Spotlight & Giveaway: Blame the Mistletoe by Dani Collins

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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome romance author Dani Collins to HJ!

Hi Dani and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, Blame the Mistletoe!

BTMLiz Flowers has never enjoyed Christmas, but this one is shaping up to be the worst by far. She let her ex take her daughter to Mexico while she stays behind in a strange town, sitting her former mother-in-law’s high strung little dog. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, but this California girl doesn’t have much in common with the ranchers in small town Marietta.

Blake Canon perks up with male interest when he sees a new face at his friend’s Christmas cocktail party. His son is away and a light affair would take his mind off his financial troubles. Then he realizes he knows Liz. She was once married to the brother of his ex-wife.

Their children might be cousins, but Blake and Liz do the kissing—under the mistletoe. It’s the beginning of a new view of Christmas for Liz, but when their children arrive home unexpectedly, and family secrets are revealed, Liz isn’t sure she’ll stay in Marietta for Christmas after all.

Fun Facts about Blame the Mistletoe:

• The idea to have Liz and Blake have exes that are siblings came from someone close to me. She’s always wanted to have a ‘reunion of the exes’ from her first husband’s family.

• I told my daughter that dogs seem to be popular with readers, so I thought dog-sitting would be a good way to get my heroine into Marietta. My daughter said, “But it has to be an awful dog. Super cute, but just a total pain.” (Curly is actually very cute, but he’s upset at being left home with a stranger.)

• I gave Liz a career in spas and nail salons because I have a cousin who has done very well with mani-pedis. She started in California and now lives and works in Las Vegas. Sir Elton John calls her when he’s in town. True story.

Favorite lines from Blame the Mistletoe:

• From the second she’d walked in, he’d been captivated, not even realizing that he knew her.

• Crossing a room was hardly a date, but Blake’s light hand on her felt surprisingly significant.

• Her gaze caught Blake’s on the way down from the little sprig and her heart skipped at the light in his eyes.

• Oh, chemistry, you drunken cupid, you.

• The sex she could bear, no matter how much intimacy he demanded, but his sweetness defeated her.

Thanks for blogging at HJ!

Giveaway: $5 Starbucks Giftcard and e-copy of Blame the Mistletoe

To enter Giveaway: Please complete the Rafflecopter form and Post a comment to this Q: Liz and Blake are alone through Christmas because their children are away at a tropical Christmas with their family. Have you ever done a warm-climate Christmas? Would you like to try one? Where would you go?

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Meet the Author:

Dani ColllinsAfter twenty-five years of writing and submitting, Dani Collins won the 2013 Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best First In Series from Romantic Times Book Reviews. Known mostly for her emotional, passionate Harlequin Presents, she has also published a hilarious romantic comedy, an epic medieval fantasy romance, and a pair of extremely erotic erotic romances. Dani writes anything, so long as it’s romance.
Hometown Hero is Dani’s debut with Tule, but look for a Christmas story late 2014 and other projects so secret that if she printed them here, this bio would have to explode after it was read.

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44 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Blame the Mistletoe by Dani Collins”

  1. mrsmac19

    I’m actually celebrating Christmas in Mexico this year! My husband, kids, and I are taking a Disney cruise. Can’t wait!

  2. melissa feehan

    No not at christmas, but went to Florida between thanksgiving and christmas, that was fun but odd.

  3. dholcomb1

    no, all my Christmases growing up were spent in the mountains of TN, and all of mine since have been in the cold climes of the Mid-Atlantic. I like cold Christmases–always a chance of snow. But a tropical holiday would be nice, too.

  4. Michelle Harlan

    As a south Texas resident, I do a warm-climate Christmas almost every year. lol Honestly, if I could travel for Christmas, I’d travel to a place like Minnesota. I want to see lots of snow!

  5. Connie Saunders

    I have always spent Christmas at our home and I have never desired to be elsewhere! Thanks for this giveaway!

  6. Rosemary K.

    I’ll stay in Ohio for Christmas. I want snow for the holiday. I’m too old to change.

  7. Ellen C.

    Usually do Christmas in PA or NY State with family. Love being with extended family and the chance of snow. Not sure if I’d like a tropical Christmas.

  8. Terri Shortell

    I grew up in the south and lived in Hawaii for several years. All my Christmases were warm until I was in my teens. Love snow and want my Christmases to be white from now on. I remember my family driving through the Rockies on our way to our new home. We saw snow for the first time and my dad found a place to pull over just so we could look at it. Great memory. 🙂 The book sounds great and can’t wait to read it. Thanks for the review and giveaway.

  9. Rachael

    It doesn’t get that cold where I live. Rarely get snow, and when we do, it doesn’t even cover the ground. I wouldn’t mind being in Hawaii for Christmas.

  10. Trudy Dowling

    Lived in the Arizona desert for four years. Hated it. Give me green, cold and snow any day.

  11. Lori Meehan

    Yes. My husband and I went to Hawaii one year for Christmas and we had a great time but it didn’t feel like Christmas so we will never do it again.

  12. Barbara

    This is an easy answer for me. You see I haven’t had a vacation in over 28 years. NO JOKE!!! Last vacation was when my daughter was 10 months old, she’s now 30 years old. I have never been anywhere, so YES I would love a tropical destination Christmas. Anywhere in the Caribbean would be great. Especially because I have been told that they celebrate Christmas completely different than the way we do. And it would also fulfill one of the items on my bucket list!!!!,

  13. Amy Rickman

    I’ve spent one Christmas in Florida and it didn’t feel much like Christmas without the cold and the palm trees wrapped in lights just looked funny.

  14. @danicollinsbook

    Oh, Barbara, no vacation in 30 years?! I hadn’t thought about the cultural differences in warm climates, but my sister lives in Australia and there it is always a BBQ because it’s the height of their (very hot) summers.

    Everyone else, please keep your comments coming. I love your memories of first snow and all the rest. This is great!

  15. Pam Lowery

    No I haven’t had a warm climate Christmas. Even though here in Alabama, we sometimes have a warm Christmas. If I had a choice, I would take my niece and nephews to Disneyworld for Christmas.

  16. Martha Hawkins

    Never did a warm weather Christmas. Would seem strange away from home. Hawaii would appeal to me.

  17. Leanna

    I lived in Minnesota for 35 years and the last two in Texas. Snow is pretty for about 24 hours then it gets dirty and you have to drive in it and it takes 3 times as long to get somewhere.

  18. kateivan

    I’ve always longed to vacation at a tropical destination during the period between Christmas and New Year’s Day, partly because my birthday falls between those two holidays and I’ve always wanted to celebrate the anniversary of my entering the world by doing something *spectacular*. But — doing so would leave my elderly parents alone on the holidays (and neither of them could handle travelling very far … neither wants to get on a plane). So, yes, I’d love to go to Hawaii or Jamaica or pretty much anywhere!

  19. Kathleen O

    I have never spent Chrismas anywhere but home in the snow, but as Christmas has changed the last few years, going away to some where in the sun sounds like my cup of tea.My niece spend a christmas in Australia and i think I would like to try that..

  20. Glenda

    I live in Central Texas so every Christmas has the potential for being a warm one. We’ve had freezing temps some years and 80s others.

  21. Kai W.

    I always had a warm weather Christmas but never a winter-white, snowed Christmas. I opting for the opposite.

  22. Ashleigh Downes

    I haven’t done one and I don’t think I want to either..I don’t like change and I’d like to stick to tradition. Plus the way we have it is amazing anyways. I love it.

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