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Today it is my pleasure to host Forever’s first ever Historical Hookup!

Dashing dukes, ravishing rakes, enticing earls—Forever is bringing them all to you in our first ever Historical Hookup!

We asked Elizabeth Hoyt, Eileen Dreyer, Jennifer Delamere, Anne Barton, and Lily Dalton to tell us what their Hero’s would do if they were transported to 2013, here are their answers:

“If your hero were transported to 2013, what job would he have? What would he drive? Where would he live?”

Elizabeth Hoyt, DUKE OF MIDNIGHT:

Maximus is a member of parliament so I suppose he should be a politician…but I think he’d be a high-powered CEO with a driver for the weekdays and a BMW for the weekends. He’d live in a really expensive penthouse in New York with an old family house in Nantucket that he never gets away to.

Eileen Dreyer, ONCE A RAKE:

Just like Ian, he would be a soldier. More likely, he would be some kind of special ops. And no question. Since he can, he would live in the Highlands.

Jennifer Delamere, A LADY MOST LOVELY:

Tom Poole worked his way to wealth by hard physical labor, and now he owns his own business. He’s got a rough-and-tumble past, and he’s been both a working man and an executive. In today’s world, he’d probably be a successful building contractor out west and drive a very nice pickup truck or SUV. He’d have a home in the country and in his free time his ride of choice would be his horse.


In 2013, Ben would make a great Navy Seal turned CEO. He’d probably drive a Jaguar F-type and commute to New York City from a huge, luxurious cabin in nestled in the woods.


If Claxton was transported to 2013, I think he’d still be involved with international diplomacy somehow. He isn’t a politician, but more of an ambassador or behind the scenes kind of guy. He wouldn’t want to run for office, but he’d be exactly the type of person we’d want to do so. He’d drive a new, black Chevrolet Suburban and live on a somewhat secluded property outside the city, surrounded by rolling hills and trees.


Giveaway:  One lucky winner will win all five print books—Duke of Midnight + Once a Rake +  A Lady Most Lovely + Once She Was Tempted + Never Desire a Duke

To enter Giveaway: Please complete the Rafflecopter form and post a comment to this Q: We had the authors answer what their hero’s would be if they were transported to 2013…. So tell me If you were transported back in time Regency orVictorian, Where would you live?  What job would you have? Let the creativity loose 😉

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DUKE OF MIDNIGHT by Elizabeth Hoyt


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ONCE A RAKE by Eileen Dreyer


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67 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Forever’s Historical Hookup”

  1. Cari White

    First… Regency, England, not Victorian, not Scotland, unfortunately. I’m too spoiled by the heat of Texas. Ideally, I’d be the oldest daughter in of an Earl or Viscount… Definitely a bluestocking, one with a sense of humor, once you got to know me.

  2. martha lawson

    I’d love to be in regency England, and have some kind of title! I would definitely be a reader. I’d love to win these books they are all on my wish list.

  3. ndluebke

    It be my luck, I’d be a maid. Since I trained as a bookkeeper, I ended up working as a custodian for 20 years. Maybe, I’d be a scandalous one.

  4. Lori P

    I would love to be in Scotland, but that could mean that I would be common. I can deal with that by being totally unruly 🙂

  5. Marcy Shuler

    Regency, preferably Scotland, the land of the kilted men. LOL Since I trained as a nurse, maybe I’d be a healer/midwife.

  6. DebraG

    I would live in Ireland and I would be a Princess. I always wanted to be a princess. Now I can be.

  7. Sebella Blue

    Oh, I would definitely be in London and preside over a most popular salon. I would also be a tragically young widow (boo hoo) with my own funds and most assuredly my own mind.

  8. Janie McGaugh

    I’d live in a large country home in Regency England and would be a writer (if I “worked” at all, beyond managing a house).

  9. jdh2690

    Since I’ve been a legal secretary for years and years and years (!), if I were transported to Regency times, I would live in London and be a proofreader for a newspaper or parliament during those times. I doubt they would let me write anything original as they didn’t count women as having much in the brains department back then…but hopefully they could find a use for my English, grammar and syntax skills.

