Harlequin Valentine’s Day #Giveaway!

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Harlequin Valentine’s Day #Giveaway

Harlequin gives us Top Five Reasons Why we should Take some reading time for ourselves this Valentines Day! I Agree 🙂


 In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Harlequin Books is sponsoring an awesome giveaway for HJ readers.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with the love of your life or with friend & family, we have the perfect Giveaway to make your day extra special!!

 No Valentine’s day would be complete without a few good romance novels and smexy lingerie! YES! You win all of the titles listed on the Sizzling Scale.



GIVEAWAY: One lucky U.S. – Canadian reader will win copies of the 12 Harlequin titles pictured above + $50 Victoria’s Secret gift card.

Note: Her Valentine Fantasy, Misbehaving, Crazy Stupid Sex, Purely Professional, Principle of Desire and Bonds of Desire are eBooks. The remainder are paperback and will be mailed along with the gift card!

To enter Giveaway: Please complete the Rafflecopter form and post a comment to this Q: Your top 5 reasons for reading a romance novel.

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140 Responses to “Harlequin Valentine’s Day #Giveaway!”

  1. Liza Dequilla

    1. Super hot male characters
    2. Always makes me cry. No one fails as of my current record. Lol.
    3. Female strength.
    4. QUOTES! Life quotes I can use everyday.
    5. All the feelings thereafter.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Cindy Hamilton

    1. I love romance
    2. I like happy endings
    3. Makes me feel good
    4. Most romance has good love scenes
    5. it relaxes me

    • howehowse

      do you not hate it when you hit enter before you finish typing ? sheesh..
      SO.. (1) Great escape (2) takes me away from the day’s issues (3) love reading (4) enjoy the way many authors view life (5) its just fun.

  3. Meagan Wells

    My top five reasons in reading Romances are:
    1. I love a good sex scene
    2.I like the feeling I get when the couple gets the HEA
    3. I love romances
    4.Reading is my fave thing to do.
    5.I love when a book make sense.

  4. Christine

    1. Men are perfect
    2. Good fantasy material
    3. She always gets her man
    4. Light reading
    5. Escapism

  5. cindy reifel

    Alpha men with hearts of gold
    Strong women
    Great storylines
    Great sex scenes

  6. Sue Sattler

    1. HEA because you don’t always get those in real life.
    2. Sexy men
    3. Situations that don’t often happen in real life and I love the escape
    4. Exotic locales
    5. I read because I love to escape from my life for awhile and visit different worlds. 😀

  7. Wanda C.

    1) I LOVE reading
    2) Want to escape into a world where I know eventually everything will work out.
    3) Love reading about happily ever afters (which you usually get with romance)
    4) Like an alpha male doing his best to get the girl
    5) It is usually a light read that won’t weigh me down.

  8. Erin J.

    My top five reasons for reading romance novels:
    1. Strong female characters.
    2. Watching someone else discover the joy of love.
    3. The overwhelming genres within romance (supernatural, historical, sci-fi, etc).
    4. Sexy scenes 🙂
    5. Good plot with a little fun mixed in.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. LJT

    1. Alpha men that are sensitive
    2. Sizzling sex scenes
    3. Marriage of Convenience
    4. A good cry
    5. Escapism

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. KIm

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    1. A guaranteed happy ending
    2. A nice romance
    3. Sparking dialogue
    4. Interesting settings
    5. Nice secondary characters

  11. Diane Sallans

    1. they make me smile
    2. they let me travel without leaving my couch
    3. they make me laugh
    4. they touch my heart
    5. they make me happy with the HEA

  12. Ann Waters

    1. They’re fun, 2. They are an escape, #3. They send me to new places, #4. They occupy my mind $5. because I like them

  13. Tammy Y

    1. A guaranteed Happy Ending
    2. The great books covers
    3. An amazing group of authors
    4. So much variety
    5. They are s short but always satisfying read.

