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Today it is my pleasure to welcome back  NY Times  & USA Today Bestselling Author Catherine Bybee to HJ!

Catherine welcome and thanks for stopping to answer a few questions and to tell us about your newest release

5 things readers should know about you?

  • CatherineI don’t take life to seriously. None of us get out alive.
  • I’m cynical but caring. (It’s the nurse in me)
  • I read romance because if I wanted to be depressed I’d watch the news or go back to work in the ER.
  • I wanted to be an actress. I was a damn good actress.
  • I sing show tunes in the shower…Helllooooo! Actress!

What would you say are the defining characteristic of your Novels?

Oh, that’s easy. I move my stories with snappy dialogue and not long-winded descriptions or reflection. Someone once told me that when they read my books they feel like they’re watching a movie in their head. I think there is a lot of truth to that statement.

5 best things about being a writer?

  1. My commute!
  2. My fans!
  3. My hours!
  4. Meeting new people.
  5. And recently, the money.

What romance book character you most identify with & Why?

In my contemporaries… I’m going to have to say Monica. Who you met in Not Quite Dating, but doesn’t get her book until October with Not Quite Enough. And since I just finished her book…I really know I can identify with her.

What are you currently reading?

I finished all my RITA books and I’m now finally digging into Jennifer Probst’s books. Thousands of readers can’t be wrong!

If you had to summarize Not Quite Mine for the readers here ….

NQMOh, hard to do without giving away spoilers right from the start… but I’ll try. Katie and Dean dated without anyone in their inner circle knowing about it. When Katie learned she couldn’t have children, she broke her heart and pushed Dean away so he could live the family life she couldn’t give him. Yet when an infant is left on her doorstep, and she’s determined to keep the child until she can find the mother, Katie realizes there’s more to being a mom than simply having a child. And when Dean starts sniffing around, Katie questions everything.

Please tell us about the characters in your book

When I created Katie Morrison I picture Paris Hilton. Stunning, spoiled…in the spotlight of the American tabloids. At least that was the public persona of Katie. The heart of Katie is much more wholesome. She’d do anything for her father and brother…and now her sister-in-law, Jessie and nephew Danny. What Katie didn’t have growing up was a mother. And that hurt.
Dean Prescott is Katie’s brother, Jack’s, best friend. So obviously, he wouldn’t go after his best friends kid sister. At least not openly. Dean’s a family guy, sees the whole picket fence with a boatload of kids in his life. When Katie shatters that dream with him, he tries to find his HEA with someone else, only to find himself alone and dreaming about the one who got away.

What scene did you have most fun writing? why? 

Oh… Yeah, can’t give you my ‘favorite’ because of the spoiler alert. But this scene lets my reader know that Dean is still into Katie in every way. *Katie is working with Dean designing a new hotel – Dean runs Prescott construction and is working with her brother Jack*

