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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome author Paige Tyler to HJ!

Hi Paige and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, Wolf Hunger!


Please share your favorite scene from Wolf Hunger:

As some fans might already know, I write with my hubby, so when we do blogs like this, we like to give you two different perspectives—his and mine—to give you an idea of the unique aspects we both bring to the story.
Here are two of our favorite scenes for the price of one!
To start with, it would probably help to know that WOLF HUNGER is about Max Lowry, the youngest werewolf on the Dallas PD SWAT team. Like all the members of the Pack, he had to go through a traumatic situation when he was human to become the werewolf he is today. In his case, it was domestic violence. In our world of Special Wolf Alpha Team, only certain people become werewolves, and then only when they experience great pain and suffering. Max’s experience obviously had a lot to do with shaping his outlook on the world, and when he responds to a domestic violence call on the job, the claws are coming out. But this time, he won’t be going though it alone. There’s a female werewolf named Lana Mason who could very well be The One for him. If she knew she was a werewolf, that is. It doesn’t help that there are hunters in town trying to kill any werewolf they find.
Paige’s Favorite Scene: When my hubby and I write together, I get to add the dialogue, emotions, and character development—all the stuff that tugs at your heart strings. An example of that is one of my favorite scenes. In it, Max and Lana are talking to some kids who have been victims of domestic violence. The reader gets a chance to see just what kind of man Max is…and Lana does, too.

“I don’t have a skull…or bones,” Max said, sprouting yet another one of his favorite movie lines, and making the Wallace kids laugh like crazy. Lana couldn’t blame them. He was making her laugh, too.
Lana, Max, Terence, Nina, and Natasha were sitting at a picnic table outside one of the dorm-style buildings of the Safe Campus emergency shelter, talking about animated movies while they worked their way through a ridiculous pile of cheeseburgers, fish sandwiches, onion rings, and fries. It hurt to see Terence eating his burger with one hand heavily wrapped in gauze, especially after knowing how the injury had happened. Even so, she couldn’t help smiling at the way the boy’s face lit up when Max talked to him. The connection between the two of them was obvious. It was like Terence had found an older brother to idolize.
Even the two girls were looking at Max like he was the best thing since sliced bread. The fact that Max had brought them both french fries and onion rings because he’d been worried they might not like one or the other probably had something to do with it. Or maybe it was because Max knew all the best lines from the movie Frozen, as well as the words to the songs, too. That probably didn’t hurt, either. Lana was definitely going to grill him on that surprising bit of knowledge later. Right now, she was having too much fun being around this family that was, maybe for the first time in years, happy.
Lana had been thrilled when Max called and told her that Mrs. Wallace and her children had gotten away from her abusive husband and moved into a safe place. She’d been even more overjoyed when Max asked her to go with him to visit them.
They had to sign in to get past security at the gate of the Safe Campus shelter on Preston Park. The guard there had gone so far as to check the bags of food they’d brought with them, even after Max had flashed his badge. But that was a good thing. No one wanted the wrong people sneaking onto the shelter’s property.
She and Max had talked to Mrs. Wallace briefly, while she’d been filling out paperwork to get assistance with longer-term housing arrangements. Lana had cried a little when the woman had tearfully hugged Max and said it was his words that had given her the strength to leave her husband.
“I always believed he would wake up one day and see what he was doing to us,” the woman told them. “But he got drunk last night and woke up this morning in a rage. When he came at Natasha with a kitchen knife because she’d woken him up with her laughter, I knew he was never going to change. It was like you said, that this would keep happening until one of my children ended up dead. Unless I stood up to him. So that’s what I did. I put my children first and walked out of there.”
