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Today it is my pleasure to welcome Harlequin romance author Kat Cantrell to HJ!

Top Five Scenes in The Baby Deal!

Kat CantrellWriting THE BABY DEAL was a bit of a departure for me. I don’t normally include kids in my stories because I have kids and I’m looking for an escape from real life when I read! But my editor asked me to write a story for the Billionaires & Babies line and since one of my favorite Desires is part of that series, I said yes—and discovered that people bond over babies in so many deep ways.

I love this story of an aerospace entrepreneur, Michael “Shay” Shaylen, who gains custody of a baby when his friends and business partners die. He turns to child psychologist Dr. Juliana Cane—the girl who broke his heart in college—for help. At its core, this is a story about the compromise, sacrifice and commitment required to be a good parent and a good spouse. But it’s also about the power of second chances and finding the courage to overcome the past in order to embrace the future.

Narrowing down my top five favorite scenes was hard! But ultimately, I picked ones which really encapsulate what I described as the heart of the story above. I hope the scenes entice you to want to read more!

One: The one where Shay and Juliana talk about stars. Only they’re not talking about stars. I love this insight into their conflict.


“I’m surprised you’re still going forward with the spaceship thing, given that’s how Mikey’s parents died. Maybe you can read some nice Heinlein or Asimov like normal space geeks instead?”

He didn’t smile. “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, live vicariously through books.”

The barb buried itself in the dead center of her chest and spread with hot pinpricks, a thousand times more piercing because of the yet-to-fade reaction from his mouth on hers.

He was right. She couldn’t be a parent so she’d write a book. Couldn’t find the answers to help Mikey because she’d only read books.

Without missing a beat, he finished the evisceration. “The prototype that exploded was Donna’s design, but the mission statement is mine. All those stars are millions of miles away, but why would we be able to see their light unless it’s to spur us to reach for them?”

“Shay.” Her voice broke. “The stars are so far away to re¬mind us Earth is where we belong.”

They’d had this same argument a hundred times. How did it still have such a serrated edge? Because she’d fooled her¬self into thinking he’d gladly stay safe for Mikey’s sake but in reality, nothing could keep him on the ground.

Two: The one where Shay fools himself into thinking he’s not going to fall for Juliana again. I hurt for him a little here.

Shay rocked harder and Mikey squeaked. Hard to tell if it was a squeak of complaint or enjoyment. Better to err on the side of caution. He slowed down.

Everyone wanted him to slow down.

Well, Juliana could want a white picket fence until NASA sent a manned mission to Pluto but that didn’t mean she’d get it. His fences were iron and he liked them that way. He hadn’t made her any promises. They were adults having some fine adult interaction and nothing more.

If she got attached, too bad. She could figure out how to put her smashed heart back together. Just like she’d forced him to do eight years ago.

Three: The one where Juliana realizes being a mom is hard. Yes, I did draw from personal experience.

Mikey flung the truck at the wall and screamed. Some¬thing rose up in her throat, thick and suffocating. She should be better at this. And she really couldn’t blame her lack of parenting skills on Shay’s brain-drain any longer.

Donna would have known exactly what to do—was Ju¬liana destined to struggle with Mikey, with babies, because she didn’t share that motherly, solidified-in-the-womb bond?

God, she was a mess. Why couldn’t she spend time with Mikey without doubting herself? She loved babies. She loved the idea of being a mom. But she wasn’t Mikey’s mother and day-to-day parenting was so much harder than she’d ever imagined.

Maybe that was because she wasn’t anything more than an infertile consultant.

Four: The one that inspired the cover. No explanation needed.

Before she could protest, he swiveled and hauled her into his lap for a thorough kiss. She sagged in his arms, molding to his chest, and he fitted a hand against her waist, holding her in place to better access her gorgeous mouth. The things that mouth could do.

When he drew back, her lips and cheeks were stained pink and dang if the clip from her hair wasn’t in pieces again. She wasn’t so calm and professional now, was she?

He seriously enjoyed rattling her. When she forgot to think, when she let herself go, man, she was something else.

“I really came to talk,” she said breathlessly.

Five: The one where Shay takes Juliana on the perfect date. Come on. What woman wouldn’t get a little swoony if their man did this??

He helped her out of the car and led her inside but in glar¬ing contrast to their third date, the place was empty of other patrons. “I rented the entire planetarium,” he told her in ex¬planation.

Of course he had.

She followed him into the main viewing area where the stunning panorama of stars lit a single table set with crystal and china. Dinner for two under the dome of the universe, with Strauss playing softly through hidden speakers. Music to mark the occasion as he’d done many times before.

