Spotlight & Giveaway: Secrets and Sins: Malachim by Naima Simone

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Today it is my pleasure to welcome romance author Naima Simone to HJ!

Hi Naima welcome and over to you 🙂

When I read the email that the book I’d submitted to Ellora’s Cave Publishing was contracted I did several things. First, I took off down the hallway of my job yelling, “I sold my book! I sold my book!” Second, I pulled out my inhaler for a couple of puffs. Third, I called my husband and father. Both of them were delighted. I’d been waiting for weeks to hear back from the editor who’d requested my full manuscript. But as I talked with my dad—the Naima Simonereverend—he asked the inevitable question I’d been ducking and dodging for months. “What is the book about again?” Now before then I’d stuck with the generic “romance”. Because hey, there was a chance the book wouldn’t see the light of day. What was the point in confessing, “Daddy, it’s an erotic contemporary romance. So how ‘bout them Cowboys?” if I didn’t have to, right? Right. But the manuscript had been bought and the moment of truth had arrived.

Daddy: So tell me, I forgot. What is this book about again?
Me: Well, it’s a reunion story. Y’know, love lost and then found again. They have to get past their issues. Y’know…
Daddy: Okay, okay, that sounds cool. And who’s the publisher again?
Me: Ellora’s Cave. They’re really awesome. They’re one of the bestpublishersineroticromance.
Daddy: They’re what?
Me: *sigh* They’re one of the best publishers in erotic romance. Y’know, the hotter romance. More detailed.
Daddy: Oh. *Pause* Ohhhhh. Well why didn’t you come to me for advice on the love scenes?

Eeeew. Thus began my publishing journey in 2009. I’ve written eight books since then, and six are erotic romances. I love erotic romance—like love, love, love. And no, I’m not a nympho. But there’s just something so raw and honest about them. There’s no apology. Where there are guards up, lies, misunderstandings—or deranged stalkers—mucking up the hero and heroine’s relationship, sex is the one place where they can be vulnerable and honest with each other. Sometimes they can communicate with their hands, mouths, and bodies what they can’t with their mouths. Making love is another language, and I enjoy writing and reading how a character speaks. Damn, that was good… I need to remember that for later when a church member asks me why I write that “stuff”… ☺

MSASBecause I enjoy the genre so much, making a shift in my writing last year was a huge change. As did many people, I heard the buzz about this new publisher, Entangled Publishing, that was creating all kinds of waves in the industry with their books and their business model. A friend and fellow author had submitted to them and encouraged me to do the same. Especially since they were launching a new romantic suspense line, which I loooove. I had a series idea I’d been working on, but I was both excited and worried about subbing it. I loved the book, adored the characters but…it wasn’t erotic. Even after Entangled bought the book and it went through the editing process, this niggling worry remained. What if I can’t make the transition? What if readers who really like my erotic titles find my more sensual books boring? Who the hell am I as a writer? Don’t get me wrong. Writing erotic romance is in no way easier to write. Incorporating a plot, character growth and arc, romance and multiple love scenes? Someone who calls erotic romance smut or say it’s no better than Penthouse Letters, one, never read erotic romance. And two, never wrote it. My previous books were more relationship-centered. None of them had heavy suspense plots. Suspense elements maybe, but not a heavy secondary suspense plot. These new Entangled books did. It was a first for me, and I worried I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. All my life I’ve read fantastic romantic suspense by Linda Howard, Nora Roberts, and Sandra Brown. God, could I even do a tenth of what they accomplished? Aaand, then there was the problem of finding new euphemisms for body parts other than the “c” and “p” words… Hee-hee!

What I’ve discovered is readers are lovers of stories, and I wasn’t just underestimating myself but them as well. Yes, some prefer scorching stories to hotter ones. But an engrossing plot, flawed but strong characters, a beautiful romance, and a crazy villain or two will snag them regardless if there are only two love scenes instead of four…or five.

As far as who am I as a writer? I’m becoming. When we stop learning, we stop growing. When stop changing, we’re dead. The only person trying to put me in a box was me. I love writing erotic romance, so I write it. I love romantic suspense, so I write it. I love paranormal romance, so I write it. I love Christian fiction like The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Pilgrim’s Progress. One day, I want to write it. Perhaps under a different pen name…yeah, definitely under a different pen name…

A HUGE thank you to Sara for letting me come visit Harlequin Junkies today and exposing my guts! ☺ I’m a part of a gi-normous 5-winner giveaway with Ignite, Entangled’s revamped romantic suspense line, authors Annie Seaton, Caridad Pineiro, and Gail Ranstrom. But I’m also offering up two copies of my latest Ignite release, Secrets and Sins: Malachim. Just leave a comment about your fave genre to read or what genre you would love to write one day.

