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Today it is my pleasure to host two of my Favorite authors, Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn!

Taryn & Cari just self published ‘Seduced’ the first book in their brand new rock star series “LOST IN OBLIVION” 

Get Seduced by this novel-length introduction to the band Oblivion. This preview occurs before the four forthcoming books about each of the band members. Sometimes getting lost means finding yourself…

Four guys & one woman + more success than they ever bargained for = trouble, of the sexiest kind.

I asked Taryn and Cari to talk about their Favorite scenes from Seduced, Here’s their picks:


Cari’s favorite scenes #1
Nick helps Jazz…and helps himself into a world of hurt. Especially below the waist. 😉

“I don’t know why I’m crying.” Jazz shook her head, her sobs leaving her throat on shuddery gasps. “I can handle fuckers like them. I have before, so many times. But they caught me off-guard, and they grabbed me from behind. That always reminds me of…God, it reminds me.” She stopped there, shuddering.
Of what? Nick almost asked, then decided it wasn’t his business. She wasn’t. Even if the idea of anyone touching her like that—sneaking up on her from behind—scorched through his show nerves and left his muscles quivering for a whole new reason. He wanted blood.
Tucking it away, Nick wrapped his arm around her shoulders and lowered his face to her hair. She was shivering so violently her jaw kept clicking. “Hey, hey,” he murmured, stroking all those wild curls he hadn’t been able to get out of his mind. She sparkled, even in the dark. “It’s okay. You’re okay. They’re gone.”
She only shivered harder. “They didn’t have any right to t…touch me,” she said through clenched teeth. “I told them no and they did it anyway. I said no.”
“I know you did. I heard you, loud and clear.” Nick took a risk and touched her cheek, tilting her heart-shaped face upward. Her cheeks were sheened with moisture. Even her lips were trembling. His heart lurched again. “Hey, look at me. Jazz.” It felt weird to call her that, when he found himself calling her Jasmine more often than not. How could he resist when she’d tossed such an irresistible opening line at him? He was an asshole, and she was as beautiful and delicate as jasmine. Too delicate for a bastard like him. “Jazz, look here.”
Her eyes stayed resolutely closed. “It’s…Jasmine to you, asshole.”
Just like that, he knew she was okay. That she’d faced worse in the past and survived. Survivors came in all kinds of packages. Sparkles or grime, giggles or growls.
Chuckling, he stroked his fingertips along her jaw. Lightly, to give her something to focus on. And maybe to satisfy his curiosity if her skin would feel as satiny as it looked.
Knowing that it did didn’t exactly give him comfort.
Her big eyes flashed open and locked on his, and he let out a long breath at the punch of awareness. What the hell was it about this girl that worked him over so thoroughly?

Cari’s favorite scenes #2 – R-rated
It’s never a good idea for a guy and a girl to end up a closet alone. Add in some pre-show adrenaline, a taste of the forbidden and a whole lot of unfinished business and you have a recipe for sexiness squared.

Nick stabbed his fingers into the mile-high bun Jazz had fixed on top of her head, wrecking the orderly curls, tearing them down while his tongue plunged between her lips. She moaned, loud and sharp, not tempering the sound. And he feasted on it, on her, sucking on her tongue, nipping her lips, swallowing that same grape-sweet taste she’d tormented him with before.
“Want me to go down on you?” he whispered between kisses. It wasn’t an offer he made often, though he had a feeling she’d be the exception to all of his rules.
She shook her head, hard and definite. “No. Just fingers. Please. Like last time.”
They didn’t speak after that. Didn’t do a damn thing except kiss and touch and pant hotly into each other’s mouths. Just like last time, she stroked his cock like she was manipulating her drumsticks. Up, down, up, down, squeezing, letting go. Over and over until he shoved her back against the wall and pushed his hand under her skirt. All he could think about was getting inside her.
She wore panties tonight, tiny frilly ones, and he ripped them aside and surged his fingers deep. She threw her head back, banging her skull. He pulled out and rubbed her piercing, amazed all over again that such perfection existed in his world. The memory of those pink crystals around her taut little clit could take him straight to heaven. But he wouldn’t go alone.
He spent extra time toying with the studs, testing her reactions to each flick and flutter. Building the urgency between them until they both trembled like plucked strings. Then he was playing her flesh like she’d played him and all he could hear were her ragged gasps, each of them ending on a single plea.
God, give me more.
She came in a pulsing gush against his palm, and he groaned as he dropped his forehead into the crook of her neck. Her brown sugar scent and the smell of her arousal wrapped around him, constricting his lungs, blocking his airflow. Then she dropped to her knees again and pulled down his zipper, taking him out so fast he couldn’t do more than pant his gratitude. Her lips closed around the head of his dick and he fisted his hands against the wall, one of them still soaked from her, lost to the sensation of her wet silky mouth riding up and down his length.
It didn’t take long. She remembered what he liked, and he’d been primed for the past week. He hadn’t let himself come on his own, knowing he’d see her behind his eyes. She’d be the cause of his orgasm even if he was all alone. So he’d held back, held off, somehow knowing they’d end up in this place again. His own touch would never be a decent substitute when he could have her.
At least he had her right now.

