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Today it is my pleasure to welcome another of my favorite Harlequin ‘Romance’ Author Susan Meier to HarlequinJunkie!

Susan thanks for accepting my invitation to blog at HJ!

Tell us a little bit about Susan Meier, Where do you call home?

Susan: I live in Western Pennsylvania. In the mountains! This is one of those places where we have the saying…Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes and it will change. LOL. Winters are cold. Springs are beautiful. Summers are wonderful. And fall is just about as pretty as anything can be because of the changing leaves on the trees.

What are 4things you never leave home without (apart from keys, money and phone)?

Susan: When I go on vacation or to a writer’s conference, I always take my laptop, hard copy of my latest project, lots of socks and T-shirts because I love to be totally relaxed in my downtime!

Can you talk to us about your current projects?

Susan: Right now, I’m working on my 50th book for Harlequin. It’s a Christmas story. The heroine is a teacher hired to supervise the home schooling of the hero’s two kids.  I thought it was appropriate that a Christmas book be that milestone book, since my Christmas books have always been fan favorites. So though I’m in the planning stages right now, I’m working to think of something that will make this book super special. As a thank you to my fans but also as a way to celebrate finally hitting fifty books! LOL

Two brothers. One secret that nearly destroyed both of their lives: ‘The Tycoon’s Secret Daughter’ and ‘Nanny For The Millionaires Twins’ 

A special Note from Susan:

THE TYCOON’S SECRET DAUGHTER and NANNY FOR THE MILLIONAIRE’S TWINS are a duet…connected books. When I originally got this idea, I’d wanted to write it as a three-book series, but  my editor suggested that if we did it as a duet, with two brothers, we could make it much more intense.

Why would we want it to be more intense? Because THE TYCOON’S SECRET DAUGHTER and NANNY FOR THE MILLIONAIRE’S TWINS are books 46 and 47 for me. And as you’ve probably guessed, after 45 books, it’s hard to come up with something fresh and interesting. Yet, when you’re hitting a milestone you want the books to be wonderful, memorable.

So I gave all my energy to coming up with story ideas I’d never tried before, ideas I believed could put readers on the edges of their emotional seats. Book 46 deals with a recovering alcoholic and the wife who left him. You would think this would be a real downer but Kate left Max because she was pregnant. When the book opens eight years later, he’s sober, finally meeting his daughter.

That was a tough book to write because Max was incredibly honest, but also incredibly desperate to know his daughter. So desperate he constantly proved himself to be different than the man Kate had left behind. But how could she ever trust him?

She couldn’t … except he was so different, so funny, so kind, so good to Trisha…and so handsome. More handsome than even the boy she’d left behind. And “How could she ever trust him?” quickly became, “How could she ever resist him?” She knows that if she’d just met him on the street, she’d give him a chance, the benefit of the doubt. And she fights herself constantly, asking herself if it’s fair to hold the sins of the past against someone who’s clearly changed.

If you think THAT’S a dilemma, fast forward four years to when Chance – Max’s younger brother who disowned the family when he discovered he might have been adopted into the Montgomery family, but he was his Brandon Montgomery’s bastard son – finally comes home. Gwen never stopped loving him as a son. No matter that he was the product of her husband cheating; she wanted him in her life. When he has twins and needs help, she insists he come home.

And what does he find? Not just Gwen, ready to love him, but also a nanny who makes him feel selfish and petty for feeling sorry for himself. Not by shaming him, but simply by being kind and eager to work in spite of the fact that she was in a motorcycle accident that nearly took her leg. Worse, her fiancé lay in a coma in a rest home. Not really alive, but not dead either, and she’s too full of integrity to desert him.

How can a man who’s only known deceit in his life turn away someone so honest, so eager, so full of integrity? He can’t. He almost can’t believe she’s real, but when he realizes she truly is as good and pure as she portrays, he’s mesmerized.

But she’s engaged. The only way she’ll ever be his is if her fiancé dies.


THAT’S a dilemma! LOL

So join me for books #46 and 47, and see how I challenge myself to handle some very difficult conflicts, with some absolutely amazing characters. These were two of the most fun books I’ve ever written, as I wrestled with some real life problems but wouldn’t let my characters mope. 🙂

Oh, in case you’re wondering…Book 48 is a continuity, so I didn’t have a lot of control over that plot, but fasten your seatbelts for books 49 and 50. LOL!!!

