Spotlight & Giveaway: Survive the Night by Katie Ruggle

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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome author Katie Ruggle to HJ!

Hi Katie and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, Survive the Night!


Please share your favorite scene from Survive the Night:

Thank you for having me!
This is one of my favorite suspenseful scenes from Survive the Night, the third book in my Rocky Mountain K9 Unit series.
Sarah thought she’d escaped her sociopathic brother, but she’s not as safe as she’d hoped. Enjoy!

Later that morning, the knock on the door made Sarah smile. She hurried into the entry, feeling giddy despite her sleep-deprived state. The previous night had been brutal. By the time she’d fed and cleaned all four puppies and tucked them back into their heating-pad-warmed crate, she’d only managed to get an hour or two of sleep before the alarm went off and she’d had to start the whole process over again. After the four a.m. feeding, when Jules, Grace, and Theo had helped, things had gotten easier. Grace, a visiting Hugh, and the kids had assisted with the next two, but Sarah still hadn’t been able to do more than grab quick naps. The prospect of seeing Otto woke up her clouded, sleepy brain, though. It also created an entire herd of butterflies in her belly.
They’d be pretty much alone, too. Sam had gone to work at his kennel job, Grace was running errands with Hugh, and Jules had dragged the rest of the kids outside for a Saturday home improvement project, despite their complaints. Jules was unsympathetic to their pleas. It was supposed to snow any day, and she was determined to clear away the remains of the old burned-out barn before everything was covered in a blanket of white.
The idea of being alone with Otto was both nerve-racking and glorious. The last time hadn’t gone so smoothly, but Sarah was hopeful that this time would be different. After all, the ice had been broken. Jules and Grace seemed certain he liked her. Maybe he’d even ask her out. The thought made her swallow back an excited sound as she hurried to the front door.
Her fingers fumbled a little with the locks, but she finally managed to get the dead bolts and chain unlatched. Swinging open the door, she felt her smile fall away.
Aaron stood on the porch.
No. No, no, no, no, no! The word echoed over and over in her head. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. She’d just broken free, just started a new life. It couldn’t end already.
“Alice.” Her brother’s mouth curled up in a smile that wasn’t reflected in his flat, cold eyes. “You’ve put me to a lot of troub—”
She slammed the door. Her hands were clumsy on the lock, slipping against metal, as an angry shout from outside made her joints go weak and loose, like a marionette. Finally, though, she managed to turn the dead bolt, giving a quiet sob of relief at the click as it seated itself. The second lock was easier, but she left the chain hanging where it was. She had to get away.
Turning, she sprinted down the hallway, yanking the phone Mr. Espina had given her out of her pocket. Her sweating fingers fumbled on the screen, but Sarah finally managed to hit Send.
“Why are you calling me, you nutball?” Jules laughed as she answered. “I’m in the backyard. You could’ve just yelled out the back door.”
“Jules! My brother’s at the front door.” Fear made her voice thick. Sarah dashed through the kitchen toward the back door. “He found me. Oh God, he’s found me already.”
“Ty, Tio,” Jules said. Her voice was hushed and muffled, as if she’d lowered the phone slightly, but Sarah could still hear her urgent words. “Take Dee into the woods. Sarah, get out here. I’ll wait for you.”
“No!” Despite her protest, Sarah was so tempted to run out and let Jules help her, but that would only put Jules and her family in danger. She locked the single dead bolt on the back door and hoped that would hold—at least for a little while—if Aaron came around back. “Run, Jules! Get the kids away from here. I’ve locked myself inside.”
“That won’t stop him for long.”
Sarah knew that, but hearing it out loud was still terrifying. Her heart thundered in her chest, so hard that her pulse throbbed. “It won’t need to. As soon as you promise to hide in the woods with the kids, I’ll hang up and call the po—”
The sound of breaking glass made her flinch, almost dropping the phone. Sarah sucked in a ragged breath. It had come from the front of the house. Jules had been all too right when she’d said the locked door wouldn’t stop Aaron for long.
He’d broken in.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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Giveaway: Print copy of Survive the Night (Rocky Mountain K9 Unit) by Katie Ruggle


To enter Giveaway: Please complete the Rafflecopter form and Post a comment to this Q: I love heroes, like K9 Officer Otto Gunnersen, who have a soft spot for animals in need. What heroic qualities melt your heart?

