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In A Wedding in December by Sarah Morgan, When Dr. Kathryn “Katie” White learned of her younger sister Rosie’s impending wedding, she was in the midst of a never-ending hospital shift and a personal crisis. Knowing her easily-led sister’s penchant for impulsive decisions, Katie travels from London to Aspen, Colorado, knowing she must keep Rosie from wandering down the marriage path. But soon, Katie finds herself drawn to handsome, witty Jordan–the groom’s best friend and best man–who makes her rethink damn near everything about herself and her future.

‘Her first priority was to stop her little sister making a massive mistake that would end in misery.’

Rosie is unfortunately already doubting herself about such a quick marriage to Dan even before listening to her older, wiser sister’s supposed voice of reason. She knows one thing to be true: she loves Dan. Or she’s pretty sure she does. Rosie has always waffled over her actions– and particularly over big decisions. And what can be bigger than choosing the man she’ll marry? This is one thing she doesn’t want to get wrong. So Rosie will have to figure out if it’s just cold feet or some bigger issue causing her doubt.

Maggie must admit she’s surprised about her daughter Rosie’s intentions to marry Dan so soon after they started dating, but if she’s in love and sure about everything then what can Maggie say to that? She does know that telling Rosie and Katie about her and Nick living apart and possibly getting a divorce should take place after the wedding so as not to interrupt the festivities. But what if time in picturesque Aspen could be the answer to their own marital problems? Only time will tell.

“We’re all muddling our way through, doing the best we can. We make decisions based on many factors, and sometimes that can lead to one hell of a mess.”

Heart, humor, family, and holiday cheer as only Sarah Morgan can write it filled the pages of A Wedding in December, making it an utter joy to read.

‘What happened when two families didn’t blend, but collided?
Was it going to be a happy family Christmas, or a recipe for disaster?’

Sarah Morgan is an author I go to time and again for her wonderful characters and the interesting situations she puts them in. It was a truly entertaining mix of people and places with A Wedding in December, taking us from England to Colorado and giving us several POVs to enjoy. While there were lots of characters, Morgan made it easy to keep track of them and their antics as we watched every moment play out. And who doesn’t love a good, zany ensemble family dramady, anyway, right?

I think readers will easily like almost every person we meet, although Katie, with her snarky attitude and anti-romance campaign was a bit much at first. (lol) But Morgan laid on the charm and created some memorable, entertaining scenes–one of my favorites being when Rosie and Katie’s mum Maggie arrived in Colorado. Oh. My. Goodness. It made me snort-laugh it was so funny.

On top of the comedy, there were a couple of more serious issues characters were facing: Rosie’s doubts about her whirlwind relationship and upcoming marriage; Katie’s career woes after a recent traumatic event; their parents’ possible divorce–unbeknownst to Rosie or Katie. Everyone had their own issues and secrets while they were trying to protect their loved ones. So you just know that keeping those secrets failed spectacularly and caused a big old mess to clean up, much to the entertainment of us readers.

A delightful standalone novel–with a gorgeous cover–that will undoubtedly have readers laughing and sighing happily, A Wedding in December will be the perfect addition to anyone’s holiday reading list. Highly recommended.

Book Info:

Publication: Published September 24th 2019 | HQN Books |

This funny, charming and heartwarming new Christmas novel is USA TODAY bestselling author Sarah Morgan at her festive best!

In the snowy perfection of Aspen, the White family gathers for youngest daughter Rosie’s whirlwind Christmas wedding. First to arrive are the bride’s parents, Maggie and Nick. Their daughter’s marriage is a milestone they are determined to celebrate wholeheartedly, but they are hiding a huge secret of their own: they are on the brink of divorce. After living apart for the last six months, the last thing they need is to be trapped together in an irresistibly romantic winter wonderland.

Rosie’s older sister, Katie, is also dreading the wedding. Worried that impulsive, sweet-hearted Rosie is making a mistake, Katie is determined to save her sister from herself! If only the irritatingly good-looking best man, Jordan, would stop interfering with her plans…

Bride-to-be Rosie loves her fiancé but is having serious second thoughts. Except everyone has arrived—how can she tell them she’s not sure? As the big day gets closer, and emotions run even higher, this is one White family Christmas none of them will ever forget!



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  1. orioles4ever

    Sounds like a book I would like to read but I’ll wait for a price drop from $10.00 for a Kindle book especially when electronic books are never really yours.

    • Michele H

      True…I don’t blame you for waiting! Hopefully it will drop in price quickly so you can have the chance to enjoy it this holiday season. Happy reading to you! 🙂

    • Michele H

      Weddings are so much fun and Sarah used every bit of her talent creating a memorable cast with tons of things going on. Enjoy!! 🙂

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