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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome author Roxanne St. Claire to HJ!


Hi Rocki and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about The Barefoot Bay Kindle World!

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Thank you for inviting me today (along with 11 of my closest friends) to share the joy about Barefoot Bay Kindle World! As some of you may know, I write a long series called Barefoot Bay, set on a glorious tropical island off the Gulf coast of Florida. This series is currently 14 books long – all broken into bite-size (and delicious!) trilogies and quartets, so it’s super easy to jump in at any point.
Amazon Publishing invited me to open up Barefoot Bay to be a “Kindle World” – meaning other authors (and fans!) could write books set in my world and even use my characters to tell their story. It’s a very cool way of creating “sanctioned” fan fiction, but more than that, it’s a fantastic way to offer my readers many more Barefoot Bay books than I could ever write! And to introduce them to fantastic writers I know and love.

Want to kick off your shoes and fall in love? Start right here…


The Barefoot Bay Kindle World is launching this week with eleven titles (and 24 more coming during the year) written by eleven different authors. We have romance, mystery, suspense…destination weddings, treasure hunts, wounded warriors, fake fiancées, reunion romances, incredibly hot Navy SEALs and SO MUCH MORE. All these stories are told with love and respect for the world I created by writers I trust with the fruit of my imagination.

I’ve asked all eleven of the writers to share one fun fact about their The Barefoot Bay Kindle World book…



I chose a firefighter for my hero because I’m married to a fire chief. 🙂

Marilyn Baxter (WHEN YOU TOUCH ME):

I’m a strong believer in the benefits of regular massage therapy (I have one every month, sometimes twice) and I’m also a second degree Reiki practitioner. I’d been wanting to write a heroine whose career focused on massage and alternative therapies, so this was the perfect opportunity since Casa Blanca has a spa. I even attended meditation sessions at a local healing arts center to get that part of my heroine’s work right.


I’m fascinated by the many dating/relationship reality shows in TV. I knew I wanted my story to be about a reality show that comes to Barefoot Bay to film, but needed a fun twist. Rocki suggested the idea of mismatched lovers and I took it from there.


I felt soooo badly for Charlotte Oak, the innocent third party in my novel A REASON TO REMEMBER, that I just had to give her a happy-ever-after of her own.

Maria Geraci (HOLD ON TO FOREVER ):

I get a lot of inspiration from music and the second I heard Rob Thomas’ s Hold on Forever I fell in love with the song. But it wasn’t quite right for my book title. Once I began writing my story I discovered that my heroine Felicity was a bit of a romance cynic. She was also holding on to the past and I needed to create a hero who would force her to want to look to the future. When I added the word “to” in the title it became perfect. HOLD ON TO FOREVER is about looking to the future with optimism and hope, a common theme in all my romances.


The sailboats and the America’s Cup became part of the story after I accidentally wound up spending two nights on a former America’s Cup runner up while vacationing in Australia. Only took me three days to get used to riding at an 65 degree angle!

Kiersten Halle Krum (WILD ON THE ROCKS):

In to take my heroine, Quinn, on a romantic sail to Pleasure Pointe, Jasper hires a 22-foot Catalina Cruiser sailboat from Mimosa Harbor. My uncle had sailboats while we were growing up and would take my two cousins and me and my sister out for sails on lakes in Pennsylvania. His last sailboat was a yellow 22-foot Catalina Cruiser, which he got when we were all teenagers. Those memories are what fueled those scenes in WILD ON THE ROCKS. I had lunch with my aunt and uncle today and got to tell him how those moments got captured in a way in my book.

Lucy Lakestone (DESIRE ON DEADLINE):

Mimosa Key acquired two newspapers thanks to an inadvertent name change as Rocki’s series progressed, so she created a delicious opportunity for rivals from the two papers to collide. In writing DESIRE ON DEADLINE, I drew on my journalism background, as well as my love of screwball newspaper comedies.


My debut series for Fiona Roarke is called Bad Boys in Big Trouble. I wanted a nod toward my bad boys. So fun fact, I came up with the title first, TROUBLE IN PARADISE (called Rocki right away to secure it) and then wrote the story in Barefoot Bay Kindle World.


There might be a little Freudian Slip with my hero’s name, Cooper. Years ago, Rocki and I saw TV star Anderson Cooper on the streets of New York and, well, I *might* have hollered out the cab window to let him know how hot he really is. It made for one of my best memories with Rocki, and she never lets me forget it! Thus, my hero named Cooper in Rocki’s world!

Jeannie Moon (CASTLE IN THE SAND):

Creating my own small country for Prince Anton in Castle in the Sand proved to be interesting. I wanted it in northwest Europe somewhere near Belgium and Holland. Eventually Marinbourg was born, and I had to incorporate a number of cultures and languages to make it feel real. I named the capital city Sterren, which means “star” in Dutch.

