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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome romance author Jennifer McKenzie to HJ!

Hi Jennifer welcome to HJ!

What would you say are the 5 best things about being a writer?


1. Wearing pajamas all day. No seriously, it’s awesome.
2. Setting my own hours.
3. Living in a happily ever after fairytale land during my writing hours. Okay, I live there a lot of the time. Is that so wrong?
4. Having a commute that lasts the length of the hallway.
5. Wearing pajamas all day. Because it deserves a second mention.

Let’s talk about your newest release: Not Another Wedding

If you had to summarize the book for the readers here

This is a reunion story of first loves with a heroine who believes in happily ever after and hero who…well, doesn’t. When their eyes meet at an engagement party there’s no chorus of harps or a shining spotlight just before they fall against one another in a heated kiss. Nope, more of an angry snort and a get-away-from me stare. Also, wedding drama. Because I’ve yet to hear of a wedding that didn’t have at least one hiccup. (Mine included being tripped by my mother as my parents walked me down the aisle. True story.)

Please tell us about the characters in your book?

Not-Another-Wedding-coverPoppy is the only woman in her family who didn’t marry her high school sweetheart and settle down in the lakeside town where the family has always resided. And while she’s satisfied with her busy, single life in the city, she’s ready for more.

Beck thinks love and marriage is for suckers. Hard to blame him since his parents have been married multiple times including twice to each other. He doesn’t even like dating someone for longer than a couple of months.

Was it love at first sight for your characters? If not what was the pivotal moment of change?

They first met one summer as teenagers, fell madly in love, and lost their virginity together. Fabulous, right? Yes, but then he didn’t call her! The cad. So when she sees him again more than a decade later, love isn’t the first emotion that rolls through her. But people make mistakes and it was a long time ago…

If your characters could go back in time and change one thing what would it be? Why?

For Beck it would be making that phone call. He had his reasons, but he didn’t realize how much he hurt Poppy and that his behavior might have a lasting effect. You know, like the fact that she doesn’t even want to talk to him all these years later.

What scene did you have the most fun writing? Why?

Ooh…I had fun writing so much of this book. I’ll go with their first meeting (or re-meeting as it were) at the engagement party.

“It’s good to see you.” When she made no response, he lifted an eyebrow. “Don’t remember me?”

She opened her mouth to tell him of course she didn’t because she’d never seen him before in her life, when his smirk clued her in. While a man might add six inches to his height, put on thirty pounds of muscle and grow a beard, his mannerisms didn’t change.

Beck Lefebvre.

And just like that, her spark of attraction turned to anger. “No,” she lied, enjoying the surprise on his face.

Of course, she’d expected him to be here. He was Jamie’s cousin. It would have been weird if he didn’t show up. She just hadn’t thought he’d have the nerve to approach her. Worse, to act as if they were long lost friends.

But he merely smiled in the face of her rudeness and stepped closer. “I’m disappointed, Red.”

Poppy bristled. Her hair was auburn with definite shades of brown, not red. She tossed it at him as she turned away.

What scene was the hardest to write? Why?

I found a lot of the scenes between Beck and his mother very emotional to write. They have a difficult relationship that she is eager to change, but he consistently brushes off her attempts.

“Beck.” She reached over to hold his hand, but he refused to allow her it, keeping his hands tucked under his arms. She rested her hand on his biceps instead. “I know this hasn’t always been easy for you. I’m not perfect, and your father and I have both made mistakes.”

“Yes, you have.”

“I love you. What can I do to make things better?”

Like he was a little boy with a scraped knee. Back then, she’d swabbed on stinging antiseptic and blown on the injury until it didn’t hurt anymore, then sent him off with a bandage and a kiss. But this pain wasn’t so easily negated and he wasn’t six anymore.

“You can’t do anything.”

How did your character spend the week just before the story starts?

Working and worrying about the upcoming wedding. Poppy because she fears the marriage is a mistake being made in haste and Beck because he can’t understand why anyone would want to get married. He also can’t figure out how he let himself be dragged into acting as the best man.

Who would you cast in the role of your characters if your book was optioned for a movie?

