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Boss of Me by Tia Louise: Raquel is ready to take on her new job as a recent MBA grad. She’s feisty, smart, thinks on her feet, and doesn’t do so well with authority. She’s ballsy but she also will do what she needs to take care of herself and her sister. Raquel is excited yet apprehensive since she’s heard her new boss is demanding and difficult to please.

Patton is a former Marine and still dealing with the trauma from their last assignment. He’s close to the three other men he served with and he very much believes that no man can be left behind. Patton has become a workaholic since taking over as CEO to the family business and he’s determined to expand the business.

Patton wants to run a tight ship, but problems are all around including the brand new hire. Raquel is a sexy smartass and a distraction he doesn’t need. He’s all about the business and he makes it very clear that she needs to get in line. Raquel gives as good as she gets and she steps up and proves herself from the beginning.

“What happened out there was…” What am I trying to say? What do I want to say? “It’s not a good idea.”
“That’s too bad.” Her eyes narrow, and the corner of her mouth rises. “I kind of liked kissing my boss.”
“Maybe I should fire you.”
“You’d better have a damned good reason.” Her brow quirks in a challenge, and I think about the problems it would solve.

The chemistry between them is apparent to just about everyone and Patton likes her more than he should. Raquel becomes a huge asset that he can’t afford to lose, even as it’s harder to maintain a strict boss-employee relationship. Despite his stern and gruff demeanor, Raquel sneaks past his defenses and makes him smile.

His hands are in his pockets. “Hot chicken’s always a good idea.”
“Is it?” A teasing glint is in his eye, and I feel so curious. “Okay, then. Patton Fletcher cooking me hot chicken? How can I say no?”
“That’s more like it.” He takes my hand, putting it in his arm. “You don’t have to fight all the time.”
“You’re one to talk.”

Boss of Me is a hot and sexy workplace romance. Tia Louise provided great dialogue, banter, conflict, drama, and family. Ms. Louise provided an intriguing cast of characters that I’m looking forward to following in Taron’s book. Fans of Penelope Ward, Vi Keeland, and Ilsa Madden-Mills will enjoy Boss of Me.


Book Info:

Publication: Published September 17th 2019 | TLM Productions LLC |

An Amazon Top 70 bestseller.

Patton Fletcher is
✔Sexy AF, and
✔My New Boss.

My sister says don’t fall for him. I say don’t worry.
I’m not about to let some arrogant, young CEO derail my dreams.
Or insult my wardrobe.

I don’t care about his deep brown eyes or the way the muscle moves in his square jaw when he’s pissed.
I won’t fall for his power or how sexy he fills out that suit.

I said I could resist him.
I was wrong…

Raquel Morgan is Trouble.
She’s stubborn, independent, and a fighter.
She has long, dark hair, crystal blue eyes, and freckles…
And long, sexy legs.
And a smart mouth.

I’ve spent seven years building one of the top companies in Nashville, and I’m not about to let some ambitious, cardigan-wearing new kid distract me from my goals.

Raquel Morgan won’t tempt me.
I’m The Boss, and I never lose control…

(BOSS OF ME is a STAND-ALONE workplace, enemies to lovers, military romance with a badass alpha boss and the feisty woman who steals his heart. No cheating. No cliffhangers.)



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