  14. Allison

    1. Sexy
    2. Love love…
    3. Ups and downs
    4. Fun characters
    5. Always has a happily ever after

  15. Rhonda

    Romance is way better in books, it’s the only romance I’m getting right now, I can escape to a nice ranch or small town, reading romance is way better than vacuuming

  16. Kristy d

    Love, happy feelings, ideas, fun, communicating with friends and family about the books and characters.

  17. Shelly S.

    1. So many book boyfriends!
    2. Butterflies
    3. Oh, the wonderful things these books do for my marriage
    4. Sassy/spicy dialog
    5. HEA

  18. Irish Pax

    1. They are my great escape
    2. There is always a happy ending
    3. I can live vicariously through the characters
    4. They are thought producing
    5. I love an alpha/dominant

  19. Diane P. Diamond

    1. I just love reading romance books
    2. I’m able to escape to another time and place
    3. The danger, intrigue, excitement and passion
    4. Handsome heroes
    5. A guaranteed “Happy Ever After”.

  20. Debra A

    I love to read ALOT
    Love HEAs
    Love the Alpha Male
    Love to read about locations I haven’t been to
    I love to escape reality

  21. EllenToo

    #1- Takes me away from daily problems
    #2 – Love the happy endings
    #3 – gives me a good feeling
    #4 – heroine is always a strong person
    #5 – keeps me engaged in the story

  22. Susan T.

    I’m a sucker for romance
    Love alpha male
    Love HEA
    Love angst
    Escape from everyday life for a while

  23. cahmmerritt

    1). They are a great source of ideas to keep my marriage fun and naughty!
    2). I love happily ever afters!
    3). It is fun to live vicariously through well defined characters
    4). … uhmm book boyfriends for sure!
    5). I miss the small town life I grew up in and love to visit those romantic series set in them.

  24. Marcy Meyer

    1–I’m a romance junkie
    2–I’m a sucker for a Happily Ever After
    3–I like to be transported into a fantasy life, where I can be anyone I want.
    4–I like the emotional tug-of-war when you’re falling in love.
    5–I like the sexy heroes.

  25. Cari White

    1. HEA
    2. Relaxing – life is stressful, romances relax and make you feel good
    3. New friends – the characters have often felt like new friends, but I’ve made new friends who also love romances
    4. SEX! My hubby enjoys the benefits, too.
    5. Fantasy worlds – each story brings you to a new world, whether in contemporary times and familiar places or historical times or paranormal dimensions, they are worlds from the authors’ imagination

  26. Maria A. Malaveci (@mmalavec)

    1.) I love a good romance especially with a lot of erotica….. Sexy
    2,) I love an Alpha male
    3.) A hobby that makes me happy. I love all the book blogs & book love!
    4.) A good sex scene – ** sigh… especially when you are picturing David Gandy
    5.) Because the stories make my heart go pitter patter.

  27. Michele H

    1.) They’re a great escape to completely different places I’ve never been
    2.) All the sexy alpha males 😉
    3.) Funny banter & flirting
    4.) HEAs…knowing for sure that everything will work out in the end
    5.) I learn so much about human nature & interaction through love stories!

    Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!!

  28. Bertie Welck

    1 sexy men
    2 happy ever after
    3 lots of sex ( most of the time)
    4 takes me away from my every day ho hums
    5 makes me dream of what ifs

  29. Jenn McElroy

    Thank you for the giveaway! My top 5 reasons for reading romances:
    1. Unnaturally attractive, caring, male leads
    2. The witty banter
    3. Strong female leads
    4. The steamier scenes 😉
    5. A good laugh at some of the more ridiculous situations 🙂

  30. Annwitch

    1. A nice escape
    2. I love a happily ever after
    3. Hot heroes
    4. Wonderful and creative writers
    5. Fun ideas to keep the romance alive with the hubby

  31. Carolline G

    top five reasons I read romance:
    1. gives me a break from reality.
    2. Helps relieve my ptsd, if I’m focusing on the story I’m not driving myself into anxiety attacks.
    3. I get to experience new places & people…often times I find a character that is a great role model or has qualities I find myself wishing I had more of.
    4. I get a rekindling of hope, that the world will work out.
    5. I get new ideas for my fantasy folder and life in general.

