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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome author Tara Taylor Quinn to HJ!

Hi Tara and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, For Love or Money!


Please summarize the book for the readers here:

For-Love-or-MoneyA single mother of a special needs four-year-old has a chance to win a cooking show competition. The grand prize will allow her to provide a viable future for her son. And a single father has to win that same competition to honor his dead wife and give his ‘in danger’ daughter a reason to live. They can’t both win. Most particularly when they start to fall in love.

Please share the opening lines of this book:

“Forget it.”
“Kels, I really want to make this right…”


Please share a few Fun facts about this book…

  • Dawson was inspired by my nephew who is a huge gift to my family. The book is dedicated to him.
  • For the cooking contests I used a combination of personal secret family recipes and my own concoctions.
  • I watched a gazillion cooking shows before writing this series!


Please tell us a little about the characters in your book. As you wrote your protagonist was there anything about them that surprised you?

Janie Young started out in my mind as more of a victim. She turned out to have all the strength and wisdom. Thankfully she shared it with me!
I loved Burke from the beginning, and then he humanized himself and I loved him even more…

If your book was optioned for a movie, what scene would you use for the audition of the main characters and why?

The scene is the first of four competitions – contestants only need to win one of the four to compete for the grand prize. I’d choose this scene because it’s dramatic and filled with an overload of emotion. If the actor and actress are going to overplay and make the story seem sappy, we’d know it here. On the other hand, if they can portray all of the emotion going on underneath while standing in this line on stage, then they’re perfect for the part!

They stood in a straight line. All eyes on Natasha as she named each contestant for a camera zero in, reminded viewers what they’d prepared for this first episode of the current Family Secrets reality cooking show, and then looked at her list.
“You’ve all scored well,” she said. “Not one of you received an “I didn’t like it” from the judges.”
Burke stood as directed, smiling with anticipation at the camera because if he didn’t he’d hear about his lack of effort non-stop from Kelsey over the next week. And because he really did want to win for her and would do whatever he could to up his chances. Inside he was rehearsing the motivational speech he’d be giving his thirteen-year-old miracle all the way home. Reminding her that it was only week one. That meat dishes weren’t her mother’s specialty.
That they could still get three out of four wins and not even have to compete in a final round to take this thing.
He didn’t look at his fellow contestants. Probably wouldn’t have been able to see them under the staggeringly bright lights anyway.
“The time has come to announce week one’s winners!” Natasha sounded like she had Christmas presents for everyone. His gut tightened. He fine-tuned his Kelsey speech.
He almost swore out loud. And hoped the sentiment didn’t show on his aching face. Just in case, he widened his smile with completely posed anticipation.
“Though they didn’t win, the judges found a couple of your dishes impressive enough for a formal mention…”
There. He’d take that. Lil’s pork was definitely worth a mention. Even his rendition of it. He mentally added the advantage to his speech. Planned to mention it at least once a day over the next week.
And would use it when he lost the show, too…
“Shondra Estes…your bacon wrapped smothered chicken…”
What? Big black hair do with three baby daddies was a better cook than Lil was? Not that baby daddies had a thing to do with value or cooking. It was just that he’d seen her kitchen. It looked like a tornado had hit it. How any flavors managed to stay contained and not contaminate each other as they flew around her space, he’d never know…
Okay. Here it came. His look of anticipation wasn’t faked as he waited…
“Janie Young! Your pork received high praise from all five judges…”
Something inside him leapt. Janie! Good for her!
There must be one more…
“That brings me to today’s winner…”
Holy crap. He didn’t even get honorable mention…not an easy fit into his motivational speech…
“And that is Mike Wrenchfort! All five judges agreed your Medallions were to die for!”
Mike stepped forward. The rest of them relaxed. They’d been told to maintain position for the next couple of minutes for a pan or two, but that the cameras would be off of them while all cameras zeroed in on Natasha and the winner.
“I can only imagine how much the people your church feeds adore you…” Natasha gushed well.
Burke couldn’t fault her there.
Or anywhere else. He’d known he wasn’t a winning cook.
Somehow he had to convince his daughter that her life was worth living happily without her mother’s recipes going viral. He hoped to fate that he’d find a way to be better at that task than he was at cooking.

Excerpts. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

What do you want people to take away from reading this book?

Never give up. Even when circumstances are daunting and options seem limited, don’t discredit ‘around the corner’. You never know what’s there and so often it’s something you never would have thought of, and just what you need. All you have to do is take those few steps to get you around the corner. Just keep walking even though you might not see that your steps are leading you anywhere.


What are you currently working on? What other releases do you have planned for 2016?

…. I have nine releases in 2016. Next up is:
10/1 A Heartwarming Holiday – an anthology of brand new holiday novellas from Harlequin Heartwarming authors
11/1 Her Soldier’s Baby – Harlequin Heartwarming – The second book in my Family Secrets series.
11/1 – Untitled Heartwarming Thanksgiving anthology – 13 Thanksgiving themes novels by Harlequin Heartwarming authors.

Already released this year are:

3/1 Love By Association – Harlequin Superromance – Book 7 in Where Secrets Are Safe.
5/1 His First Choice – Harlequin Superromance – Book 8 in Where Secrets Are Safe.
6/28 Bestselling Author Collection with Heather Graham – a reissue of our books Strangers in Paradise and Sheltered in His Arms.
6/28 Audio book release of Sheltered in His Arms – A single title release connected to my bestselling 14 book Superromance series, Shelter Valley Stories.
7/1 The Promise He Made Her – Book 9 in Where Secrets Are Safe.

