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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome author Sarah Robinson to HJ!

Hi Sarah and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, Becoming a Legend!


Please summarize the book for the readers here:

At the peak of his career, Kane Kavanagh is about to become the nation’s greatest mixed martial arts fighter when he meets Nora Hannigan, the program director for an at-risk children’s center. He’s focused on one thing—his career—and he doesn’t have time for romance, which is more than fine with Nora since she has secrets she can’t afford for the son of the infamous Kavanagh’s to uncover. Becoming A Legend is a story of loyalty, selflessness, and family, but most importantly, the triumph of love.

Please share the opening lines of this book:

“I think you broke his nose,” Rory, his oldest brother, told Kane as he handed him a bottle of water in the corner of the Vegas octagon. The crowd buzzed with excitement, voices hoarse from screaming during the last few rounds. It was all Kane could hear, and it made the blood pound through his veins as they cried for more.


Please share a few Fun facts about this book…

  • Tacos and Ta-Tas. That’s all I’m going to say about that. 😉
  • The first real insight into the mafia side of the Kavanagh family.
  • A surprise wedding!


Please tell us a little about the characters in your book. As you wrote your protagonist was there anything about them that surprised you?

Every time I’m writing a novel, the characters never end up being the people I thought they’d be. They evolve with each chapter, more of their back story comes into play, and I find out (just like the reader) what makes them tick. The first two Kavanagh books had Kane shown as a bit too headstrong, kind of rude on occasion, and almost obnoxious. However, in this book, we see how serious he is about his training and his career, and how much he’s willing to give for that, and for his family. Nora was in the last book as well, as Kieran’s “boss”, and she looked like she had it all together. In this book, we see that that is the façade she wanted everyone to think, but in reality…it’s unbelievably different. I think that’s how people are in everyday life, though. We meet strangers and peg them as certain people, until we open our hearts to them and realize there is a lot more to a person than we initially assumed.

If your book was optioned for a movie, what scene would you use for the audition of the main characters and why?

The scene where Nora comes to the Kavanagh family house during Sunday dinner and gets roped into staying! Perfect combination of chemistry between the main characters, while also balancing all the other family members together.

“Hello? Clare?” The front door to the beautiful, old Woodlawn home was partially ajar, so Nora leaned in and pushed it open wider. Upon stepping inside the front entry, noisy talking and laughter reached her, and she quickly realized the house must be filled with people, which immediately made her chicken out.
Turning and heading back the way she came, she decided she’d just text Clare and pick up the bridesmaid fabric another day.
“Nora! Where are you going?”
Damn it, Nora groaned internally as she heard the one voice she really had been hoping to avoid on her trip here. That was exactly why she’d tried to get Clare to meet her anywhere else, but it was a little hard to convince her when Nora had zero desire to explain why she didn’t want to come to the Kavanagh house.
“Kane,” she replied politely as she turned around. That was officially the last coherent thought in her head, because when she faced him, she found him moving down the stairs completely shirtless. She had no control over her eyes as they grazed his body slowly, savoring each hardened muscle and rippling ab.
When her eyes met his, the grin on his face told her he’d definitely noticed her checking him out. Heat flooded her face. She hadn’t meant to give him the ego boost, and he certainly didn’t need it. It was no secret that she had always found Kane attractive, but in the past, she had easily been able to write him off because he often made the mistake of opening his mouth and talking.
However, now that she knew the other things his mouth could do…
“Got your own tongue there, kitty? You’re standing there like you’ve never seen me without my shirt before.” He was still grinning, closer this time as he unfolded a gray t-shirt in his hands and lifted it over his head, sliding both arms in and pulling it down over his torso.
Now that he was fully dressed and had insulted her, she could at least think. She shrugged and put on her best I-don’t-give-a-fuck tone. “Seen one, seem them all.”
One of his eyebrows lifted. “Oh, really?”
Nora crossed her arms over her chest and stood taller. “Yes, really, Kane. You’re not God’s gift to the world, you know.”
One side of his mouth lifted in a cocky smile as he grabbed the hem of the shirt and lifted it just enough to show off his eight pack abs and the sexy cuts at the bottom of his waist that seemed to point under his pants. “You sure?”
Now she remembered how easy it was to hate him. And how stupid she was to have fallen into bed with him. And fantasize about him every day since. And actually think there had been anything deeper between them then sex.
Mind-blowing, toe-curling sex, but still… just sex.