  32. Lori Meehan

    1. Great covers
    2. I love romance
    3. So much to chose from
    4. It’s a movie in my head
    5. Helps my dyslexia

  33. dholcomb1

    1. I love to read
    2. Romance is my favorite genre
    3. HEA
    4. Reading stimulates the brain
    5. I’ve been reading them since I was a kid–I used to “borrow” my mom’s Harlequins

  34. Deb M

    My top 5 reasons:
    1- Great escape
    2- Sexy, smart guys
    3- Fun or exciting situations I can imagine myself in
    4- Happy ever after endings
    5- romance

  35. Wilma Frana

    I love to read, and romance is my favorite. It keeps me entertained, it’s a good past time. There’s always a good supply of books.

  36. Leanna

    1. HEA 2. Hot men! 3. Fun stories 4. Great way to relax after a long day 5. Great way to use your brain much better for you than watching tv

  37. veRONIca

    1. I love reading
    2. Reading about romances makes me hope for some more in mine
    3. They help me build a list of qualities my future man will need to have 😛
    4. I love reading about happy endings.
    5. Sometimes they are just hotter than real life

  38. Jennifer Essad

    1) take me away to far away places
    2) joy
    3) sorrow
    4) contemporary
    5) to feel alive and young again

  39. marcyshuler

    1. Romances make me happy.
    2. I love the HEA.
    3. Reading is good for the brain.
    4. It’s better than therapy.
    5. I love meeting book loving friends.

  40. BrooklynShoeBabe

    1. Steamy implied or exciplit love scenes
    2. Fantasy alpha heroes like firemen & cowboys
    3. Most of the heroines today are small business owners
    4. I get to escape to a new world
    5. HEA

  41. bookcaselaura

    Only five?! 🙂
    1. I can count on it having a HEA
    2. To escape from my “real” life
    3. I love a good break-up fight scene, and most romances are good for one or two.
    4. They are fun and easy to read.
    5. Gives me a distraction at the gym and makes the time go faster.

  42. Michelle Harlan

    1. I know I’ll get a happy ending.
    2. Fabulous heroes!
    3. The break from real life.
    4.Romance authors are great about interacting with their fans.
    5. Hope! Romance couples have so much to work through. If they can do it, so can I!

  43. Brenda Rumsey

    1. I enjoy reading romance stories with happy endings.
    2. I love getting lost in a story.
    3. It’s fun to visit different countries, worlds, and locations in the comfort of my home.
    4. They make me laugh, cry, and feel good inside.
    5. We all need a little romance in our lives.

  44. Krysten M

    1. The Hero, 2. the story, 3. I love happily ever afters, 4. Great way to laugh and cry and be happy if you need a break, and 5. of course reading makes you smarter and happier 🙂

  45. Kai W.

    1. HEA endings
    2. very good inexpensive escapes
    3. sexy love scenes
    4. heroic men with dark secrets/pasts
    5. great way to find out things about relationship and sex.

  46. lori simpson (@lary1971)

    1) Lots and lots of book boyfriends
    2) HEA
    3) Humor and romance
    4) New worlds to get lost in
    5) Love to read

  47. Heather Johnson

    !. I like to get lost in a good book
    2. Hot sexy men
    3. Hot sex scenes (Hey if I’m not getting any then I may as well read about someone else’s sex life)
    4. Reading is an escape for me
    5. I know there will be happy ending

  48. Kathleen O

    1. Love to read romance
    2. Love when it has a strong female Heroine
    3. A mix of humour, romance and high jinx make good reading
    4. Lots of hunky, handsome guys
    5. HEA

  49. Ann M

    Sometimes learn new things
    That’s it. Sorry it’s not five. 😛

  50. belindaegreen

    You asked: Your top 5 reasons for reading a romance novel.

