Spotlight & Giveaway: Ghouls Rush In by H.P. Mallory

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Today it is my pleasure to welcome New York Times bestselling author H.P. Mallory to HJ!


Hi HP, Welcome to HJ!

Hi! Thanks so much for having me!

HP MalloryH. P. Mallory is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Jolie Wilkins series as well as the Dulcie O’Neil series. She began her writing career as a self-published author and after reaching a tremendous amount of success, decided to become a traditionally published author and hasn’t looked back since. H. P. Mallory lives in Southern California with her husband and son, where she is at work on her next book.

Would you rather… visit the world 100 years into the past or 100 years into the future? Why?

100 years into the future because I’d love to see how different the world is from today.

Let’s talk about your newest release: Ghouls Rush In

If you had to summarize the book for the readers here…

GRIA spiritual love triangle with a murder mystery at its core

Please tell us about the characters in your book

Peyton Clark is the heroine who, after divorcing her attorney husband, moves to New Orleans after learning she’s inherited a mansion. Peyton is quirky, funny and basically looking to fall in love with the right person. She meets her neighbor, Ryan Kelly, who is a hunky southerner who helps Peyton renovate her antebellum mansion. Ryan is loyal and loving but he has his own secrets that keep him from allowing himself to fall for Peyton. Drake Montague was a policeman in the early 20th century and he haunts Peyton’s house. While he’s an incorrigible flirt, he also acts as her ghostly protector.

As you wrote your protagonist was there anything about them that surprised you?

What surprised me was my friends who had read the book telling me how much Peyton resembled me.

What scene did you most enjoy writing? Why?

I really enjoyed writing the dialogue between Ryan and Peyton because it just seemed to roll right out of me and I loved how natural it felt upon looking back at it.

What scene was the hardest to write? Why?

The scenes involving the Axman of New Orleans were the hardest to write because they required so much research, owing to the fact that this part of the story is based on truth.


GIVEAWAY: Winners choice of Print or e-book copy of Ghouls Rush In (US). E-book (International).

To enter Giveaway: Please complete the Rafflecopter form and post a comment to this Q: My question for all the readers would be whether or not they have ever had any spiritual encounters and, if so, what those spiritual encounters were!

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Excerpt of Ryan and Peyton discussing her house:

“So what do you know about my house?” I asked Ryan, reaching for a French fry on his plate, before smiling apologetically for mooching it.
He cocked a single brow at me but smiled all the same. I thought lunch being on me meant that I’d buy all the guys lunch, but I’d come to find that Ryan had only meant him. It was just as well because I enjoyed any alone time I could get with him. I felt like there was definitely something between Ryan and me, but I wasn’t sure exactly what “it” was—just casual, innocent flirtation or something more?
On Ryan’s suggestion, we piled into the Scout and I drove us to the French Quarter where we tucked into a tiny, deli-like restaurant called Johnny’s on St. Louis Street.
“Like I told you before when we were talking about your Great-Aunt Myra, I don’t know much about her or your house,” Ryan answered as he took an enormous bite of his catfish po’boy, chomping it for a few seconds before wiping his mouth with a napkin and taking a few sips of his Coke. He smiled and asked, “Are you gonna dive into that or what?” before motioning to the alligator sausage, triple-decker sandwich [MA1] I’d ordered.
“I’m still deciding,” I answered honestly. I’d never had alligator before, but Ryan convinced me it was the be all and end all. As for a triple-decker on Texas Toast? Yep, that was his idea too—promising he’d finish whatever I didn’t.
“Dive in, girl!” he said with a laugh, hiding his fries behind his gigantic hand. “Or else you’re cut off from my fries.”
I eyed my side salad forlornly before frowning at him. Then, taking a deep breath, I picked up my alligator sandwich. “Here goes!” I took a bite and after a few chews, realized it was actually pretty tasty. Heavier than chicken and more like the consistency of steak, it wasn’t scummy or moldy at all, as one might expect of a swamp-dwelling creature.
“So?” Ryan asked, leaning toward me.
I finished my mouthful and sipped on my iced tea. “It’s actually not bad.”
“Not bad as in . . . good?”
“I don’t know. Let me take another bite.” I held the sandwich up to my lips, but before I took a bite, I added, “While I’m chewing, you can tell me what you do know about my house.”
“So demanding!” he teased me with a laugh before taking a deep breath. “I’ve lived on Prytania Street for, oh, ten years now.”
“You bought your house when you were twenty-six?” I asked, surprised.
“Peyton, your mouth is still full,” he pointed out with a shake of his head and a put-on wince.
“Sorry,” I managed with a sheepish smile, my mouth no less full.
He chuckled before remembering my question. “I’ve been doin’ construction since I was twenty, an’ luckily for me, I was good at it. So, yes, to answer your question, I bought my house when I was twenty-six.”
I sipped the last of my iced tea through my straw until it snored when it encountered the ice cubes. Ryan raised his brows at me, but I just smiled and mooched another of his fries. “I’d love to see it sometime.” I was suddenly struck with the notion of how completely refreshing it was to be able to be as candid as I was right now, to be able to be silly and flirty. They were feelings that had been foreign to me for years. And now, as I laughed and played with Ryan, I felt like I was coming into my own again, relearning what it felt like to be Peyton Clark.
“You always have an open invitation. You should know that.”
“Why should I? It’s not like you ever invited me . . .” I said with a shrug as I stole another fry and used the last of his ketchup. He smiled and, grabbing the bottle, squeezed out another red mound on the corner of his plate. I plopped the fry in my mouth and moaned with pleasure. “These fries are so good!”
“Mouth full!” Ryan chided me.
“Blah,” I waved him away.
“Well, I apologize for not invitin’ you,” he started while intercepting my attempt to steal a long and especially doughy-looking fry, plopping it into his own mouth with a smug smile.
“Hey!” I swatted his upper arm, feigning offense as he finished his mouthful.
“It never actually crossed my mind that I hadn’t invited you over,” he continued. “But I would like it known that you, Peyton Clark, the most stubborn woman I’ve ever met, with the worst table manners I’ve ever seen, are always welcome at my home.”
I laughed and couldn’t stop the blush across my cheeks. Sometimes he just said things that made me melt. “Thanks, Ryan.”




