Spotlight & Giveaway: In Bed With the Opposition by Stephanie Draven

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Hi  Stephanie, Welcome to HarlequinJunkie!

Tell us a few things about yourself.

 I write very smart books for very bad girls…

What inspired you to be an author? Is it something you always aspired to be?

I’ve always been a storyteller. When I was a little girl my grandmother used to put me in charge of all my little cousins and the only way I could make them behave was to keep them enthralled with stories. It combined my natural talents for bossiness, order, and tall tales!

 What’s your all-time favorite movie and book?

Not really a movie, but how about a television show? THE WEST WING! I loved the snappy dialog, the civic-spiritedness of it, and way it taught me new things. As for my favorite book, I’m a fickle reader. I love so many of them! My most recent favorite is Victoria Dahl’s TALK ME DOWN–which is ironic, because I started it about ten times without being able to finish. But sometimes it just takes a bit for a good book to sink in!

Let’s talk about your new release “In Bed With the Opposition”

If you had to sum up “In Bed With the Opposition”, what would you say?

This enemy-to-lovers novel about two campaign managers who fall in love defines a whole new kind of political sex scandal. The sparks fly even before my roguish hero sets out to seduce my quirky heroine in a series of very public locations around the nation’s capital. Throw in a few super hero costumes, a cranky geriatric senator with a penchant for gaffes and a reporter with pornographic blackmail photos…and what could go wrong?

 What sparked the idea for your novel “In Bed With the Opposition”

The absurdities of the upcoming election made me think that everybody could use a good laugh. Besides, a political campaign, Romancelandia style, is sexier and a lot more fun.

 If you had to describe Grace and Ethan’s character in 3 words each.

Grace is sassy, hyper-competent, and quirky as hell.

Ethan is sexy, funny, and competitive.

 Who would play your Ethan & Grace in the film version of your book? And why?

This is easy! Tom Welling would play Ethan Castle and Michelle Rodriguez would play Grace. But she would have to cut her hair.

If you had to pick your favorite scene in the book…

Hands down, it’s a seduction on Saint Patrick’s Day. In a crowded Bar.

Giveaway: One lucky winner will win a copy of In Bed With the Opposition’

To enter the draw: Please complete the Rafflecopter form below and answer this: Who is the sexiest politician alive? Why? 

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Would you please share an excerpt from the book..

 And then they were alone. Or, at least as alone as you can be in a bar full of drunk zombies, vampires, and superheroes. Ethan ordered a beer, then leaned against the bar, appreciating her Wonder Woman outfit. Wow. He’d never imagined her rocking a bustier and a red go-go boots but he could now see this was a serious oversight in his repertoire of sexual fantasies…

“Grace, that’s a killer costume…”

She flushed at his praise. “Thanks. Yours sucks. I didn’t even think they let people in here without a costume.”

“Oh, I’m wearing a costume.” Ethan took a pair of dark-framed glasses from his pocket and slid them on. “Clark Kent.”

Grace scrunched that adorable nose. “That’s cheating.”

“Is it, really? Maybe you should undress me to find out if I’m really Superman underneath.”

That did it. She sighed like she wanted to unbutton his shirt right here and now.

“Did that line seriously work on you, Grace?”

“I think so. Which means I must be drunk…but you do look like Clark Kent, now that you mention it. And I always thought he was better-looking than Superman.”

Ethan was totally charmed. “So you like nerds.”

“No. I like smart guys.”

“Well, I’m smart. Smart-mouthed, anyway.”

He watched her try to smother a grin. Meanwhile, the cups of her costume slipped down, giving him a peek at her bra, which was decorated with tiny…pumpkins?

So, she was still quirky. “Listen, Grace. I can hardly hear you over the music. Do you wanna get outta here?”

It wasn’t any quieter outside. Georgetown on Halloween was a mass of college kids and loud partiers on parade. Ethan had to shout to be heard, but when it came to body language, Grace was eloquent as hell.

She wanted him. He wanted her. And if there had been a damned phone booth anywhere in sight, he’d have made like Superman and slipped her into it.

Instead, they took a cab to the Lincoln Monument. He intended to romance her, but that lasso of truth on her hip made him think about tying her up and then all the blood drained from the vicinity of his tongue to somewhere decidedly south of there.

