Spotlight & Giveaway: Outback Heat series by Amy Andrews

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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome author Amy Andrews to HJ!

Hi Amy and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, Outback Heat series!

Hi Sara and hello to all your followers!

Four contemporary romance novels set in small town Australia. All the stories revolve around the four siblings of the Weston family.

Outback Heat series

  • BK #1 Little sister Lacey – a fashion design student.
  • BK #2 Jarrod – a firefighter.
  • BK #3 Marcus – a paramedic.
  • BK #4 Ethan – the chief of police.

I’m excited to announce that the first book in Outback Heat – Some Girls Do – is now permafree!!
Some Guys Need a lot of Lovin’That’s right, you get to read the first book for FREE before deciding whether you want to immerse yourself into the world of Jumbuck Springs a little more!
If you love best-friend’s-little-sister, reunion/high-school sweethearts, off-limits and friends-to- lovers romances all wrapped up in the packaging of a small town, then I reckon you’re going to love Outback Heat.
Join the Weston family as they live, love, laugh and find their HEA’s in Jumbuck Springs.

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Book Info:

Some Girls Do – FREE!!
Fashion student Lacey Weston is desperate to leave the city and go home to Jumbuck Springs. Her three older brothers are adamant she’s not. They made a death bed promise to their mother that Lacey would stay the distance at design school and Ethan, the oldest, takes this responsibility very seriously. But Lacey is deeply homesick and determined not to be dissuaded again. She’s also impulsive enough to try anything – even faking a pregnancy.

Ex-cop turned mechanic, Cooper Grainger – one of Ethan’s oldest friends – agrees to watch out for Lacey in the city even though he has a history with her he’d rather forget. How hard could it be, right? But a couple of years later, Coop is over pulling Lacey out of scrapes and cleaning up her messes as she tries to outrun her grief and sense of dislocation. He takes her back to Jumbuck Springs so she can persuade her brothers to let her come home. But things don’t go according to plan. Before Coop knows it Lacey’s pregnant and he’s putting his hand up as the fake baby daddy, filling in for the town mechanic and moving in with her at the local pub.

Lacey is thrilled to have won a reprieve but nothing about the situation sits well with Coop. Least of all having sweet little Lacey Weston as his new roomie…
Local television reporter Selena Durrum is in Jumbuck Springs for three days. Get in, see her grandmother, give her speech, and get out. Her career is about to hit big and she can’t afford any distractions. Especially not her childhood sweetheart…

Jarrod Weston, rural firefighter, isn’t worried about seeing the woman who’d done a midnight runner on him fifteen years earlier. It was a long time ago and he’s moved on with his life… right?

But neither of them were ready for their still potent attraction and the heavy pull of unfinished business. But then Selena gets offered the opportunity of a lifetime and once again has to choose between love and career… Will she go with her heart, or her head?
Paramedic Marcus Weston is losing it. The loveable larrikin of Jumbuck Springs is battling PTSD after a horrific incident during recent bushfires. He thought he had a handle on it but not even boozing, partying and wild women are helping this Casanova get outside his head anymore.

Psychologist Juanita Slattery is looking for a sexy distraction. The long, tall stranger in a pair of Wranglers with his big old flirty smile and rugged country looks is just the ticket. And he doesn’t disappoint as they burn up the sheets together in an unforgettable one night stand.

Fast forward a few days and they come face-to-face again. But this time Juanita is in Jumbuck Springs as part of the post-fire counselling team and Marcus is sitting on the other side of her desk. He just wants to get back to work. She knows he needs help. Professional boundaries dictate that they keep their distance, but intense physical attraction rarely follows reason…
Local pub owner Jemima Jane Ericson is living a lie. She’s been in love with her best friend Ethan since forever. But he fell in love with another woman, married her, and despite their tempestuous relationship and decade old divorce, JJ knows Ethan’s heart is still down for the count. And friendship is better than nothing, right?

Single dad and Jumbuck Springs chief of police, Ethan Weston, hits the pub the night his ex-wife remarries and announces she wants custody of their daughter. When he wakes the next morning to find himself in JJ’s bed he’s mortified that they’d crossed a line they should never have crossed. Until JJ’s abusive ex, Shane, shows up at her door and Ethan claims he and JJ are engaged to protect her.

Both are stunned by the unravelling of their normally sane lives but suddenly it makes sense – JJ gets a deterrent and Ethan gets the respectability of a wife for any custody claims. But when JJ’s life is threatened, Ethan is forced to confront feelings that may just run much deeper than convenience…
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Meet the Author:

Amy AndrewsAmy is an award-winning, best-selling Aussie author who has written fifty plus contemporary romances in both the traditional and digital markets and been translated into over a dozen languages including manga. She is a USA Today best-seller and has sold in excess of one million books featuring lots of sex and kissing. She likes to make her readers tingle, laugh and sigh. And please don’t mess with the HEA!

She loves good books and great booze although she’ll take mediocre booze if there’s nothing else. She has two grown kids who never stay away long enough for her to miss them. At sixteen she met a guy she knew she was going to marry and she did. He’s the kind of guy who can start a fire with nothing but two stones, construct a dwelling from half a dozen tree branches and a ball of string, fix anything that’s broken with magical powers of the mind and navigate home blindfolded with both arms tied behind his back but will also happily eat cornflakes for dinner when a deadline is looming.

