Spotlight & Giveaway: Craving Her Rough Diamond Doc by Amalie Berlin

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Today it is my pleasure to welcome Harlequin debut author Amalie Berlin to HJ!


Top Five Favorite Scenes:

Amalie berlinI. Storming the Mountain: I really loved writing the initial chapter of the book. Letting Imogen’s mouth run out of control when she’s frustrated, and letting Wyatt see that when something matters to her, she’s more of a pusher than a push-over. I like heroines who are a handful.

“Later.” She walked up the embankment as he continued with his logs. Once she stopped the lusty staring, some cognitive function returned. “Do you think you could put your shirt back on? Wouldn’t want you to lose a nipple in a tragic log-rolling accident.” She failed to suppress her natural cheekiness. Impulse control: sometimes she had it, sometimes she didn’t.

II. Meeting the 3 sisters – I used a lot of family names in this book. The three sisters are loosely patterned after some lovely women in my family(who are awesome, adorable and hilarious) and named after my great grandfather’s three sisters. But this is just one instance of using the area, actual activities, and general snapshots from Appalachia I littered about the story.

As she took vitals, Imogen laughed at a story the three of them told, half the time in unison. Some tale about the brazen hussy involved in a love triangle at their seniors group and the scandal that had erupted at their regular weekly trip to the local music hall. Silly for that to annoy him. Imogen did what he told her to do—made the patients like her. But did she have to laugh with them and enjoy it so much?

CHRDIII. The neurotic buildup to the massage scene – I must admit I just really like torturing my characters, and getting both Imogen and Wyatt worked up into a lather without release tickled me, and still tickles me.

The attraction was too strong, and Imogen knew the limits of her endurance. At some point, unless he trotted out his Psychotic Nutjob[Mask], she was going to make a pass.
But not tonight.
With a sigh, she dragged herself out of the bed and marched to her bag to dig out her perfume. She doused her pulse points, and ended with a swipe of her perfume-dampened wrist beneath her nose. That should do the trick. Ruggedly manly man scent could never get past her favorite fragrance. Not even the scent of the large, stupidly attractive and rugged manly man disrupting her peace and quiet.

IV. Rousting Wyatt off the mountain – More character tormenting, and sloppy arguing while trying to eat peanut-butter sandwiches.

“I keep getting these snippets of information.” And peeks at different Wyatts. She needed help sorting them out. “And everyone keeps telling me to take care of you. Plus, you have a mystery graveyard in the woods, which, by the way, is not at all serial-killer-like of you.”

V. The Flood – This scene I love for the intensity, action-wise and the big emotional hurdles that crop up in life-or-death situations.

Dangerous. This place was one of the most dangerous she’d ever worked. Maybe. It seemed like it. Sure, crime was rarer probably, and the only traffic she’d encountered had been tractors on the road, but there were floods and snakebites and accidental gunshots. Or maybe someone’s head would explode. Her head certainly felt like she was developing a case of Appalachian Cranial Combustion.
And that would probably be better. It would certainly take the pressure off figuring out what she was supposed to do.

A lot of attention gets paid to the heroes, and goodness knows those sexy beasts are important in a romance! But I’m currently pretty curious about the take of others on heroines, so to one commenter I will mail one of the UK copies of Craving Her Rough Diamond Doc.

Thank you!



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About the book:

Cover-1Her hunky outdoor doc…
Her first sighting of Dr. Wyatt Beauchamp is of him with his shirt off—all deliciously bronzed corded muscle and mouthwatering abs—and nurse Imogen Donally hopes the next six months working in his remote mountain practice will be…more interesting than she’d originally thought!

Only, her Dr. Tall, Dark and Handsome quickly proves to be more Tall, Dark and Seriously Brooding…. Tough cookie Imogen has no desire ever to settle down, but even she is reluctantly intrigued by a man just as haunted by the past as she is. Could a red-hot fling with the sexy, stubborn doc be Imogen’s undoing?

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Author Info

There’s never been a day without stories playing in my head. But now when someone interrupts my daydreams to ask what I’m doing I get to say: Working!

I live with my family and a passel of critters in rural southern Ohio, in the rolling foothills of the Appalachian mountains,  on a cleared spot of land plopped in the middle of national forest.  Everywhere I look it’s either hills with trees or fields with cows. If you had a view like that, you’d spend lots of time watching the people inside your head too.

I’m lying–I do that–the area is beautiful, the air is clean and fresh if you count out those gassy cows, and the people are nice. Plus, the Great Serpent Mound is within easy driving distance if I ever feel the need to visit mysterious places–and really, who doesn’t feel that need sometimes?

