Spotlight & Giveaway: An Unforgivable Love Story by B. L. Berry, Meghan Kelly

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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome Meghan Kelly to HJ!

Hi Meghan and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, An Unforgivable Love Story!


How did you get started in the audiobook business?

An Unforgivable Love StoryI was actually a Franchised Talent Agent for 8 years first. I.E. on the other side of the business. I was a singer and actor in high school and college but was never sure enough of my skills so instead I went to the other side. I’ve always had a good ear and know talent so it was a good fit for a while. I started in NYC as an Agent’s assistant and worked in both Talent Agent’s and Casting offices. It was a really cool experience. But in the end I’m just not a New Yorker at heart so I moved back to Detroit and became an agent for another 6 years here.

I was continually asked during voice over auditions I was running that the client would love if I could audition too (I was always giving my talent suggestions on how to read a script) but it was a conflict of interest. After enough times of it happening and getting burned out on agenting (an incredibly hard and unappreciated job!) I decided to give it a shot. I gave myself one year to try voice over work. It worked! I got regular work! I knew about audiobooks but didn’t know how to get into them. I’ve been a voracious reader since I was a kid so I REALLY wanted to do it. I got taken by a couple of frauds on my first handful of books I did then found ACX where I’ve had really Awesome success! I just finished my 129th title!! I’ve also signed with two Publishing Houses so far so I’m very hopeful to be able to continue doing this for some time!! 🙂

How do you prepare for a romance book narration? (The Sexy times etc.)

Well I always read the book first and take notes. Then I have a chat with the author on how they see the character’s in their head (it helps me when creating voices for characters) and not just on the page. With romance…I find it very easy, I’ve always very comfortable in my sexuality and being that I’ve been told since I was 16 that I have a very sexy/sultry voice (my Dad was thrilled! NOT!) I just run with it and pretend it’s me!

What was the biggest challenge for you with this book?

I guess the biggest challenge was that it was a very emotional story. Big highs low lows…so I wanted to make sure I didn’t over do it.

What was your process in determining the voices for characters in this book?

I actually had a long chat with B.L. (the author) on how she heard them in her head and ran with that. Each of the characters voices are from her descriptions of them and she seemed very pleased with what I did.


What was your favorite scene from this book to narrate? Why?

I don’t want to give too much away but there’s a big confrontation in the book that was my favorite. It was a powerful scene A LOT of emotion and shock. (I would give you a clip of it but it would ruin the book for most people so I don’t want to do that.)

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Giveaway: 5 Audio books of An Unforgivable Love Story Written by: B. L. Berry. Narrated by: Meghan Kelly


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Excerpt from An Unforgivable Love Story:

Listen to an audio sample of the book here –

Book Info:

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is unforgivable.
She wanted to forget her past. He wanted to change the course of his future. She was everything he never knew he needed. He became her unexpected.
Everything was perfect. Until….
©2016 B.L. Berry (P)2016 B.L. Berry

Meet the Author:

Meghan KellyAfter 10 years of being on the other side of the business as a Franchised Talent Agent, Meghan decided to pursue her own performance aspirations. She has now been a full time Voice Actress and Musician for almost 9 years! Meghan is a versatile actress who draws from a huge emotional pool bringing a variety of characters to life.
Social Media- Meghan Kelly (Reingardt) on Facebook, MustSing71 on Twitter, Meghan Kelly LinkedIn,

24 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: An Unforgivable Love Story by B. L. Berry, Meghan Kelly”

  1. Patricia B.

    When I worked at the library, I listened to audiobooks all the time. I would listen during my commute and my husband would do the same. There are some excellent narrators out there and a good one makes all the difference for enjoying a book.

  2. Laurice McClung

    I’ve listened to audiobooks before but only ones I’ve won. They cost too much and that keeps me from buying them myself.

  3. Lisa M

    I started listening to audiobooks about 2 yrs ago and I LOVE IT!
    It wasn’t at all what I thought … some narrators aren’t good though (I’ve only encountered two that totally ruined a story) but most are REALLY great and entertaining, bringing the books to life

  4. Mandy R

    I’m TRYING to like audiobooks. I have a friend that swears they make cleaning house more pleasant. I just read so much faster than it takes to listen to an audiobook. I also get distracted pretty easily.

  5. Morgan

    I love listening to audio books, especially before I go to bed, but sometimes I feel like audiobooks are read too slowly and it drives me a little crazy.

  6. Heather K

    I haven’t yet… my mind wanders a lot, so I have to lay down and focus when I listen to things. Lol. But I really want to make time for it soon.

  7. Kristy Petree

    I love audio books and always read them when I can. I love them all, even the one with bad narrators, because I can “read” while I drive, etc. Some narrators really bring them to life, though! I wish all books had audio and that audio books weren’t so expensive. Thanks!

  8. Banana cake

    I prefer paperbacks because I am a more visual person. It is easy for my mind to drift when trying to listen to something.

  9. Jana Leah

    I love audiobooks. It’s great to have someone act out the story for me. Thanks for the chance.

  10. Meredith Miller

    I love audiobooks! I listen to them all of the time so I can do other things while listening to a story.

  11. kermitsgirl

    For me, the draw of an audiobook depends on the book. I tried the Hobbit and couldn’t follow it, even though I’ve read it several times. However, I fell in love with The Rosie Project and have listened to it probably 8 full times over the last year during my 20 minute commute to work.

  12. Amy Rickman

    I love audio books and sometimes base my reading choices on if there is an audio book available. I have to agree that audio books are a performance.

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