Dean followed the pattern of awestruck men until he found her.
Bent over a railing on what would be one of the many ground floor suites, Katie’s short, cream-colored skirt rode midthigh. The sight of her slammed his breath from his lungs. Her long legs appeared to ride for miles and the four-inch heels extended them even farther.
Her butt flexed as she straightened and looked up to the ceiling. She reached above her head as if measuring the height of the room.
The memory of her stretching in bed, naked, after they’d made love swam in his mind.
Get a grip, Dean, he chided himself. Drowning in those memories would only lead to heartache. And he’d had his share of that, enough to last a lifetime.
“You need to wear a hat,” he all but yelled in her direction.
Katie jumped and swiveled in his direction. “Damn it, Dean, you scared me.” She brought a hand to her chest as if calming her heart from the shock of him being there.
“If an inspector were here, he’d shut me down if he caught you without a hard hat.”
He took two purposeful strides in her direction and thrust the hat in front of him. He avoided her personal space but couldn’t keep her floral scent from reaching his nose.
She always smelled like spring.
Dean wiggled the hat in his hand.
She sneered at it as if it were a snake. “Who else has worn that thing?”
“I have no idea.”
“I’m not touching it.”
He rolled his eyes and let his arm fall. “You wear a hat, or get off my job site.”
Her mouth dropped. “You can’t fire me.”
“I’m not firing you, I’m telling you the rules. And those shoes have to go, too.”
She stuck out a hip and rested a hand on it. “Will an inspector shut you down for my shoes?”
He wanted to tell her yes, but he’d be lying. “The ground is uneven and there are nails everywhere. Twisting an ankle and contracting tetanus are the most likely by-product of stilettos on the site.”
Katie lifted a leg and examined her own shoe. Her skirt slid farther up her thighs.
Dean groaned.
“I’ve run from half a dozen paparazzi on the cobblestoned streets of Italy in heels like these. I’ll take my chances.”
He thrust the hat in her direction a second time and dismissed the footwear argument. “They’re your feet. The hat isn’t optional.”
After sniffing the air and finding it unsavory, Katie glanced at the top of his head. He read her thought before she managed to voice it.
“Has anyone else worn your hat?”
It had his name on it. No one would consider putting it atop his or her head. “No.”
A slow Southern smile met her lips. Avoiding a forgotten two-by-four, she shortened the space between them and stared at his hat.
This was not a fight he was going to win. He could insist she wear the hat in his hand, but knew he’d end up tossing her over his shoulder and removing her from the site because she wouldn’t wear it. It wasn’t that she was a snob, just particular about what touched her skin.
No matter how the hat ordeal played out, the men on his crew would be talking by the end of the day. Carrying her off the site or letting her wear his hat for the day…those were his options.
He mumbled under his breath and removed his hat before plunking it down on her stubborn head.
She stood a little taller and wore a satisfied smile.
“How do I look?”
Good enough to eat, he thought but didn’t say. The hard hat should have looked ridiculous on her. It didn’t. A completely unwanted sense of pride sparked his ego when he glanced down at his name atop her head. The hat claimed her as his in a completely high school way.
He shook the thoughts from his confused mind and quickly said, “Fine.”

Who would who cast in the role of hero and heroine if your book was optioned for a movie?

A sandy blond Ben Affleck for Dean
Gwen Paltrow for Katie

What are you currently working on? What other releases so you have planned for 2013?

I just delivered Not Quite Enough, Monica’s story, to my publisher. And I’m very excited about Fiancé by Friday coming in August. Neil is so damn HOT!

Where can readers get in touch with you?

Follow my newsletter for monthly updates. Or check out my website: And then there’s the usual, twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, etc. You name it, I’m there.

Thank you for stopping by HJ!

Giveaway: ARC of Not Quite Mine

To enter giveaway, please complete the Rafflecopter form below and post a comment to this Q: For my readers who are moms – When was the very moment you knew you were a mom. And I’m not asking when you found out you were pregnant, but that moment when you sat back and when “Holy cow, I’m really a mom!”

Here’s mine: It was in the hospital shortly after my oldest was born…there was a speck of something on his cheek and I licked my finger to help get that unidentified speck. I knew at that moment I was a mom. (that speck could have been anything and it didn’t matter to me)

For my readers who are not moms – What about being a mother scares you the most?

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Here is a special Video of Catherine reading an excerpt from her book (Please fast forward to the 3:00 min mark )



111 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Not Quite Mine by Catherine Bybee”

  1. Lily B

    the whole birth process is the most scariest thing for me because I am not good with blood or needles nor pain and watching my sister undergo that was a little scary, I think that’s my most current fear

  2. Becky M.

    Hmmmm, well, #1 turns 16 next month, so it’s all kind of fuzzy, but….

    I’d have to say it was when we were first home from the hospital (it was a c-section delivery, which back then meant a full week stay in the hospital), my mom was gone, and my husband went off to work for the first time and I was left all alone with the sleeping baby. I distinctly remember thinking, “Now what??” and being slightly freaked out that the little person I was now responsible for would suddenly just stop breathing. I was afraid to leave the room….