    In no particular order:

    1. I love a happy ending
    2. Wonderful locations
    3. Alpha males who are good looking and caring
    4. Strong women who are self-confident and sometimes kick-ass
    5. An opportunity to escape and dream for a few hours

    Thanks for the opportunity to share.

    Belinda G
    belgre at centurylink dot net

  51. Evelyn

    1. They take me away for a couple of hours to another world
    2. They relieve my stress
    3. Love the happy endings
    4. They are sexy
    5. The covers

  52. Tamitra Keyes

    Top Five reasons I read romance novels: 1. Escapism for a little while from reality
    2. The Alpha Males 🙂
    3. The love story between the hero and the heroine
    4. To see how relationships evolve in the stories
    5. It’s my favorite past time

  53. Barbara Hopkins

    My top 5 reasons for reading romance are:
    1. I love to read, all genre’s of books[been reading since I was a child].
    2. I love to read romance because they make you feel like anything is possible, and I am a born romantic.
    3. I love alpha males.
    4. I love happy endings, and in romance that’s a bonus, in the real world they aren’t always that easy.
    5.They let me enter the dream world, in which the book takes you to.
    Those are 5 reasons I like to read romance. B

  54. Amy

    1 I love a steamy sex scene
    2 I love banter and romantic quotes
    3. small heartful gestures and big tear jerker moments that stay with me after I have finished the book
    4 When you get engrossed in a story and feel all the ups and downs the couple goes through
    5 happy endings

  55. Kim Perry

    1. HEA
    2. Escape into different locations, worlds, times
    3. Sexy guys
    4. Women who can be anything and do anything
    5. There is a genre within romance for any mood.

  56. Stephanie O'Day

    1. It’s relaxing!
    2. It puts me in the “mood.”
    3. Sometimes I get ideas for my husband and I to try.
    4. I can escape reality for a bit.
    5. I just love reading, in general.

  57. thuy p.

    1. Hot heroes.
    2. Hot love scenes….
    3. Which leads to inspiration for me lol
    4. Love the HEA’s.
    5. I like escaping from my everyday life in a good romance.

  58. Sandy Xiong

    1. I love romance
    2. Makes me feel better
    3. Makes me happy
    4. Love the HEA
    5. I can escape from everything

  59. Sandie W

    1. For the entirety of the book I feel like I’ve meet new friends!!
    2. I get to go to many different locations for the cost of a book.
    3. I love HEA
    4. For the pure pleasure of reading
    5. Escape from the everyday…

  60. del227

    1() They just make me HAPPY 🙂
    2) I go places in my bookworld that I never would get to go
    3) It helps me still believe there are HEA’s in life
    4) I’ve actually come to know a few authors
    5) One of the lowest cost entertainment around 😉

  61. Barbara Ann

    1. To escape reality for a while
    2. For the swoon-worthy heroes
    3. Love Scenes
    4. Growth of the couple’s relationship
    5. Mushy, feel-good HEA ending that we all long for

  62. Janine

    1. No romance in my own life
    2. It’s an escape from reality
    3. I love reading
    4. Love seeing love bloom
    5. It’s relaxing

  63. Adrean Garcia

    1. I’m a sucker for a HEA.
    2. Let’s me escape the real world for a little.
    3. The men. Oh I love the men in romance novels.
    4. They put a smile on my face.
    5. Sometimes it puts my relationship into a different perspective and I can see if there is more I need to work on.

  64. Jennifer Zorko-Legan

    5. The Hot Heros
    4. The Cute Pets
    3. Being able to step into the pages of a book and away from the real world for awhile.
    2. Friends and Family and Funny situations.
    and the #1 reason I love reading romance novels……

    The HEA!

    Thanks for the chance. Good luck everyone.

  65. Sue c

    1. Escape, 2. relax, 3. to meet new characters, 4. learn about new places 5. something to talk about

  66. Victoria Colotta

    My top reasons…
    1. Romance books are my fun time. I would much rather read a romance than watch reality tv.
    2. They allow me leave my world & all the crap that is going on in my life for a little while and escape to somewhere else.
    3. I love the dialog between the characters.
    4. Then there are the strong female characters.
    5. Then there are the men. You have to love the super sexy men in romance novels.

