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Today it is my pleasure to welcome romance author Kate Angell to HJ!


Hi Kate, Welcome to HJ!

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title of the book should be? Why?

Animal House (not the college movie with Jim Belushi). I’ve always had a household of pets. I adopt rescue dogs/cats, and have also taken in animals that were abused or abandoned. A few that were hurt. I recently had a mother cat wander down my driveway. I fed her; she stayed and had four kittens. All are still here. I live rural on several acres. I have a large fenced-in yard. I’ve had pigs, goats (better than any lawn mower), ducks, a descented skunk (rehab for a broken leg), a rabbit, and (several years ago) I fostered a confiscated squirrel monkey until he could be turned over to a zoo. My philosophy: What’s one more mouth to feed?

Which of your prior characters would you most/least likely invite to dinner and why?

From my Barefoot William Series, I’d invite Shaye Cates-Saunders (No Tan Lines) to dinner. She’s a character after my own heart. The beach is her office. She loves going barefoot. Family means everything to her. She likes penny candy and junk food. She’d be easy to please when it came to dinner. Least likely to invite: pro-volleyballer Mac James (No Strings Attached). He’s a bottomless pit when it comes to food. He would eat me out of house and home. Still, he was a fun hero to write.

Let’s talk about your newest release: No Sunshine When She’s Gone

If you had to summarize the book for the readers here…

NSWSGJillian Mac and her friend Carrie Waters are in Barefoot William, Florida to build fan support for the Rogues’ new spring training facility, which will be built by Aidan Cates, successful contractor and part of the family that runs the town. After Jill impulsively masquerades as a psychic and predicts Aidan’s breakup with his current girlfriend, he is intrigued and pursues Jill. There are lots of twists, turns, and surprises, but they eventually find love.

Please tell us about the characters in your book

Jillian Mac is the community liaison for the Richmond Rogues. She’s in town to rally the community and to promote spring training. Aidan is the contractor in charge of building the facility. Jill is free-spirited; she tells time by her inner biorhythms. Aidan is serious, and punctual to the second. Jill stretches the truth; she needs wiggle room in her life. Aidan is straightforward and honest.

As you wrote your protagonist was there anything about them that surprised you?

Possibly how much Jill wanted to be loved, yet how difficult it was for her to accept love. With Aidan, he became a very patient man, believing in their relationship long before Jill accepted it.

What scene did you most enjoy writing? Why?

I love writing pets and the scenes with Olive (Shaye Cates’ Quaker parrot) and Aidan were a lot of fun. Olive has a large vocabulary and is quite vocal.
Snippet with Olive and Aidan:

Aidan headed into the beach house. The sliding-glass doors silently opened, but the weight of his steps on the marble floor clued Olive to his arrival.
“Aidan!” she gave a girly shriek when she saw him. Her wings swept wide as she swayed on her perch in the three-tiered cage. She danced for him.
He fitted the tip of his finger through the bars and smoothed the feathers on her head. “How’s my best girl?” he asked.
“Better now.” She pecked his finger; her way of giving him a kiss. “Gift, please.”
“You only love me for my presents,” he teased her.
“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”
Aidan chuckled. Shaye left the television on for Olive whenever she left the house. The sitcoms, movies, and commercials kept the parrot company. The Quaker picked up all sorts of slapstick and drama. She surprised everyone with her attention to detail. She loved Maxwell, the pink Geiko pig. She imitated his “wee, wee, wee” all the way home.

What scene was the hardest to write? Why?

The last chapter. Jillian Mac was in love with Aidan Cates, but had such a hard time telling
him so. Even after he’d confessed how much he cared for her.

Aidan decided to take Sadie for a walk. His white pointer still had allergies, but her sneezes were sporadic now. They headed out the front door together. Halfway down the sidewalk, Sadie picked up her pace. What the hell? Aidan went after her.
He rounded the hedge and immediately spotted a car in his driveway. A vintage Triumph with the windows rolled down. Jillian Mac sat in the driver’s seat, her head thrown back, her eyes closed. Sadie’s enthusiastic bark startled her. She jerked forward and looked around, spotting him immediately.
He walked over to her car, leaned in the passenger-side window. The scent of a hamburger and fries clung to a discarded foil wrapper. A ketchup packet was torn open. Napkins littered the seat. Condensation covered a soda can.
“Out for a drive?” he asked her.
“I knew my destination when I started.”

