REVIEW: Heart of Glass by Nicole Jacquelyn

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Heart of Glass by Nicole Jacquelyn: Trevor is still struggling with the death of his younger brother, Henry, and the fact that Henry had a child that they knew nothing about. Trevor is loyal and very close to his family, especially his mom. He’s sweet, sexy, honest, and lonely.

Morgan doesn’t regret her decision to have her baby, but she hates how much she is struggling to give them the life she wants for her daughter. She’s a great mom, but she doesn’t have much of a support system outside of a friend and her family since Henry wasn’t capable of being a dad. Morgan is very independent, loyal to family, and slow to trust.

Trevor is determined to find Morgan and Etta so the family can build a relationship with the niece and granddaughter they are desperate to know. Trevor and Morgan are surprised by the connection that they immediately feel for each other. It’s an awkward and confusing circumstance as Morgan tries to figure out what Trevor and his family really want.

“Let me do this for you.” Trevor said firmly, cutting me off. “Let me help.”
“You’ve already helped,” I replied, waving a hand through the air at his clean but oddly impersonal house.
“Then let me help some more.”

It’s definitely a rollercoaster as Morgan meets more of the Harris family and deals with the complicated dynamics of a family still grieving. Trevor and Morgan get to know each other more as he tries to find the balance of supporting her without pushing her too hard. He is charmed by his adorable niece and she by him, but convincing Morgan that taking a chance on him is an entirely different matter.

“I’ll think about it,” she said firmly.
“That’s not a yes,” she mumbled.
“Not a no, either,” I pointed out.

Nicole Jacquelyn delivers another engaging and compelling story exploring family and love. Heart of Glass has hope, healing, family, friendship, humor, and just enough heat. Ms. Jacquelyn continues to add complicated characters to family that always has each other’s backs. Heart of Glass can be read as a standalone. Fans of Colleen Hoover, K. A. Tucker, and Mia Sheridan will love Heart of Glass.

Book Info:

Publication: July 10th 2018 | Forever | Fostering Love #3

The next standalone novel from Nicole Jacquelyn about love, friendship, and forgiveness.
Henry Harris was living his dream as a staff sergeant in the Marines. When he’s killed in action, his devastated family is in for one more shock: he had a daughter they never knew about.
Morgan Riley has been raising Etta on her own, and that’s always been fine by her – until Henry’s brother Trevor arrives on her doorstep, willing to do anything to help and make up for his brother’s mistakes. Their attraction feels wrong, but Morgan can’t seem to turn him away.
Trevor is suddenly in too deep. He has always wanted a family, but Etta and Morgan come with complications. Yet as Etta brings them closer together, Trevor begins to imagine giving Morgan and Etta the life his brother never could. But he wonders if Morgan will ever learn to trust another man with her heart, especially a man whose last name is Harris.



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