Spotlight & Giveaway: The Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins

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Today it is my pleasure to welcome New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Kristan Higgins to HJ!

Hi Kristan, welcome to HJ!

What would you say are the defining characteristic of your Novels?

Kristan HigginsHumor, definitely, and a lot of emotional depth. Family involvement, food, beautiful, realistic settings; I don’t idealize anything too much. Characters who feel like your friends.

5 Random facts about you?

1. I’m a middle child with all the inherent insecurities attached to that.
2. I wanted to be a doctor and somehow became a romance writer instead.
3. I can parallel park like a god.
4. But I can’t for the life of me pull straight into a regular parking spot.
5. I was engaged to McIrish six weeks after our first date.

What is your favorite trope to read, one you will never get tired of?

I love any situation in which the hero and heroine are legitimately stuck in a small space together, be it tiny motel room or elevator, and they’re fighting. What could be more fun than that?

If you were a heroine in a book, your character would be – The girl next door, the damsel in distress, Kick-butt take charge heroine or the aloof ice queen and why?

I’d like to be the mouthy, blunt friend. Probably because I tend to be a mouthy, blunt friend. ; )

What are you currently reading?

The Newcomer by Robyn Carr, and Life After Life by Jill McCorkle. I’m usually reading several books simultaneously.

About your New Release: The Perfect Match

If you had to summarize The Perfect Match for the readers here ….

TPM1When Honor Holland’s first (and only) love proposes to her best friend, desperate measures are called for. Honor agrees to meet Tom Barlow, a man looking for a wife. With no better prospects on the horizon, and because Tom isn’t as much of an ass as he seems to be at first meeting, Honor figures what the heck? It’s not like someone better is waiting in the wings.

Please tell us about the characters in your book.

Honor is like a lot of us—she’s engrossed in her work, works too much, and always thought she’d have settled down by now. She’s very matter-of-fact, a problem-solver and a closet romantic…something she tries not to acknowledge. As for lovely Tom, he’s British, extremely irreverent and completely devoted to a horrible teenager named Charlie. He’s a hard person to get to know, but he’s a lot of fun to be around. And he’s wicked, wicked hot.

What scene did you have most fun writing? Why?

I love the scene where Tom and Honor meet for the second time. Honor’s just been given some devastating news by Brogan, her first love, and she needs the Marines to come to the rescue, as it were. And there’s Tom, who’s completely willing to play the part of her boyfriend. I loved it because Tom’s such a flirt, and so good at this kind of thing…and Honor is not.

Who would who cast in the role of hero and Heroine if your book was optioned for a movie?

Well, my celebrity crush for Tom was Tom Hardy (and yes, my Tom is named after Mr. Hardy…but it’s a good, solid name, too). So I’d pick the lovely Tom Hardy, and for Honor, I’d go with Laura Linney, because she’s got such an understated appeal and depth of character.

What are you currently working on? What other releases so you have planned for 2013?

I’ve got THE PERFECT MATCH on October 29th; THE NEXT BEST THING being reissued (and that’s one of my favorites…Ethan Mirabelli is so wonderful, I defy readers not to fall deeply, deeply in love with him. Also, there’s a lot of dessert in that book of the pastry kind).

As I write this blog, I’m finishing up WAITING ON YOU, the third Blue Heron novel, and the story of Colleen O’Rourke, the local expert on romance…except when it comes to her. She got burned years ago by Lucas Campbell, her first love, and when he comes back into town for a family emergency, the expert finds she’s not quite as smooth as she thought…and maybe her first love deserves a second chance.

Where can readers get in touch with you?;

Thank you for stopping by HJ!

You’re very welcome, Sara! Thanks for inviting me!


To enter Giveaway: Please complete the Rafflecopter form and post a comment to this Q: Have you ever met someone, disliked them at first and then found that they were completely different than they seemed? What made that first impression so wrong?