Giveaway: 2 e-copies of Secrets and Sins: Malachim

To enter Giveaway: Please complete the Rafflecopter form and post a comment to this Q: What is your fave genre to read or what genre you would love to write one day? Why?

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About the book

Secrets and Sins: Malachim

Looking like sin and smelling like trouble…

When Danielle Warren shows up on Boston attorney Malachim Jerrod’s doorstep looking for a job, his first thought is trouble. Well, actually his first thought is how does a woman with the face of a saint have the voice of a sex phone operator? But sexy trouble or not, he’s desperate for a paralegal to help keep his struggling law office afloat. Can the boss keep his distance from the silk of his employee’s skin, the siren lure of her body…or ignore the haunting vulnerability in her eyes.

She’s the last thing he needs…

Danielle’s name is not her own, but the new identity finally allows her to take control of her life, make her own decisions, and she refuses to allow anything—even an unwanted hunger for her new employer—to distract her. Distraction is as dangerous as the desire she spies in Malachim’s gaze and the need that renders her defenseless to his touch. But the shadowy figure stalking her every move and growing more violent by the day makes letting her guard down impossible.

But the only one he desires…

Danger is on the hunt, threatening the boss she’s falling in love with. Should she fight for the future of her dreams or flee to save Malachim’s life? Danielle must make a decision. Because her lies are unraveling. And some secrets can kill…

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Naima Simone

 Naima Simone is a multi-published author in contemporary and erotic romance. She’s a member of RWA’s Southern Magic chapter, mother of the Dynamic Duo, lover of everything Vin Diesel and wife to the fabulous husband who tolerates this affair. Come visit Naima on her website, Facebook, Twitter  and Goodreads.

63 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Secrets and Sins: Malachim by Naima Simone”

    • Naima

      Hi, Maria!
      Now New Adult may be one genre I haven’t read too much of. Although, I’ve heard about so many awesome NA books that are out there. I’m missing out! Thanks for coming by and joining in the convo!

    • Naima

      Hi, Cari!
      You definitely have a point. Mood at times does play into what book I pick up or choose on my Kindle. I love funny paranormals! Have you read G.A. Aiken? Her dragon series is hi-lar-i-ous! And then Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series. Her characters are so funny and sarcastic. I love ’em! Thanks so much for stopping in and commenting, Cari!

    • Naima

      I know, riiiight? 🙂 Or even better? Erotic paranormal romance! I just discovered an author–she’s new to me–T.A. Grey. Le sigh. She is so awesome! Her stories are hot, funny, emotional, and so cool! I totally agree! Thank you for coming over and adding to the conversation!!

    • Naima

      Hi, Erin!
      I love fantasy and paranormal! Reading incredible world-building is like finding a Symphony chocolate bar in the frig. Makes me happy. LOL! 🙂 Have you read Suzanne Johnson’s Sentinels series and Susannah Sandlin Penton Vampire series? A-mazing!

      Thank you for coming over and joining in, Erin!

    • Naima

      Another NA! I swear I believe I’m missing out on something great! 🙂 I need some NA recommendations! Throw some my way! Paranormal, I’m all over. One of my favorite authors is Thea Harrison. I freaking adore her Elder races series, and am impatiently stalking–I mean, waiting for the next one. LOL! Thank you for for stopping in and commenting, Jenn!

    • Naima

      Hi, Debra!
      I love writing suspense, and love reading it even more! Linda Howard, Sandra Brown, Lisa Gardner…all Queens of the Twist! And paranormal? Sigh. Love, love, love it! Two words: Nalini. Singh. “Nuff said. LOL!

      Thanks so much for coming over and joining in!

    • Naima

      Hi, Wilma!
      Definitely! Bad boy rockers, reunion stories, friends-to-lovers, best-friend’s-younger-sister…I can go on and on! Right now I’m reading Tracy Wolff’s Crash into Me, and I’m loving it!! Rocker AND bff’s younger sister. I’m in heaven. Give me a good, emotional sexy contemporary romance and a cup of coffee? That’s all she wrote! LOL! Thank you for stopping in!

