Spotlight & Giveaway: The Fever Tree by Jennifer McVeigh

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Today it is my pleasure to spotlight The Fever Tree by Jennifer McVeigh

When it was first released in hardcover last year, raved, “Debut author Jennifer McVeigh has created a fully realized sensory tour of 19th-century South Africa: You feel the grit of each dust storm, taste the mealie Frances chokes down, hear the cicadas scraping through the heat-parched air along with Frances’ plaintive piano playing.”  McVeigh’s charmed story of loss and love has also been featured in Good Housekeeping, Women’s World, USA Today,  Washington Post, The Guardian, Daily Mail, and more.

TFTWith a perceptive and penetrating narrative, McVeigh unspools the story of Frances Irvine, a young Englishwoman forced by hopeless circumstance to immigrate to the Cape in pursuit of a reluctant marriage.

There she discovers a strange new world where greed and colonial exploitation are bringing vast wealth to some and dire misery to countless others. As she struggles to find her place in this inhospitable land, Frances tethers her fate to two very different men: one serious and idealistic, the other charming and ambitious.

When a smallpox epidemic threatens the financial dynasty of the most powerful Englishman in South Africa, Frances will be cast into a vortex of dangerous consequences—and find an unexpected, purposeful path.

A sweeping novel of romance and South African history that has been compared to Gone with the Wind, The Thorn Birds, and Out of Africa, THE FEVER TREE is an epic, heart wrenching tale not to be missed.


To Enter Giveaway: Please complete the Rafflecopter form and post a comment to this Q: If you had to choose between marrying a – “serious and idealistic” man or “charming and ambitious”man who would you pick and why? 

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Frances Irvine, left destitute in the wake of her father’s sudden death, has been forced to abandon her life of wealth and privilege in London and emigrate to the Southern Cape of Africa. 1880 South Africa is a country torn apart by greed. In this remote and inhospitable land she becomes entangled with two very different men—one driven by ambition, the other by his ideals. Only when the rumor of an epidemic takes her into the dark heart of the diamond mines does Frances see her road to happiness.

But before she can follow that path, Frances must choose between passion and integrity, between her desire for the man who captured her heart and her duty to the man who saved her from near ruin, a decision that will have devastating consequences.

Now available in Trade Paperback, THE FEVER TREE by Jennifer McVeigh (Berkley Trade Paperback Reprint; 978-0-425-26491-1; February 4, 2014; $16)!

About the Author:

Jennifer McVeigh, who has herself traveled to remote areas of Southern and East Africa, also drew on firsthand accounts of life in colonial South Africa, as well as nineteenth century guidebooks and women’s magazines, in order to infuse Frances Irvine’s experiences with arresting verisimilitude.  You can find her on the web at


18 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: The Fever Tree by Jennifer McVeigh”

  1. Christine L.

    That’s a tough call. Serious and idealistic probably would get the nod (although I can see how those two characteristics could be at odds with each other). Charming and ambitious sounds too much like code for “all talk and no action.” I need someone reliable.

  2. barbara hopkins

    I would choose the one man I love, and if I would have to pick one only by the choices given, then I would say charming and ambitious. B

  3. Kai W.

    Serious and Idealistic. I get a bit wary when a charming man tried to charm me and the the fact that I have always been able to read and been right about the kind of person he is.

  4. Scarlet Wilson

    It would have to be serious, the charm would wear off very quickly and I worry how ruthlessly ambitious they might be!

  5. Diana Huffer

    Charming and ambitious — he would be great with my friends, hopefully not ambitious to a fault, would not sit still and over-analyse things, be a man of action… 🙂

  6. Margaret

    That’s tough to say since all those traits can have good points to them! I’d probably be sucked in by the charming & ambitious man, but see my future with the one who was serious and idealistic!

  7. conniefischer

    I would definitely choose charming and ambitious. That way, you would have a pleasant man with whom to share your life. Too often, serious and idealistic can lead to sadness and boredom if your mate doesn’t take time for happiness in his life as well.

  8. Aline

    Wish I could have a man with all characteristics LOL but if i must choose I think I’ll pick the serious and idealistic one. I guess this type tends to be more reliable 😀

  9. holdenj

    I think serious and idealistic would work better for the long haul. Charming can wear on you after a while.

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