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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome USA Today Bestselling author Leigh Greenwood to HJ!

Hi Leigh and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, To Love and to Cherish!

Please summarize the book a la Twitter style for the readers here:

TLATCTwo people have dreams of what they want their lives to be. Can they combine their dreams into one?

Please share a few Random facts about this book…

I actually got the idea for this series from my sister. She was joking that I never had a character with her name in my books so I told her to come with a character she would like to see. I didn’t use her character, but I did use her idea that there ought to be a secret shared by a community.

Please tell us a little about the characters in your book. 

Laurie wants to be in control of her life. She has some money that will help, but finding a good investment isn’t easy for a woman on the frontier in 1880. Jared wants to secure a future for his nephew and the men who fought with him in the war, but he doesn’t have the money to buy the cattle he needs.

As you wrote your protagonist was there anything about them that surprised you?

No. I’ve had these characters in mind for more than a year. They behaved. Not all of my characters do.

The First kiss…

Both Laurie and Jared are very sensual, but the first kiss surprised them because it wasn’t supposed to happen.

Did any scene have you crying or laughing while writing it?

The only scene that amused me was imagining Jared and Norman having to share the same bed because of the snowstorm.

“I’ll take your bed.”
Norman’s announcement was as unexpected as it was abrupt.
“We have extra beds in the bunkhouse,” Jared told him.
Norman looked as though he couldn’t believe his ears. “You can’t expect me to sleep in a bunkhouse.”
“It’s the only free bed I can offer.
“Your bed would be free if you slept in the bunkhouse.”
Jared was willing to do a lot to coax Norman into giving him the loan, but leaving him free to continue his battle of emotional and financial warfare against Laurie wasn’t one of them. “This is my home. I don’t see why I should be expected to give up my bed.”
“Not even to the man with the power to give – or withhold – your loan?”
Jared swallowed hard but answered, “No.”
Anger twisted Norman’s features. “You can’t think I’m going to leave Laurie alone in the house with you. There’s no telling what you might do to her.”
Jared decided not to utter the words he wanted to say. “Laurie has already survived one night here. I’m sure she can survive one more.”
“Nobody can verify that.”
“Laurie can.”
“If anything had happened, she’d be too ashamed to admit it.”
Jared said to hell with the loan. A man could only put up with so much. He had a choice: He could knock Norman down and throw him out of the house, or he could offer him a place to sleep and hope he didn’t have reason to kill him before morning. As much as he hated it, he said, “I have very large bed. You can share it, you can sleep in a chair in the study, or you can choose the floor. The decision is yours.”
Norman was outraged. “I can’t sleep in the same bed as you.”
“I’m not happy about it, either, but I refuse to leave you alone to keep on bullying Laurie. Now I’m going to bed. I have a nightshirt you can use. If you choose the chair or the floor, I have extra quilts.”
With that he turned and left the study. He picked up a lamp from a table in the hall but didn’t light it until he reached his room. He sank down on the bed and tried to calm himself. He had been temped to think Laurie had exaggerated about Norman. Now he realized he didn’t know the half of it. He was furious at Norman for holding his feet to the fire about this loan, but he was certain Norman was using the promise of a loan to manipulate Laurie. Since Norman didn’t know about her money, how did he plan to do that?
Jared decided it was a waste of time trying to plumb the depths of Norman’s twisted mind. Instead he should get to bed and be rested for tomorrow. With or without the loan, they would have a full day’s work repairing damage done by the floodwaters. He’d just finished changing into this nightshirt when Norman entered the room.
“I would appreciate the use of a nightshirt.” His voice was icily formal. He looked like he’d rather sleep with his horse.

If your book was optioned for a movie, what scene would you use for the audition of the main characters and why?

The first love scene because they are driven by physical desire to do what they know they shouldn’t.

What are you currently working on? What other releases so you have planned for 2015?

I’m currently working on the third book in the Cactus Creek series.
To Love and Cherish, the second book in the series, is my only release in 2104.

Thanks for blogging at HJ!

Giveaway: Print copy of To Love and to Cherish by Leigh Greenwood

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Book Info:

Torn Between a Desire to be Free…

When Laurie Spencer said “I do”, she never realized she’d be trading one pair of shackles for another—until her husband’s unexpected death leaves her with an opportunity to escape her controlling family for good. Determined to be independent, Laurie approaches sexy rancher Jared Smith with an offer she hopes he can’t refuse…

And a Longing to be His…

Jared’s determined to make it in Texas, but with the local banker turned against him, it looks like his dream may be slipping through his fingers. When unconsciously sensual Laurie offers a partnership, his luck may be changing…but when she throws herself in as part of the deal, Jared’s not sure he’ll be able to respect the terms of their agreement and keep his eyes—and his hands—to himself.