  10. shadowluvs2read

    oo! hmm. id want the victorian days. i love them! okay, its mostly because of the dresses and shoes. lol and the masquerade balls! id be in london, probably a midwife/nurse. id have a sharp tongue, a mind of my own, and a quick temper! lol

  11. Mary Preston

    I have no doubt that no matter what era I was transported back to I would be a scullery maid.

  12. beckymmoe

    With my luck, I’d be a maid too–Regency England. I think I’d rather be in the country, as long as the library has lots of books! (I’d get to work in a house with an extensive library, surely? Otherwise it’d be just too cruel!)

  13. Diane Sallans

    Regency England – Countess – live mostly on an estate about an hour’s carriage ride outside of London – as a Countess I would make it my responsibility to look out for those less fortunate like orphans

  14. Vivian Situ

    Women during this era usually at home preparing to be married or already married. But if I were to choose of my profession during this time, I would be a writer. I don’t have skill in writing remarkable prose but I do have a knack in storytelling. And I would want to live in a big house or a castle.

  15. Erin J.

    I suppose Regency England, either Scotland or Ireland, and since I’m a chemist I would want to be a pharmacist, maybe even the kind that deals more in poisons under the table… 🙂

  16. falicesidoma

    Well I want to live in the victorian era, I would be married with no children yet, as I would be still be only 20. but I know that at that time I would be considered on the shelf if i had not wedded the town rogue. Who is tall Dark and ruggedly handsome, with the most beautiful grey eyes. I would have not have to work because my marriage had money on both sides. We married because it was Love and lots of lust!!.
    Instead of work. both of us would be trying to help the the people that are in need of food, shelter, training. medical things that everybody needs to have in a every day life. We would be living in London But not in the best neighborhood nor in the poorest. We would be near the people that need our help! London would be are home town but we would also have several other places because I would love to also live in Scotland. We would travel all over the world learning other cultures & languages. We also would die in bed in each others arms so we would not have any regrets about not having each others.
    I will stop here because i could write a short story. Yes I have thought of IF I WAS BORN IN THE ERA. with my family.

  17. Chelsea B.

    I would be a shy wallflower living in my father’s estate with a grumpy governess, awaiting my knight in shining armor to walk in– obviously. 😉

  18. Donna D

    I believe I would live in England in the Regency era — probably not London, but some other small town or village. I would be upper class, but not high society — from a family with a good reputation and enough funds for living well if not sumptuously. I would be the eldest daughter, and probably help my father with the accounts of the home and his business. I might even be a bit past the usual marrying age, but still have a prospect or two. I would read, but I doubt I would try writing. And I wouldn’t help much with the household – except for the accounts.

  19. ki pha

    LOL where would I live if I were transported back in time? Well, somewhere in England or Scotland. Most likely a blue collar….. a librarian, hat maker, flower girl, a modiste….. a Painter! Yes. Or governess. Maybe a country gal who’s wild a free to run with the wind and animals~ LOL

  20. Krysten M

    Hmm…that’s tough. Probably somewhere in England (Regency of course) and would most likely be a governess 😀

  21. Stephanie F.

    I’d love to go to Regency Scotland I’d be a midwife married to a sexy Highland Lord. Can’t resist a man in a kilt.

  22. Barbara Elness

    If I were transported back to Victorian times, I’d try to land a job as a companion to an older aristocratic lady so I could live in fairly comfortable surroundings.

  23. Kai W.

    If I was transported back to Victorian times, I would prefer to be in the countryside away from London’s life. I could be a governess since I do have a history and math degree. I could be an animal keeper since I do know enough first aid for animals (I’m a little short on completing my veterinarian tech).

  24. Claira Pam

    I would live in England. Can I be a princess?? Otherwise, I would probably be a governess or a companion; nothing too fancy!

  25. Kim Perry

    I would be a bluestocking in Regency England and write gothic novels. I would live in London and have house in the country as well.