Her knees weakened. She liked plain old Shay just fine but billionaire Michael Shaylen had a lot to recommend him.


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About the book:

In this Billionaires & Babies novel, award-winning author Kat Cantrell presents an offer that can’t be refused…

When billionaire entrepreneur Michael “Shay” Shaylen becomes guardian to a baby boy, he knows there’s only one woman who can teach him how to be a father—his ex-lover, child psychologist Juliana Cane. So he makes her a deal: if she gives him two months, he’ll give her a boost in her career.

She says yes. Suddenly, Juliana has everything she’s ever wanted: a home, a child—Shay. But she knows this seductive situation is only temporary. Because even as desire burns between them—so do the reasons Juliana has to say goodbye….

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76 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: The Baby Deal by Kat Cantrell”

  1. Shari

    I am a nurse, so I see a lot of courage in every day of working. Of pts wanting to get better or just to get through a rough night.

    • Kat Cantrell

      Hi Shari–I think nurses show incredible courage as well! My aunt was one for many years and I KNOW it takes courage to watch people suffer while doing your job. Kudos to you and thanks for commenting. 🙂

  2. Jackie

    I think one of the best examples of courage in my everyday life is reading the works of so many dedicated, passionate writers who had the courage to put themselves out there.

    • Kat Cantrell

      Jackie, you’re very wise–it is difficult to know other people are reading your words and will potentially say awful things about them, but we do it for the readers who get the story and love it like we do! Thank you so much for coming by. 🙂

  3. Marcy Shuler

    I used to work as a nurse on a locked Psych unit and sometimes it took courage for those patients to just get up and dressed every day. It made me thankful for the little things I have.

    • Kat Cantrell

      Wow Marcy, that must have been a tough job (requiring lots of your own courage!). I imagine it is difficult for people with severe psychiatric problems to function somewhat normally–thanks for sharing this and for commenting.

  4. CateS

    I don’t think that there’s any parent that doesn’t second guess themself and wonder…… to be a parent takes amazing courage..

    • Kat Cantrell

      Boy you’ve got that right Cate! I still don’t know why they let me walk out of the hospital with mine–it took courage just to drive home with a baby in the backseat. 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by!

  5. Deb Liu

    My niece was born with a handicap but she graduated college and teaches special ed now. How she lived her life was courageous every day.

    • Kat Cantrell

      What an amazing story Deb! Thank you for telling it. I love to hear about people who persevere in the face of incredible challenge. I so appreciate the comment!

    • Kat Cantrell

      Now that’s a great testament Lori! I’m sensing you feel blessed and that’s a great way to wake up every day. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  6. Alicia Jespersen

    In my life it takes me a lot of courage to help someone that I don’t know with a question they have. Or to go to someone for help for myself. I’m just super shy so it takes a lot of courage to do something outside of my comfort zone.

    Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway!

    • Kat Cantrell

      Alicia, I think that everyone has comfort zones they don’t like to get out of. You’re absolutely right that it takes courage to get out of yours and congrats on the times you’ve done it. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

    • Kat Cantrell

      It sure does Melody. Especially if who you are isn’t what others would like or expect. Be bold and be yourself! That’s a great way to live. Thanks for making this point and for coming by!

    • Kat Cantrell

      Oh Wilma, that breaks my heart. I’m so sorry to hear this. You and your son are going through the most difficult circumstances I can imagine and yeah, that takes tremendous courage. You’ll be in my prayers. Thank you so much for commenting.

  7. Marcy Meyer

    I think it takes courage to be an advocate for yourself and your kids. It can seem scary sometimes when you go up against others to stand up for what you believe is best for yourself or your family.

    • Kat Cantrell

      Yes, Marcy, that’s a good one and so important! I think all parents deal with that in some form or fashion…but at the end of the day we have to do what we think is right. Keep showing that courage! Thanks for the comment!

  8. cinthiacinful1

    I have a friend that is a hospice nurse and I give her all the credit in the world for having to deal with illness everyday!

    • Kat Cantrell

      Cinthia, you are so right! It’s a hard hard job and I’m so thankful for people like your friend who do it willingly. I appreciate you coming by today!

    • Kat Cantrell

      You know, Yvonne, that’s true for everyone at some point. I hope it gets easier for anyone going through a tough time right now. Thanks for your courage in making this comment! 🙂

    • Kat Cantrell

      Oh goodness, that’s a great story! Thanks for sharing Tammy. I’m amazed at the resilience of kids all the time. We can learn a lot about courage by watching them, can’t we? I hope she’s doing well now. I appreciate the comment!

