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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome author Nicole Helm to HJ!

Hi Nicole and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, Cowboy SEAL Redemption!


What is your favorite scene from Cowboy SEAL Redemption and why?

The process of writing a novel never did run smooth (Shakespeare said that, right?), but sometimes if you’re very lucky a book will come to you, fully formed, and the only real problem you’ll have is your fingers keeping up.
Cowboy SEAL Redemption was one of those books for me. While I’m usually a fairly quick first-drafter, Jack and Rose’s story seemed to just fall out of me and onto the keyboard. (Don’t worry, the editing process made up for all that ease of writing).
But because I was so very sure of this story and what I wanted it to be, so much so that it was easy to write, it’s hard to pick a favorite scene. I got to put a little of everything in to this book: deep, wrenching emotion, lighthearted fun, a look into where characters from my Big Sky Cowboys series are, and the complicated family dynamics I love to write so much.
But the core of this series is all about the three Navy SEALs who had to retire due to injury, building a place for other injured military men to find a sense of purpose again. Jack, the hero of this book, suffers from both physical injuries and PTSD. He’s decided to work with a therapist for his PTSD, and he’s slowly working through the things that have been holding him back since his injury forced him out of the SEALs.
So, if I’m forced to pick a favorite, there’s a scene where all three former SEALS (Alex, Jack and Gabe) have a picnic with Becca—their partner at the ranch, Monica—the ranch’s on-site therapist, Colin—Monica’s son, and Rose—the woman Jack’s pretending to have a relationship with for the sake of his family. Of course, Jack and Rose’s feelings for each other aren’t all fake, which causes Rose a few issues of her own.
In this scene, Jack is beginning to admit some of those growing feelings, while Rose is feeling panicked by them, a dynamic that’s always fun to explore. In the midst of those feelings, all seven characters are having a cheerful picnic on a nice day. Colin has convinced the guys and Rose to use a rope swing to jump into the creek.
Rose escapes all the fun as her feelings for Jack begin to overwhelm her, and joins Becca and Monica back at the picnic site.

It was the first time Rose was really looking at all of them and could see the toll of war on their bodies. She couldn’t see any obvious marks on Alex, but he was walking with a limp that hadn’t been there before. Gabe had some uninterrupted lines and what Rose assumed were burn scars on his shoulder. Jack had clearly gotten the worst end of whatever happened though. He had marks up his side and down his arm, and his limp was as pronounced as she’d ever seen it.
All three of them were grinning and laughing, tousling Colin’s wet hair or giving each other friendly shoves. Rose got it then, Monica’s and Becca’s tears. While she’d seen all three of them brood in her bar, clearly war hadn’t beaten them.
And that was a beautiful thing. Enough that she felt her eyes sting a bit too.

This is one of my favorite scenes in Cowboy SEAL Redemption because it’s a little bittersweet, but infused with hope. In a lot of ways, the emotions in this scene sum up the theme of the whole series.
Love and hope exist after tragedy. Love and hope have healing powers. The more we invest in love and hope, the happier we are.
It’s why I read and write romance: love and hope are the best parts of life to wallow in.

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Book Info:

Three former Navy SEALs
Injured in the line of duty
Desperate for a new beginning…
Searching for a place to call their own.

Jack Armstrong’s been slowly piecing his life back together after a career-ending injury bounced him from the SEALs. The only trouble is, his family’s on their way to his new haven in Montana…and Jack refuses to let them know he’s still hurting. Desperate, he makes a deal with local bad girl Rose Rogers: in exchange for some extra security, she’ll play the perfect loving girlfriend.

Rose doesn’t trust any man, much less some tough-as-nails former SEAL. But the more they settle into their ruse, the more things start to feel real, and the more Rose’s true fear surfaces—that she’ll never be good enough for love. But Jack isn’t about to lose Rose. He’s done running when things get tough, and he’s determined to prove—once and for all—that even the most troubled hearts can find their way to redemption.
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Meet the Author:

Nicole Helm writes down-to-earth contemporary romance specializing in people who don’t live close enough to neighbors for them to be a problem. When she’s not writing, she spends her time dreaming about someday owning a barn. She lives with her husband and two young sons in Missouri.

You can contact her via email: or visit her website:

43 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Cowboy SEAL Redemption by Nicole Helm”

  1. Heather Snyder

    I like the back and forth between characters. Lol. Like two people that “think” they dont like eachother.

  2. Joanne B

    I like seeing previous couples, along with witty banter, and the scene where the H/h finally get it.

  3. Caro

    When the charcaters atrt getting to know each other. It’s fun, easy, swoony. I just get all the dreamy sighs. 🙂

  4. Kay Garrett

    I think my favorite scene in a romance depends on the storyline. There are situations when it works best with great emotion whereas other times it’s really more romantic if it’s spontaneous or funny. To me romance is when the chemistry is right between two people and they make a connection whether alone or among a thousand people. It’s a spark that starts with a little flicker and can grow to an inferno but it all revolves around the two people. It’s more than kissing but learning about the other person – the good, the bad and the ugly – and still wanting to be with no one else.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  5. Joy Tetterton Avery

    I love the build up leading to the eventual explosion of passion followed quickly by love.

  6. Lesley McIntosh

    I enjoy some humour and fun between the couple , there needs to always be a spark in a relationship to keep it interesting.

  7. Glenda

    A lot of the time it depends on my mood and the characters but usually the tender and humorous ones

  8. Shannon Capelle

    The progression of their relationship falling in love but not realizing it st once with humor mixed in!!

  9. Anita H.

    It varies but I enjoy the moments when the characters realized they’ve fallen in love, I also enjoy glimpses of past characters and fun moments with family and friends.

  10. Patricia B.

    I enjoy them all. My favorites tend to be those with deep emotion. A misunderstanding that causes crushing heartbreak, two people realizing how much they mean to each other, the realization by a character that they are no longer alone and have someone who cares for them, the grief when someone close to them is lost or presumed lost to them, the joy when someone you thought dead or lost to you is found or returns, holding a sweet child who has stolen their heart and realizing how important they are to you.
    So many variation are out there. I love it when they reach in and squeeze my heart.

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