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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome romance author Sue Moorcroft to HJ!

Hi Sue  and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, The Wedding Proposal!

Please summarize the book a la Twitter style for the readers here:

TWPElle Jamieson is a private person, in relationships as well as at work – and for good reason. But then she’s made redundant and with no ties to hold her, Elle heads off to sunny Malta.

Lucas Rose hates secrets – he prides himself on his ability to lay his cards on the table and he expects nothing less in return. He’s furious when his summer working as a divemaster is interrupted by the arrival of Elle, his ex, all thanks to his Uncle Simon’s misguided attempts at matchmaking.

Forced to live in close proximity, it’s hard to ignore what they had shared before Lucas’s wedding proposal scared Elle away. But then a phone call from England allows Lucas a rare glimpse of the true Elle. Can he deal with Elle’s closely guarded past when it finally comes to light?

If you love somebody, you’ll do what’s best for them, even if that means letting them think that you’re a spineless liar and cheat. If you find yourself sharing a small boat with that person four years later, it may be time for a rethink …

Please share the opening line of this book:

Never complain, never explain, never volunteer. And never own up.

Please share a few Random facts about this book…

– When I was a little girl I lived in Malta for several years. I used to sit on the balcony looking out over a yacht marina. Who knew that one day I’d set a novel there?
– Whenever I set a book/serial/story in Malta, I know I’m going to love the research, whether it’s visiting the island (yes, please! Any time!), poring over books and websites or emailing my Maltese friends. I was soooooo tempted to go to the island for a week to write. I couldn’t quite make it happen but it would have been awesome.
– I’ve always wanted to write a reunion book. Had I known that it meant planning out the backstory in almost as much detail as the frontstory, I may not have been so enthusiastic. But it was worth it.
– I planned this book with sticky notes on a wall. Then my son came home from uni and wanted his wall back so I had to stick them all on big pieces of cardboard, instead. They didn’t transfer in exactly the same order and I think it helped the plot.

Please tell us a little about the characters in your book. 

Elle has lost her lucrative job in IT and has decided to embark on a fantastic new life volunteering at a children’s centre on the island of Malta and living on the boat of her friend Simon. She’s a private person, too used to being found in the wrong to willingly expose herself. She’s a hot cool blonde who can change from laughter to silence in a moment.

Lucas hates secrets! He’s never loved anybody as he loved Elle but he hates her self-contained and self-reliant ways and can hardly bear to acknowledge that he couldn’t trust her. Right’s right and wrong’s wrong, to him. Saying exactly what he’s thinking is a virtue … that gets him into all sorts of awkward situations. The big regret in his life is that he let Elle walk out on him. He suspects that she left not only because of his jealousy but also because his proposal of marriage was not the best.

As you wrote your protagonist was there anything about them that surprised you?

Wow, yes. I hadn’t realised Elle was keeping quite as many secrets as she was, or that Lucas would still be quite so outraged about them. They’d both changed a lot over four years, though, and turned out to have greater depth than I dared hope.

The First kiss…

… would have taken place in the backstory. But here’s the first in The Wedding Proposal:

‘Elle.’ His voice was a caress. He lifted a hand and stroked her hair back from her face. ‘Going to bed with you was all kinds of things, all of them a lot more than OK.’
Shyly, she lifted her gaze.
His eyes were glittering like black glass. His smile began slowly. ‘A lot more than OK.’
Unable to lubricate her voice enough to speak, she just nodded. A smile took over her lips.
He shifted so that they were facing one another, as much as they could within the confines of the dinette. He studied her face. ‘If I thought—’ His Adam’s apple moved.
Elle found herself nodding.
And then his head was moving closer. Until their lips touched with the lightest of kisses. Again. Again. Sweet, soft, barely there kisses.
Then he slid his hands up into her hair and his mouth took hers, his tongue hot as it traced her lips, and she was pulsing against him.
And it felt like coming home

What scene was the hardest to write? Why?

The entire book instantly feels as if it were hard to write … I’ll choose a scene from towards the end of the book, when Elle has to confront her ex-husband. This scene doesn’t have a nice vibe.

Then she straightened her spine and forced herself to keep speaking, to say the words she knew would antagonise. ‘Because that satisfaction’s all you’re going to get. You have nothing left to gain because I have nothing left to lose. You’ve pulled your masterstroke of trying to blackmail Mrs Rose and it hasn’t worked. You’re even a failure as a small-time crook, Ricky.’
Slowly, Ricky drew himself up, stepping into her space and right in her face, the all-too-familiar strategy to intimidate and quell. Elle was swept by sickening memories. Bellows of rage. Anger hurled like rocks. Though it was difficult not to cringe from his menacing bulk and the smoke from his cigarette, which burned her eyes and throat, she remained perfectly still by the wall, heart beating hard against her ribs.

If your book was optioned for a movie, what scene would you use for the audition of the main characters and Why?

Lucas has been found out in his one attempt at deceit and everybody’s on Elle’s side (including Lucas’s brother, Charlie). Elle returns to the boat quite tipsy. I like it as an audition because both characters have been laid bare, in different ways. There’s a lot going on under the surface

‘If we’re going to be civilised, I don’t want to talk about this any more. You did your thing. We’re both over it. Let’s move on.’
‘Do I get to speak?’ he asked, mildly.
She tilted her head thoughtfully. ‘Do you really need to?’
With a sigh, she backtracked, flumping down on the seat beside him. ‘What?’
He turned his head to maintain eye contact. ‘I’m sorry.’
She stood up. ‘Good.’
Then she sat down again. ‘What’s the difference between a woman and a dog?’
He went along with it. ‘Don’t know. What the difference between a woman and a dog?’
‘It’s easier to find a nice dog.’ She laughed, rising slightly unsteadily.
His eyes followed her. ‘I would have thought you’d tell that joke against men.’
‘About a man … it’s a crocodile.’ And this time she made it through the door and out of sight.