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Book Info:

He’s always been a haven:
For the lost. The sick. The injured.
But when a hunted woman takes shelter in his arms, this gentle giant swears he’ll do more than heal her battered spirit—he’ll defend her with his life.

K9 Officer Otto Gunnersen always had a soft spot for anyone in need. As Monroe’s very own Dr. Doolittle, he dedicates himself to rehabilitating the injured souls that cross his path—but for all his big heart, he’s never been in love.

Until he meets Sarah Clifton’s haunted eyes. Until he realizes he’ll do anything to save her.

All Sarah wants is to escape a life caught between ambitious crime families, but there’s no outrunning her past. Her power-mad brother would hunt her to the ends of the earth…but he’d never expect Sarah to fight back. With Otto and the whole of Monroe, Colorado by her side, Sarah’s finally ready to face whatever comes her way.

Meet the Author:

A graduate of the Police Academy, Katie received her ice-rescue certification and can attest that the reservoirs in the Colorado mountains really are that cold. A fan of anything that makes her feel like a bad-ass, she has trained in Krav Maga, boxing and gymnastics, has lived in an off-grid, solar- and wind-powered house in the Rocky Mountains, rides horses, shoots guns, cross-country skis and travels to warm places to scuba dive. Connect with Katie at,, or on Twitter @KatieRuggle




50 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Survive the Night by Katie Ruggle”

  1. laurieg72

    Compassion for people and animals, Risk taking to get someone out of a life threatening situation, Remaining calm under fire. Willingness to participate in embarrassing situations to raise money for a charitable cause.

  2. Tonya Lucas

    I love heroes who have compassion for children and animals. That speaks of a person’s true heart.

  3. Karina Angeles

    I love a hero who is compassionate towards children, animals, and the weak. A man who is protective of those who can’t help themselves is a true hero.

  4. janinecatmom

    One who loves animals is definitely one that gets my attention. I also like one who stops and helps people who’s cars are broke down on the side of the road. My husband does this a lot of the time.

  5. Sue C

    Someone who loves animals, is willing to stand up for those he loves and others, and is compassionate and kind

  6. Kay Garrett

    I definitely have a very soft spot in my heart for animals. Having worked in animal control and seen the conditions that some animals are kept would break your heart. I was always driven to do all I could to help find homes and prevent mistreatment to animals.

    Heroic qualities melt your heart are those that help the underdog or to defend those that can’t do it for themselves.

  7. lesley McIntosh

    I have come from a long history of farming so caring for animals , your family and neighbours as well as the environment is important to me and just in general being content and kind to everyone is a trait essential for everyone

  8. JenM

    I love heroes that don’t storm off in a snit when they hear something they don’t like, and are willing to talk.

  9. erinf1

    a great sense of humor and communication skills! Thanks for sharing! Love this series 🙂

  10. Barbara Bates

    A hero who steps in and takes charge of everything. Someone who is protective of those he loves.

  11. carol L

    Someone who is gentle with and toward animals, children and fragile peope Honor, protector and humanitarian.
    Carol Luciano
    Lucky4750 at aol dot com

  12. Shannon Capelle

    Somone who is protective and who doesnt care if hes an alpha male and will go the distance for animals and kids!

  13. cbjake

    Compassion for animals always gets high marks add in family being high priority and respecting the person he loves opinion and wow.

  14. Terrill R.

    A lover of animals is definitely a wonderful trait in a hero. I also appreciate a fierce protective nature, but with discernment. Not crossing the line into possessiveness.

  15. Patricia B.

    I love the quiet caring shown both to animals and people who need the extra attention. Children and the elderly can be especially in need and it takes a special person to recognize that and to help out. Animals and people in need are seldom in a position to verbalize acknowledgement of the help or draw attention to it. They can and do respond by their affection and appreciation. For a caring person, that is more than enough.

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