Susan, I absolutely adore this book! Let’s talk about your newest release ‘Nanny for the Millionaire’s Twins’ 

If you had to sum up “Nanny for the Millionaire’s Twins” for the readers her….

Susan: It’s an impossible situation romance. But I went into it thinking, sometimes people need to see what it would be like not to get what they want to realize how much they want it! LOL Even though Tory and Chance know they will probably never be together, they can’t help falling in love, can’t stop being there for each other, because they are truly made to be together…though they can’t be.

 What was your inspiration behind “Nanny for the Millionaire’s Twins”?

Susan: I really wanted to write something that went beyond the obvious. I wanted my two characters to really KNOW they couldn’t be together. It bought out a lot of integrity in both characters. I think it brought out the best in them. Which is what makes the book one of the best I’ve ever written.

This book was an emotional powerhouse; I could barely read through the last 60 pages with adry eye ….what was it like for you writing it?

Susan: I cried a lot.  LOL. My editor and I joked that it was almost impossible to proof the last sixty pages. But, I want to stress, that you don’t cry sad tears as much as tears of respect for these two and tears of hope. I think that’s the thing that wound its way through the ending and made it so emotional. You wanted these people together so much that as the situation began to deteriorate you couldn’t help rooting for them to make it through.


Chance and Tory thanks for stopping by and giving me an opportunity to pick your brains 🙂 …


 Chance what are the 3 things you most love about Tory

Most of all her integrity and honesty. After being duped by a gold digger, I realized how important honesty and integrity were. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s beautiful.

Tory what was it like “dating” Chance?

Full of surprises. He’s a fun guy.

 Chance which scene do you think will surprise readers the most?

The Valentine’s Day scene because it turns on a dime. Readers feel every emotion from joy to despair in three pages. LOL

 Sara: OMG yea! what an emotional roller coaster…

Chance: How do you keep the romance alive in your relationship with the two little ones around?

I’m a firm believer in nap time! LOL

  Tory / Chance: If you could have one wish, no questions asked, what would it be and why?

Susan: Neither Tory nor Chance would change anything about their lives, which is why this book was so fun to write. Everything that happened, including the things with his father duping his mom into adopting him HAD TO happen to get them to each other. I love books like that that have the thread of destiny running through them!

3 GIVEAWAYS, 3 Winners!To go in the draw to win copies of  ‘The Tycoon’s Secret Daughter’ and ‘Nanny For the Millionaires Twins’

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Excerpt: Normally, I give readers the first two scenes of a new book. For NANNY FOR THE MILLIONAIRE’S TWINS, I thought we’d try something different. A pivotal scene.