When not cow watching, mysterious place visiting, or writing, I love to read, watch movies, make stuff with my hands, and geek-out over documentaries. Any documentary. Even the ones with subjects I have absolutely no desire to learn about prior to discovering there is a documentary about it… I think it must be some kind of Geeky Syndrome which I shall one day try to have diagnosed and named after me.

I also like to learn various antiquated(yet awesome) skills. In case of Zombiepocalypse, I’ll still have bread, cheese, jam, lacy under-things(I love tatting!), granulated sugar, fluffy marshmallows and I’ll always have something new to read. Carbs 1 — Zombies 0!

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56 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Craving Her Rough Diamond Doc by Amalie Berlin”

  1. Mary Preston

    I do love a sassy & witty heroine.

    I do not like a heroine who does stupid things like open the front door knowing there is a maniac running loose.

    • AmalieB

      A woman after my own heart!

      Only, I think I’d be okay with the heroine opening the door if she had a bazooka. And not the gum with the silly comic strip on the wrapper! I’ve seen scary movies. I know a simple gunshot never kills the maniac running loose. You need more firepower…

  2. Jenn McElroy

    I like strong heroines that don’t pine after their male leads. I need a heroine that can stand on her own! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

    • AmalieB

      Pining does make the heroine seem a little … weak, maybe? There’s an important difference between lusting madly after the hero, and wallowing in worrying whether he wants her or not.

      Whoa, holy accidental alliteration, Batman. I don’t know where all those w’s came from!

      (You’re welcome for the giveaway. :))

    • AmalieB

      This one made me laugh. I can’t think of any examples of the heroine stringing the hero along, now I feel deprived!

      I do have to agree that indecisiveness can get annoying. I much prefer her knowing what she wants, feeling disgruntled by this knowledge, and fighting it with every inch of her being. 🙂

    • AmalieB

      I see a theme in this, one that I share. The ones who are too stupid to live… one of my top peeves. I love flawed characters, but that flaw is very hard to pull off. A loveable idiot can be a great character, but I’m thinking… probably only in secondary roles.

      Very interesting to see how often that is coming up!

    • AmalieB

      Heroines who go for it, I have to say I like this too. It’s very brave and that can be hard to live up to(at least for me personally. I talk a good game but… not always as brave as I’d like to be). I do like heroines who are as brave as I *wish* I were.

  3. Sandy Xiong

    I hate heroine that are dumb and are clueless. I like my heroine to be strong, smart and have some sense, and most of the time, blunt.

    • AmalieB

      Anti-dumb — CHECK. I do think this one is a deal breaker for most of us. It might be okay with me if they were described as dumb… but that’s not how it goes is it? When those Too StupId To Live heroines crop up and start doing idiotic things, they’re usually described as being super smart and competent!

      Bluntness, that’s a new one. Though now that I’m thinking about it, it kind of goes along with bravery. And there’s certainly no room for playing mind games with anyone if she says exactly what she’s thinking.

  4. Erin J.

    I love heroines who can fend for themselves and I cannot stand it when they are super stubborn and cannot/will not see what is right in front of them.

    • AmalieB

      Totally get the Fend for Herself thing. Self-sufficient = not looking for a man to complete her. Capable of happiness without a man. That’s very important to me too.

      I hope you pop back up, Erin, I’m trying to figure out if you mean when the heroines are stubborn for the sake of being stubborn, willful stubbornness, or if there is another way to read that. (I love these little surveys. I’m such a nerd!)

    • AmalieB

      Another in the Smart-YES, Dumb-NO column. If this was a pie chart, we’d have eaten that whole pie by now 😀

      (I love witty characters, period. I could probably even grudgingly like a villain if he were witty. But I also love sarcastic characters, which not everyone will get behind me on, I know. Witty and Sarcastic Villain? Yeah, I might throw the hero over for that dude… You know, until he killed my cat or something even more ebil.)

  5. AmalieB

    Another one for the anti-stupid tallies!

    It’s kind of sad that it comes up so frequently. Sounds like we all have encountered more than our share of heroines who can do anything with grace in super-high heels… except run from a psycho killer because she suddenly decided to go hiking in the CrazyTown Woods at night on Halloween… in her super-high heels and Daisy Dukes. 🙂

  6. AmalieB

    Oh, think something buggy happened with my mouse as I entered. The last reply was in response to Wilma 🙂

    • AmalieB

      KP: Another champion in the battle against TSTL heroines!