    Nowadays I don’t see him until after noon on most non-school days and don’t think a thing of it. 😉 Your book sounds great! 🙂

    • catherinebybee

      I’d like to say that ‘worry about them not breathing thing’ goes away… but it just shifts to “Are they driving OK?” Or any number of other worries. *sigh*

      Hope you enjoy the book, Becky.

  3. Cindy H.

    I never had any children but nothing really scares me about being a mom. I love kids. I do consider my brother’s 4 children as my own.

  4. Donna Durnell

    my oldest is 42, my youngest 38, and my granddaughter 21. don’t remember when>/i> that “mom” moment happened — but do think I know when I turned into my mother. lol

  5. Lauren

    It took years for me to get pregnant. So the first time I realized I was going to be a Mom was when I was told I was having a boy and watching him move during the ultrasound.

  6. Mary Preston

    My son, number one child, was born at 1:16 am. He was small, so the first night they had him in the nursery just so they could watch him. I slept. I woke up at 6am when they brought in tea & toast – love room service. It hit me **BAM** that there was a little person out there in the world that I was totally responsible for. He’d had a very good night, so they brought him into me. It’s such an overwhelming feeling. I think it must be love.

  7. Leanna Hiner

    Not a mom but I have dogs and they rule yourr life they depend on you for everything. I will never be s mom.

  8. Cris

    Not a mum and not planning to be one! Being responsible for someone else?? I can barely sort out my own life! [In ~2 months, I’ll have a doctorate and no life plan… oops]

    • catherinebybee

      I applaud people who know they don’t want to be a parent. There are no rules to say you have to be. Dr. Cris. Congrats on that doctorate! That’s huge!

  9. Sharlene Wegner

    I was 35 when I had my son. I had a 4 night hospital stay due to cesarean section, but every night I woke up & waited for them to bring my baby down so I could feed him & hold him till he went back to sleep. Bottom line is, I was so happy to be a mom that I felt it right away!

  10. wendy

    the responsibility for another human being scares me. i’m bad enough at taking care of myself.

  11. Tammy Stoneman Yenalavitch

    I had a C-section and a Spinal Block and I had to stay in bed all day after she was born. That night, I leapt out of bed with no help from the nurse and could not wait to hold by daughter, She was so small. only 4 lbs. But as I held her I knew I was a Mom. She is 14 now, but I will never forget that day.

  12. kp

    Oldest is 24 and grad school student to become a physical therapist, youngest is 22 and graduating from college next month. I think I have felt most like a mom every day for the last 24 years….but knew for certain when it didn’t faze me when #1 threw up like the exorcist for the first 6 months and I was so happy to be with him!

  13. Aline

    Hmm, I’m not a mom yet but I guess the whole delivery process kind of scary to me because there’s a life at stake and also the thought of raising a child in this crazy world is somewhat scary…

  14. Lisa Richards

    When you are a mom, everything scares you. What they eat, what they drink, are they breathing. I remember so many times sneaking into the nursery just to see if the baby was breathing. And I gotta tell you this fear never leaves you, you just have different fears for them when they are 30 years old instead of 30 hours old.

  15. Lani

    My only One #son (until right now) When he asked me not to work again or school again, and he says, “you can take care of me ma..” oh thats so sweet.. im working mother, maybe i have to spent a lot of time with my little one. Cause im a mother.

  16. Ada

    I’m not a mom yet but the thought that scares me the most is having another human being depend on me! Sometimes I don’t think I have a handle on myself, let alone being able to care for someone so little and precious.

  17. Kai W.

    I’m not a mom but I do know what scare me the most. I don’t want to end up being her. I don’t even want to be like her: pessimistic about life.

  18. joni78

    I was 17 when I had my oldest, he is 17 now, I’m not sure the moment that it hit me but I remember not being able to sleep the night he was born. I was so worried about him being in the nursery I paced the hallway until they opened the curtains so I could see him and make sure he was okay. The first time I changed him he peed right in my face that taught me real quick lol.