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The only trouble was that men were hard to find in a town of seven hundred and fifteen.
You know, it was funny. When Honor had seen Goggy’s friend’s nephew in the bar the other night, she…felt something. Her heart did this weird twist, and hope rose so quickly and so hard that she literally stopped in her tracks.
Tom Barlow wasn’t middle-aged or odd-looking. He was…he was…well, not quite handsome. Straight brown hair cut very short. Normal enough features. But there was something about him—maybe it was just the surprise that he was actually age-appropriate and not a balding, big-toothed math teacher who smelled like mothballs—but no, even past that, Honor liked that face. It wasn’t a perfect, beautiful face, like Brogan’s, but she had the feeling she could look at that face for a long, long time and not get bored.
His eyes were dark, though she couldn’t exactly tell the color, and a scar cut through one eyebrow, and even though she realized she shouldn’t be aroused by the mark of some past injury, she kinda was. His mouth was full and―holy ChapStick, Batman, suddenly, she could see things happening between the two of them; she could feel a strong squeeze not just in her chest, but also from Down Under, the killer combination, and suddenly the eggs were primping in front of a mirror.
In a flash, Honor had imagined laughing with Tom Barlow about their fix-up and strange circumstances, and he’d be so grateful she came to meet him, and heck, what was this? A spark. A connection. He’d walk her to her car, then lean in and kiss her, and she’d bet both thumbs and a forefinger it’d be fantastic.
Tom Barlow had looked up. Smiled. His front tooth was just slightly crooked. For some reason, it made her knees go soft and weak, and those bridge-playing eggs of hers made a rush for the door.
And then he spoke, and thus died the fantasy.

78 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: The Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins”

  1. Margaret

    I have met several people where there was an instant dislike, but once I got to know them we became good friends. Usually this occurred because the first meeting happened in a business setting which impacted the behavior in the interaction. Once we stepped away from the business the relationship changed.

  2. Angie H

    When I met my husband the first time I didn’t really have a great first impression of him, but once I got to know him I totally fell in love!

  3. Marcy Meyer

    I’ve met other women, who may have seemed a little snobby or conceited at first, but then turned out to be really nice. I haven’t really experienced that with men.

  4. janinecatmom

    I have met someone that I was unsure if I would like because of the way she looked all rough, tough and a bit intimidating. I consider her to be my best friend now. After getting to know her, she is a real sweet lady with an huge heart.

  5. Marcy Shuler

    I didn’t enter the drawing because I’ve already read and absolutely LOVED both THE BEST MAN and THE PERFECT MATCH (which I finished today)! I can’t wait for the third Blue Heron book, WAITING ON YOU. 🙂

  6. roslyngroves

    I met this girl in a class at university in our first year. I totally thought she was a freak, and she thought I was a raging snob. Fifteen years later, we are still best friends and she was one of my bridesmaids. How did we get to BFF status? I moved into a campus house with a mutual friend, and we discovered a mutual love of terrible 80s music.

  7. Debra A.

    Yes I have it was the way they were treating someone else like dirt that had my “dander up”. Later on I became good friends with them. But it took almost a year for that to happen.


    No one comes to mind at the moment. I think if I didn’t like the first impression of someone, I’d be inclined to give them a second.

  9. Allison W

    Theres a guy that I work with that was a jerk for the longest time, but finally has lightened up.

  10. Jesica F

    Um. I sometimes come across people that I don’t like but I don’t think my impression has ever been changed about a person. Maybe it’s good judgment, or stubbornness on my side but I can’t think of a single example.

  11. Anita Powers

    I think at times when you meet new people they are nervous, you are nervous and some people say and do things from this nervousness that comes off wrong or leaves the wrong impression of the person. Until you get to see this person again and you are both more comfortable you might not really know who this person is so try and hold off your impression of this person until you meet again.

  12. Kai W.

    So far I have been pretty good in reading people. I just make a mistake of expecting more from them because I want to be wrong in my judgement and I haven’t been wrong yet.

  13. Susan T.

    Yeah, a girl I work with now. I thought she was snobby but turns out to be really cool gal.

  14. Leanna

    Disliked my first couple of times I hung out with. Now I live with her and we get along great.

  15. Jenn McElroy

    I’ve met people that were quite standoff-ish, but after several years and shared experiences, we get along great! Common enemies help! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  16. Jennifer F

    Yeah I’ve met someone who was really rude but then they turned out to just be having a bad day!