      (now, if someone comes along now and confesses to loving the stupid heroines, no lynching! 🙂

  7. lani

    I dont like the heroine when they play hard, too many lies.. i need a strong heroine and can take her self.. independent woman.

    • AmalieB

      So, Lani, would you say strong but with a soft side? Strength without some vulnerabilities too over the top?

  8. Kai W.

    I really don’t like an heroine who does something stupid when she knows that it’s stupid just to prove her point. It just makes me want to gag.

    • AmalieB

      OMG I’m so glad I can’t think of any examples of this, but I must have blocked it out, or I couldn’t have such a strong reaction to the idea of it.! It would either infuriate me or make me think about mental illness. Martyr syndrome…

  9. Claira Pam

    I like strong, witty heroines with some actual brains!! Things that make me gnash my teeth – “heroines” who can’t fend for themselves, who are unhealthily dependent on a man, who are dumb…

  10. Marcy Shuler

    I like a girl next door with a bit of sass. And she must be smart and not a pushover.

  11. Debra A.

    I don’t like the “wimpy” type woman. I like the ones who wont let even an alpha male step all over her. Like the one’s who let the man have affairs and say it was all her fault and she believes it. I want the ones who stand and say No it was all your fault, and tell him why it was. Don’t let anyone walk over her. And I also like those who have quirky type of humor. Willing to go after what she wants. And loves unconditionally.

    • AmalieB

      Stupid and weak do seem to be the biggest buttons we have! I really thought that there’d be some oddball outliers in the answers. Or maybe the war over whether a virgin heroine is believable anymore or not. But it’s good we mostly all agree that stupid and weak are Bad Things. 😀 (This is a Good Thing.)

    • AmalieB

      Ooo that’s a good one to remember. I don’t dig random cheating, but I like to think that everything can be pulled off if it’s well-written. But maybe this one can’t be pulled off for -everyone-. Infidelity can be a big hot button!

  12. Michelle Huang

    Strong to protect herself, knows the right thing to do even if it means to break another person’s heart but to save the pain from getting worse than it was supposed to be, and speak what’s on her mind no matter how harsh it is.

    • AmalieB

      That’s also an interesting twist on it. Someone strong enough to rip off the band-aid quick. But I’m thinking she probably has to feel kind of bad about it. There’s a definite line between strong and heartless.

    • AmalieB

      So to take it the other way, too perfect can also be a turnoff? Though I suppose that would assume vulnerability = flawed. But then, I really like flawed characters. Love love love redemption stories.

  13. Autumn Kelley

    I am not a fan of Ditzy Heroines! I hate it I can’t focus on anything else except her utter stupidness!

    • AmalieB

      Another tick in the anti-stupid faction!

      Though ditzy is a specific kind of stupid that is probably more offensive, because it is soooo stereotypical. I think i could forgive a heroine who made really bad calls with the best intentions BEFORE I could forgive one who luxuriated in ditziness.

  14. Jesica F

    Strong heroines, not just because an author tells us in writing that she’s independent but she shows it to us too! I hate dumb heroines that need to be saved by all the people around her :/

    • AmalieB

      That’s totally my hot button, Jesica. I hate being told that the heroine is brilliant and competent but who never acts like it! Same goes for professionalism. I hate being told the heroine is a professional career woman, and then having her act like a whiny sorority chick!

  15. Lori P

    Strong, independent and intelligent are all important in a heroine. Game playing is unbelievably frustrating to me. Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  16. Janice Unger

    I like a heroine who is comfortable in her skin. Doesn’t let people walk all over her. I don’t like a heroine who downplays her intelligence just to get a man. Makes me what to smack them right on the head. Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. Jieru

    I love it when the heroine is smart and independent. I absolutely hate it when they make rash decisions.

  18. Denise Van Plew

    Has a know what she wants attitude and not that I dont know buisness and not unforgiving gets on the nerves.

  19. Justine

    I like heroines who are just the right amount of sarcastic. And as long as her name isn’t Bella Swan, I won’t hate her. 🙂

  20. Jennifer Zorko-Legan

    I like a female character that does not cower to her man. Someone who can stand on her own two feet and has a bit of spunk.

  21. nancydl

    I don’t like it when the herione just does everything she is told, like she has no mind of her own.

  22. Sandie W

    I love the kind that just does without really thinking too much about it. I also like that she thinks she will never need/want a man and doesn’t recognize when she is falling in love.

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