Spotlight & Giveaway: What a Lady Needs for Christmas by Grace Burrowes

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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome New York Times bestselling author Grace Burrowes to HJ! 

Hi Grace and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, What a Lady Needs for Christmas!

WALNFCLady Joan Flynn needs a husband—any husband—if she’s not to find scandal and mischief under her Christmas tree; Scottish wool magnate Dante “Hard-hearted” Hartwell needs an aristocratic wife to gain access to the financing that will keep his wool mills secure. Can holiday magic spin an expedient match into true love, and wary differences into trust?

What A Lady Really Needs For Christmas:

She needs a great imagination, so every gift she gives is the perfect one.

She needs a lot of rest, because the holidays can be draining.

She needs a good recipe for wassail, and a fairly large drinking glass.

She needs a nice warm nightie—winter nights are long and cold—and it doesn’t hurt if it’s a pretty nightie too!

She needs a heart for children, because the holidays are all about the little ones.

She needs a quiet place to rest and relax (see above, about the little ones)

She needs a good supply of mistletoe and a strategic eye for where to hang it

She needs family, because the holidays are about family too.

She needs hope in her heart, because the holiday are about that too.

She needs love, for the holidays, indeed all of life, is about the love.

Fortunately for Lady Joan Flynn, in my upcoming release WHAT A LADY NEEDS FOR CHRISTMAS, when she gives her heart and her hand in marriage to Dante Hartwell, her every other Christmas need is met too—especially the part about the love!

Thanks for blogging at HJ!

GIVEAWAY: Print copy of Captive Hearts trilogy (The Captive, The Traitor and The Laird). US/Canada

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Book Info:

The Best Gifts are the Unexpected Ones…

To escape a scandal, Lady Joan Flynn flees her family’s estate in the Scottish Highlands. She needs a husband by Christmas, or the holidays will ring in nothing but ruin.

Practical, ambitious mill owner Dante Hartwell offers to marry Joan, because a wellborn wife is his best chance of gaining access to aristocratic investors.

As Christmas—and trouble—draw nearer, Dante and Joan’s marriage of convenience blossoms into unexpected intimacy, for true love often hides beneath the most unassuming holiday wrapping…

Book: What a Lady Needs For Christmas
Author: Grace Burrowes
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release Date: October 7, 2014
Genre: Historical Romance

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Meet the Author:

Grace BurrowesNew York Times and USA Today bestselling author Grace Burrowes’ bestsellers include The Heir, The Soldier, Lady Maggie’s Secret Scandal, Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish and Lady Eve’s Indiscretion. Her Regency romances have received extensive praise, including starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Booklist. Grace is branching out into short stories and Scotland-set Victorian romance with Sourcebooks. She is a practicing family law attorney and lives in rural Maryland.

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50 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: What a Lady Needs for Christmas by Grace Burrowes”

  1. Kate S

    The only thing I ever need now are new books to read. I’ve got enough other stuff — anything I can send you?

  2. Peggy Fonseca

    All I need this year for Christmas is time with my children, grandchildren, and other family members.

  3. Glenda

    The only thing I really NEED is for both my kids to come home from college for the holidays.

    I never say “no” to books or chocolate though. 🙂

  4. Gretchen H

    What do I need for Christmas? I’m not sure I *need* anything. I’d love a new (newer-to-me) car, and I’d love a vacation! But mostly I need more time or fewer responsibilities!

  5. Martha B

    My wish is for temperatures ABOVE zero degrees F. Since we live in Tucson (no family there,) we fly back to Minnesota for 2 weeks. Two years ago, the warmest it reached was minus 11 degrees below zero. Brrrr. I froze the entire time (even indoors). It sounds silly, but I really wish for a warm(er) Minnesota Christmas.

  6. BethRe

    Some quality time with my daughter as she will be transferring to a college further away from home in the fall of next year

  7. conniefischer

    At my age, I feel that I am comfortable. Therefore, what I REALLY need for Christmas is for others who are sick, in need, or grieving to find good news, help, and comfort. After all, what more does anyone truly need? God Bless!

  8. Connie Saunders

    I am very blessed and I will be very happy and satisfied to be with my family and enjoy my granddaughter’s first Christmas.

  9. Diane Sallans

    don’t really need any ‘things’ – just want to be with family and have a nice meal and hang out together.

  10. Terri Shortell

    What I need is a job. My family and I have been struggling but a job would definitely help our situation. The book sounds great and I can’t wait to read it. I’m putting it on my wish list. Thanks for the review and giveaway.

  11. BookLady

    Since I don’t really need anything, I would like an Amazon gift card to purchase books, books, and more books.

  12. mskind81

    I need a cure or a different surgery to take my permanent pain away so I can be the kind of wife and mother I so desperately wish I could be. I’m tired of slowly killing my body with all these pills just to barely function. But I know it’s not out there so I need to finally come to terms with this and quit being depressed about it.

  13. barbed1951

    There’s nothing that I really “need,” but I could use a new camera, since the one I had recently broke.

  14. Melody Gonser

    I need the real holiday spirit. It’s too easy to let bad things affect all areas. It’s been a hard year and I would like my whole family to feel the love and appreciate all we have

  15. lisagk2014

    I need my diabetic daughter in law to be healthy and deliver my first grandchild after the new year healthy and safely! Thanks for asking.

  16. Sandy X

    I really need a new laptop lol. I’m being honest because my old one is working but it is sometimes just too slow for me. Besides that, I just want my family

  17. Taswmom

    All I need is for my whole family to be together and loving each other. I guess that’s not truly a Need, but it is a great desire of my heart.

  18. carol L

    I just want to know that my whole family is happy and healthy and that we will get to enjoy the holidays together.Most especially that my so will be home for Christmas as he is in Special Forces and has been deployed for the last year. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome trilogy.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  19. Texas Book Lover

    Honestly I don’t need anything but my family healthy and safe! I’d love a for my husbands family to understand the concept and see that gifts aren’t what’s important.

  20. Janie McGaugh

    The only thing I really need is to spend a lot of quality time with me family. It’s usually the only time of year when we are all in one place at the same time.

  21. JoannaM

    I really NEED my brother to come back home. He moved out of state because of a new job. I’m happy for him but it’s going to be a while before I get to see him again =(

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