Who would you cast in the role of your characters if your book were optioned for a movie?

Jillian Mac: Jennifer Lawrence. She can laugh at herself. Aidan Cates: Chris Hemsworth. Aidan is a big guy; solid, and hot.

If you could have given your characters one piece of advice before the opening pages of the book, what would it be and why?

Trust your heart. That advice would be given to Jillian Mac. She had a past of difficult relationships, and was afraid to fall in love. In the end, she did!
For Aidan: sometimes little white lies lead to the truth.

What are you currently working on? What other releases do you have planned for 2014?

No One Loves You More (tentative title) is my work in progress. The plot combines beach and baseball. No Sunshine When She’s Gone was released on April 29th. This story will be a treat for my Richmond Rogues readers, as there are cameo appearances by several of the retired players. Psycho McMillan, Risk Kincaid, and James Lawless. Plus readers will also get a glimpse at the new generation of Rogues.

Where can readers get in touch with you?

Email:,, Facebook: – I welcome Friend requests.

Thanks for blogging at HJ!

Thanks for having me!

– Print copies of Barefoot William Series. (No Tan Lines + No Strings Attached + No Sunshine When She’s Gone)
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(Jillian Mac burned her feet while sunbathing at the beach.)

Jill took a nap on the couch, and woke to the evening news. She’d slept for several hours. She felt revived. She sat up and wiggled her feet. Her skin felt raw. A blister had formed on her big toe. This was not good. She had a date with Aidan Cates in two hours. They were to play miniature golf. She would not let sunburn stop her.
Their date would be casual. Jill dressed in a gray top and her favorite black jeans. Her feet presented a minor problem. She lathered on Vaseline Intensive Care; wore a thick pair of soft
socks. She then slipped on her Isotoner PillowStep slide slippers.
They’d been a gift from her best friend Carrie. The slippers were meant for the bedroom, but could be worn outside in an emergency. She had no other choice. It was the slippers or stay home.
She brushed her hair, left it loose. She added six gem-toned bracelets to her right arm. She was ready to go. This was as good as she was going to get.
Aidan arrived at seven. He wore a rugby pullover, tan with a wide burgundy stripe across his chest, khakis, and loafers. He defined masculine.
She walked toward him, and his gaze lowered to her feet. His brow creased. “There’s lotion oozing from the top of your socks.”
Yes, there was. She sighed, confessed, “My feet are sunburned. They hurt. I squeezed half a bottle of lotion in my socks.”
“You must really want to play miniature golf.”
“It’s my sport of choice.” She wanted to spend time with him, whatever the cost.
Still he hesitated. “Sunburn is no fun.” He appeared concerned. “We can make this another night.”
“Do my slippers embarrass you?”
He shook his head. “Blue and fuzzy do it for me.”
Aidan Cates did it for her.


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  1. Margartia H.

    I have four dogs and they are so crazy! I have a pitbull named Don Vito, 2 chihuahuas named Donna and Peanut and a german shephard named Butters. Don Vito loves to play with Donna and Peanut and Butters is an older dog. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Tammy Y

    Right now we have 3 rescue cats, A black cat and 2 tabbies. We got the cats after our 2 Shelties passed away of old age.

  3. Angel Wells

    Love animals!!! We have a farm so there is cats, dogs, a ton of goats and rabbits that I get to watch and play with everyday!!! My kids show goats in the 4-h wether project. And we are getting chickens very soon.

  4. Jennifer Zorko

    Growing up we had dogs, later I had 2 cats. I love animals, but we just had to have our dog put down a month ago. Still miss him terribly

  5. Gretchen

    I love animals. Growing up we always had dogs, horses, bunnies, and somewhere along the line a few birds. Currently we have a goldendoodle, Lucy. She has the greatest personality and everyone loves her.

  6. Kai W.

    I have several cats over the years. I had a fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbit, a dog, and more cats.

  7. Kate I.

    My family and I currently are between pets, though we seem to have been adopted by a semi-feral cat. We’ve had a number of dogs over the years (labs, shepherd mixes, a cocker mix) and I sure miss having pooches.