  67. Margaret

    1. Love being able to “see” the scenes in my head rather than watch tv or a movie and have someone act them out.
    2. Way to escape the boring routine of every day
    3. Who doesn’t love to read about hot men?!!
    4. The HEA’s help to keep reminding me that there is such a thing as an HEA!
    5. To learn about places, people and often times get a good laugh!

  68. Christine L.

    (1) Escape from real life
    (2) Visit locales I’ll never be able to experience in real life
    (3) Learning about the past via historical romance
    (4) Oh, all the *feels* … sometimes I need a good cry and the right novel will give me that weepy release
    (5) Hot men. Not boys, not guys. MEN. I hold out hope for finding one in real life!

  69. Sharlene Wegner

    1) Makes me happy
    2) Helps me forget about problems for a bit
    3) Helps me avoid housework 🙂
    4) Keeps me busy when it is slow at work
    5) It’s the only vacation I get, lately!

  70. jeannemiro

    !. Sexy rogues who are almost as handsome as my husband
    2. Intrigue and romance wrapped between two types of covers (the books and the sheets
    3. There always being that one special “take be away “calgon” moment
    4. An escape from the real world
    5. Always ending with a happily ever after

  71. Ginny

    1. Everyone needs some romance in their life!
    2. Gotta love those sexy males
    3. Escape!
    4. Warmer or colder climates depending on the weather! (Snow here now)
    5. Love those happy endings!

  72. Sue G.

    1. It relaxes me.
    2. Makes me happy.
    3. Love to escape to other places.
    4. Love connected to characters that just tug at your heart.
    5. Love a happy ending!

  73. Kelly Mann

    1. Because I love to read
    2. escape stress
    3. hot male characters
    4. happy endings
    5. relaxation

  74. Books4me (@BooksForMe2)

    My top 5 reasons are:

    1. Great escape from life.
    2. Makes my sex life good as I sometimes learn new things 😉
    3. Romantic suspense books challenge my mind.
    4. Great excuse to avoid errands and housework 😉
    5. Improves my mood and we all know that when mama’s happy, everyone’s happy!


  75. Tawnya Bentley

    2.I love Romance
    3.I need to know HEA exist somewhere
    4.The steamy scenes, as a single mother of two teens I need to be reminded sex still exists.
    5.Reading is my life

  76. Texas Book Lover

    In no particular order…cause I’m not sure I could!

    -Reading is my favorite past time – they make me happy!
    -Some of my best friends are found in books and I live vicariously through them!
    -Romance books liven up my real life!
    -Books are the best stress reducer ever! Having a bad day…read a book!
    -I get to visit places around the world and out of this world that I would never get to if I didn’t read

  77. Samantha

    1. Steamy scenes
    2. Escape reality
    3. To destress
    4. To relax
    5. Makes me happy reading them.

  78. Jackie

    1) Free heat in wintertime! 🙂 2) Sexy men 3) Stress relief! 4) Great ideas for my own books 5) I’m a born romantic!

  79. Tamicka

    1) alpha males
    2) mental escape
    3) hot guys
    4) being able to fantasize while reading and not feeling guilty
    5) I’ve always loved reading always will, romance can be divsed into so many sub genres so no matter what my mood I can find something I like

  80. Ashley Jennejohn

    1.The story behind the characters that bring them together
    2.the love
    3. The romance between the characters
    4.the enjoyment between the characters
    5.the details in the scenes

  81. Gretchen

    1. Alpha Males that are protective with a good heart.
    2. Strong female heroines.
    3. HEAs
    4. I love the escape.
    5. It’s my favorite genre.