  1. Inga

    Erotic romance is my favorite. It’s another layer to the story that gives more insight into the characters.

    • Naima

      You’re singing my song, Inga! I totally agree. The sexual relationship and interaction between the hero and heroine is also part of their character arc. The first time they make love or have sex should not be the same as the last time. Like the first time they may have sex but the last time they’re making love. They grow as people, and as they learn to trust and depend on one another it shows in their sexual relationship. Did I just go off on a tangent? LOL! I think I did. But I so agree! Thank you for coming through, Inga!

  2. Lori Meehan

    I love historical romance. I’d love to write a book but I think you should spell correctly and know your grammar and I such at both. Lol

    • Naima

      ROFL!! Lori, all’s I have to say is thank God for editors and spell check! LOL!! I cut my teeth on historical romance. Johanna Lindsey, Virginia Henley, Julie Garwood…I don’t read so much of it these days–one author I always read is Debra Glass!–but it will always be one of my favorite genres! Thank you for comingby, Lori!!

    • Naima

      Totally agree, Janice! I needs me a HEA! Even if a book is a series I need to at least have a HEAFN. Call me old-fashioned or whatever but at the end the couple needs to be heading off into the sunset or bedroom. Take your pick! LOL! Thank you so much for stopping in and adding to the conversation, Janice!

  3. Marcy Meyer

    My favorite genre to read is erotic romance. I don’t mind the door closing on some occasions, but I like to be allowed into the bedroom. I think it adds to the emotional element of the story.

    • Naima

      Absolutely, Marcy! My favorite erotic romances are emotional–like rip my guts out emotional. Because many times healing and trust–or the seeds of the–take place in the bedroom. Here’s what I feel about closed bedroom doors…Rip the hinges off!! LOL! Thanks so much for coming over and commenting, Marcy!

  4. Jennifer F

    I love Romance. All romances are great! but i must have the happily ever after otherwise its pointless.

    • Naima

      Happily-ever-afters rule!! *Jersey fist pump* For me, the HEA is the cornerstone of romance. I love knowing after everything the hero and heroine has gone through that they end up happy, whole, and together. That it was all worth it. Epilogue. Yes!! 🙂 Thanks so much for coming through, Jennifer!!

    • Naima

      Happy endings are a must! And if I’m going to admit a cardinal sin…I always look to the back of the book. Because if the book doesn’t end with the hero and heroine together and happy, I don’t buy it. I know, I’m a spoiler sport! 🙂 But that’s how important the HEA is to me. And rakes and rogues? Sex-aay! LOL! Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Claira!!

    • Naima

      Hi, Carolyn!
      I adore historical romance, too! One of my favorite all time historical romances is Ransom by Julie Garwood. Man, I love her historicals…Sigh. I’ve read Ransom and Honor’s Splendor so many times the pages of those books are like, WTH? Again?? LOL!

      Thank you so much for coming by and leaving a comment, Carolyn!

    • Naima

      I know, right, KP? LOL! There’s so many to love! Like tonight I’m on a contemporary romance kick. But this weekend it was all about the romantic suspense. And on my nightstand I have a paranormal romance just waiting on me! So many genres so little time. 😀

  5. Naima

    Hi, Christine!I
    I, too, love paranormal romance and erotic paranormal romance. Lora Leigh, Beth Kery, T.A. Grey, Nalini Singh–I do a little dance every time I say her name 😀 –I love them all. Plus so many more! How they transport you to these wonderful worlds of fantasy, myth and magic…love ’em! Thank you for stopping in and joining the convo, Christine!

    • Naima

      I love contemporary, too! Some of my favorites are character-driven books. Especially when those characters have dark or tortured pasts that in some way hinder them emotionally and romantically. I love seeing them overcome by the power of love and their own strength. Yeah…those are great…

      Thank you for coming over and joining in!

    • Naima

      Definitely! Or combine the two and it’s like, BAM! 🙂 But, yes, those are two of my favorite genres, too. Especially since erotic can be so many things. Erotic contemporary, or erotic paranormal or erotic romantic suspense. As a reader and writer, I can burn “the box” down!

  6. Denise Van Plew

    paranormal review for a couple publishers who authors write that and romance special ops.

    • Naima

      Luvs me some paranormal, Denise! So high-five on that! And oh *palm over heart* romance special ops. YES! I just read one of Maya Banks’ KGI books, and Tonya Burrows’ Seal of Honor. Sigh. Love alpha military men! They are so in control, hard, loyal, passionate, and sex-aay!! Love ’em! Good one, Denise!!