  9. shadowluvs2read

    everyday has it challenges and courage is sometimes definitely needed. right now, were going through a bit of family trouble. im finding that i need a lot of courage to stand up against my family. thank you!

    • Kat Cantrell

      Thanks for posting Shadow! I agree, family issues can be the hardest to deal with because these are relationships we’re often given as opposed to choosing. Stay strong! You can do it. Make decisions that are best for you and your situation. I’m so glad you commented.

  10. Mary Preston

    When my Father passed away, I know it took a lot of courage for my Mother to face each new day without him. They were married for 66 years & knew each other most of their lives.

    • Kat Cantrell

      Mary, that’s a great example. I can’t imagine the courage required to create new habits after being with someone so long. I bet your mother is happy she has you to lean on. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

    • Kat Cantrell

      Oh my gosh, Samantha, you’re not kidding! I dread the two I’ve got some days. 🙂 Don’t knock it till you try it, right? Thanks for commenting.

  11. Kai W.

    There are a few times that I have to do what I have to do even though I really wants to run in the opposite direction and wish that I’m not the responsible type.

    • Kat Cantrell

      Kai, I know EXACTLY what you mean. Sometimes I wish I could be an ostrich, you know? But I try to remember that doing the right thing has it’s own rewards. Thanks for coming by today!

  12. Sandy

    I see courage everywhere especially to teachers and students. They have so much courage just going to school and not knowing what is going to happen. With all the unexpected school shooting, it had really scared a lot of people.

    • Kat Cantrell

      Sandy, that’s something I think about when I drop my kids off at school–especially now that they lock all the doors and you have to be buzzed in. It takes a huge amount of courage for the teachers to face that every day. Great comment!

  13. Deanna Stevens

    I work in the insurance industry taking auto claims. My courage is the courage to go into work knowing I will have to bite my tongue repeatedly just trying to get the information from the parties calling in.

    • Kat Cantrell

      Deanna, insurance seems like a thankless job–no one ever calls to say good job, do they?? You show a lot of courage doing it every day! Keep up the good work and thanks for commenting.

  14. Michelle Huang

    I find courage through music and my friends’ faith in me to not give up, no matter how bad the situation is.

    • Kat Cantrell

      Friends are often the only thing that gets us through, aren’t they? I’m glad you have friends that give you courage Michelle! Thanks for coming by.

  15. Debra A.

    For my self fighting depression takes courage. I fight it daily. Thank God He is with me helping me.

    • Kat Cantrell

      Hi Debra, you also showed a lot of courage in posting this comment. Thanks for sharing your difficulties with us and keep up the fight. I appreciate your comment!

    • Kat Cantrell

      Hi KP, yes, we can all make a choice each day about our attitude, regardless of our circumstances. And that does take courage no matter what. Thanks for coming by!

  16. Jennifer Zorko-Legan

    To me courage is having the strenght to stand on your own, to know when something is not right and having the strenght to move on. It is standing up for what you believe is right and never settling for what is, but to reach for what can be.

  17. Leanna

    I think that I have a lot of courage. I have Lupus and this has caused me to have several strokes and I have had to relearn yo walk. I broke my hip this year as well. I still managed to graduate from college with a 3.80 GPA. I give myself the courage to get through everyday.

    • Kat Cantrell

      Leanna, you’re amazing! And yes, you do have a lot of courage. I’m a firm believer that we are all stronger than we think and circumstances often conspire to help us figure out exactly HOW strong. You’re very inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

  18. ssmommie75

    Sometimes it takes courage just for me to go out in public, especially by myself. Other times it is going to one of my teens, school events.

    • Kat Cantrell

      Hi there, thanks for sharing examples of your courage. It’s amazing how something that seems so easy for others can be so difficult, but you do it and that’s what counts! I appreciate the comment.

  19. Evelyn

    I see courage everyday in the teachers that put their all in teaching. In the children who want to learn. In a principal who has the courage to tell her staff they we need to change our teaching ways in order to be better for the children that we teach.

    • Kat Cantrell

      Evelyn, that’s an awesome example of courage. Schools only work when everyone is on board with making it the best environment for learning possible and that means speaking out when it’s NOT working. Thanks for commenting!

    • Kat Cantrell

      Gosh, Kim, you’re so right! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say “It’s just stuff.” I don’t know if I’d be able to show so much grace in the face of losing everything. Good answer! Thanks for coming by.

  20. eli yanti

    my mother is the sample of courage woman i ever met, my dad has passed away since i was 5 years old and she has to raised 5 kids

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