional one, I do hope you enjoy it. The view from your kitchen sounds divine. I visited relatives in The Netherlands when I was fourteen and laughed when they called a tiny bump in the landscape a mountain. Here in New Zealand we have hills, valleys, mountains…you name it.

  3. Mary Preston

    I’m happiest when I have my feet in the ocean. It’s relaxing and calming. So goodness knows why I live inland!!

    A FATHER’S SECRET looks just wonderful.

    • Yvonne Lindsay

      Hi Mary, I do hope you will read and love A Father’s Secret. We usually go camping near the sea for our summer holiday each year and I love just standing on the water’s edge with the waves washing over my feet. Definitely relaxing and calming. 🙂

  4. amel armeliana

    Hi Yvonne, your book sounds great and the father in the cover looks very hot *grin*
    I’m happiest when I’m in the mountains. I always love the mountains. It gave me pure feeling, like I’m the nature.

    Thanks for this giveaway.

    • Yvonne Lindsay

      Hi Amel, yes, isn’t that cover delicious! I have to admit that I haven’t spent a lot of time in the mountains but I could be persuaded if there was a water view there somewhere 🙂 especially if it wasn’t a live crater lake 😉

  5. Aline

    I don’t go to mountains, sea or country often 🙁 I’m a city girl so I think I’m happiest in the city LOL but I definitely enjoy the occasional trip to those places if I have the time or opportunity 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win, Yvonne!

    • Yvonne Lindsay

      Hi Aline, nothing wrong with being a city girl! But I am glad you get to visit outside of the city from time to time. Variety is the spice of life, isn’t it? 🙂

  6. orchid7

    I love being in the mountains. The clean, fresh air, the isolation and quiet, being surrounded by nature and all the big tall trees. It’s so peaceful and restorative. The views are magnificent. And the skies at night! Bring away from the city lights makes the stars pop out like you could reach out and hold them in your hands. I wish I could visit the mountains more often.
    Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win! 🙂

    • Yvonne Lindsay

      Orchid7, you make the mountains sound so appealing! I love it when you’re away from “civilization” and you get to see just how many beautiful stars light our skies at night. And I love having the time to notice it all, too.

  7. Sheryl N

    I am happy where I am. I haved here in South MS all my life. I love the water and the South and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

  8. Chris Mead

    I am most happiest when out in nature. Your book sounds amazing, thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Brenda Rumsey

    I’m happiest in the country, with lots of trees and lots of animals. Love to watch the birds, squirrels, horses,and anything else that moves. LOL.
    Thanks for taking time to chat with us and offering a prize.

  10. Olivia Tan

    I am most happiest when im near the water, bcoz i was born on the place named North Mollucas and its surround by the sea. thanks for the chance to win ^^

    • Yvonne Lindsay

      Hi Belinda P., another city girl! I grew up very close to our city center and loved how close and convenient everything was. I’m further out from our main center now but most things–malls, sports stadiums, movie theaters etc.–have all been built out here so we’re quite self sufficient. And we have the added advantage of being two minutes from rural/farming areas too, although those are slowly being eaten up by “progress”.

  11. eli yanti

    I’m prefer mountain because i love to see landscape, make me thing how wonderful what had God’s created and i always enjoy and i feel relieved 🙂

    • Yvonne Lindsay

      I’d have to say that ocean and beach are probably my favorite spot/s to relax, Melinda, although last summer we stayed at Lake Taupo in the central North Island of New Zealand and that was equally stunning in it’s own way. On the other side of the lake we could see the mountains (live volcanoes that give us a bit of disruption every now and then) and it was just amazing.

    • Yvonne Lindsay

      Hi Tawnya, I think the moving water is incredibly relaxing, don’t you? I’m pretty much happy anywhere, mountains or otherwise, provided there’s water.

  12. Rebe

    I’m pretty much happy in most settings, with the one exception being the desert!! I have to have either water or some greenery nearby.

    • Yvonne Lindsay

      Rebe, I’m totally with you. Miles and miles of sand with no greenery or water? I’m sure it can be beautiful to see but I don’t think that’s for me.

