Spotlight & Giveaway: Banishing the Dark by Jenn Bennett

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Today it is my pleasure to welcome author Jenn Bennett to HJ!


jenn bennettJenn Bennett is the author of the Arcadia Bell urban fantasy series from Pocket Books and the Roaring Twenties historical paranormal romance series from Berkley. Born in Germany, she’s lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe, the U.S., and the Far East. She currently lives near Atlanta with one husband and two very bad pugs.

In Book Four of the beloved urban fantasy series Romantic Times calls one “for your keeper shelf,” the ultimate mother-daughter fight is about to go down.

Hi Jenn, Welcome to HJ! Thanks for stopping by to talk about your newest release BANISHING THE DARK

Thanks so much for having me on your blog again!

If you had to summarize the book for the readers here…

BTDThis is the final book in the series, in which Cady and Lon cross California to find the key to her magical origins.

Please tell us about the characters in your book

Arcadia “Cady” Bell is tiki bar owner in California whose parents were notorious occult magicians. She’s in love with an older man who is a famous photographer, a single dad, and *clears throat* just also happens to be an empathic demon. (A heroic one, I promise.) His high-energy teenage son, Jupe, occasionally steals the show.

As you wrote your protagonist was there anything about them that surprised you?

I’ve been writing Cady for four years now. I think the thing that surprises me the most about her is her ability to balance family life and maintain any sort of normalcy in a world filled with crazy supernatural shenanigans and demonic activity.

What scene did you most enjoy writing? Why? 

For the first time in the series, I wrote a few scenes from Jupe’s POV. It was an absolute pleasure to get inside his head, and I especially enjoyed writing a scene where he meets the daughter of a magician…a girl his age, who he finds wildly attractive:

Jupe’s mouth went dry, and his heart was beating like he’d been running.

“By the way, my name is Leticia Vega,” she said from the shrinking darkness of the closing door, pronouncing her name with a rich, rolling accent. Le-ti-ci-a. “And if you ever call me ‘Letty,’ I’ll lay a hex on you that’ll make all your teeth fall out.”

What scene was the hardest to write? Why? 

For reasons I can’t go into—spoilers, ahoy!—all of the scenes in which Lon-the-badass shows his softer side were emotional for me to write:

“You might have trouble believing this, but I spend most of my time being grateful you’re near me or counting the minutes until you will be again.”

Who would you cast in the role of your characters if your book were optioned for a movie?

For Cady? Audrey Plaza from Parks and Rec, hands down. Lon? Josh Holloway or Johnny Depp.

If you could have given your characters one piece of advice before the opening pages of the book, what would it be and why?

Break out the kleenex! It’s the last book in this series, so it’s going to be emotional at times. That being said, each reader comes to a book with different expectations, and whether those expectations jibe with the story I want to tell is always up for grabs. For this book, I did my best to be true to the characters at the heart of my series, and I’m happy with where I left them in their journey together. It’s a good place for all of them to be.

What are you currently working on? What other releases do you have planned for 2014?

Apart from promoting back-to-back releases of Arcadia #4, BANISHING THE DARK, and the 2nd Roaring Twenties paranormal romance, GRIM SHADOWS, I’ve recently just sold my first teen romance to Macmillan, which will come out in 2015. I’m currently also writing a young adult fantasy romance, a 2nd contemporary YA romance, and this summer I’ll be writing the 3rd Roaring Twenties book. In other words, I’m very busy—which is a good thing!

Where can readers get in touch with you?

Readers can always send me mail through the CONTACT page of my website. I also respond to comments on Facebook, Tumblr, and pretty much never leave Twitter for more than a few hours (the easiest, fastest way to get my attention).


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(mild spoilers ahead!):

My face heated as embarrassment blazed through me. Drunk with Lon. That really wasn’t a good idea. All my clothes seemed to be on except my shoes. What a freaking relief. I don’t think I could face him if I’d done something stupid like hit on him.

Or maybe I had, and that’s why I was on the couch.

Maybe he just wanted his bed back. Why had he put me up in his own bedroom? I felt as if there were a good reason, but I couldn’t remember why, other than the sigils painted on the ceiling. Must be something to do with that, because I couldn’t fathom him trying to seduce me. He was too . . . well, not a gentleman, exactly. And not law-abiding, either—he had, after all, stolen a bunch of old occult books from the Vatican, and he owned a few illegally modified guns. But all in all, he was a decent, stand-up man with a strong sense of right and wrong. Dependable. Besides, I was almost twenty years younger than him. Too young, I faintly remembered Jupe telling me months ago.