  8. Sue C

    We have two Maine Coon Cats, Natalie & Rylee, a boxer mix named Sasha, a hamster named Pippa, chickens and a rabbit named Dundee. We just lost our baby, a Geman Shepherd, named Sasha, in January. We really miss her.

  9. conniefischer

    I absolutely adore animals! Right now, we have two kitties: Sophie is a tortoiseshell with a bit of “tortitude” and Baron is a lovable Maine Coon. The toys around the house looks like we have several toddlers! I could so easily be a Crazy Cat Lady. As a matter of fact, I’ve been watching the live stream of The Tiny Kittens which is from a no-kill shelter in British Columbia. A volunteer named Shelly took in a pregnant Mama cat and we all watched her give birth and will watch the kitties until they are old enough to be spayed/neutered and then all will be adopted out, including Mama. There have been several other litters and each have a theme name. The last one was Cupcake Kittens and this one is the Dancer Kittens. It’s a fabulous way to raise money for the shelter too. I wish other shelters would do the same thing. Thousands of people are watching and it’s such a happy thing. The Tiny Dancers are just over a week old. Here’s the website:

    I’m very much looking forward to reading your novels. They sounds delightful. Congratulations on your success and thank you for your love of precious little animals.

    All the best!

    Connie Fischer

  10. Amanda Vinson

    I have 2 furry kids. My oldest is my black lab Shadow and my baby is here son, Mister Runt. I love them!!!!

  11. Meg Weglarz

    I’ve lived with pets my whole life – right now we have 3 cats, named for animal characters in the Harry Potter series: Fang, Fluffy & Buckbeak. They’re all shelter kitties and are 13, 13 & 9 years old,respectively.

  12. Sue G.

    I used to have a bunny. My husband gave him to me for a wedding. Unfortunately, I found out I am allergic, so not I don’t have any pets.

  13. Kathleen O

    I like animals, but I don’t have any pets. I can’t have them where I live. Landlady is very allergic. But I have lots of furry nieces and nephews, 3 dogs, Charlie, Abby and Banner, and 2 cats Oliver and Lucy.

  14. Chanpreet

    I have no pets but have always wanted a mini menagerie. When I was a child I’d claim my youngest brother was the family pet, but besides a bunch of fishes, that’s all we’ve ever had.

  15. EvelynS

    We don’t have any pets although my kids would definitely like for us to get a dog, a cat and a hamster!

  16. Cari White

    A 7 year-old golden retriever, Bailey; a 9-year-old female tuxedo cat, Sami; an 8- year-old male tuxedo cat, Jack; a gerbil, Albert, and a teddy bear hamster, Charlie. The cats are not allowed in the same room as the gerbil and hamster. Jack is the king of the animals. Bailey is the omega of the animals and the sweetest dog EVER! Sami is my snuggler. She sleeps with me every night and is my cat.

  17. Sandie W

    I’ve got a pomerian. She is almost 14 years old, deaf and slowly going blind. I hate the thought of losing her, but she is starting to be in pain. 🙁

  18. laurieg72

    I currently do not own a pet. I grew up with dogs, two Shetland sheepdogs, Mac & Sandy and one sheepdog, Molly. I will always be a dog lover. We are semi -retired. We want the freedom to pick up and leave at a moments notice

  19. Christine K

    My kids and I are animal lovers, my husband however is not. We have had cats, dogs, hamsters, and fish in the past but currently we have a rabbit named Lady Sif and a 4 year old Maltipoo named Loki. The dogs name fits perfectly as he is always in mischief but Sif is afraid of her own shadow, she’s no warrior queen married to Thor. lol

  20. Glenda

    Current count is: 1 horse (who thinks he’s a dog); 1 golden retriever; 3 cats (all found in our yard – 2 when their mom abandoned them when they were 2 days old); 1 bearded dragon; assorted fish and frogs in an ornamental pond.

  21. Krysten M

    I have a big fat lazy cat 🙂 We used to have a bird and a dog (not at the same time), but cats seem to suit our family better

  22. mrsmac19

    I like animals when they live somewhere else :-). We had a puppy for five days ten years ago. With a husband, 2 kids, and my own life, I just can’t take care of something else. I do, however, like dogs.

  23. veRONIca

    No pets. I live in an apartment complex and I just think it would suck for the animal to be stuck on the fifteenth floor only to get to go for a walk twice a day

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