Isla Fisher for Poppy because of her gorgeous red hair and ready smile. Joe Manganiello for Beck because mmm…Joe Manganiello.

What are you currently working on? What other releases so you have planned for 2013 into 2014?

I’ve got four upcoming releases with Harlequin Superromance. The first in August 2014 is about a small town girl who loses everything in the big city and has to return to the life she left behind. As well, I have a trilogy that will be out in 2015 about a three siblings who own and run a restaurant business.


Thanks for blogging at HJ!

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“I don’t want to be friends, Beck.”

“What if I do?”

“Why would you?” Her eyebrows drew together. “Are you trying to flatter me? Is this to show me you still find me appealing?”

“Yes,” he admitted.

She laughed. “Obviously, you haven’t changed. Why don’t you run along, find some other woman to work your charms on?” She made a flicking motion with her fingers. “Maybe she’ll enjoy your attention.”

Maybe so, but Beck wasn’t going anywhere. She’d challenged him. Him and his manhood, and he didn’t intend to back down. “I don’t want another woman.” He placed a hand on the wall. “I want you.”

“I’m not available.”

“You married?” He didn’t do married. Not in any way, shape or form.

There was a small pause, a smaller sigh. “No, but that doesn’t mean I’m available.”

He smiled, more sure of himself now, and edged closer to her. “A serious boyfriend?” When she didn’t respond, he risked touching her hair again. “Not one of those either. You’re single.”

“I’m still not available.”

“I can change that.”

Book Info:

Yeah, yeah…happily ever after. Whatever.

Sure, Poppy Sullivan believes in love…but love at first sight? Not likely. That’s why she’s determined to stop her good friend from marrying the wrong woman. So she sets to work immediately and walks right into the very impressive chest of Beck Lefebvre. Not a good omen, considering how things ended up the last time he was in town. She isn’t surprised to see Beck at his cousin’s wedding, but she’s appalled at his assumption that he deserves a second chance. She’s equally appalled at her inclination to give it to him. No way is she falling for his charm again! Although her vow to resist him may be too late…

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Author Bio

Jennifer McKenzie lives in Vancouver, Canada where she enjoys being able to ski and surf in the same day—not that she ever does either of those things. After years of working as a communications professional and spending her days writing for everyone else, she traded in the world of water coolers, cubicles and high heels to write for herself and wear pajamas all day. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, eating chocolate, trying to talk herself into working off said chocolate on the treadmill or spending time with her husband.
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60 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Not Another Wedding by Jennifer McKenzie”

  1. Sandy Xiong

    My favorite moment from a wedding is the food. Lots of delicious food throughout the whole day. I’ve been to traditional weddings only and these weddings is basically cooking food the whole event for people to eat

    • Ilene Cadette

      I love the dancing, especially the chicken dance and the hokey pokey, because you never get to do those dances at the club.

  2. Michelle - Snarky Mom

    The funniest moment from MY wedding was when my Dad realized my train was in his way…. was long… and he stood there for a minute before he decided to make a LEAP across it & landed in the pew by my Mom. LOL!

  3. Erin J.

    My favorite moment at a wedding was my own and was when my husband started reading his vows which began with an inside joke and I just burst out laughing while everyone else thought he was being super sincere.

  4. Tammy

    Is it wrong that I judge weddings on the cake they serve and if they take too long to cut the cake?

  5. Bette Hansen

    my favorite wedding moments are the dances. all ages happy and singing and having a great time.

  6. Diane Sallans

    The comments by family & friends about the wedding couple can be great fun – sometimes sweet and often funny.

  7. bookcaselaura

    I was at a wedding where when the Bride and Groom went to smash the glass, it slipped out from under their feet, causing the bride to fall and take the groom with her. Very funny 🙂

  8. Mary Preston

    My favorite moment of every wedding is watching the bride walk up the aisle towards to alter. It’s just so perfect.