  17. Tammy Y

    I love Kristan’s books. I have them all. Can’t wait to read Perfect Match. I also have a crush on Tom Hardy. I have met people I thought were rude, but they were just shy.

  18. Josette Schaber

    My mom has commonly had this happen to her. She is one of the nicest and giving people I know, but she has had people tell her that they thought she was real “B” at first and were afraid to work with her, but then got to know her. I guess I try to be a bit more open when I meet people because of that.

  19. Janice Hougland

    Yes, it’s happened to me several times in my life with girlfriends. I can’t say I disliked them at first, just that they were so quiet and introverted that I found it difficult to get to know them. But luckily, because I persisted with overtures of sharing and friendship, offers of assistance, etc., I made lasting friends with most of them when I finally got to know them.

  20. Erika

    I’ve met people who seem snobbish or clickish and after talking to them further, realized that they were super nice! First impressions aren’t always the best judge. Thanks!

  21. DJ Sakata

    I have met people who I thought I won’t like or were afraid of due to their dress or multiple piercings, or scarey tatoos. Once I smiled and engaged them in a conversation or light banter, I found many of them quite humorous and gentle.

  22. Christina G (@MsChris1161)

    I had to share my office at work with a seasonal new hire (a tax accountant’s office) a few years ago. The job requires focus and concentration, she was a talker. She brought her own radio and listened to country music, I had never like country music. She was always hot, so she brought in an oscillating fan, I tend to run cold. I was miserable. Vented to my poor supervisor (a friend) several times a week, but never asked her to take action. I was certain she was the most annoying person I had ever met. But as the tax season wore on and I listened to her a little closer, I began to realize what a kind, caring and sensitive person she was. She speaks in a very direct and unemotional way so it was easy to miss if you weren’t paying attention. Long story short, that was over five years ago and we are good friends. I never told her how much I disliked her in the beginning and wasn’t sure if she realized it or not, because I had always been polite. Just not friendly. But one day she mentioned kind of casually that I was one of those people who was slow to warm up. lol

  23. Lori Meehan

    Yes my best friend. When I first meet heri did not like her at all. I think it was her strong personality that out me off at first. Then we realized that we were a lot alike.

  24. martha lawson

    There was a lady I worked with years ago, who was very pretty. I thought since she was so pretty she would be stuck up but she was a very nice person!!

  25. Carolyn Valdez

    I can’t think of anyone I have had that happen with, unless it was me making a wrong impression, because I am very shy and take awhile to get to know someone.

  26. Ada

    Yes, there was a friend from work who was mutual friends with my other co-workers. Everyone kept saying she was fantastic but she came off really snobby and full of herself. Turns out she’s only that way with strangers and once we spent more time working together, found out we share a lot in common including our ridiculous sense of humour!

  27. Lori H

    I’ve met several people who made bad first impressions. It is usually because they acted like snobs but a there’s been a couple of them that once you got to know them were really sweet and friendly.

  28. Anita H.

    I try not to judge people by my first impressions of them only because I’d hate to be judged the same way so no, I can’t really recall anyone that I instantly disliked but later found out they were not what I thought.

  29. shygirl19748

    One of my best friends started off as someone I tried to avoid at first. She speaks her mind and is very confident in her capabilities, so she can be a bit overwhelming at first. However, she has a huge heart and we like so many of the same things, I can’t imagine not having her around to talk to!

  30. KateS

    I’m pretty good at first impressions.. but I have been wrong…. but I’m usually dealing with Type A persons..

  31. elena k

    I am usually good at first impressions, I don’t like to judge people and I give them the benefit of the doubt until I know them better. when I was younger though it happened to me a lot. my friends tell me that when they met me they thought I was a snob but now they wouldn’t trade me for anyone else.hehe
    I love Kristan’s books,I’ve read them all except this one and cannot wait.thanks

  32. Sue Peace

    I’m not entering the draw, I’ve got this book and read it really fast! Want to say its one of the best books I’ve read this year, I loved it!! A must read!!

