Spotlight & Giveaway: The Bridesmaid by Julia London

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Spotlight & Giveaway: The Bridesmaid by Julia London

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julia London’s romantic twist on Planes, Trains and Automobiles

TBGetting her to the wedding on time is the least of his worries…

Kate Preston just moved to New York, but she has to get back to Seattle in time for her best friend’s wedding. Joe Firretti is moving to Seattle, and has to get there in time or risk losing his new job. But fate’s got a sense of humor. Kate goes from rubbing elbows on a plane with a gorgeous but irritating strange (doggone armrest hog) to sharing one travel disaster after another with him on four wheels. Joe thought he had his future figured out, but sometimes fates has to knock you over the head pretty hard before you see what opportunity is standing in front of you…in a really god-awful poufy bridesmaid dress.

Sourcebooks is getting ready to release New York Times bestselling author, Julia London’s brand new novella, The Bridesmaid on October 1st!

In order to celebrate, they want to see the ugliest bridesmaid dresses out there! Have YOU been forced to wear one? Or do you have a friend or family member that had to put one on? Well we want to see it!Tweet a picture of it and use the hashtag #UgliestBridesmaidDress anytime during October 1st – October 4th! We will then pick a grand prize winner on Monday October 7th who will receive a wedding themed gift basket! We will also pick 10 more runner up winners who will receive a copy of Julia London’s novella!

You can also enter to win a copy of The Bridesmaid here by commenting and sharing your story  right here…


Giveaway: print copy of The Bridesmaid

To enter Giveaway: Please complete the Rafflecopter form and post a comment: Have YOU been forced to wear a bridesmaid dress you absolutely hated? Share a bridemaid story with us (good, bad or ugly)

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60 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: The Bridesmaid by Julia London”

  1. Marcy Shuler

    I’ve never been a bridesmaid, so I have no horror stories to tell. LOL This book sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. bookcaselaura

    I didn’t hate the dress, but I did have to be a bridesmaid in my (male) cousin’s wedding. I had never even met the bride to be! It was expensive and awkward since I knew no one in the whole wedding party except my cousin. And they were divorced a few years later, too!

  3. Anita H.

    Never been a bridesmaid so I’ve been lucky! Got to wear my choice in dress to weddings so far 😛

  4. Shari

    Have never been a bridesmaid. I am in my 50’s so our dresses were pretty bad! Many more choices now.

  5. Ada

    I haven’t been a bridesmaid yet, only been a flower girl when I was a kid and I don’t even remember those dresses lol But I have seen a few bridesmaid dresses and was so glad I didn’t have to be the one to wear them!

  6. Erin J.

    The only bridesmaid dress I’ve had to wear wasn’t horrible and I was able to wear it to another function. My sister did burn a hole in it though and ruined it…so that was the horror story.

  7. Diane Sallans

    I’d rather cry from laughter than from sadness, but both happen when I really connect with the characters.

  8. conniefischer

    Very few have made me cry probably because I feel more deeply about the feelings being expressed by the author but keep telling myself that it’s fiction.

  9. Angela

    Ive never been a bridesmaid well i say never i was a bridesmaid to my sister when i was 1 year old but i don’t remember it lol, ive been told tho that i was a nightmare as i wouldn’t wear shoes so my mum put me in little white socks and just carried a load of clean pairs with her loli guess i knew what i wanted when i was 1 as i still hate wearing shoes lol

  10. ndluebke

    I’ve never been a bridesmaid, however, I’ve been the mom of two grooms. Also I do know that the best man at our wedding, didn’t like wearing a pink shirt.

  11. Lori Meehan

    I was in a Civil War themed wedding. So adding insult to injury I also had to wear a hoop skirt with the dress. I walked around all day worried about not giving everyone a free show if I sat down wrong.

  12. Jenn McElroy

    My sister’s bridesmaid dresses were pretty bad. A bright purple, floor length, with sheer sleeves. I wore it just the once when I was 16.

  13. CateS

    This makes me think of the movie, ’27 Bridesmaid Dresses’… lots of books have made me cry, but none lately.

  14. Mary Preston

    I’ve been a bridesmaid just the one, for an older sister. It was actually rather pretty, so I didn’t mind.