What do you want people to take away from reading this book?

That careers and awards and honors are fantastic, but none of it matters without people in your life to love. People matter. Period. That’s my message in every book, and the simplest way I can think of it.


What are you currently working on? What other releases do you have planned for 2017?

I just finished writing the fourth Kavanagh book which will release in 2017 (hello, Quinn!), and am currently finishing a women’s fiction project, as well as another standalone romance in the works! Stay tuned on my website and newsletter at for exact dates!

Thanks for blogging at HJ!


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Excerpt from Becoming a Legend:

The blare of music could easily be heard in the night air outside of O’Leary’s Pub as Kane pulled open one of the heavy doors and walked inside. The moment his eyes had adjusted to the bar’s interior, he found himself in a place he barely recognized as the pub he’d been going to for years. Glimmering little lights hung from the ceiling, obscuring the old bar lanterns. Soft white fabric covered walls that were usually forest green with dark wood paneling, giving the place more of a gauzy boudoir appearance than a bar. The high tables surrounded by tall barstools had been draped in shiny gold tablecloths adorned with elaborate centerpieces.
What the fuck…?
His brothers must have rented out the entire place for the night. Thick red velvet rope strung between heavy brass posts created a barrier beyond which lay a dance floor that looked like it had been laid down just for the occasion.
Well, that was something. He did love dancing, and he had already spied a number of beautiful women he’d love to whisper sweet nothings to on the dance floor. And if he were lucky—
“About time, Killer” Kieran, his twin brother, smirked at Kane from a few feet away, using Kane’s fighting name. It was like looking in a mirror since Kieran was identical to him in almost every way, from their dark brown hair and blue eyes to broad shoulders and strong build. The only difference is Kieran was somehow an inch or two taller than him, but Kane was still well over six feet and made up for it in muscle.
Technically, it had been Kieran’s name first, but Kane had stolen it from him when Kieran was incarcerated. It was a good name, and he had wanted it. He wasn’t sorry. He always went after what he wanted. Kieran had initially been angry, but later forgave him, joking that Kane had more of a killer instinct anyway. Damn straight.
“Hey, bro.” Kane clasped his brother’s hand as they bumped their shoulders together and gave each other a pat on the back. “Nice party.”
“That’s all thanks to this lady over here.” Kieran pulled away and wrapped an arm around the blue-eyed brunette sporting a large diamond on her ring finger.
Having spent a couple of years in jail and now engaged to the beautiful Fiona and helping raise a sweet special needs little girl, Kane had never seen his twin brother busier—or happier. Kane was just glad to have him back, because those years apart were the worst. Kieran wasn’t just his brother, he was his best friend, and yet jail had changed all of that. He’d been gone, and then jumped right into a serious relationship with an instant family. Now Kieran was still a huge part of his life, but it was different. These days Kane saw Rory more often than he saw his own twin, which was odd since Kieran technically lived with him, though he spent most of his nights with Fiona, sneaking out before her little sister woke up.
“And thanks to Clare,” Fiona added, smiling up at her fiancé. Kane gave her a hug next, wrapping her in his big arms like she’d been his sister his whole life.
“Where’s Shea tonight?” Kane asked, inquiring after Fiona’s younger sister as he gave her a hug. Shea had special needs and Fiona had become her legal guardian after their mother had been murdered. Both girls had completely stolen his heart over the last few months, and he’d do anything for them. It might not be official yet, but in his mind, they were both Kavanaghs.
“Kiera’s babysitting her at your parent’s house,” Fiona answered, referring to the young teacher who always babysat for her.
“What? Kiera’s not coming?” A broad-shouldered man standing nearby turned and stepped into the conversation uninvited. Fiona confirmed with a nod, before Kieran whisked her away to greet other party-goers across the room. Frowning, he crossed his heavily inked arms over his chest, flexing his muscles and making his many tattoos seem to come alive. “Couldn’t Fi have found someone else? Kiera should be here.”
Kane acknowledged his younger brother with a roll of his eyes. “For fuck’s sake, Quinn, make a move on the girl or move on.”
“Like you’re one to talk,” Quinn tossed back. “You and Nora have been flirting for as long as we’ve known her.”
Kane laughed and shook his head. “Correction, I’ve been flirting. She’s stonewalling me.”
“Whatever. It’s not like that with Kiera and me,” Quinn continued. “We’re just friends.”
“Friends that want to bang,” Kane continued.