She lives on acreage on the outskirts of Brisbane with a gorgeous mountain view but secretly wishes it was the hillsides of Tuscany.

To keep up with her new releases you can join her mailing list here –
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63 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Outback Heat series by Amy Andrews”

  1. infinitieh

    I read many series, but I don’t generally read them in order. I found many of those series by picking up a book from the middle of the series.

  2. janinecatmom

    If I like a book then I always want to have more of the characters even if it means just bits and pieces in a different story. So, yes I like a series. I loved this series.

  3. Mary Preston

    I do enjoy reading series & yes they must be read in order. They make more sense that way.

  4. Janie McGaugh

    I like series, and I prefer to read them in order. The only ones I “must” read in order, though, are the ones with a continuing story arc.

  5. deerdoe69


  6. JenM

    I enjoy both stand alones and series but if I’m reading a series, I really prefer to read in order. I’ve been getting a bit more relaxed about that lately though.

  7. Karina Angeles

    I love series. I have to read them in order. Most books have tidbits of info about each character that make sense if you read them in order.

  8. Cathy Phillips

    I like both series and stand-alones. If I read a series, if I know it is a series, I try to read them in order.

  9. Jenny Dauksa Schaber

    I do like series in order to keep up with some of the characters but I don’t necessarily need to read them in order. I do prefer to read them in order if I can though.

  10. rbeeyswan

    I never almost never Read a series n order.There r certain bk. Themes I adore their siren calls to me.

  11. debby236

    I do like series and prefer to read them in order, but sometimes that is just not possible.

  12. lauraboon2014

    I have a 50-50 record when it comes to reading series in order. New series I tend to read in order. However, I can come across a book and love it and then discover afterwards it is part of a series. Then, I’ll plan to read the rest. The way I look at it is that reading a series out of order is a little like meeting a couple once they have been married for several years. You still enjoy hearing about how they met.

  13. Joye

    I like to read series but no more than 4 in the series. Yes, they have to be read in order for me

  14. kim hansen

    Love reading series and yes they do need to be in order unless they can be read as a stand alone then no.

  15. Tammy V.

    I love series. Being immersed in a story and/or characters is a favorite of mine. It makes me not really like anthologies unless they are short stories from series. I always read in order.

  16. Cheryl Hastings

    I do love series and I try very hard to read them in order. But I did read book 3 of a series the other day without reading books 1&2….and didn’t break into hives, so maybe I’m learning.g to let go!

  17. Colleen C.

    I do enjoy reading series books, but I like them to have new couples share their own stories… sometimes I miss books here or there…

  18. Hadassah

    I do enjoy reading series. If the books can be read as a stand-alone, I don’t mind not reading them in order. As a matter of fact, unless I own the series in order, I will read them out of order. I go with the flow when I read.

  19. Nancy Luebke

    I like series, just not cliffhangers. I try to read them in order but not always able to. I like all the books to be able to read as stand a lone type in case I’m not able to get all of them.

  20. BSBbabeb

    I don’t mind reading series where there are some overlap in characters as long as each book could be read as a stand alone as well. I’m thinking of Jill Shalvis’s Lucky Harbor series and Tessa Bailey’s Line of Duty series (as well Christina Lauren’s “Beautiful…” series). Harry Potter is probably the only series I read that had cliff hangers. Normally, I want to be able to get a beginning, middle, and end all in one book.

  21. BookLady

    I love series and prefer to read them in order if possible. Sometimes the older volumes are not available.

  22. Morgan Van Lier

    I love series(not serials). I prefer to read them in order but sometimes I’m not able to.

  23. Mood Reader

    I love series. And yes, I always read them in order. When the series is about the same couple I usually wait until all the books in the series are published before reading because I don’t like cliffhangers when I can’t read what happens right after finishing the book. I’m not good at waiting to get my HEA! 🙂 LOL

  24. kermitsgirl

    I prefer to read them in order, but as long as they don’t feature the same couple, I don’t mind reading them out of order. I actually read a recent series backwards and it was cool to see the way the town ended up and seeing it “grow in reverse.”

  25. lorih824

    I do like series although sometimes they can be a bit redundant. I can read them in any order as long as they’re a stand alone read.

  26. Amy Andrews

    Thanks to everyone for chming in! Looks like most prefer to read series in order but a surprising amount of you don’t have to! That wasn’t what I expected 🙂

  27. Anita H.

    I enjoy series but sometimes I’ve read books out of order. I try not to but I always go back and get the earlier book to read

  28. joab4424

    I like reading series and I do like to read them in order so I keep up with the characters and their lives.

  29. Brooke

    I love reading series and prefer to read them in order. Sometimes I can read later ones if they are stand alone and then go back and read the earlier ones.

  30. Jen B

    I love series, but it kind of depends. If I know a book is part of a one before I start reading, I’ll check out the other books and if I like the sound of them I’ll read the series in order.

  31. Veronika

    I love series, and I don’t have to read them in order. I usually read them by which one catches my eye first.

  32. tlrosado

    I do enjoy series and I usually feel the need to read them in order. If I really like a series, I have to take breaks between books and read other authors, because verbiage can start sounding similar from book to book.

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