Max’s eyes had gotten a little misty at that as well. He wasn’t the only one. Half the staff in the building had tears in their eyes. It was one hell of a moment.
Lana kept Nina and Natasha entertained, spelling words with all the french fries they had on the wax paper from the sandwiches, while Max and Terence went over to the nearby swings to talk for a while. The girls seemed to understand that their brother needed some time alone with Max, and didn’t complain about his absence.
“Are you two going to get married?” Natasha asked suddenly, a ketchup-covered onion ring halfway to her mouth.
To say the question caught Lana off guard was an understatement. The two blond-haired sisters regarded her expectantly, their expressions adorable.
“Um…” she finally said. “Well, we only met a few days ago, so we’re just dating now.”
Natasha considered that as she took a bite of her onion ring. “Don’t you like him?”
Lana glanced at Max, glad he couldn’t hear any of this all the way over by the swings. “Sure I like him. He’s great.”
“Then you should marry him,” Natasha said seriously before eating the rest of her onion ring. “If I had a boyfriend who brought me both french fries and onion rings, I’d marry him. Not that I’m old enough to get married yet. I can’t do that for another year or two.”
Lana nodded at that well-thought-out opinion. There was a certain logic to basing your marriage decision on a willingness to buy alternative side dishes. She’d certainly seen women get married for lesser reasons.
As she and the girls discussed the various menu options for her wedding to Max—just in case—Lana caught snatches of Max’s conversation with Terence on the breeze. What she heard made her want to cry.
“I should have protected my sisters better,” Terence said. “That’s what older brothers are supposed to do.”
“You protected them as well as you could,” Max insisted. “In fact, I’m willing to bet you put yourself in between your dad and your sisters a lot.”
“Yeah, but it was never enough,” Terence said. “I couldn’t stop him.”
“No, you couldn’t,” Max agreed. “Because the only person who could stop your dad from doing that stuff is your dad.”
Lana glanced over to see Terence sitting on the swing, staring at the ground. “I hate my father.”
“I know,” Max said softly. “And that’s pretty normal, I guess. But if you can, try not to dwell on that too much. If the only thing you ever let yourself feel is hate, pretty soon, that’s the only thing you’ll be able to feel. Instead, think about how much you love your mom and your sisters, and what kind of life you’re going to have with them now.”
That was good advice, Lana thought.
Max and Terence came back over to the table a little while after that, and they all sat there, eating the rest of the fries and talking about any silly subject the kids brought up. Lana couldn’t help but notice how patient and thoughtful Max was. He made sure each of the kids memorized his cell number, telling them they could call him day or night, even if they simply needed to talk. Or wanted french fries.
She was thinking about the fact that Max was going to make an awesome dad someday when another thought popped into her head. He wouldn’t merely make a great dad to a bunch of kids. He’d make a great dad to her kids.
Whoa. Where the heck had that come from? She’d known Max for a grand total of three days and had spent the night with him once. Even if you counted multiple orgasms as separate sexual events, she still hadn’t been with him long enough to be thinking about having a family with him.
This was insane. No, this was about four miles past the turnoff to insane. But at the same time, she realized she couldn’t convince herself it was wrong. In some ways, it all made complete sense. Her head might have been trying to tell her she was moving too fast, but her heart—and those funny flutters in her belly—were saying this was exactly what she wanted.
She glanced at Max to see him regarding her with a smile that made her pulse go crazy. “You want some more fries?” he asked. “Or onion rings?”
Returning his smile, Lana reached over and took a handful of each.
Maybe Natasha was onto something here. How many guys would offer you fries…and onion rings?