  15. Emily B.

    I have only been a bridesmaid once for my sister in law and I loved the dress, so I did not mind at all about wearing it.

  16. Cari White

    No ugly dresses, I’m happy to say… My “best” bridesmaid’s story would be missing my sister say her vows, because I was so focused on the sweat dripping down my back. It was 94 degrees on a late June afternoon in humid Atlanta. My sister and her husband got married outside in the heat and humidity. Who does that? Anyway, our dresses were not summer material, the guests were under a tent, thankfully, but my sister, her matron of honor (that would be me), and the bridal party were in the bright sunshine.

    I have to say though that I regret missing my sister and her husband saying their vows.

  17. amel armeliana

    Well, I haven’t been a bridesmaid, so I have no story to tell. But, from the story that I heard from friends that already have in a bridesmaid situation, usually they’re not a fan of their dresses.

    Thanks for this giveaway. I would love to read Julia London’s book. She’s one of my favorite 🙂

  18. Krysten M

    I get teary eyed over the smallest things.. It’s quite pathetic really 😀 I think the last book I actually bawled my eyes out for was Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. I’ve never been a bridesmaid or had a role in a wedding party, so all the good stories I hear are from Say Yes to the Dress and shows like that 😉

  19. Kai W.

    I have cried on a few books. The Knight in Shining Armor does it to me every time I re-read the book.

  20. Sharlene Wegner

    I recently read a novella that made me cry – Snow-kissed by Laura Florand. Gut-wrenching, but worth the read! As for the bridesmaid dresses – how about that I got to be a bridesmaid for the same person for 2 different weddings! The first one didn’t work out. Actually the 2nd didn’t either, sadly.

  21. ssmommie75

    I have only been a bridesmaid once and it was a beautiful dress. Simplistic enough in style it could probably still be worn, if I hadn’t added more than a few pounds to myself.
    I don’t have a horrible bridesmaid story, however at my sister’s wedding she had her husband’s sister and myself as candle lighters. We were staying in sync going up and around the candelabra until about the 7 or 8th candle all of her’s stopped lighting. All of them had to be switched out and replaced with real candle’s and then to top it off, my at the time step son was the ring bearer, refused to walk down the aisle. 5 steps in and he froze, the wedding coordinator ended up pulling him out of the aisle.

  22. Lori P

    I’ve been a bridesmaid several times and the dresses were very nice. Didn’t have a problem wearing them.

  23. Sue G.

    Yes! A friend of mine who is an only child told his bride to be that he wanted my husband and I in the wedding and that I was the closest thing he had to a sister. Great! The year was 1990…time of poofy dresses in fun bright colors. This bride picked these two piece suit like outfits that were black with a huge, wide white collar. We looked like pilgrims. It was horrible.

  24. Delene

    I’ve been a bridesmaid and can tell you it can be awful dress wise. I still have nightmares of the bright yellow ruffles and parasol LOL

  25. Autumn Kelley

    I have been a bridesmaid 25 times soon to be 26 on 10/19/2013. I have worn some AWFUL monstrosities they called cute! EG: Hot Pink Mermaid style skin tight to the knee (I am clumsy so this was not a great idea, tripped and fell walking into the reception and the dress ripped up to the tops of my thighs! HUMILIATING!!! If that isn’t bad enough Butter Yellow Velvet Long dress with tight off the shoulders straps that pinned your arms down! It was supposed to look renaissance (did I mention she got married 7/25/2009??? It was 95 degrees that day!!! I myself am getting married May 10, 2014 and I am letting my girls pick out little black dresses, they CAN be worn again and they can pick what looks good on them and they feel comfortable in! 🙂

  26. Suzanne Edwards

    I don’t think I have cried recently. Books can easily alter my mood, good or bad. The last book I know I really cried while reading was the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy!

  27. Rena B

    I tend to cry a lot when I read a death of the characters I am quite fond of. I’m a very emotional person and I love reading for it brings be to a place where I can escape reality just for a bit. So being this emotional, I feel like I am one of the characters experiencing the emotions just like in the book. On another note, I am actually going to be my cousin’s maid of honor for her wedding in April. 🙂 I’m super stressed but excited!!! I just want to be the best moh that I can be!!

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