  9. Marcy Meyer

    I love seeing the groom’s face when he sees his bride for the first time. Always a great moment. A not so great moment is when they bride and groom take their first kiss a little too far. No one needs to see that. lol

  10. Josette Schaber

    I have a couple fave moments from my own wedding. 1. I put the ring on the wrong hand, because it was the hand he handed me, then we spent a bit of time tugging to get it back off because it was tight. Luckily no one noticed. 2. Looking into his eyes and seeing the happiness – that he was doing the one thing he most wanted by marrying me. 3. Since the aisle at the church was so narrow, it was difficult for two people to walk down it side by side. I refused to walk behind him like the little women and joked that he should carry me down the aisle so we could go together. AND, he did it. Best spontaneous moment!

  11. Tonda Stockwell

    My favorite part of my best friend’s wedding had to be the dancing. There weren’t a whole lot of people there, but I’m terribly shy around people I don’t know (like her husband’s family) but a few drinks later and there was no problem booty dancing with a group of like seven people all in a line which then turned into a circle of some sort. Best time ever.

  12. Lori H

    Best wedding moment was a friends wedding and during the ceremony the groom fainted. I’ve been to a lot of weddings but had never seen that before or since 🙂

  13. Anita H.

    I love the part when the bride comes down the aisles! It’s always a magical moment no matter how many times you see different brides do it!

  14. Ada

    I love everything everything about weddings….except maybe the practice of shoving cake into each others faces lol Other than why anyone would want to get their beautiful dress dirty nevermind their makeup job, I do find everything about weddings beautiful and no matter how much I try, I can’t stop myself from crying

  15. Autumn Kelley

    My favorite part of the wedding is when the bride walks in. I look at the grooms face and see so much love there, I also look at the father of the brides face and see such pride in his little girl! AMAZING I cry every time!

  16. ssmommie75

    Being the cynic that I am the favorite part of my wedding was the divorce.
    But of other people’s wedding’s I think it’s watching the parents, when they realize their “baby” no matter the age, is a grown up, capable of taking care of not only their self but another human as well.
    At my middle sister’s wedding ( who I’ve previously mentioned seemed to have everything that could go wrong, did) my youngest sister, at the time as my mom as adopted another one since, could not stop crying. Crying is probably an understatement, bawling. During the wedding we assumed it was because she was happy for our sister, she told us afterwards in all her bright-eyed 11 yr old innocence she was crying because she just realize we were leaving her alone with a mother that couldn’t cook. And she almost yelled this during the cake and punch reception part at the church. That my mother attended.

  17. Suzy Turner

    Seeing the bride first walk down the aisle… and noticing the groom’s face as well. It always makes me cry. I’m such a softie though! The speeches are often fun… but then at other weddings can be really boring! And then there’s the champagne of course!

    Suzy Turner, Fiction Dreams

  18. conniefischer

    My favorite part is when the bride comes down the aisle to the wedding march. It never fails to give me chills!

  19. Alice Valdal

    Hi Jennifer, Did you survive last night’s storm? I’ve got a broken snowball bush but everything else seems intact.
    Sorry, to say but weddings often make me sad. There’s a clutch at my heart when the father, with a brave face, “gives away” his little girl.

  20. Sharlene Wegner

    Some of these responses are really funny! I’m with Ada – I cry every time I see a bride walking down to the groom. Every time.

  21. Lisa Lange

    Love this post and love the excerpt!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy – congrats, and congrats as well on the upcoming releases!
    Lisa McManus Lange

  22. Jo-Ann Carson

    My favorite moment is watching a two year old flower girl steel a pair of yellow high heels and start dancing in them. The whole room got up and danced with her.

  23. Marcy Shuler

    I like watching the groom’s face when he sees his bride walking down to aisle to him.

  24. Jacquie Biggar

    my favourite moment at weddings is seeing the groom’s face as he watches his bride come towards him, tears me up, every time, 🙂

  25. Jenn McElroy

    I like the first dance! Watching a couple dance together, in their own little world, gets me every time! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  26. cahmmerritt

    I agree with most everyone – watching the groom when he sees his bride walking toward him and yep it makes me teary every time too.
    My favorite moment from my wedding (it was my second; my first husband passed away when I was pregnant with my son). We had a ceremony where all three of us (my husband, my son and myself all exchanged rings) then my son (who was ten) read from The Velveteen Rabbit… the part about knowing something was loved when its fur was rubbed off and it’s buttons loose… everyone cried including my new husband.

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