There’s something about Laurie that awakens every protective instinct Jared has…and when all hell breaks loose, there’s nothing and no one who’ll be able to keep this cowboy from her side.
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Meet the Author:

Leigh GreenwoodLeigh Greenwood is the USA Today bestselling author of the popular Seven Brides, Cowboys, and Night Riders series. The proud father of three grown children, Leigh resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. He never intended to be a writer, but he found it hard to ignore the people in his head, and the only way to get them out was to write. Visit him at
email me at or








45 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: To Love and to Cherish by Leigh Greenwood”

  1. Trudy Dowling

    I would go back to the beginning of the gold rush and open store. Store owner, not miners, made the money and wouldn’t impact too many people.

  2. Janice Hougland

    It’s hard for me to name just one time period I’d like to visit. I used to think Medieval, but I doubt I’d last very long before trying to get back home because of the sanitary conditions. I think perhaps it would be the Revolutionary War era. I’m very interested in early American history. Thanks for the interesting question.

  3. cheryl c.

    I think it would be fun to go back to the Pride and Prejudice time period in England. I would love to dance with Mr. Darcy at a ball.

  4. Glenda

    Honestly, there’s now way I could choose just one time period. I’d love to visit so many times and places throughout history. Of course, I wouldn’t want to stay in many of them – I like indoor plumbing and electricity way to much. 🙂

  5. Ashleigh Downes

    Hmmm I think I’d have to say to when my daughter was born. I loved it when we were in the hospital and she was first born and we got visitors and presents and i got to lay eyes on my daughter for the first time. It was the greatest moment in my life. I want her to be a baby again. I miss that stage.

  6. Vicki Clevinger

    I’m thinking maybe the old west. I also love the regency era. I love history.

  7. Christina Riggs

    I love Scotland around 17 or 18 hundreds! All those big massive highlanders. Enough said!

  8. darholley1

    I would go back to the old west and gold rush times. I have always been very interested in that era and would have loved to have lived in that time.

  9. Kai W.

    It would be during the World War II Era. I want to know more of my grandparents and parents’ past.

  10. Linda

    Regency England & get to dance with a handsome duke at a ball or American Frontier because it’s such an adventurous time that’s so full of challenges

  11. Terri Shortell

    There are so many different time periods I would love to visit. Historical Scotland, medieval, the wild west, back with the Vikings. I would love to be able to hop around in history. The book sounds great and I would love to read it. Thanks for the review and giveaway.

  12. Irma Jurejevčič

    Well, I’d go back to Historical Scotland, too, If I judge by the book. But otherwise I’d go in the ’50s – rock’n’roll baby 😉

  13. Mary Preston

    I’d actually just go back to my teens, so early 70’s. I’d like a do over if possible.

  14. rachael constant

    historical Scotland (highlanders in kilts!!!) lol
    or regency England (ive always been a fan of that era because of pride and prejudice)

  15. christinamarch

    Christina R. in the rafflecopter

    late 19thC US, in the west, because it was so different.

    Just in case rafflecopter shows my location outside US, it’s because I’m doing a semester abroad and would use my regular US address 🙂

    thank you so very much 🙂

    • christinamarch

      Christina R. in the rafflecopter

      And I saw the West because it was just being settled and there are so many stories there but so few romances about it 🙂

  16. Rachael

    I would like to visit the old west, but I would also settle for going back to the 80’s. Families spent more time together before there were computers and cell phones to keep everyone occupied.

  17. Joye

    I would have loved to have gone on the trip with Lewis & Clark to discover the West. I think it would have been so interesting. The scenery, the animals, the foods, and the people they would encounter.

  18. kateivan

    I’d choose the Roaring 20’s so I could hang out with my grandparents when they were young.

  19. BethRe

    I don’t know I don’t think I would want to go too far back because I’m too spoiled by modern conveniences.

  20. Kelly Mann

    The Regency period in England but only for a day or two. I like the modern conveniences too much.

  21. Diane Sallans

    I’d go back to the early 1900’s to observe my grandparents when they were young.

  22. laurieg72

    1880’s Post Civil War recovery, new inventions, some prosperity.

    I’d like to settle on a ranch in Colorado or Montana. Lots of beautiful country and land was cheap.

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