Spotlight & Giveaway: Blue Lines by Toni Aleo

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Today it is my pleasure to host romance author Toni Aleo at HJ!


Opposites do more than just attract in Toni Aleo’s latest Nashville Assassins novel about a very bad boy and the good girl he can’t resist.

BL2Opposites do more than just attract in Toni Aleo’s latest Nashville Assassins novel about a very bad boy and the good girl he can’t resist.

The instant Piper Allen sees Erik Titov, she wants him—wants his rock-hard body, sure, but the strength and mystery that lies behind that superstar hockey jock demeanor, too. So when he sidles up to her at a bar and slinks his arm around her waist, she’s lost. What follows is the wildest night of her life . . . followed by inevitable heartbreak the next morning. And then, a few weeks later, a very big surprise: two blue lines on a pregnancy test.

Only a check to the head could make Erik fall for a nice girl like Piper. But since their crazy-sexy night together, he’s been trying to forget about her alluring body by falling into bed with every woman in Nashville, and it’s not working. So when Piper shows up at his house with a baby-bomb to drop, it doesn’t take much for Erik to suggest the nuclear option: marriage. While it’s supposed to be all for show, the second they say “I do,” the ice between them starts to melt into sizzling steam.

Toni’s 5 favorite quotes:

“Just kiss the hell out of me, Erik, please.” – Piper.
“You’re the only man I want to give me heart to.” – Piper
“Some people are worth waiting for and I believe that you’re one of those people.” – Piper
“My dog.”- Erik.
“I want to be the man you deserve.” – Erik

4D Ultrasounds

“We’re finding out what we are having, right?” Rachel asked.
Piper nodded, “Yes, ma’am.”
Rachel smiled as moved the probe and paused so they could see what was projected on the screen. Piper found it hard to breathe as she had waited forever for this moment, and here she was. Erik’s hand in hers, their baby on the screen…”

I will break your Xbox

“Piper I’m in—”
Before he could get anything else out, she swung the stick into the middle of his beautiful seventy-inch LED TV.
“Oh, you are so f***ed, dude,” Phillip laughed as she continued to slam the slam into the screen.
“How dare you!” she screamed as she turned, the stick resting at her side. “How do you forget that today was the day we find out what the baby is! Oh, I know how! Because you are always playing these useless F***ing games and you didn’t give two shits about this baby or me!” Before he could even move, she swung and slammed the stick into his Xbox console. Erik took in a sharp breath as she continued swinging annihilating his poor game machine. When she was through, Piper was breathless as she turned to him and screamed, “You promised me!”

Read to me

Erik turned on his back looking over at her as she finished the chapter. He reluctantly grabbed the Kindle and started to read the chapter, his low voice making the hairs on her body stand as his words washed over her. She loved these moments with him, and sharing a bed with him while they did read made her fall even deeper in love with him. With a smile on her face, she cuddled into his shoulder and closed her eyes

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Author Info

Toni AleoToni Aleo is the author of the Nashville Assassins series: Taking Shots, Trying to Score, Empty Net, and Blue Lines. When not rooting for her beloved Nashville Predators, she’s probably going to her husband’s and son’s hockey games and her daughter’s dance competitions, taking pictures, scrapbooking, or reading the latest romance novel. She lives in the Nashville area with her husband, two children, and a bulldog.

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41 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Blue Lines by Toni Aleo”

  1. Debi A

    Actually did something like that…but with my son’s TV. Yea he pissed me off royally. Would do it again.

  2. Evelyn

    I can’t wait for this book and i also want to what he does to appease Piper for not showing up to the scan.

  3. Jenn McElroy

    I’m with Piper! I’ve definitely considered it re the XBox, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo DS, etc.

    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  4. Leanna

    I have never been that mad at anyone before but it sounds like she was justified snd he hopefully will be smart enough to not get snother xbox. I love this series.

  5. DJ Sakata

    I thought it was funny, I have broken drinking glasses and plates by throwing them, nothing of value though, I am too cheap 😉

  6. Lori Meehan

    Yes I have been to the point of breaking something. Only the people you love can get you to that point. But that’s when you have to step back, breath and turn away from the situation.

  7. Chanpreet

    I think it’s a bad idea to mess with a woman who has so many hormones running through her body she doesn’t know what end is up. The scene is funny though and sort of sad.

    I’ve wanted to smash a video game but don’t think I have ever tried it before.

  8. Kai W.

    Great scene especially when that particular person doesn’t pay attention to you and especially stood you up after he/she said they will be there.

  9. Michelle Huang

    Holy!!! I would definitely do that if I was that pissed off, especially when someone promised me to go someplace or do something together but just left me hanging.

  10. Ada

    Oh that is just fabulous! I might have left the TV alone but wow, I could totally see myself doing that! And why shouldn’t she if he totally took her for granted and forgot about something so important?

  11. KateS

    Makes me grateful that my husband watches sports and doesn’t have an interest in virtual games!!!!

  12. bertie welck

    no I am married to an x box or any other kind of game junkie LOL just watches on t.v.

  13. bh313

    Can’t count the number of times of would have liked to go all piper on the xbox. Love that scene.

  14. Sue G.

    I find it funny! I can certainly relate. When we were first married we got the original Nintendo game system as a wedding present. Hubby spent many nights playing on it!

  15. Gretchen

    I loved this scene and your favorite quotes!! I actually took in a breath when she started smasing the xbox, lol. I can only imagine…..loved it! I love this series!!! It was so great to meet you at the Monroeville book signing in October.

  16. dutcheja

    I loved this scene. I have been that angry before but never had the guts to follow through, so way to go Piper !!!!! You rock !!!!

  17. Amanda Gardner

    Liked the scene! I have NOT done something like that but I have gotten mad enough to throw the remote near the TV to get someone’s attention about them being too loud and I could not hear the show that was on at the time (I had even turned up the volume to try to silence the talking).

  18. Margaret

    There are definitely times when I want to go all cray-cray, but I’ve never actually acted out quite like that!

  19. martha lawson

    I loved that scene!! Haven’t done that – but sure as hell been tempted!! I can’t wait to read this, it looks really great.

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