  82. Janie McGaugh

    My top five reasons for reading romance:
    1. It’s a great escape
    2. I love HEA’s
    3. Falling in love over and over again
    4. I get share the heroine’s (and, sometimes, the hero’s) journey
    5. Witty dialogue

  83. infinitieh

    1. Always a happy ending.
    2. No matter what, hero and heroine will be good to each other.
    3. Better way to escape reality than drugs; cheaper, too.
    4. Hawt guys on the covers.
    5. Makes me appreciate my boyfriend more and he likes that.

  84. mnsweeper

    My top five reasons for reading romance novels~

    1.I love the hot men on the cover.
    2.I can dream as I read..
    3.Romance is hot
    4.Takes me away from real life
    5.Love reading

  85. dutcheja

    1. They take me away from the stress of my live
    2. They give me a whole new bunch of friends
    3. They introduce me to a whole new place
    4. I love the sex scenes
    5. I love the romance and the happy endings

  86. Lenora Le'Shay English

    Well there are many reasons to read romance novels but my top 5 would be…..

    1. Escapism: We all need an escape. Between the stress of work, children, and family, we all need a break. There is no better escape than falling into the world of books. Hopefully I’ll find escape in the 12 Harlequin novels if I win!

    2. Characters you come to love.

    3. Mystery, Suspense, and Romance all within the pages of one well-written book.

    4. A story that stays with you long after the last page.

    5. Good looking men: I could be a little warped here, but one of my favorite things about reading romance are the heroes. I love a great looking hero (even if he lives only in my imagination).

  87. Karen j

    I love to read!
    Escape from everyday worries
    Romances always end with a HEA
    Time for myself
    I love to read!

  88. txgrll

    1. Great stories, always entertaining.
    2. Stress relief.
    3. Provides an avenue to meet authors and fans.
    4. Sexy characters.
    5. Love reading this genre.

  89. Kimberly Mayberry

    Top five reasons I read Romance:
    1. It offers me some “me” time to escape from everyday life.
    2. In order to learn to write, one must read books in the genres you wish to write about.
    3. It puts me in the mood for some good lovin’ from my Fiance’.
    4. I get to learn about foreign lands I have never visited.
    5. It keeps me occupied when I wish to procrastinate on doing something different. lol

  90. BethRe

    1) can go on a mini vacation just by escaping in a book
    2) Love over comes all (HEA)
    3) Discuss books with my mom my BFF and my daughter
    4) Love is the most powerful thing on Earth I like reading about it
    5) I’m a book junkie

  91. Amy Higgison

    1. I love romance!
    2. I love HEAs
    3. They make me feel good.
    4. Sexy men
    5. I just love to read!

  92. holdenj

    5. Takes me away from winter–great escape!
    4. Easy on the imagination men!
    3. Date night ideas
    2. Romance
    1. Happy endings!

  93. Nicole Potter (@NiiArt)

    1. I’m a romantic – I love er…love, haha!
    2. I’m also a sucker for happy endings.
    3. Books are a great escape!
    4. Ideas for my and my guy.
    5. Getting so involved in the book, you’re right there with them!

    Also…I’m a sucker for good cover art. Could that count? 🙂

  94. nerdy06

    1.A great means to escape.
    2.Stress buster and mood up lifter
    3.Being a part of someone’s else life and watching them get a HEA
    4.I can drool over the men over and over again
    5.Because no matter what I’ll always LOVE them.. <3

  95. Pamela Sims

    1. I love to read and escape to another place.
    2. I love Happy Ever After
    3. It is nice to read about Alpha Males.
    4. The hero and heroines always have a little good and a little bad in them.
    5. It puts a smile on my face just to be able to read a love story.

  96. Alice

    1. Love makes the world go ’round!
    2. An escape from the everyday.
    3. There is always a happy ending.
    4. Bad guys are always redeemed or punished, no gray areas.
    5. I love to read.

  97. Christine Kochanowski

    1. An escape to throw myself into
    2.The Journey through ups and downs
    3. Destinations through time and countries
    4. Hot, Alpha men
    5. Happy Endings

  98. Anita H.

    1) HEA 2) Love to read and what better than a romance? 3) favorite authors 4) escape the real world 5) just plain fun!!

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