Final Fun Fact from Roxanne St. Claire (the creator of the Barefoot Bay world:

When I say “Amazon approached me” for this project…what I really mean is that I was shuffled into a freight elevator at the RWA National Conference last summer because the regular elevators were full. There, I spotted a man with an Amazon badge and we started chatting, and it turned out he’d been trying to find me to discuss a Kindle World! We set up a meeting the next day…and here we are. It might not have happened if I hadn’t taken the freight elevator!

Thanks for blogging at HJ!


Giveaway: One lucky reader will win ALL 11 “Barefoot Bay Kindle World” books featured here.


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Meet the Author:

Roxanne St. ClairePublished since 2003, Roxanne St. Claire is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than forty romance and suspense novels. She has written several popular series, including Barefoot Bay, the Guardian Angelinos, and the Bullet Catchers.

In addition to being a six-time nominee and one-time winner of the prestigious RITA™ Award for the best in romance writing, Roxanne’s novels have won the National Reader’s Choice Award for best romantic suspense three times, as well as the Daphne du Maurier Award, the HOLT Medallion, the Maggie, Booksellers Best, Book Buyers Best, the Award of Excellence, and many others.

She lives in Florida with her husband, and still attempts to run the lives of her teenage daughter and 20-something son. She loves dogs, books, chocolate, and wine, but not always in that order.
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60 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: The Barefoot Bay Kindle World”

  1. bastdazbog

    This is new to me, and it looks fascinating and so inviting! I am eager to read these stories. 🙂

  2. Jolyse Barnett

    I love the Barefoot Bay series! So excited about these new additions. Only problem is figuring out which one to read first! Good thing there’s no such thing as too many books. 🙂

  3. JoAn V.

    I have loved Roxanne’s book for many years. I can’t wait to try out some of these new authors that come to Barefoot Bay.

  4. Jenny Dauksa Schaber

    I haven’t read any of the series, but am looking forward to digging into it. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.

  5. rachbrown2015

    I am a big fan of Roxanne St. Claire and look forward to the Barefoot Bay Kindle World books!

  6. Winnie Lim

    I love your Barefoot series so I’m thrilled that it’s going into kindle world. Would love to see how other authors introduce their own characters into the Barefoot world. Looking forward.

  7. Emmy

    I’ve seen titles with Kindle Worlds while browsing but I never understood what those were. haha.
    Thanks for explaining and I think it’s a terrific idea. Looking forward to reading them.
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  8. Kate Sparks

    I love that there’s this large group of authors bringing their individual talents to one specific location! This is just great fun and I’m looking forward to reading all the books!

  9. Cheryl Hastings

    I love to read novellas, especially when they are well written. To have a whole series of them connected to one of my favorite series makes them that much better! I’ve read two of these books so far and loved them!

  10. lraines78

    i am very excited about this and that there are going to be 11 books in this series too!

  11. Jane Nelson

    I love most of the authors in this new book world and a few are new to me but, I LOVE Roxanne’s Barefoot Bay series so I know this new book world is going to be AWESOME!! Looking forward to reading them all.

  12. Jami B.

    I totally missed yesterday’s launch party on Facebook, but I am so looking forward to reading all of these books by 11 amazing authors. Some of the authors I’ve read before, but most are new-to-me. This is a fabulous giveaway. Thanks for the chance!!!

  13. Nancy Luebke

    What an interesting concept. And it makes your island world more interesting too. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

  14. joab4424

    I’m not thrilled with the idea of Kindle World. I can’t imagine various authors doing justice to characters they didn’t create.

  15. Cindy

    I love the Barefoot Bay series! This is going to be a wonderful addition I can’t wait to read all of them

  16. Susan Dougherty

    I have read Maria Geraci (HOLD ON TO FOREVER ). I would love to read the others too.

  17. booksaver

    I enjoy the Barefoot Bay series so I’m looking forward to reading these new titles from the Kindle World.

  18. kermitsgirl

    I think this is a really nifty idea – and a fun way to involve readers of your books!

  19. tlrosado

    I love the idea of sampling works from other authors. If I’m being honest, I can get a bit overwhelmed, because I am a neurotic reader and I am compelled to read everything in order when it comes to my favorite series.

  20. Patricia B.

    What an interesting idea. I know when I read series I enjoy, I hate leaving the locale and characters behind. This allows me to extend my visit, revisit some old friends, and meet new characters presented is different ways. Sounds like this new trend will open some opportunities for bothe authors and readers.

  21. Joanne B

    This sounds like a fantastic opportunity to read multiple authors writing in a familiar world with some characters that we already know and love.

  22. Meredith Miller

    I like the Kindle Worlds and the idea that what is basically “fan fiction” can be embraced and published!

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