“Ah, the first crass line of the evening, and you only just got here.” Nora Hannigan, Fiona’s best friend and now a frequent guest at every Kavanagh function, walked up next to him, one hand on her hip as she looked at him with disgust before turning to his inked-up brother with a warm smile. “Hi, Q, how are you?”
“I’m great, but I’m not the one you need to worry about.” Quinn gestured between her and Kane. “Ma told me to make sure you two don’t ruin the party with your bickering.”
“We don’t bicker,” the hazel-eyed beauty protested as she pushed her tight blond curls over her shoulder, letting them fall down her back. He paused, unable to ignore how stunning she looked tonight in her short cocktail dress and strappy high heels. Everything hugged her small curves perfectly and he was instantly reminded why he’d first found her himself attracted to her so many months ago.
“Bickering is for kids,” Kane agreed, sidling up beside Nora’s tall frame and wrapping an arm around her waist. “See? We can play nice and be adults.”
Quinn rolled his eyes at them both before leaving them alone. “Whatever, but you’ve got Ma to deal with if you keep hating each other.”
Kane grinned and squeezed her side slightly with his hand. “I think he bought that we don’t hate each other.”
“You mean you hope he bought it,” she said through a tight smile. “Since you’re petrified of your mother.”
Kane chuckled, but she was partly right because the last thing he ever wanted to do was upset his mother. He tightened his grip, pulling her more snuggly into his side. Yeah, he liked the feel of her there. He smiled down at her. “Nothing wrong with a man respecting his mother.”
Nora didn’t answer, but she stiffened under his hand. “You just said you’d play nice.”
“Oh, I am,” his voice husky and low against her ear.
She stepped away from him, but with little room to move she found herself trapped between him and the bar. He dropped one arm down on either side of her, gripping the bar’s edge in both hands. “Believe me, I can play very nice if you would retract your claws, kitty.”
He wasn’t one for nicknames usually, but from the moment he first met Nora in this very bar so many months ago, he’d called her kitty. She practically hissed at him as he had tossed out every pick up line he knew back then. The nickname riled her up so much, he made sure to tease her with it whenever the opportunity presented itself.
But sometimes, he didn’t just want to ruffle her feathers. Sometimes, he wanted them to put away the barbs and just be real. “You look so fucking beautiful tonight, Nora.”
Nora visibly gulped, her chest rising and falling faster than it had been a moment before. “It’s just us. You don’t have to play nice.”
“No games.” The blood rushed through his ears, drowning out the noise of the party. They were in a sea of friends and family, and yet it felt to him as if they were alone, in the same bubble they always found themselves in when around each other—and for a second, she looked like she was thinking the same thing. “I mean it, Nora. You’re stunning.”
Her pupils dilated, a soft red tinge of color touched her cheeks, and her cleavage seemed to push harder against the top of her shirt—little details he might have missed if he’d allowed her snippy words to keep him at a distance as they normally did. But up close… he felt a jolt of adrenaline, a bit like when he was in the ring and he zeroed in on an opponent’s weakness. But Nora wasn’t weak. He’d never make the mistake of thinking that—but she wasn’t nearly as immune to him as she pretended to be.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Book Info:

Kane Kavanagh has always had one goal: being the best mixed martial arts fighter alive. With the MMA National Championships in Las Vegas fast approaching, the man they call “Killer” has no intention of letting anyone or anything get in his way. Somehow, though, a feisty opponent has slipped beneath his guard—and stolen his heart. Fiery and passionate, Nora Hannigan is harder to pin down than any rival Kane has faced in the ring. And she isn’t afraid to tell Kane that she wants nothing to do with him.

With her best friend about to marry into the Kavanagh family, Nora has been resisting Kane’s shameless attempts at flirting for months. But after their undeniable chemistry finally takes over, leading to the hottest night of Nora’s life, she’s running scared. There’s a lot about her life Kane doesn’t know, and she won’t be responsible for ending his career. Now Kane’s out to prove that he’s ready for a commitment by winning her heart—and he’s never lost a fight.
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Meet the Author:

Sarah Robinson is the bestselling author of the Kavanagh Legends series, The Photographer Trilogy, and the Forbidden Rocker series. A native of Washington, D.C., Robinson has both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in criminal psychology. She is married to a local police officer who is just as much of an animal rescue enthusiast as she is. Together, they own a zoo of rescue and foster animals.
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