Spotlight & Giveaway: Come Back to Me by Sharon Sala

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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome author Sharon Sala to HJ!

Hi Sharon and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, Come Back to Me!


What do you want people to take away from reading Come Back To Me?

When reading Come Back To Me, I hope the readers get the message about how misunderstandings can blossom in huge heartaches, and that all it would have taken was for two people who love each other, to sit down and talk it out.
I also hope they see and understand that it’s never too late to right a wrong – that love and forgiveness can overcome all odds – and that there are good people in the world who make mistakes that change the rest of their lives, but it doesn’t destroy who they are. It’s never too late to say you’re sorry.

Perseverance and faith are two important factors in finding your way to happy-ever-after.

Favorite Quote:

“I gave you forever to come find me again, and it only took you twenty years. Take your time. I’m not going anywhere.”


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Giveaway: Print copy of Come Back to Me (Blessings, Georgia) by Sharon Sala


To enter Giveaway: Please complete the Rafflecopter form and Post a comment to this Q: There was one person in this story who kept a relationship with both Aidan and Phoebe, and that was Aidan’s grandfather, Preston Williams. Preston knew Phoebe was pregnant. And even though Phoebe had demanded Aidan wasn’t to be told, because she wanted him to come back to her because he loved her, not because he felt duty-bound, one word from him to Aidan, and Phoebe would not had to raise her son alone.

  • Would you blame Preston?
  • Would you blame Phoebe for not telling Aidan?
  • Do you understand the depth of Aidan’s dismay, and the betrayal he initially felt, that nobody bothered to let him know he was a father?

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Book Info:

Love always endures the test of time
After a devastating fire pitted their families against each other, high school sweethearts Phoebe Ritter and Aidan Payne were torn apart. Twenty years later, Aidan is called back to Blessings, nervous about confronting his painful past. And that’s BEFORE he knows about the nineteen-year-old secret Phoebe has been harboring all this time.

As Aidan tries to make up for lost time with the family he didn’t know he had, Phoebe and Aidan rediscover long-suppressed feelings. But the past won’t lie buried, and old enemies threaten to destroy the peace they’ve fought so hard to find.

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Meet the Author:

Sharon Sala is a long-time member of RWA, as well as a member of OKRWA. She has 115 books and novellas in print, published in six different genres – Romance, Young Adult, Western, Fiction, and Women’s Fiction and Non-Fiction. First published in 1991, she’s an eight-time RITA finalist, winner of the Janet Dailey Award, five-time Career Achievement winner from RT Magazine, five time winner of the National Reader’s Choice Award, and five time winner of the Colorado Romance Writer’s Award of Excellence, winner of the Heart of Excellence Award, as well as winner of the Booksellers Best Award. In 2011 she was named RWA’s recipient of the Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2017 Romance Writers of America presented her with the Centennial Award for recognition of her 100th published novel. Her books are New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly best-sellers. Writing changed her life, her world, and her fate. For book list, go to her website:

38 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Come Back to Me by Sharon Sala”

  1. Mary Preston

    I think it put the grandfather in a very tough position. I also think not telling the father can have serious negative repercussions.

  2. Sonia

    I think that the responsibility to tell Aidan about the child is Phoebe’s and I would not blame Preston.

  3. Tonya Lucas

    I think Adien has the right to know, but it’s Pheobe’s place to tell not Prestons.

  4. janinecatmom

    Aiden did have a right to know, but I understand Phoebe’s concerns and the reason to keep her secret. And Preston was only doing what he thought most important for Phoebe.

  5. Kathleen O

    It’s Phoebe’s choice to tell Aiden… I understand Preston’s wanting his grandson to know, but it was not his place to tell Aiden.

  6. laurieg72

    Once Phoebe shared the info with Preston she should have known he could tell his grandson especially as the years went by and Aidan didn’t stay with her on his own. It put Preston in a really difficult spot. I don’t think she should have told him if she wanted to keep it a secret.

  7. Caro

    I could understand why she didn’t want to tell him, but I’d find it really hard to forgive her. She basically robbed him of the experience and she robbed her child of the chance to have a father.

  8. Joanne B

    Phoebe should have told Aidan. Being the father, he had a right to know. I can understand Aidan feeling betrayed and missing twenty years of knowing, loving, and teaching his child that he can never get back.

  9. Amy R

    Would you blame Preston? No
    Would you blame Phoebe for not telling Aidan? Yes,
    Do you understand the depth of Aidan’s dismay, and the betrayal he initially felt, that nobody bothered to let him know he was a father? Yes

  10. Banana cake

    Phoebe should have told him, not only did he miss those years with his daughter, their daughter had to grow up without a father.

  11. Diane Sallans

    Phoebe should have told Aiden as soon as possible after should knew she was pregnant

  12. Jana Leah

    I get the whole not wanting someone to come back to you do to a sense of duty, however, I think the father has a right to know he’s a father.

  13. kermitsgirl

    I think there’s no reason to keep that kind of information from a father, but I blame Phoebe, not Preston. It wasn’t Preston’s place to say something.

  14. Glenda

    I know the story doesn’t exist without this conflict, but I have problem with a good man not being told about his child. If he were a horrible person: a murderer, abusive, etc it would be different.

  15. Patricia B

    This is such a complicated situation. Preston must have had his own reasons other than for not telling Aidan. I think to some degree he understood the situation and could see it from both their viewpoints. I understand Phoebe not telling Aidan. She didn’t want him to feel trapped in a marriage he didn’t want. She wanted him to marry her because he loved her and couldn’t think of marrying anyone else. However,by doing this, she deprived her son of a father who could have loved him and shared so much with him. She also deprived Aidan of the opportunity so share those same things with his son. Those are important years and experiences those 3 will never get back.

  16. erahime

    There are different circumstances and personalities. Depending on one’s personality, it can go either way. Mayhap Preston could have given hints to Aidan throughout the years. Yet I can understand the torn loyalties Preston may had have, given he is in the middle of a hard place and a rock. As for Phoebe, I can understand her stance, but I would feel obligated to at least tell Aidan that he’s a father. Aidan’s feelings of betrayal is relatable, and I feel for him.

    Truly, this situation is a mine bomb that can explode big time. Forgiveness is critical here.

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