And probably stupid enough to throw myself at him given the right amount of alcohol. My mind pulled up some fuzzy images of me cuddling up to him outside on the patio. Me begging for something. Like, really trying to persuade him to do something to me.

Not good. Not good at all…

34 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Banishing the Dark by Jenn Bennett”

  1. danyamilne

    The best last-in-a-series book that I’ve read recently is “Fire Study” by Maria V. Snyder. It had all the action, humor, and romance that I loved in the first installment without any of the slower parts that the second book had.

  2. Christy

    I haven’t read a last-in-a-series book in awhile, but my favorite would probably be Last Sacrifice, the last book in the Vampire Academy series.

  3. Cari White

    I hate last in a series, because I always want more. I can’t think of a recent example, but remember how sad I was when Nira Roberts finished the MacGregor series.

  4. BookLady

    Most of the series I read are still being written. However, The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison is the next-to-the-last book in her Hollows series. It was fantastic.

  5. Natalia J

    For me the best are the ones that are happy endings like Cherry Adiar edge series.I loved it 😀

  6. Amanda Vinson

    I love a bunch of different series. I just finished the Fierce series by Clarissa Wild and was not disappointed!!

  7. Margaret

    I’ve read a couple end of series books where I felt like everyone was happy the whole time and it was a big nostalgia tour. Like every character ever needs an HEA in one book.

  8. Kai W.

    I didn’t like the ending of Accidental Cowgirl. It feels like the story really didn’t finish toward the end.

  9. lavendersbluegreen

    I never like it when a series ends. I am always kind of mad and hurt. SO silly. Charlaine Harris has no ended 4 series. UGH. Nora Roberts keeps bringing so many new trilogies out… but the I SO agree with the commenter above who misses the MacGregors. There have been a lot of series enders lately too. Ugh. Taking away my drug of choice…

  10. sheryl

    The most recent was The Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost. I am going to miss Cat and Bones

  11. Barbara E.

    The last series ending book I read was Ilona Andrews Steel’s Edge from The Edge series. I loved it, and it wrapped up the series nicely, but I hated to see the series end.

  12. Taswmom

    I, too, don’t like it when a good series ends, and spend days going over things in my mind. So far I haven’t had a horrible ending yet, tho some do leave a little more to be desired.

  13. Stephanie Fredrick

    The worst one’s I have read were Sookie Stackhouse and the Divergent series. I couldn’t stand both endings. My favorite book series ending were the Vampire Empire series, Night series by Lisa Kessler and the Dark Days series by Jocelynn Drake. Loved their endings.

  14. Janie McGaugh

    The only last-in-series book I’ve read recently is Laura Kaye’s East of Ecstasy, which was very good.

  15. Timitra

    Staking His Claim by Tessa Bailey is one of best I’ve read while I hated to see the series end I thought it was a fitting ending.

  16. van

    There are so many series that I’ve started but have yet to finish. However a series that I did finish was the Dark Swan series by Richelle mead and the last book in the series, Shadow Heir, was a disappointing ending.

  17. Betul E.

    The Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost had the best ending. They had a great journey, I was sad to see the series end.

  18. Diana Huffer

    I haven’t read any series lately… I was sad to read the last book of the Parallel Series by Deidre Knight. That’s the way I feel whenever I finish the final in a series… Then I start the next book, and I’m fine… 😉

  19. Sue C

    I read alot of series of books. I haven’t read a series lately that has ended. I love the Krewe Hunters by Heather Graham but that is still ongoing.

  20. Ana Lucía

    The worst Allegiant by Veronica Roth. It was a big let down for me (and not because of the ending) it lack of substance and everything I loved from the previous books.

  21. Kate I.

    ALLEGIANT, the conclusion to the Divergent trilogy, was a bit of a disappointment. I’m kind of hoping that the film version is changed!!

  22. Ana Smith

    The best was definitely Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning. I love that series, and I adored the ending.

  23. stormy27

    I recently finished Ann Aguirre’s ‘Corine Solomon’ series with ‘Agave Kiss’ and it was fantastic! She gave me closure on everything and while I may have needed a tissue (or twelve) – the ending was spot on. As the prophet Chuck says, “Endings are hard.” – but I think Ms. Aguirre got this one just right.

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