Thanks for blogging at HJ!


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Book Info:

She can’t afford to lose this…or him

There’s no way that struggling single mom Janie Young is going to lose Family Secrets. Not even to Dr. Burke Carter. The prize money and media exposure from the cooking-competition show will secure the future for her and her son, who has special needs. Sure, Burke is a talented chef with his own reasons to win, but he already has so much: wealth, a beautiful daughter, great looks…and definitely her attention. As their families become closer, Janie is beginning to care too much about him. But she can’t afford to get involved. Not when everything is riding on beating him.
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Meet the Author:

Tara Taylor QuinnThe author of more than 70 original novels, in twenty languages, Tara Taylor Quinn is a USA Today bestseller with over six million copies sold. A 2015 RITA finalist Tara appears frequently on bestseller lists, including #1 placement on Amazon lists, and multiple showings on the Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller list. She has appeared on national and local TV across the country, including CBS Sunday Morning.
Tara is a supporter of the National Domestic Violence Hotline. If you or someone you know might be a victim of domestic violence in the United States, please contact 1-800-799-7233.






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  1. glam009

    sometimes I watch reality show.. but now I watch Master Chef… because i learn to cook a little…

  2. Morgan Mav

    I can’t help but love reality tv. I watch the Bachelorette as well as MTV reality shows. They’re humorous and drama filled, which in my opinion makes for good tv 🙂

  3. Mary Preston

    I haven’t watched any reality TV for a very long time. I used to enjoy The Amazing Race.

  4. jmesparza821

    No I’ve never liked reality tv shows because they look so fake. The people in reality shows say and do things that seem to be for ratings.

    Juana Esparza

  5. moosehog83

    Like the voice and survivor and big brother if those count. Because they are real feeling

  6. Audrey Stewart

    I love reality TV. I have watched every housewife show on Bravo. I love them! I love all the Little Woman on Lifetime. Top Chef is great! Ink Masters is a favorite. I don’t ever watch scripted TV.

  7. Kathleen O

    I am not a big fan.. I like the cooking reality shows or on HGTV, but other than that I am not into the drama of what these people think is reality when it is all staged.

  8. Cynthia P

    Not all of them! I do love dancing with the stars and master chef, though. Most of them seem so fake, with people working themselves into hysteria for the sake of the cameras.

  9. Ellen C.

    I like Dancing with the Stars and some of the HGTV shows. They are fun, and don’t have as much manufactured drama as some other shows. (I do love looking at the wedding dresses on Say Yes to the Dress and the other bridal shop shows, as well,)

  10. kim hansen

    I only watch Dancing with the stars It’s just a fun distraction from the world today.

  11. Debbi Wellenstein

    I don’t like them. It seems that situations are manipulated to make for “interesting” TV. No thanks!

  12. Kate sparks

    I like the ones that are on HGTV, but not those like The Bachelor, Kardashinans… etc.

  13. Maggie Steele

    HGTV is about as close as I’ll get to liking a reality TV show. Usually I won’t watch a show unless I can see ALL the episodes of a season at once.

  14. Michele Hayes

    I like some of them, like Amazing Race and Dancing with the Stars, but not the ones like The Bachelor and Big Brother. Those are too invasive.

  15. isisthe12th

    Some, not all. My favorites are the housewives series. I love all of them! I like to imagine myself living the rich and famous lifestyles. Thank you

  16. Lauren A.

    I don’t like them that much, but when I’m in the mood to watch one TLC is my guilty pleasure.

  17. Amanda Brown

    I like reality shows where its the home make over ones, but not when everything is about drama. I just like seeing what kind of designs they come up with.

  18. Linda Herold

    I am not really a fan or reality tv. I did watch the last season of Survivor because there was a basketball player (used to play on my Sacramento Kings) who was participating!

  19. Janie McGaugh

    I’m not into reality show, especially the Survivor types. I don’t like made up drama and playing on people’s emotions.

  20. BookLady

    I enjoy watching some reality shows on HGTV. Love It or List It, House Hunters, and Property Brothers are some of my favorites.

  21. bernie w

    I like very few reality shows. Too many of them feel too staged. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win.

  22. Banana cake

    I love the reality shows on Bravo and some other cable channels. I don’t like the bachelor or big brother. Every channel on tv seems to have a reality ago now.

  23. Mandy R

    I only really watch cooking shows. Do those count as reality tv? I’m guessing not, since you can actually learn something from watching them. 😉

  24. Mood Reader

    Yes! Cause they are so entertaining, no? You never know what’s gonna happen! All the drama and excitement! LOL 😛

  25. kermitsgirl

    No – they are SO constructed! I was on the same Disney cruise as the Cake Boss. While I was in the spa getting my hair done for my wedding, he and his brothers were getting pedicures right behind me – they taped his sisters’ reaction coming into the salon and seeing them FIVE TIMES.

  26. Amy Rickman

    I like some of the stuff on HGTV (Fixer Upper & Property Brothers) but nothing else because I find it annoying and I’d rather read.

  27. Felicia Fallon

    I’m not a fan of reality shows. My life is reality enough for me. I watch TV mostly as an escape from that reality.

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