  13. Diah Didi

    I’m pretty much a loner so I guess I don’t mind being anywhere as long as it’s quiet, calming and peaceful.
    Thank you so much for the giveaway. I love that kind of theme for a story. Aren’t we all have our own secret? 🙂

  14. Yazmin Rangel

    I like city life. But I feel more at peace and comfortable when surrounded by nature. My favorite is in the country or the mountains, and I love water too, so creeks and rivers are a great escape for me as well.
    This books sounds great. Thank you for the giveaway. 🙂

    • Yvonne Lindsay

      Hi Yazmin, sounds like you enjoy the best of all worlds, hmm? 🙂 I think contrast is a great thing–it makes you appreciate what you have all the more, don’t you think?

  15. suzanne

    I am happiest in my azy boy rocker, with an afghan, wine cooler and Kindle. I dp like green areas, forests and hiking.

  16. Yvonne Lindsay

    Suzanne, I’ve recently had a total knee replacement and our recliner chairs are my new best friends. They’re about the only place I feel comfortable for any length of time and as I’ve had a new proposal due I’ve been working while lounging at the same time. Bliss! 🙂 Maybe when my knee no longer hurts (and I’m walking normally again) I can do a little hiking myself!

  17. Olga

    I am happy to live in the city, and enjoy city life. I grow up in very peaceful city: with large forest nearby (Gauja National Park) and the river Gauja…I very like being nearby water and mountains!

    • Yvonne Lindsay

      Olga, you’re in Estonia? I googled the river Gauja and the images were just stunning. You live in a truly beautiful part of the world and obviously have the best of both worlds where you are.

  18. cecilia

    Ocean. I very enjoyed about it. i like to sailing with boat and i love to hear the wind at the ocean. sounds wonderful.

    • Yvonne Lindsay

      We have a pleasure boat, Cecilia, and I love it when we can get out on the harbor. It is noisy though, unless we’re at anchor, and I often watch the yachts sailing past and envy them their graceful journey through the ocean.

  19. Sara

    It’s the Ocean for me, we live 5 miles from the pacific coastline 🙂
    The sound of the surf and breaking of the waves totally relaxes me.
    Good Luck everyone!

    • Yvonne Lindsay

      So, you’re a water baby too, Sara? I love it when we’re camping and I can hear the waves rolling into the beach at night. Very soothing. Not so soothing when there is a cyclone unfortunately but then again you can’t hear the waves for all the rain and wind pounding the canvas! LOL!

  20. Michele Hayes

    I’m a Leo but I love to be anywhere near water. Which is probably why I live about a quarter mile from the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of Maine!
    It doesn’t matter if it’s fresh or salt water.

    • Yvonne Lindsay

      So you’re a fire sign, Michele, and you love to be near the water? Probably a safety feature, don’t you think? 😉 Where you live sounds fabulous, too!

  21. kyla whitley

    definitely mountains for me. i have a beautiful view of mt. rainier from my bedroom window. 🙂

    • Yvonne Lindsay

      Hi Kyla, Mt Rainier? You’re in Washington State? I love visiting Washington. Definitely one of my favourite places in the world. So much beauty and such lovely people.

  22. Arely Z.

    I feel happier where I have a quiet view, like the mountains! I feel closer to nature and I feel at peace. I think whenever I’d feel overwhelmed I could just go outside or look out at the view and calm down. 🙂

    • Yvonne Lindsay

      Arely, it’s good to have a place that helps restore your inner balance, isn’t it? That’s what being by the ocean does for me so I totally understand what you’re saying here.

    • Yvonne Lindsay

      Hi Shadow, it can be lovely to be away from people and hustle and bustle and just soak up the peace and quiet, can’t it? Sometimes it’s lonelier when you’re surrounded by people than when you’re on your own, I think. Unless, of course, those people you’re with are your friends.

  23. Lilian S

    I’m happiest when I’m near the water, because my hometown have a lot of beautiful beach.
    thanks for the chance to win

  24. Adisty

    I’m happy when I’m in the nature, either it was , sea, mountain, jungle, etc. But the sea always gave me sense of peace. I like spent my time in the beach, sit in the sand and just looking at the sea.

  25. Fiery Na

    I’ve always felt most peaceful around forests, lake and mountains. The views are breathtaking and literally, I can take a gulp of fresh air.

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