 The sounds of Tory with the kids woke Chance the next morning and he breathed a sigh of relief. But instead of jumping out of bed to help her, he pulled the cover over his head.
Had he actually kissed her the night before?
Yes. Because he was an idiot. He didn’t know what had happened at that party. But he couldn’t blame Kate. She’d only read what she’d seen on his face. He did like Tory better than any of the women he’d met. But he shouldn’t have kissed her. Not only was he a poor judge of character with resultant trust issues…who was supposed to be building up trust muscles. But also…damn it! He needed Tory. Yes, he liked her. But she was his nanny. He needed to respect their employer/employee relationship…and for the love of all that is holy, he shouldn’t have kissed her!
She’d run out like Cinderella and was probably intending to quit today all because he had no commonsense.
He tore off the covers.
Of course, he had commonsense. The kiss had been an aberration. He would apologize and they would move on.
He rolled out of bed and nearly walked into the nursery shirtless. Until he remembered how his blood heated every time she looked at him, and his muscles tightened. She had a way of making him feel he was the first man she’d ever looked at. If he was trying to stay away from her, was it really wise to see her without a shirt?
With a growl, he grabbed a T-shirt, jerked it on, and headed for the nursery. He opened the door and stepped inside just as she looked up from the changing table.
Their gazes caught.
She swallowed and turned away.
Embarrassment flooded him. He didn’t know why he was tongue-tied around her. He didn’t know why feelings kept rolling through him, making him want more from her than their boss, nanny relationship. But whatever was happening, it was wrong. It had to be. Otherwise, he’d be smoother, suave, his normal, flirtatious, sweep-women-off-their-feet self. Since he wasn’t, no matter what his instincts kept insisting, these feelings had to be wrong. And he would not give in to them again.
He strolled inside as if everything was fine.  That he hadn’t kissed her. That he hadn’t potentially ruined their working relationship. “Hey.”
Her voice was soft, breathless and an avalanche of desire tumbled through him but he ignored it.
“Before we say anything I want to apologize for kissing you.” He moved their conversation past his awkward apology by pointing at Sam who bounced in the walker. “Looks like you’re almost done with them.”
“Yes. They’ve been bathed and fed.” Lifting Cindy from the changing table, she sucked in a breath. “Chance, we still need to talk.”
Oh, lord. She wasn’t going to let him off the hook with his breezy apology. She was going to quit. And he’d deserve it.
“Please don’t quit. I’m an idiot. I swear I won’t kiss you again.”
She silently passed Cindy to him, and her hand immediately went to the collar of her simple t-shirt. Her fingers closed around a thin gold chain. When she pulled it from beneath her shirt, a diamond ring came with it.
He frowned.
She caught his gaze. “I’m engaged.”
It took a few seconds for that to sink in, when it did, his heart stopped. “You’re engaged?”
He fell to one of the rockers. So much for his instincts that kept telling him Tory was attracted to him. It was no wonder she ran when he kissed her. “I am so sorry.”
She cleared her throat. “It’s okay. I don’t actually wear the ring, so you had no way of knowing.”
The dual devils of his mistrust of humanity in general and women in particular sat on his shoulders and nudged him to forget his embarrassment and go directly to righteous indignation. She was engaged. But she’d danced with him, flirted with him. Instead of him owing her an apology, his demons insisted that she owed one to him. And by God, after the torment of hellish guilt he’d suffered since that kiss, he was getting one.
“It’s mighty convenient that you don’t wear the ring.”
“My fiancé was the driver of the motorcycle I was riding when I was injured.”
That stopped his angry mental tirade. Nothing he said or did with this woman ever turned out the way he thought it should. Everything surprised him. It was no wonder he always said and did the wrong things.
So this time he said nothing.
“He was supposed to give me the ring the night of the accident, but … well, we had the accident. He didn’t fare as well as I did.” She paced away and straightened the covers in Sam’s crib, as if she needed something to do while she spoke. “He … um … well, he was really badly hurt. He lapsed into a coma and never came out. His parents found the ring and the proposal he’d written. It was on a piece of paper that was so worn –” Her voice caught. “That we knew he’d practiced it a million times. He might not have ever gotten to say it, but we knew he meant every word. So I keep the ring–” She dropped the chain back down her t-shirt, “–here.”
Welcome to another boatload of guilt. Every time he thought he had a handle on her life, she added something worse. Not only had he kissed a woman who had a fiancé, but while she was trying to have a night out, probably desperately in need of a little fun, he’d made a move on her.
“That’s where you want to go on Saturdays and Sundays? To visit him?”
“I’m so sorry.”
“I am too, you know?” She lifted Sam from the walker and faced finally him. “It’s been hard. I haven’t even flirted in years. And I’m attracted to you, so you sort of overwhelmed me last night. But I’m committed to Jason. I love this job. I love your kids. I was hurt in the accident when I was twenty so this is the first time in my adult life that I’ve felt like I was doing something with my life. But I can’t stay on as your nanny if you’re interested in me.”
“I’m not.” Yesterday that would have been a lie. Today, it was solidly the truth. He liked her too much, respected her even more now that he was hearing her whole story, to hurt her. “And I love you as my children’s nanny.” He patted his chest. “I’ve never been happier.”
“So we’re cool?”
“Yeah. We’re cool.”



55 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Susan Meier”

  1. Vanessa P

    Do you believe in destiny… why?

    I do. I believe in destiny because I have had odd things happen too many times… sometimes I just KNOW that they were just meant to be.

    I am excited by both the books but I especially look forward to Nanny for the Millionaire’s Twins. Thanks for the interview and giveaway!

    • susan meier

      As soon as I looked at my husband, I KNEW I would marry him. He said he felt the same jolt. Of course, I’d seen him months before playing softball and he didn’t notice me. So we looked at each other at two different times! LOL


  2. Mary Preston

    I actually believe that we make our own destiny. We have free will to choose the path we take.

    • susan meier

      Sasha, it was so interesting to take two guys who looked like they had it all and dig a little deeper into their lives. I’m a big believer that nothing is ever as it seems.

      As I write, I get to explore that.

      But these two guys were really fun, really different.


