Spotlight & Giveaway: If You’re Not the One by Jemma Forte

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Today it is my pleasure to spotlight the release of IF YOU’RE NOT THE ONE by Jemma Forte



What if you could do it all over again?

If You're Not the OneJennifer Wright is pretty sure her husband doesn’t love her anymore. She and Max used to be the perfect couple, but the pressures of work and kids have pulled them in opposite directions. Now, Jen is full of “what if” questions about whether her bland, suburban existence is all she was ever destined for.
When a terrible accident sends Jen into a coma, she is able to see what her life could have been if she had run off to Australia with the handsome, dangerous man she met on vacation in her twenties, or if she had stayed with her workaholic college boyfriend. Would she ever have loved another child as much as she loves her daughters? Could she have become rich? More than anything, Jen wants to do the right thing for her family. But what she discovers may leave her with even more questions about the choices she’s made, and no easy answers about what to do next.

Read an excerpt from If You’re Not the One 

Stay with us, Jennifer. Come on, love, you can do this. Hang

in there.”

Why was everyone yelling? She was so tired. All she wanted to do was sleep. She was so close to being able to slip away, yet wasn’t being allowed to. She felt very muddled and had a vague sense of being bullied.

“Patient’s suffering agonal respirations and has a CO2 of eleven. Probably in anaphylactic shock. Let’s commence CPR.”

“Jen, please hang in there. I’m so, so sorry. I love you.”

“Sorry, Mr. Wright. Can you stay out of the way? It’s very important.”

What is Max doing here? she wondered. For a second, she was tempted to open her eyes, but she wasn’t able to because a burning sensation swept through her so violently, she would have done anything to make it stop. It was pain on a level she never would have thought possible. Every cell in her body was on fire, doused in hot, white agony. Then, as quickly as it showed itself, it subsided, and once again she reverted to her numb state of nothingness.

Then someone was applying pressure to her that hurt in a different way. She didn’t want to be awake anymore. She craved peace and sensed a way she could achieve it. It would definitely remove the pain, and any further possibility of it.

But she wasn’t sure she wanted to go that way either. She reflected for a second, as though she were suspended in time and space, floating almost. She wasn’t ready for that, which meant there was only one option left. So, once more, she sank back into the gray fog, more cries of panic sounded around her.

As the paramedics went about their frenzied business of trying to save her life, the strangest things were happening in Jennifer’s bruised brain.

None of us can really comprehend what the human brain is capable of doing, in the same way that Jennifer had no clue as to the true capabilities of her laptop. All she tended to use her PC for was to write emails, do a bit of shopping, or social networking, meaning its dual core processor was never fully taken advantage of. She was always stunned when Max, who was far more tech-­savvy than her, did some simple task on her computer in a way that made her realize she was only ever utilizing around 10 percent of what it could do, if only she knew how to operate it properly.

It’s the same with the human brain, only on a far grander and more mysterious scale, its true power being so tricky to tap. Most of its work and activity happens at a deeply subconscious level, and yet even beyond that, there are areas of it that we never unearth, even when dreaming.

Psychics do better than most. Whether you believe in them or not, they at least have more awareness of the various possibilities that we could utilize if only we tried.

Right at that second, within Jennifer’s skull, a series of lightning-­fast connections were being made, ones that she never would have been privy to if her head hadn’t made contact with the ground

quite as brutally as it had. Something extraordinary was happening.

As her synapses furiously connected and fused, three tunnels of white light suddenly showed themselves to her. There was one to the left, one straight ahead, and one to the right. Is this what death looks like? Instinct told her it was something different, and suddenly she knew, without needing to be told, that rather than leading her to the afterlife, instead, these tunnels represented different lives she could so easily have led.

What she was being given here was a gift. The gift of being able to see what life would have been like had she chosen another route at three different points in her life. And so it was that Jennifer allowed herself to fall into a deep and very informative coma. As her own private miracle started, she began to glide toward the first tunnel, the one to the left, which was swirling with clouds of light at its entrance. This was the one marked Aidan.

Excerpt. ©Jemma Forte. Posted by arrangement with the publisher. All rights reserved.


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Book Info: 

If You’re Not the One by Jemma Forte
Sourcebooks Landmark
June 2, 2015

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Meet the Author:

Jemma ForteJemma Forte was a Disney Channel host in the UK for five years, and has gone on to host shows for ITV, BBC1, BBC2, and other channels in the UK. She lives in London with her family.
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35 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: If You’re Not the One by Jemma Forte”

  1. erinf1

    I would have finished college, broken up with my first boyfriend a lot sooner, and had more fun!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Joye

    I would have liked to wait a bit before rushing into marriage which at the time, was the thing to do!

  3. lraines78

    There are certain things I would love to redo but on the other hand they have made me who I am today.

  4. Lisa M

    there are certain things I’d have done quicker but over all, I wouldn’t change much … even all the bad stuff brought me to this point in my life

  5. dutcheja

    If I knew what I know now then I would do it over again. But the decisions I made were made with the information I had at the time, with all the experience and naivety I had then

  6. Rita Wray

    I think we all ask ourselves that question as we get older. Yes there are things I would redo.

  7. Jenn McElroy

    I would’ve made healthier life choices in my teens & twenties, rather than waiting until almost 30. I would’ve made more of an effort in college, too. However, considering the things I would change if I got a do over, I’m pretty happy with my life as it is.

  8. Sylve T.

    i have always wondered what if…i would love to see how different my life would have been had i chosen a different path.

  9. Sharlene Wegner

    I would’ve been more careful with money & wouldn’ve done things a little differently with raising my son.

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