    • Naima

      Another vote for romantic suspense! Yaay! And another mood-dependent reader! Double yaay! I’m both! LOL! Blistering hot romance with a suspense plot that only heightens the tension–my faves. Not only do I enjoy trying to figure out who the villain is, but guessing WHY. That’s one of the coolest parts! Thank you for joining in the convo, Angela!

    • Naima

      Hi, Michelle!
      You’re after my heart with the romantic suspense and paranormal! Two of my go-to genres, for sure! I have to confess I haven’t read much horror. Well horror like John Saul–I LOVE that man!–but not horror romance, although I’ve seen that several epubs are adding this genre, including EC. I read a zombie romance once and it was actually very good. Not as Walking Dead as it sounded. But I haven’t read much else. Throw some suggestions out there for me!

  7. SnarkyMom

    My favorite genre*S* are erotic, erotic romance, paranormal romance & erotic paranormal romance. And Naima, I cracked up during your story of trying to deflect your (preacher) Dad’s interest in the book content LOL! By the way – depending on your age / mood (says the cranky old Mom) you have to be careful of the New Adult genre books. Some are incredibly AWESOME… and some are so whiny & angsty that you just want to reach into the book, smack the little brat & tell them to grow up & get over themselves. Just sayin’ 😉 …

    • Naima

      Hi, Snarky Mom!
      I want that name!! LOL! Your picks are at the top of my list–well actually, all of them are pretty much tied for number one… 😀 If we all took a shot–or potato chip–for how many times I mentioned Nalini Singh we might be 3 sheets to the wind or searching for new pants sizes! LOL! And while I’m not deflecting my dad’s questions these days, I AM trying to convince him that sending his unaware congregation members to my website is. Not. Funny. Well, yeah, it is…

      ROFL!! As one cranky mom to another, I appreciate the warning. Snicker! I still have username envy…

  8. Margaret

    I love romantic suspense and pnr, but anything with romance will usually do! Love your post and your conversation with your dad! Congrats on your release and the new series!

    • Naima

      Hi, Margaret!
      Another poly-genre-ist! Hee-hee! I’m stealing that term like there’s a 5 year sentence attached to it! LOL! I, too, love just about anything with romance. Because no matter the world, the mystery or era it’s all about the love between the hero and the heroine. A book could have the best secondary characters or setting ever, but if the love doesn’t capture me, it’s just not the same. Thank you for coming through, and for your congrats, Margaret!

  9. Josette Schaber

    Romance of any kind – suspense, humor, contemporary, paranormal, historical. I’m up for writing them all. Working on a paranormal with a historical (even though it’s not) flavor. Would love to write a humorous work some day, the ones that make me laugh are probably my favorites to read. So, I have a pretty eclectic taste and would write any thing that the muses bring me, but the one I would want to write the least would be a true full-fledged historical. The research. UGH. I’ve never been a history buff.

    • Naima

      I’m with you, Josette! One of my favorite romantic comedy authors is Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and it’s because she can seriously make me laugh out loud. And hard. And then several hours later all I have to do is think about a line or scene and laugh again! She’s awesome. I would love to write a Susan Elizabeth Phillips-esque book one day. And like you, I love historicals, but I’ve never written one because the research would kill me! LOL! I don’t know if I just ‘fessed up to being lazy or whatever, but historical romance writers not only have to create a love story, wonderful characters and plot, but have to be historically accurate in their details regarding setting, dress, speech, mannerisms, etc. Wow! I bow down to them!!

      Thank you for coming by, Josette! And I’m sending you all kinds of creative vibes for your paranormal with historical flavor! Sounds so cool!

  10. Winnie Lim

    Contemporary romance, romantic comedy, suspense romance, some historical romance (but not all), paranormal suspense are all that I love to read. Most important is a captivating storyline.

    • Naima

      Amen, Winnie! Draw me in! Make me go spontaneously deaf to the kids arguing over the Wii on the other side of the door! Make me forget about having to cook dinner! That’s a story that captivates. Off the top of my head,Tracy Wolff’s Crash Into Me. It just so happens I’m reading this. But it isn’t the typical bad-boy rocker book. Yes there is a blistering hot romance, but there’re also these complicated men who make up this band, their stories and histories. And the struggle of Jamison and Ryder trying to overcome his guilt and demons and her insecurities as well as find out who they are as people while traversing the crazy world of a rock ‘n roll? It’s so amazing to read. They make me forget all of the above! So yeah, I guess you can say I agree with you. LOL!! Thank you so much for coming over and adding to the convo, Winnie!