  3. Sasha H

    Destiny is a mix I think; of what we want to do and what we’re meant to do. When you have a dream or a natural ability, you will find a way to make that a reality. Sometimes it comes true after seeming like it never would. Maybe that’s destiny.

    • susan meier


      I think the dreams that we can’t let go of, the ones we work the hardest for, might be our destiny, begging us to keep going. 🙂


  4. Rebe

    I’d like to think we make our own destiny, but some things do seem meant to be. For example, by choosing a certain college you may have influenced who your future spouse would be!

    • susan meier

      And choosing one job over another can create a totally different life than the one you might have had with the job you didn’t choose.

      I think destiny is a fascinating topic!


  5. kylarae

    If we have the ability to make our own choices, I would think we can make our own destiny. I’m anxious to read books 46 and 47! Thank you for the giveaway! 😀

  6. Kai W.

    I believe some part of our lives is fated to happen. There are some part of our lives that we are able to make our destiny and decisions. I believe that each of us play a small role in making something good or bad happens.

  7. Adis

    I do believe in destiny. Also believe in choosing our own path. Destiny as the end of the road, our act as the road along the way.

  8. Dian Setyarini

    I do. Because if we do things sometimes does not fit with what we would expect as a result and sometimes appropriate. But we are the ones who make our own destiny.

  9. Alicia Jespersen

    I do believe in destiny but I also believe that the choices you make can change your destiny. I believe in Destiny because it gives me great pleasure to know that things are layed out but can be changed.

    • susan meier

      That’s interesting. I always like the books where a hero is “destined” to become a king, or to take over his dad’s company…but doesn’t want to. Then by the end of the book, with the heroine’s help, he realizes that he can be the man his family needs him to be.

      I think that’s what you’re saying.


  10. Aline

    Hmm, I don’t really believe in destiny. In my opinion if you believe it then you tend to accept the things which comes your way. Only God and you could determine the way life goes.

    • susan meier


      I’d never thought of destiny in terms of acceptance, but that’s so true.

      If I person believed they were destined to be poor, for instance, they might not even try to better their circumstances.

      Good point!


  11. Funny Souisa

    I believe in destiny, because things do not happen by chance, there is a power beyond the human mind that govern the fate and lives.
    But, still …. the choice is in our hands.

    Thank you for the giveaway

  12. Natalija

    I find it hard to believe in things I have never seen or experienced in my life, but when it comes to destiny I allow a small part of me to believe that at times the strangest things that have happened to me were destined to happen.

    • susan meier

      As I said about my husband, I felt destined to meet him. But I also had a job once…where I went to the first day of employment and I grabbed the handle to open the door and I felt a zing go up my arm. I swear I felt a warning to back off, to not take the job, and I didn’t listen.

      It was one of the worst jobs I ever had! LOL

      I should have listened. That’s a case of not listening to your destiny. 🙂


    • susan meier

      And I believe every creature has a dignity to that purpose.

      I always tell my kids, where would we be without garbage men and people who put up the electric wires after a storm…All jobs are important!


  13. Desere Steenberg

    Yes I believe in destiny I like to think that it is God’s way of telling us see this is what I planned for you. Thank you for the really stunning giveaway!

  14. Amel Armeliana

    Hi Susan, congrats on your new release. The books sound great 🙂
    Well, I do believe in destiny. I met my husband when I was 12 years old he was 22 years old already. Then a couple of years later we met again when I was in junior high school and he’s a working man and then when I was 18 years old we met again and a couple month after that we’re announced our relationship^^

    Thank u for this giveaway

  15. Fiery Na

    I do believe in destiny. Some things just happens and it feels like it’s meant to be. It’s a great thing to believe in 🙂

    • susan meier


      I think it is a great thing to believe in. We all need to have a purpose or believe we’re part of something bigger, something important.


  16. Yazmin Rangel

    I do believe in destiny. I think that if something is meant to be, it will be no matter what.

  17. JoAnne

    Yes I believe in destiny. I also believe that things happen for a reason.
    If I hadn’t taken my first job when I did I probably never would have met my husband.
    We dated for 5 years and are married for 31 with a 21 year old son who is a college senior!

    • susan meier

      Joann…that’s so true! I met a lot of my best friends at jobs. Not quite a husband but important people in my life whom I wouldn’t have met had I not had those jobs.


  18. ladymilano

    Yes, every things in this world have their own destiny. Any change in days, hours, minutes even seconds would make things different result/position. I do believe in destiny. 😉

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