  33. Aline

    Yep, several people actually. But after I got to know them better I changed my opinion about them. Usually it’s because the way they behave or spoke…

  34. Delene

    I’m usually not a person that judges or dislikes right away. Sort of the easy going person give them a chance then see if we become friends

  35. Texas Book Lover

    Not me personally but this happened with my daughter. She actually got into a huge argument with a girl that ended with a suspension last year and then was made to sit with her at lunch for the rest of the school year (about 15 days). They completely hated it at the time but over the summer they ended up texting and tweeting and are extremely close now. They often tease each other about not liking each other at first.

  36. Sue

    I have met people who have come on to strong and harsh and disliked them on site. Once I started talking to them after awhile they were really nice. It was just a front.

  37. Amy Keating Casey

    I think when you meet someone in a crowd, and who they are hanging out with sometimes makes a big difference, you think of them like the people they hang with. Then when you talk with the alone, they might be totally different, they just wanted to fit in. That happens a lot!

  38. Krysten M

    I usually just not to judge until I’ve known someone for awhile. (of course sometimes that doesn’t work and it’s instant dislike)

  39. Jami B.

    Yes ~ my brother-in-law. When I first met him, he was dating my best friend. He was such an a$$ to her. Luckily that relationship had a short lifespan of maybe 6 weeks. Fast forward about 2 years, when my sister brings him home for the first time. He was so different and I could tell he really liked her. They’ve now been together for over 17 years and married for 14 1/2. They have the kind of relationship that I would like, but have not been lucky enough to have… thank goodness for books! 😉

  40. Amy Rickman

    Yes, on of my very good friends. We met at a youth event and we were both busy and stressed that we didn’t hit it off. A few months later we met again and have been good friends for 10 yrs +.

  41. Sharlene Wegner

    I’m not entering because I already have the book! I love all of Kristan’s books & just picked up the new one. Hope to get to it this week-end!

  42. Justine

    On first impression, I tend to dislike slick business types, but they’re usually nicer once I get to know them.

  43. Jennifer Zorko-Legan

    My best friends Husband. He can come off really harsh and kind of nasty at times, but once you get to know him you realized that this is just his personality. Thank you for the chance.

  44. Olga

    Yes, I have met someone, disliked them at first and then found that they were completely different than they seemed 🙂

  45. Erica M

    Oh definitely, I am sure everyone has, they seem so distant and cold, but then they warm up to you and become your friend.

  46. Christine L.

    I’m going to distinguish between “dislike” and “feel neutrally toward.” I’ve met plenty of people with whom I don’t connect at first but that neutrality toward them gradually evolved into friendship. On the other hand, I continue to actively dislike the handful of people whom I wanted to pop in the nose upon first meeting (not that I’ve ever struck anyone, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t wanted to).

  47. lani

    Until now nothing, im always perception good in people., but my friend yes she got the feeling like that. she meet someone new and she dislike in the very first time.. i dont know why.

  48. Diane Sallans

    I’m usually the other way around – I like someone & then find out they really aren’t very nice.

  49. Cindy Hamilton

    When I met my husband I did not like him, he was drunk and his clothes were dirty from work. But a couple days later I saw him again and he cleans up pretty good and won me over! So a person can’t always rely on first impressions.

  50. Claira Pam

    Sometimes I meet people and they seem really cold/aloof, but it just turns out they felt shy and a little awkward. I can’t judge too much; I’m the same way!!

  51. Kimberly Mayberry

    Not often, but once I thought this woman was a total, cold-hearted b*tch, when in fact, she has low self-esteem issues along with being extremely shy. She tended to block people out and did not realize her facial expressions when in an uncomfortable situation tended to give her a mean and distant look.

  52. Lorelei Lit Lair

    When I met my best friend in High school. She thought I was an attention seeker, and I thought she was snobby. Turns out we had a friend in common, we started talking and still (30yrs) have a great friendship even though we live in different countries. Great interview!

  53. Sunnymay

    When I meet some, they may be distracted and not want to meet an old soul. I give them time and chances to warm up, if they need them… and try again.

  54. Andra Dalton

    Yes I have realized that sometimes a book isn’t just like its cover especially when it came to my ex-husbands current wife!! Besides the obvious things in common like being married to the same man it turns out we have alot more in common & are now good friends☺

  55. Shari

    I am a person who never takes a first impression. You just can’t get to know a person in that first meeting.

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