  11. Lori P

    Right at the moment I’m loving romantic suspense with a lot of sizzle. I just love anything with romance. Loved to hear about your conversation with your father. Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

    • Naima

      Hi, Lori!
      Oooh! I know! Sizzling romantic suspense!! Yes! Christy Reece is another one of my favorite suspense writers. She has such amazing characters and the chemistry between them is combustible. Not to mention in all her books I’ve never figured out ahead of time who the villain was…I don’t even look to the back of the book because I’m afraid I’ll spoil something. I’ve done that before…Snicker!

      Thank you for stopping in and commenting, Lori! And good luck with the giveaway!!

  12. Autumn Kelley

    I love romance, I like the sweet cute romances that have a lot of comedy in them (Rachel Gibson), and I love the suspenseful romances!!!

    • Naima

      Hey, Autumn!
      Oh yes, Rachel Gibson is fun! Good one! She’s like Susan Elizabeth Phillips with the laugh out loud humor. Thanks to her I’ve received many a bewildered look from my husband. Y’know the “what’s-going-on?” look? 🙂 And suspenseful romances are definitely on the “Oh Yeah!” list!!

    • Naima

      Snicker! Is that it, Olga? LOL! You’re like me, I love ’em all! Each one has their own draw that appeals to you at different times or moods. That’s one of the absolute cool things about romance. Whatever you feel like reading, I guarantee there’s something for you! Thank you for coming by and adding to the conversation, Olga!!

  13. kerry

    i think it would definitely have to be paranormal. there is so much you can do with it for instance add romance, fighting, family problems, bad guys etc.. and there you have it a story a lot like life but with a little flair lol. I would write it one day if I could ever stop reading long enough. I love living in the imagination of others and in their books with the hero’s and heroines authors create. Any story is worth reading, but it’s the ones you go back to reread more than once that make it so enjoyable. i have the book to prove it, lol.

    • Naima

      Man, Kerry! Are you sure you’re not a writer? That explanation was perfect! One of my favorite books of all time is Son of the Morning by Linda Howard. I reread it at least once every. Single. Year. It’s contemporary/paranormal/historical/time travel. LOL! Yes, it has all that AND amazing characters, AND an amazing romance AND a mind-blowing plot! I just became out of breath. Whew. LOL!

      Thank you so much for coming by and adding to the convo! Awesome insight!

  14. belindaegreen

    You asked: What is your fave genre to read or what genre you would love to write one day? Why?

    I’m a great fan of erotic romance. Sub-genres of such would be, romantic suspense, paranormal, sci-fi and some comedy. I’m a spicy kind of girl. Nope, I am not a writer. I’ll leave that to the talented ones. I’ll just read it all. 🙂 Great interview Naima! The dad convo was priceless! It was fun learning a bit more about you. Thanks for sharing.

    Belinda G
    belgre at comcast dot net

    • Naima

      Hee-hee! Ain’t nothing wrong with that at all, Belinda! LOL! As an author of 6 erotic romances and counting, I’m a bit on the spicy side myself. 🙂 I love writing erotic romance–all genres–and reading it. Not to pub Ellora’s Cave, but it was actually the offer of so many genres that drew me to them as a reader before ever writing for them. I, too, love variety in my spice. LOL!!

      Thank you for coming over, staying to read, and adding to this fun conversation, Belinda!!

  15. Texas Book Lover

    I love romances of all kinds. Contemporary, suspense, paranormal, etc. I like to mix them up that way I don’t feel like I am reading the same thing all the time but they all have to have romance.

  16. Naima

    Hi, Texas Book Lover!!
    You and I are on one accord! Sometimes I feel like a hot-n-heavy friends-to-lovers contemporary. And then another day maybe I feel like a fast-paced, twisty suspense. And then I might feel like a comedy that will have me laughing out every page! And the great part about all of those? The romances are always awesome! So, yeah, I’m totally with you!

    Thank you so much for stopping in and joining in!


    Hi Naima. I love all things romance. I think one of my fave’s is paranormal romance. I love to see where the author goes with the character’s abilities. Looking forward to reading your new book. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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