Spotlight & Giveaway: Hard to Protect by Incy Black

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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome author Incy Black to HJ!

Hi Incy and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, Hard to Protect!


Tell us about the book with this fun little challenge using the title of the book:

H is for Hazard
A is for Alpha hero
R is for Resistant
D is for Driven


P is for Protect
R is for Revenge
O is for Orgasm (triple)
T is for Trapped
E is for Eye-watering
C is for Compromise
T is for Trouble—a lot of it.

Please share the opening lines of this book:

Don’t laugh… Don’t laugh… Do. Not. Laugh… Don’t…
The very idea of him obeying an order to shag on demand like a prize stallion put out to stud was as hilarious as it was offensive.


Please share a few Fun facts about this book…

  • Will Berwick is my version of a Beta hero—hah!
  • Will Berwick has a thing about tinned peaches.
  • The entire plot of Hard to Protect grew from two short, random sentences: “Him bait a honey-trap? Not bloody likely!”
  • Ice Queen Angel Treherne has a wild side, which she keeps firmly under wraps—until Will Berwick starts messing with her.
  • Will Berwick is a commitment-phobe, his motto: Have fun. Move on fast.


Was there a scene in this book that was harder to write than others?

Will Berwick’s soul-baring moment was a bitch to write because he takes to his knees for no man or woman—Angel proves the exception.

“No, Angel. Let me finish. This is me. The good, the bad, the ugly. A man who needs you. A man not afraid to love you, because he’s already right there. A man without one barrier raised, hoping to God that’s enough for you. And if it isn’t, tell me, and I’ll try harder. For eternity, if that’s what it takes. I’ll—
“Please, Sunshine, don’t cry, you’re tearing me apart here.”
And she was. He rooted his feet to the floor. Reaching for her, touching her might sway her choice. Good for him, but she needed to choose without any subtle coercion from him. Even if the waiting killed him.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

What do you want people to take away from reading this book?

You need to walk a thousand miles in a person’s shoes before judging them. That the truth lies not in what people show you but rather in what they keep hidden.


Thanks for blogging at HJ!


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Book Info:

Volcanic hot and ambitious Special Agent Will Berwick doesn’t give a damn what his orders are; he’s not taking the enemy—the lovely but arctic Dr. Angel Treherne—to bed. Oh, he’ll root out her secrets, but on his own terms.

Caught up in a tangled web of deceit and betrayal, Angel trusts no one—certainly not alpha-cocky, cunning Will Berwick. First he’s hostile, then he’s charming. Why? What’s he hiding? With her life on the line, she needs to know. Preferably without losing her heart in the process.

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Meet the Author:

It took a swan dive from a roof to convince Incy (aged 5) that she could not fly. Bruised but undefeated she retreated deeper into her make-believe world of superheroes and arch villains where good always triumphs over evil—eventually. When her imagination gets too crowded, and the voices in her head too loud, she depopulates by spilling her characters and events onto paper.

When not fighting injustice and righting wrongs on ‘Planet Incy’ she works as a Marketing Director, and slaves as a cook, cleaner and homemaker. Unfortunately, her law degree languishes unused, the distinction between good and evil proving too worrisome in real life.

Now living in the West Country (UK), her five children are well versed in what scares her (most things) and delight in pushing her neurotic buttons—at their peril.

Connect with Incy Black:

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52 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Hard to Protect by Incy Black”

  1. Rita Wray

    My dream destination would be Finland. I was born there and haven’t been back since my family moved to Australia when I was five.

  2. janinecatmom

    You have two different questions for this post, one on the post and one on the rafflecopter. Anywhere exotic like tropical beaches are my favorite settings for books or places that I know I will never get to travel to. A friend betraying my trust and costing our friendship would be someone who lies or gossips about me. I also had a friend steal from me once too. That ended the friendship really fast.

  3. KateS

    I don’t have a favorite setting for a book, and my favorite vacation place is Switzerland 🙂
    As for the other question, if she spills one of my secrets, I don’t want to see her again, let alone talk to her.

  4. Janie McGaugh

    My favorite setting would probably be Regency England. My dream vacation would be a trip to Australia and New Zealand.

  5. Glenda

    Lie to me about something significant – not just “how does this look on me?” type questions. Though a real friend wouldn’t lie about something like that either. 😉

  6. Jennings

    I want a dream vacation with Will. This book is so fast paced, exhilarating and keeps twisting and turning right until screaming to a stop at the very end.

  7. Delphine Noble-Fox

    I am confused…so can I just say that I cannot wait to read Will’s story? I am soo excited 🙂

  8. Kate Sparks

    I’m kinda confused.. I like stunning scenery like Alaska and Montana. But I also like quiet beaches.

  9. Banana cake

    Takes private information of mine and discusses it with someone than they should not be sharing with. My aunt shared my private medical information with a guy I was dating for about a year, I was 25 and because she has refused to admit she shouldn’t have done it and apologize I will not talk to her.

  10. belindaegreen

    Do you have a favourite setting for a book? If you had to choose, where would it be? ….and what is your dream destination for a vacation

    Not really. It has to compliment the storyline. I’m ok with any setting as long as it make sense. If I HAD to choose it would be some sort of military security company on a special ops.

    My dream vacation would be a long cruise to Tahiti and stay there for a few weeks and then cruise back! Heaven!! 🙂

  11. Teresa Williams

    The book setting would be on a ranch in Texas or Wyoming.The vacation I would like is a cabin in Tennessee but if its cold a beach anywhere.

  12. infinitieh

    My favorite place to vacation is Kailua-Kona, HI.

    If my friend were to betray a confidence or out-and-out lie (and not just a white lie), we wouldn’t be friends anymore.

  13. Patricia B.

    There are many things that could be. Being extremely cruel to someone, even someone I don’t know, attacking them for their beliefs or for who they are.

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