He pulled Grace into the shadowy recesses and pushed her up against a pillar…where she froze.

Following her gaze to the enormous statue, he realized his error. Lincoln’s weighty sadness was a mood-killer. He should have kissed her under the dome of the Jefferson or groped her next to the waterfall at the FDR. What the hell was he thinking making the moves on her under the dour gaze of Honest Abe?

Grace gulped air. “What are we doing?”

“Making up for lost time?” Ethan suggested with a wink. “Relax, I’m Superman. You’re Wonder Woman. Trust me; we’re both members of the Justice League…”



In Bed with the Opposition by Stephanie Draven

What happens when a good girl decides to play dirty?

Armed with a sassy haircut, a sharp wit, and a personal list of rules for all life’s exigencies, Grace Santiago is a fiercely loyal Senate staffer who has everything under control. At least until famous political pundit Ethan Castle walks back into her life. Grace hasn’t forgotten their disastrous affair in law schoo

l, but she can’t resist his bad boy charm.

When Grace learns that Ethan has been hired as a political gunslinger for the other side, her loyalties—and her heart—are torn in two. Though their sexual chemistry can’t be denied, they find themselves locked in political combat. Ethan believes that all is fair in love and war, but he won’t throw the election—not even to win Grace’s heart. So what can a good girl like Grace do, but learn to play dirty?

Two candidates. One election. May the best man—or woman—win!


Title: In Bed with the Opposition
Author: Stephanie Draven
Genre: Category – Contemporary
Length: 281 pages
ISBN: 978-1-62266-971-4
Release Date: August 2012
Imprint: Indulgence


29 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: In Bed With the Opposition by Stephanie Draven”

  1. Vanessa P

    hmmm… U.S. Senator Scott Brown is sexy in a physical way, Prince Henry (kind-of a politician) is adorably sexy, Orly Levy is a sexy woman politician, a historical politician that was sexy looking was Thomas Jefferson, LBJ was sexy as a young man (at least more so than when he was older)…

  2. Shadow

    I have no idea. Ive never paid attention to politicians. Though i have read about some really hot ones in romance books! lol 🙂

  3. Kai W.

    JFK. Kennedy has charisma that attracts so many women. The thing is that he was never caught with them. Rumors but never caught.

  4. Cris

    Does he have to be American? ‘Cos if not, I’ll go with Justin Trudeau– he’s young (for a politician), he’s cute, and he’s the son of one of Canada’s most highly-regarded Prime Ministers 🙂

  5. Adisty

    Okay, seriously have no idea how to answer the question. I’m not into politic, so I guess they don’t seems sexy for me

  6. Chris Mead

    I can’t think of any sexy politicians! I love the sound of this book and would love to win, thanks for the chance!!!

  7. Tawnya

    I don’t look at politicians that way, but I do like Kevin McKarthy’s look. But not in a I want you way.

  8. Joanne B

    I’m sure there are some sexy politicians, but I’ve just never looked at them that way, so I don’t really have an answer to your question.

  9. Belinda P

    I’m not very political. I vote on more than looks. There is more to politicians than looks.

  10. Rebe

    I find myself so disgusted by most politicians that I just can’t find them sexy. I would find Paul Ryan sexy, but his political views are antithetical to mine, so, no go there.

  11. Alicia Jespersen

    hahahaha! Ummmmmmmm…….. Sexy…. Plotician????????? I don’t follow politics and really don’t know of any poloticians and most of the ones i can think of aren’t attractive in the slightest. But I guess I could bring up a politician from like 2001 or 2000 I think. When He was running for President I thought John Kerry was pretty atractive.

  12. Anna Bentley Tremaine

    I refuse to answer the sexiest politician question on the grounds I will incriminate myself.

    I’m reading this right now, so obviously I abstain from the drawing. Just had to chime in to say that it is so much fun. Sadly, I didn’t watch Spin City or West Wing, so I’m probably missing quite a number of inside jokes. And it’s still a great read! True to her style, Draven works in some interesting themes along the way, and they’re not all light. She handles them beautifully.

    I’m up to April Fool’s Day and I just have to say that there better be more fireworks on the 4th of July. 😉

  13. amel armeliana

    Wow!! what a tough question. But I think JFK is (was I guess) the sexiest politicians (in this case, not alive^^).

    Thank u for this giveaway.

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