Taryn’s Favorite Scene #3
Simon, Simon, Simon…oh you beautiful messed up man. He’s been drowning his sorrows in booze and willing women, but when Oblivion finally gets the chance to headline in a club—even if it’s a crappy club—he’s going to make sure they take full advantage of the situation. In this scene he and Deacon wrangle up a sweet deal for the band and finally get them moving in the right direction.

Simon wandered to the back wall and picked at the corner of a local punk rock band’s poster. “I don’t know. We certainly had the crowd screaming. I think we even brought in some customers tonight, Phil.”
Phil clamped his teeth around his cigar and puffed.
Damn, did he think he was some entertainment mogul? The shitbag ran one of the bottom tier clubs on the Strip. He had a receding hairline and a damn ponytail. The Rhino may have been a decent club in the eighties, but now it was scraping to get by just like all the artists who played there.
Phil put the cigar back in the ashtray, steepled his fingertips together and finally spoke. “Maybe. But I’ve seen a good night from just about every band that’s come in here. You guys have been working the opening act circuit for two years. There’s a reason for that. Even when you get the stage to yourselves, you never own it. Tonight was the first time you showed real promise.”
“Then why have you been asking us back?” Deacon asked before Simon could snarl a comment.
“Because you’re almost there. You’re good enough for an opening act and occasionally, when the timing’s right, a headliner.”
Good enough.
Anger thrashed around in Simon’s chest, just dying to come out in a rush of vile words and swinging fists. The corner of the poster he’d been toying with tore and he curled his fingers into his palm before turning very slowly and very deliberately until the wall hugged his back. He folded his arms, tucking his fists under his biceps.
Good enough.
What Phil meant was they were one level above sucking dick.
And he knew it.
The strangling, gnashing anger was dying to get out.
Deacon laid a hand on his shoulder then stood beside him along the wall. Christ, Simon didn’t even see him move while the haze of fury drowned out all sense.
No. He wasn’t going to scream and mess this up. Phil Turner may deserve a fist or two into his stupid bony face, but it wasn’t going to be tonight. Because all he’d done was speak the truth.
Simon had known it for a while. No amount of vodka and willing females were going to change that singular fact. He and Nick had been so far away from each other lyrically they might as well have been in separate bands. They had a second chance here.
“We want a headlining night next Saturday with a marketing blast. None of this last minute crap where we’re just filling a slot because someone else dropped out. This is all about us.” Simon was satisfied that Phil was listening when he lifted and then dropped his cigar back into the ashtray. “We want a poster and an announcement in the trades.”
“What he means is—” Deacon tried to break in.
“No, we deserve a shot. And if we rock that stage again, we get a twenty percent cut from the liquor sales.”
“Fuck you.”
Deacon held up a hand. Simon jerked the belt loop at his side and Deacon looked down at him. They needed to play this out. Even Deak had to know that. It was time to take their career by the balls even if the short and curlies got tweaked a little. Groveling hadn’t worked. Waiting hadn’t worked.
This was their chance.
Deacon looked at Phil. “If we boost sales significantly, we get seven percent. If we sell out this place, you give us fifteen percent of the bar take.”
Phil smirked.
Simon laughed. Deacon was ever the dreamer, but he liked it. Seven percent was standard for most of the small acts on this part of the Strip. Win-win.

Taryn’s Favorite Scene #4
Simon’s been riding on the groupie train for a while. It’s far easier to lose himself for a night with a willing woman for sex, for companionship, or even just to escape the loneliness. Until Margo. She lives on the flip-side of music. She’s the concert violinist. Her life revolves around symphonies and regimented structure. And when they come together? Mercy…