  19. Ashlea Rhodes

    Scares me the most them being little shit heads to me like I was to my mum. I’m really really sorry mummy and I love you. Also I think it would be I would always worry that am I doing the right thing.

  20. Deanna Lynn Sletten

    There was no big WOW moment when I first felt that I was a mom. The moment my son was born, I went from someone who had literally no experience with babies or children to someone who felt completely comfortable with handling a newborn. People say that mothering is almost pure instinct, and with me, that was true. I enjoyed every moment of it! 🙂

  21. Sue Peace

    Great question!!! I honestly can’t remember ‘the’ exact moment I thought that. But I do remember the first time I had to run out for something…no make up, sweats, hair in a knot on my head (so not me pre children!!)…thinking oh, well, I’m a mother now, it’s what we do…

  22. Shelbie Knight

    The moment that it really hit me that I was a Mom was on the way home from the hospital with our Son. My Hubby clipped his seat into the contraption & I climbed into the backseat next to my Son. My Husband gave me a strange look, but it did not register until we started driving home. I was watching my Son, watching his little chest go up & down, hanging on every breath to make sure he wasn’t strapped in too tightly. All of a sudden, from the drivers seat, my Husband says “you do know that you are sitting in the backseat & the front seat is empty, right?” I looked at him, looked at the empty front seat & then looked over at my Son. I said to my Husband, “I want to be next to him to protect him if we got hit or something.” Then and there, for the first time in my life, I realized that I would willingly, without thought or question, jump in front of any obstacle to protect my Son. That I was a Mother. That I was born to be a Mother. That God had granted me a gift beyond measure that I would treasure & protect for all of my days. As I am preparing, yes preparing, for my Sons 18th Birthday this month, I think back on those times & I am amazed that it has all passed so quickly. Becoming a Mother, twice over, as we were blessed with a Daughter as well, is truly the most blessed event of my life. =)

  23. Alicia Jespersen

    The thing about being a mom that scares me the most is the responsibility. Now I don’t mean having new tasks like laundry and diapers, but the fact that you are responsible for this little beings life, you are going to be the supporting and protecting this little baby for the rest of your life. But I imagine as I get older my feelings about that will even out and I will be able to handle the idea of being responsible for not only my life but another persons life as well.

  24. Crystal B.

    I’m not a mom, but being able to keep my kid’s safe in today’s world scares the crap out of me. You can keep them safe at home and in your care, but having no idea what goes on when they are out of my care would terrify me.

    Great question!

    • catherinebybee

      It is scary. It’s a lot different than when I was a kid out there. But I don’t think any mom has worried less than those of today. We will all be scared for our children. It is part of the title of Mom.

  25. DebraG

    My first had projectile vomiting and working to help that sure made me feel like a mom.

  26. Sue G.

    I have 3 daughters. When daughter #1 was 2 days old, the nurse showed me how to give her a bath in the hospital. She finished, put on clean clothes, wrapped her up and gave her to me. Less than a minute later my daughter threw up all over me including in my mouth. That’s when I knew it was real!

  27. Beth M.

    We had 2 right off the bat so it was mom x2 from the minute they were born! I wasn’t allowed to hold them without someone else being in the room for the 1st 24 hours due to being on blood pressure medication. That was the worst feeling, knowing I couldn’t be there for them if they needed me.

  28. rebelovesbooks

    I’m not a mom, but I wouldn’t say the thought of being a mom scares me per se. It does seem like way more work than I want to do, lol!

  29. Athena

    I’m not a mom, I could probably handle the responsibility, but what scares the most is the possibility that I won’t be a good parent.

  30. Jen McKinney

    I’m not a Mom, and the thing that scares me most about becoming a Mom are babies. They really freak me out. Holding babies scare the crap out of me. I’m not overly comfortable with kids until around the age of 5, then they get fun and I can relate to them. Everyone says it’ll be different with my own kids, but what if it isn’t? I’m 32 and haven’t gotten past that hurdle. Luckily for me, my husband feels exactly the same way.

