Spotlight & Giveaway: His Brand of Passion by Kate Hewitt

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Today it is my pleasure to welcome back USA Today bestselling author Kate Hewitt to HJ!

His Brand of Passion: Top Five Scenes

KateHI had so much fun writing this book! First, because it takes place in New York City, a city I love and used to live in. Second, because when I first wrote the character of Aaron Bryant in Beneath The Veil of Paradise, he was nothing but a jerk. So how fun is it to take the jerk brother of the hero of one book and make him the hero of his own?! Here are my top five Aaron scenes from His Brand of Passion, with the last one being my favorite!

5.) Aaron making his offer to Zoe in his limo [no spoilers!]:

            Zoe blinked and sat back as if he’d struck her. She felt literally winded by his callous cruelty. The sweet passion she’d felt in his arms felt like a distant memory, absurd in light of their relationship—or lack of it—now.

4.) The sexy bathroom scene in the beginning involving a phone and a tight pink dress:

     Impulsively, her gaze locked on Aaron’s, she slid the phone down the front of her dress. He stared back at her, and something flared in his eyes that made the awareness inside her pulse harder.

HBOP3.) When Aaron visits Zoe in the hospital—he wants to make her feel better but doesn’t know how:

He froze, fresh grief sweeping coldly through him. He couldn’t think of a single thing to say. ‘There must be ways,’ he finally managed.

2.) When Aaron shows his sweet side (and tooth!) and buys Zoe ice cream:

‘I bought something. I figured you were going for the typical pregnancy cravings, so…’ Quickly he went to the freezer where he’d put the bag from earlier and withdrew a pint of chocolate chip ice cream. ‘Have you had a craving for this?’

The look on her face, Aaron thought, was almost comical. She looked torn, caught between regret and a smile, and he knew immediately this wasn’t something she wanted.

‘Don’t tell me I’ll have to eat this all by myself,’ he said, and she gave into the smile, whimsical and bittersweet as it was.

1.)And what else but The Grovel at the end of the book:

‘But I love you. And I’m not afraid of it now.’ He paused, squeezing her fingers. ‘I can only ask you to forgive me for treating you so terribly. I knew you’d been hurt before, and I acted just the same. I’m so sorry, Zoe.’


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 Giveaway: Two winners to receive copies of His Brand of Passion or Beneath The Veil of Paradise, the first book where Aaron gets a mention.

To enter Giveaway: Please complete the Rafflecopter form and post a comment: So Aaron is a bit of a jerk (okay, understatement!) in this book, but he does learn a lot about emotions and forgiveness and especially love. Do you like the heroes of your romances to be jerks who change and grow or nice guys who just need to find love? And what tips a hero from being a jerk into an unredeemable @£$%# for you? Why?

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Book Blurb:

Money usually solves everything…

Billionaire Aaron Bryant lives and works on a knife’s edge; his dark, brooding persona and fearsome reputation hide a shameful family secret. So sassy maid of honor Zoe Parker is an unwelcome distraction when, at his brother’s wedding, she hides Aaron’s ever-ringing phone down her tight pink dress!

But Aaron’s never had a problem like this before!

Aaron’s arrogant, skilled retrieval of his property sparks a chemistry that ends in a mind-blowing one-night stand. But such uncontrollable passion leaves an indelible mark on their lives. He never expected to see Zoe again, until two little lines appeared on a stick.…


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35 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: His Brand of Passion by Kate Hewitt”

  1. Marcy Shuler

    I don’t enjoy heroes who are total jerks as it’s often hard to believe such a big change by the end of the book. I don’t mind a bit of jerkiness because they’re guys. They can’t help that. LOL

  2. Sandy

    I like my hero to be a jerk and then change to a less jerk person. This is mostly because it’s usually fun reading how hard it is for them to change. Thank you for the giveaway

  3. Lourdes Cabrera

    It’s funny watching them change. They get to that point where they thinking that you’re changing and they always think that it’s for the worst.

  4. Tamara L.

    My vote is for the Jerk! It’s interesting to see their growth and the changes they’re willing to make in order to become the person their women need and love. What tips the scale for me? When they stop thinking only of themselves. Why? This change requires them to grow as a person and therefore, they can grow together into a relationship.

  5. cahmmerritt

    I’d much rather a hardened alpha or a misunderstood hero than a jerk… I find it hard for a jerk to redeem himself with the heroine he has treated badly.

  6. Tammy

    It doesn’t matter to me whether a guy starts out nice or a jerk as long as he has some redeemable qualities. What tips it for me is if the guy starts acting all parental, huge turn off.

  7. Leanna

    I don’t mind a hero who is a jerk in the beginning. I prefer if he was an ass 10 years ago snd he comes back and is trying to redeam himself. Things that are unredeemable would be murder or dealing drugs.

  8. Sue G.

    I don’t know if I like jerks. I like the non-committal who turn into the I can’t live without the girl types!

  9. elena k

    i don’t exactly like jerks, more i would say that i like someone alpha who is a little bit sarcastic or mysterious or a player that reforms. a huge turn off is cheating. thanks

  10. Evelyn

    I like the hero to be a jerk sometimes, but not to point where is demeaning to heroine. I don’t like it when the jerk goes off an has an affair or one night stand because things are not going as planned with the girl that he wants, those are real turn offs for me in a book and I will probably stop buying books by that author.

  11. Cindy Hamilton

    I like to see where the jerk turns into the hero, they tend to fall harder for the heroine an anyone else.

  12. Leni

    I’ve read some good stories where the hero is a jerk and then finds love and changes. When the hero is way over the top with being rude I find it difficult to like him. So it really depends on how the author decides to write the character and give him a nice balance.

  13. Kate Hewitt

    Thanks for all of your comments! I like hearing what everyone thinks 🙂 I must admit, I have a soft spot for the hero who actually isn’t a jerk. Too often in real life he gets passed over!


    can a jerk really change his nature? i’d be more inclined to go with a nice guy looking for love. i have a low tolerance for jerky guys.

  15. Lori P

    I can find it difficult to read about jerks, but there have been times that when they change and grow it just seems to work and is well worth it.

  16. Kim

    I’ve enjoyed several books with this theme. I think it helps if the guy isn’t too far out on a limb with being a jerk.

  17. Olga

    I love reading both romances where the heroes are jerks who change and grow and nice guys who just need to find love.

  18. Jenn McElroy

    I like jerks that can/have been redeemed by the conclusion of the story. The jerk thing can’t go too far or I just end up disliking him :-(.

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