He opened the door and the live music drilled inside his chest. A humming high note lured him out for more, but he stopped at the threshold. She was utterly lost in the sensual element of the song. Her elegant fingers slipped up and down her fret board with a precision that he’d never even hope to achieve. The notes were as fluid as a guitar, but the lower registers added a full-bodied element that hadn’t been there before.
Margo was actually walking toward him, breaching the doorway to his cell. Her eyes were huge and dark—he couldn’t tell where pupil met iris. All he could do was drown as his voice lowered in reaction. His cock curled in the confines of his jeans until it dug into his thigh.
Ignoring the involuntary response to the sexual undertones of the song, he paid attention to the way his voice molded around the lyrics. The words tasted as smoky and biting as black licorice—undeniably different and overwhelming on the tongue. She stopped a heartbeat away and mouthed the words with him. Her honeysuckle scent rolled in with the chest-thumping whine of strings under a bow instead of a pick.
Her hand fell to her side, the bow and lightweight violin clutched in the elegant fingers of one hand. He brushed the backs of his knuckles down her cheek. Her pulse fluttered madly in her throat as she swallowed. Taking the instrument from her, he set it in the corner of the room and returned to her side.
He traced her jaw, following the line of her throat, dipping his thumb into the half circle dent of her collarbone. A tiny pearl hovered on a chain so fine it barely glittered in the dim light. He spun the bead, then leaned in and tucked his tongue underneath to taste her skin.
She shuddered, but didn’t step back. Instead she tipped her chin back and gave him greater access. He tugged at the pearl, feeling the sandy grit to the tiny treasure. Bumping his nose deeper into the collar of her blouse, he reveled in the spice and flower scent he found. Deeper and stronger at her pulse points.
God, he loved the rich flavor of her. He needed to know if her tongue tasted just as spicy. If her lips were cool or hot, wet or dry. He palmed the back of her head, knocking her clip to the floor so her hair twined around his fingers and wrist.
His other hand slid along her hip, lining her up and yet giving her more than enough time to back away. To walk away if this wasn’t what she wanted. Her wide brown eyes weren’t so cool now. They were curious. They remained open as he flicked his tongue along her full upper lip. She rolled that full lip into her mouth with the tiniest flash of tongue, then pressed her lips flat as if gauging his taste. He slid his thumb behind her ear, tipping her face up as he went in for more. Her tongue tentatively slid along his. Coffee and caramel warred with the coolness of her mouth.
When her breath mingled with his, he gave up all pretense of letting her go.
He sealed his mouth over hers and demanded her full participation. She moaned as their tongues twined and he stepped into her space. She dug under his shirt into the skin along his back. When her nails bit into the flesh of his ass, he scraped his way down her chin to her neck.
“This doesn’t stop with a kiss, Violin Girl.”
“Margo,” she said on an uneven breath. “If we do this, you better know my name.”
“Margo,” he agreed. No, he wouldn’t forget her name. Ever.

Cari & Taryn’s Favorite Scene #5
We both love music and love building chemistry inside the chaos of 5 distinctly separate people. And as much as they all fight, and are surviving this learning curve by sheer force of will, there’s one thing that’s pretty obvious. They work beautifully on stage. And this little scene shows that I think.

People were so busy chatting, they barely looked up at the stage. He glanced over at Deacon, and the furrow between his dark brows drew out nerves. His voice warbled.
Hell no.
He stalked across the stage as the song became more guttural and he drew the crowd’s attention front and center. A few were fans already. They’d been on the circuit long enough to have a few followers. He focused on a trashy blonde that came to all of their Rhino shows.
She licked her lips and swayed. Her black corset top overflowed with fleshy breasts. He’d hooked up with her once and she’d hung around ever since. He winked as he hit the end of the stage and hiked up the half dozen stairs that led to the lighting system.
Simon was just high enough to draw the attention of some of the stragglers as their first song bled into the next. Jazz’s pounding beat kept him in time. He was too far away from Deacon’s bass. They didn’t have money for inner ear monitors, so he usually used Deacon to keep his rhythm.
His guitar bounced against his ass, the knobs biting into his lower back twisting the loose material of his shirt. With impatient fingers, he struggled, tossing the shirt over the scaffolding. The steamy air coated his back and the strap chafed, but the freedom was worth it. Clothes left him feeling hemmed in.
He bounded back down the stairs, his voice growing stronger with every step closer to the stage. Deacon’s face relaxed and his smile widened as he swayed forward and back in that metronome way of his. The constancy he needed. Simon slung an arm over Deacon’s shoulder—he damn well couldn’t reach his neck—as they both sang the chorus.
He spun away and landed in the center of the stage, his knees singing with the impact against the floor as he drowned out the guitars, the drums, and the bass with a wail that left it open for Nick to take center stage with a guitar solo.
Heaving in breaths of oxygen and focused on his burning desire for a shot, he gathered his energy while Nick gave him a four minute break. He looked up to find Gray beside him, just to the left of Deak. Gray quirked a brow at him and Simon winked before he popped back to his feet and stalked over to circle Nick.
Nick’s bare arms were slick with sweat. The lighting rig was like the sun at noon and the smoke machine pumped out wispy gray plumes that teased around their feet like a specter. They looked frigging cool.
Who cared if the smoke singed the inside of his nose? They could breathe later.


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About Seduced:

LIOb1_450A PREQUEL to the NA rock star series Lost In Oblivion.

Warning: get ready for a testosterone overload. The guys are in the driver’s seat in Seduced – and the ride’s gonna rock.

Twenty-three year old Nick Crandall has one focus in his life: Oblivion, the band he formed with his best friend Simon Kagan. With gigs coming up and the band members lacking focus after losing their drummer to rehab, they’re out of ideas. Until Oblivion’s bassist, Deacon McCoy, poses a surprising suggestion.

Bring in someone new. Two someones.

One You Tube video gone viral later, Oblivion is poised on the brink of stardom. With their new hot drummer chick — who comes in a package deal with a talented guitarist who happens to be head over pick in unrequited love with her – it seems like everything’s falling into place. Or will the band Nick and Simon have fought to keep together disintegrate before their eyes?

Four guys & one woman + more success than they ever bargained for = trouble, of the sexiest kind.

Get Seduced by this novel-length introduction to the band Oblivion. This preview occurs before the four forthcoming books about each of the band members. Sometimes getting lost means finding yourself…

Reader Advisory: Seduced is an upper-level NA romance appropriate for mature audiences over 18 due to graphic sex and drug references.

Buy Links: Amazon | ARe | Kobo

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