Hubby’s Favorite Scene: His parts to the stories revolve around the action and werewolf mythology. He adds the pulse-pounding action—and the claws. This is the scene when Lana gets in serious trouble and realizes just how different she is.

She was almost to the far side of the building when she realized that she’d made a big mistake. Her pursuers hadn’t kept going. All five of them had followed her in, and they had her cornered.
Before she could slip out one of the rear windows, the wall beside her exploded in a shower of concrete fragments, throwing chips and dust everywhere. Crap, they were shooting at her with silenced weapons. Who the hell were these people?
She stopped thinking and simply ran for her life as one bullet after another smacked into the wall, pulverizing the sheetrock and the concrete blocks underneath. The acrid odor of smokeless powder filled the air, stinging her nose. She’d gone shooting with her dad enough times for the smell to be unforgettable, only now it was way more pungent.
But when a bullet smacked into the wall only a few feet away from her face, she picked up another scent. It wasn’t nearly as familiar as the stench of gunpowder, but she recognized it all the same. It was the damn perfume Boyd had spritzed on her. It even burned her nose as she breathed it in.
She tried escaping out a back exit, the door long ago ripped off the hinges and cast aside. But the moment she turned in that direction, two men stepped through the doorway and started shooting at her with silenced automatic weapons. It was surreal to run screaming from a hail of gunfire she could barely hear. If it wasn’t for the impact of the bullets hitting the wall, she’d have thought this was all some kind of game.
Lana had no choice now but to run up the sagging metal stairs, toward the upper floors, even as every horror movie she’d ever watched screamed at her that she was making a big mistake. Footsteps echoed behind her, heavy boots on steel reverberating in the concrete stairwell. They were right behind her.
Gunshots pushed her higher and higher, past the second-and third-floor landings. Not that there was anywhere to run on those levels, because most of the flooring had either fallen through or been ripped out. Only a monkey could have escaped across the remaining grid work of metal beams and rotten wood slats.
She raced up the last flight of stairs, praying there’d be a fire escape or some other way off the roof. But when she reached the top level and saw the heavy chain running through the space in the door where the knob used to be, then snaking back through a hole that had been drilled through the brick and metal of the doorframe, she knew her luck had run out. There was no way she was going to get through that chain and the big padlock holding it in place.
But whatever instincts had kept her alive this long refused to give up. Refused to let her mind consider how devastated her parents would be—how devastated Max would be—if they found her beaten and tortured like Denise.
Letting loose a growl, she ran across the last few steps between her and the door, lifting her leg to kick the door with her foot as hard as she could. The chain going through the door held, but the rusted hinges on the left didn’t. They snapped with a shriek of metal and the door tumbled out of its frame.
Lana braced herself for the pain of broken bones to come screaming up her leg, but she got lucky. Either that or she was so high on adrenaline she couldn’t feel anything. Either way, nothing hurt as she climbed over the remnants of the door and sprinted across the roof.
She heard the loud thump of boots nearing the top of the stairs just as she reached the far side of the roof and discovered there wasn’t a fire escape. She gaped at the ten-foot chasm between the roof she was on and the one on the building next to it. But it wasn’t the gap that scared the crap out of her. It was the fact that the far roof was at least two floors lower. If she tried to jump over there, she’d have to throw herself hard enough to cross the gap and pray she’d survive the landing. She’d have to be insane to try it.
She turned and hurried toward the left side of the building, hoping for better luck over there. But she barely made it halfway there before the sound of boots announced she’d run out of time. Boyd stood in the doorway of the stairwell. He was holding a small automatic rifle in his hands, a sick, demented smile slowly spreading across his face. The other men chasing her would join him soon enough, but for that moment, it was just the two of them.
She glanced in the direction she’d been running, calculating the possibility that there might be a fire escape on that side of the roof. But with Boyd there, it was a chance she couldn’t take. If she ran over there and found nothing to help her, she was going to die up here.
Lana spun and went back the way she’d come. The gravel and tar of the rooftop exploded around her at the same moment she heard the Pop! Pop! Pop! as Boyd shot at her with his silenced weapon. She ignored the near misses, running faster as she approached the far edge of the roof.
She didn’t slow and she didn’t think. She simply held her breath and jumped as hard as she could.
Bullets zipped past her as she sailed across the open gap between the buildings. How she continued to be so lucky was a mystery to her, but she’d easily cleared the chasm dividing the two rooftops. She had no time to marvel at the feat because the far rooftop was quickly rushing up to meet her. She braced herself for impact but envisioned so many things breaking she couldn’t imagine walking away from this. But when her feet hit the gravel, the impact wasn’t nearly as bad as she’d thought it would be. Those amazing instincts she was coming to trust with her life tucked her into a ball and rolled her twice across the roof before shooting her right back to her feet.
She almost let out a whoop of excitement as she regained her balance and raced for the far side of the building she’d landed on. Bullets continued to slap into the roof around her, but she ran even faster now as she realized she could really get away from the men chasing her.
Lana threw herself off the roof of the two-story building, far less concerned about how she’d handle the landing this time. The hail of bullets disappeared before she even landed, replaced by the sound of angry cursing. She almost laughed as she landed in the tall grass of a long-abandoned building and took off running again. It would take the men a little while to get down from the roof, and she wasn’t going to be around by the time that happened.
She ran at full speed toward the more populated part of town, where the stores and clubs were. When she got there, she slowed to a fast walk, not wanting to attract attention. As she passed a darkened storefront, she caught her reflection in the glass, and the image stopped her cold.
Lana slowed and stepped closer, her instincts telling her the threat from her pursuers had passed. Stunned by what she saw in the glass, she lifted her hand to touch her face simply to convince herself it wasn’t some kind of trick.
But it wasn’t a trick. She was really seeing her reflection in the glass—except in this particular reflection, she had half-inch long canines protruding from her upper jaw. The canines on the bottom were longer than normal, too. And her eyes were glowing green. She touched one of her fangs and was shocked not only to realize it was sharp as hell, but also that the tip of her finger was now graced with a slightly curved claw half an inch long. A quick glance down confirmed that all her fingernails were similarly equipped.
She had claws and fangs and glowing eyes.
She gasped for breath, barely able to stand. Max had been telling the truth all along. She really was in danger, there really were people after her, and she really was a werewolf.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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When SWAT Officer Max Lowry meets Lana Mason, he falls fast and hard. He’s positive she’s The One. And Max’s favorite part? Lana’s a wolf shifter too, so they can skip the awkward reveal and head straight to the happily ever after. There’s just one problem: Lana doesn’t know that she’s a werewolf.

To make matters worse, hunters with intent to kill have tracked Lana to Dallas. Max has to figure out how to keep Lana safe, show her who and what she really is―and just how much she means to him.

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Paige Tyler is the USA Today bestselling author of sexy, romantic fiction. She and her very own military hero (also known as her husband) live on the beautiful Florida coast with their adorable fur baby (also known as their dog). Paige graduated with a degree in education, but decided to pursue her passion and write books about hunky alpha males and the kickbutt heroines who fall in love with them.
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