  31. Kris J.

    I think the “definiing” moment for me was when my oldest pulled off her umbilical cord when I was changing her diaper. I was home alone, late at night, because my husband worked nights and I was freaking out. Finally, I Told myself “Your a Mom, you can handle this”, and then I broke down and called my mother who assured me she wouldn’t bleed to death from pulling off her umbilical cord stump.

  32. Heather Fueger (@heater_28)

    I’m not a mom, but what scares me most is today’s society and how dangerous the world is now. When I was a kid there were threats, but times have changed so much that keeping any kids I would have safe is what is terrifying.

  33. Lea

    For me I think it was when they laid that little squirming bundle on my chest for the first time, she was just so little and cute, I couldn’t believe she was here and my responsibility.

  34. Tawnya Bentley

    I nursed both of my children (my daughter not as long as she should have been because of divorce), but the moment my son, the eldest, first latched on, was “The moment” for me. I remember every detail about those few minutes.

  35. Marcy Shuler

    When my oldest son was born I’d already lost both my parents, and my mother’s father was in his mid-90s and not doing well. So, when we left the hospital we drove straight to my grandfather’s house (an hour away from my home). He barely knew who I was as he lay in a hospital bed in his living room, but as I placed my little boy in his arms, I just remember how right it seemed watching as he stared at that baby.

  36. Denise gosselin

    When my oldest (now 26) was born. She had colic for the first three months. Many sleepless nights and walking the floor with her. I knew I was a mom then because she was all I could think about. It wasn’t about me and my husband anymore. And it’s still all about the kids 🙂

  37. Bec Wallis

    I was a first time mum July last year, and the moment I had the ‘Holy Cow, I’m a mum’ moment was when they delivered the baby and I heard that beautiful cry of my little boy for the first time and the mid-wife handed him to me not soon after he was out.

  38. Kim

    Heck. I have NO idea. I was that mom who wanted to get out of the hospital, so I could just be along with my child. Probably week five when she was screaming in the middle of the night. Nothing I did would make her be quite. The dog was sitting on the floor with us, looking at me with a look I swear was, “You don’t know what the HELL you’re doing.” I started crying and the baby stopped.

  39. Gabrielle

    I have done the licking the finger to clean my sons face but I think that I realized i was a mom was when I ate something that my young son had chewed on and my cousin who was not a mom yet was grossed out and all the moms in the group just said wait till you are a mom.

  40. Winnie Lim

    I’m not a mum. I think the most scary thing about being a mum is the pain you feel when your child falls sick or dies. I had a sister who was diagnosed with a brain tumor several years ago and subsequently passed away. The kind of pain my mum went through is something I really don’t wish to go through. That kind of made me decide that I don’t wanna hand children.

  41. Priscilla Shuster

    I think I truly felt like I was a mom when I had my first ultrasound and could see my baby. I also remember how amazed I was the first time I felt her move and knew it was my baby…that’s an awesome experience!

  42. Arlene

    I know what it’s like to be a mom and loose your only child. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.
    I would like a chance at an ARC I have never read your books before and I’m quite excited at a chance here. thanks.

  43. Christina Galbraith-Popma

    when my daughter was born early and the nurse would keep me out of the nursery to feed her. I wanted to hurt that woman so bad. I felt my daughters need to be with me and that nurse was keeping from her. When I brought her home and she looked up and smiled, I knew i was mom. Now shes turning 18 and im pulling my hair out! But wouldnt have missed the past 17 yrs for anything.

  44. eli yanti

    i’m not a mom and probably the very scared thing for me if I be come mommy one day is any thing harm my child.

  45. karen Pietrusinski

    I guess the moment that it hit me, I am actually a mom was the first time I heard my daughter’s heartbeat at the doctor’s office. It hit me that I have a little life inside me. Hearing her heartbeat made it so real.

  46. Elaine McDonald

    I don’t normally choose books with babies, but your excerpt makes me want to read it! (Printed and oral!) I tried to leave a comment a few days ago, but for some reason it didn’t come up with my Ipad.

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