37 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Ghouls Rush In by H.P. Mallory”

  1. Janine Rowe

    My most recent spiritual encounter would have been when my cat Nani came to visit me after she passed away. I’ve had other experiences as well, but never know if that’s what it really was or not.

  2. Amanda Vinson

    I lost my mom in 2005. She was more than just my mom, she was my best friend! About 2 months after she passed away, I started hearing her voice, smelling her perfume, and just feeling her everywhere. I truly believe this was her letting me know that she is fine now and no longer suffering.

  3. Sue

    Well I haven’t had any direct spiritual encounters, but I know they are around…I work in the Intensive Care Unit so as you can imagine there are probably a lot of spirits around there. I’ve had things turn on that could not possibly have turned on themselves, others have had people touching them, etc. A lot of this stuff happens closely following a death. After my Dad died at home, Mum moved to a condo. He’d never lived there, they’d planned to move together but that didn’t happen, so none of his stuff was there. One day Mum looked down and in the middle of the hallway was one of the green pills he used to have to take. She got rid of all his meds after he died. She kept his cane tucked away in the back of her closet but one day it fell out into the hallway. I totally believe there are spirits out there. We went to a medium once in another city who in no way could have known anything about us and even now thinking of some of the things she knew and said raises the hairs on my arms!!

  4. Kate I.

    I’ve not had any spiritual encounters during my waking hours. I have dreamed about deceased loved ones, including a grandmother and my godfather. Those dreams are very intense but calming and usually come during a time when I am experiencing a lot of stress.

  5. stormy27

    I stayed in a house that my great grandmother ‘Bubby’ had lived in once upon a time and there was a shelf in the main bedroom that had a row of porcelain elephants. When I went to bed that night, all of the elephants were turned so that their trunks were facing left. (I had taken notice of the direction only because a friend had been visiting & was creeped out by them saying that they were staring at him.) That next morning, every single one of them had been turned so that all of their trunks were facing right. My mother later told me that Bubby ALWAYS had her elephants arranged so that the trunks were facing right because it was supposed to symbolize good luck. In retrospect, I think Bubby might have been telling me something about my (now ex) friend ~ LOL!

  6. Cari White

    In the mid-to late 70’s, we used to visit one of my mother’s cousins who lived in a house on Staten Island. The house was over 220 years old back then. It was haunted by a little old lady who was nice. She did the typical haunting things, like turning on and off lights, opening or closing windows. She liked walking around in the attic and would use a bed up there. There were stairs from one of the bedrooms up to the attic. I went up there one night after hearing creaking bed springs and footsteps… No one was there. Nowhere to hide. I was scared but excited.

  7. April B

    I’ve not had any spiritual encounters. I don’t think I ever want to have an encounter.
    Rafflecopter: April B.

  8. Kai W.

    I had a spiritual encounter. It was a visit from my beloved cat. The CD player would turned on by itself and play “The Way You Look Tonight”. The song was my cat’s favorite (it still is).

  9. ladyvampire

    I have had my share of encounters. One of the most telling was when I was young and my grandfather passed. I cried a lot about it and he came back one night about a week after. He showed up my bedroom in the middle of the night to talk to me, console me and rocked me to sleep. I woke up wrapped in the blanket he used that night. A blanket that was supposed to be in his house and not in mine. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Kathleen Nichols

    I have lived in a couple of places and visited some places that creep me out or make me want to leave quickly. I have had a number of dreams that foretold of future events mainly sad or worrisome events that have come true.

  11. Joan V.

    I have never had a personal encournter. But I am an avid fan of “Ghost Hunters” so I think it might be an interesting experience.

  12. Patricia Pinkston

    The house I lived in growing up had a blind on the back door which was in the kitchen. Every night when my mother went to bed, she would turn on the nightlight and close the blind. If she got up during the night, she’d find the blind open again. She’d close it and go back to bed. In the morning, it would again be open. We also heard footsteps going from room to room upstairs. My dad who worked nights heard the footsteps when he was trying to sleep one day. He thought either my brother or I had sneaked home from school, so he went upstairs determined to really give it to whoever was there. But, no one was there. We were never afraid, though. My brother thought the ghost lived in his closet. At night, he would open his closet door and turn down the blankets on the other bed in his room for the ghost.

  13. Cathy P

    I saw a ghost when I was 6 years old. I have also had dreams of loved ones that have passed telling me they are OK and are with God. There are times that I feel as though someone is touching me or I smell scents associated with loved ones.

  14. Tracey Parker

    We had a ghost living in our old house. It was a nice one and would play tricks on us. Opening up doors. We be ouside and no one would be inside but a shadow of a person would glide across the window then back! So many little things!

  15. Michelle Huang

    I had a spiritual encounter 3 times in one week when I started working at my first job for a few months. I knew that my work place has a plenty of spirits staying there but didn’t expect encounter one of them. I had to confirm my thoughts to a couple friends and found out that this certain spirit likes to pull pranks on people, a playful one I imagine.

  16. ndluebke

    Yes, but not in a physical sense, I believe my dad likes to light a battery operated candle when he comes around.

  17. Theresa N

    I saw a ghost one time, a man. Don’t know who he was it only lasted seconds before he faded away.

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