  26. Christy

    I would be an independent lady and have secret job as a spy. I would live in England, or Ireland or Scotland, where all the hot lords live:)

  27. Linda Thum

    I’d live in my father’s (the duke) sprawling estate in the countryside. Since I’m his only daughter he indulges me shamelessly by allowing me to read & study (yes I’m a bluestocking), ride astride & even wear breeches.

  28. Aly P

    Hmmm…. I’d leave in the Regency and be the much loved daughter of a Marquees or Duke. I’d love to read but also be adept at the rules of the time… I’d also find a sexy Duke or Marquees, reformed rake, who will love me and we’ll marry and live happily ever after 😀

  29. KateS

    I woule love to live in the Georgian period [fluffy me who likes to be warm] and would probably be some type of companion..

  30. SnarkyMom

    I would HATE to be transported back in time! I am soooo enamoured with my creature comforts. Running water… sanitation… air conditioning/heating… etc…

  31. Sandy Xiong

    I would be ex-daughter of earl who lived in the countryside so that I can do whatever I want without worrying about the social gossip and such. I am educated (read, speak different languages, and ride). I would be well-off since my aunt (un-married) left everything she had for me.

  32. Sharlene Wegner

    Rebe LOL! I would have lived in Scotland & owned a book shop. It seems as if Scotland was a little less restrictive with what woman could do.

  33. Tawnya Bentley

    I would probably want the Regency period, however I’d want to live in an area of Scotland that the men wore kilts. 😉 And that was few and far between if I remember my history correctly. Honestly I’m so use to modern times and having Iced Tea (no sugar) that I would actually die, probably from caffeine withdraws. That and I’m too independent now to want a man ruling over me.

  34. conniefischer

    I would love to go back in time to the Regency period, live in the Cornwall area and be a companion to an older lady. I think that the ability to help someone and hear the stories they would have to tell in addition to enjoying the lovely countryside would be delightful. As a companion, life would not be a very difficult one either.

  35. Jennifer Zorko-Legan

    Mine would be a Cinderella story. I would be in England, I would be a house maid who the Duke or Earl or Prince fell madly in love with and would defy his family to marry me. That would be my true HEA!

  36. Sue G.

    I would want to live in the English countryside in my castle with with my Duke and children. I would be involved in helping run the estate and I would have an awesome collection of pretty dresses! 🙂

  37. catslady

    I’m happy with any time frame but I would love to be an artist of some kind even if it was just as a hobby. Thanks for a great contest.

  38. Naomi Erwin

    Since this is make believe why not be rich? But I would help those less fortunate and I wouldn’t be a snob. Regency times for my answer and I would live in a castle near a small village in England. I would want to be a writer, but would do so under a different pen name. I would meet or be married to my current husband, he’s not perfect, but perfect for me!

  39. Annwitch

    I would be a rich debutante in England. I would want to be the toast of the ton. I guess I wouldn’t get a choice so I’ll stay in 2013.

  40. Jamie Adams

    I think I would be a governess or a maid – I’d have to work hard, but we’d have all sorts of ridiculous and/or scandalous fun making fun of all the rich people but still have the advantage of their amenities and make enough to help support family. Plus there’d be handsome men to moon over 🙂

  41. cheryl c.

    I would live in a lovely manor in the countryside of England during the Regency period. I would be a popular hostess, beloved mother, excellent horsewoman, efficient household manager, and adored wife! In other words, I am perfect! 😉

  42. Diane P. Diamond

    I would be a Duchess living in Mayfair during the Regency period. However, I would be out constantly garnering support and funds for all the foundling homes, and under privileged. My Duke would be right alongside me supporting me and cheering me on. *sigh* 🙂

  43. Aline

    I’d probably be a country girl who met a Duke in disguise. We would fall in love with one another,and he would make me his Duchess but not without overcame some terrible obstacles LOL

  44. Jennifer F

    I would either live in Scotland and be married to a Highland Lord or be a princess in London or Ireland!

  45. Debra A.

    I would want to be in the kitchen or a maid. I love to cook and I have been known to cook. That is if I couldn’t be a titled lady. In either Regency or in Scotland.

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