If you could have given your characters one piece of advice before the opening pages of the book, what would it be and why?

Elle, stop being so worried about what people think about you. Everyone makes mistakes. Trust them to know that you did, too.

Lucas, not everybody lives their lives the way that you want to. If you don’t learn that, you’re going to go through life constantly disappointed. Wasn’t losing Elle your first clue?

What are you currently working on? What other releases so you have planned for 2014?

No more novels for 2014 but I’ll continue with my regular columns, my short stories and an idea for a serial. Apart from those, I’m currently working on a new novel called The Twelve Dates of Christmas. It’s set in Camden, London, which is a cool place to live. Sam’s conflict is that his mother has cancer and he’s decided to give her the best Christmas that he can (having never given anybody Christmas before). Ava’s conflict, apart from being right out of money, is that her ex is threatening her with revenge porn. Also, she doesn’t like Christmas.

Thanks for blogging at HJ!

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This is in Chapter One of The Wedding Proposal, when Elle and Lucas meet again after four years of silence:

‘Lucas.’ The word stuck to the sides of Elle’s suddenly dry throat. Her heart, which had been floating with joy, plummeted to the dusty ground. ‘Lucas,’ she repeated, stupidly. His black hair was longer, blowing around his jawline in the breeze, and his dark eyes burned in a tanned face. His feet were bare and if he’d ever carried even an extra ounce, it was gone. Every part of him was hard and lean.
‘Elle,’ he returned, flatly. His disbelieving gaze swept over her luggage before returning to her face. Slowly, he stepped down onto the bathing platform and halted at the edge. Eighteen inches of water lapped between them.
Elle’s chest gave a painful squeeze. She swallowed. ‘S-S-’ She paused to will her tongue to untie itself. ‘S-Simon has lent me his boat.’ She glanced down at the name on the stern, seeking reassurance that she was actually in the right place. And that Lucas wasn’t.
‘I don’t think so. Simon has lent me the boat.’
Silence. Stupid tears prickled at the back of Elle’s eyes. Lucas belonged deep in the past, not here, now, obstructing the gateway to her big adventure.
‘You’d better come aboard while we sort this out,’ he snapped. And then, as Elle stooped to the Union flag suitcase, ‘You can leave your baggage there.’
‘Right, like I’m about to heap disaster upon catastrophe by getting my suitcases stolen.’ Masking her anxiety with bravado, she hauled the first towards the edge of the quay.
With a curse, Lucas leaped the gap between boat and shore and stooped to manhandle the gangplank through a couple of iron hoops and into position.
Then he swiped the suitcase out of her hand and swung it on board, beside the cockpit seat. The other three followed rapidly and Elle was left clutching her backpack as Lucas stalked across the plank, through the sliding doors and out of sight.
Barely breathing, she followed, onto the bathing platform and through the cockpit to the saloon, registering only absently the sliding gliding movements of the craft on the sea. Already familiar with boat’s interior from the photos she’d pored over, her focus was on Lucas.
He slid into one of the sofa seats, propped his forearms on the table and glowered, the air fairly crackling with his irritation. ‘I’m working in Malta and Simon said I could live on the boat. I’ve been here a week already.’
Elle slid onto one of the vacant seats, shock beginning to recede. She straightened her spine. It was time to take charge of the meeting. ‘I’m in Malta working and volunteering and Simon said I could live on the boat at least until the autumn. It was agreed months ago. I can show you the e-mails—’
‘I believe you,’ he cut in, obviously having taken charge of a few meetings himself. His fingertips tapped on the plastic tabletop. ‘It’s bloody Simon.’
Miserably, she gazed at him. ‘Maybe he made a mistake—’
‘More likely he didn’t. Now I understand the thoughtful pause when I asked if it was possible for me to use the Shady Lady. I just thought he needed reassurance that I didn’t intend to host wild parties, and I told him that I’m relatively sane these days.’ His mouth set in a grim line. ‘But I suppose he was actually wondering whether to tell me that he’d already lent the boat to you, or whether to just let me make this pleasant little discovery for myself.’
Elle recoiled. ‘Why on earth would he let us end up in the boat at the same time?’
Lucas snorted. ‘My guess would be that he thinks it might get us back together. Like that’s going to happen.’
‘Yeah, right,’ she agreed, stonily.
‘You’ll have to find a hotel.’
‘Or you could.’
His eyes glittered. ‘Simon’s my uncle.’
‘Simon’s my friend. You’ve already admitted that he offered me the Shady Lady first.’

Book Info:

Elle Jamieson is a private person, in relationships as well as at work – and for good reason. But then she’s made redundant and with no ties to hold her, Elle heads off to sunny Malta.
Lucas Rose hates secrets – he prides himself on his ability to lay his cards on the table and he expects nothing less in return. He’s furious when his summer working as a divemaster is interrupted by the arrival of Elle, his ex, all thanks to his Uncle Simon’s misguided attempts at matchmaking.

Forced to live in close proximity, it’s hard to ignore what they had shared before Lucas’s wedding proposal scared Elle away. But then a phone call from England allows Lucas a rare glimpse of the true Elle. Can he deal with Elle’s closely guarded past when it finally comes to light?

Author Bio

Sue MoorcroftSUE MOORCROFT is an accomplished writer of novels and short stories, as well as a creative writing tutor. Her novels include Starting Over, All That Mullarkey, Want to Know a Secret? and Love & Freedom. Love & Freedom won the Festival of Romance Best Romantic Read Award 2011.

Sue was born in Germany. As part of an army family, her childhood included living in Cyprus and Malta, as well as the UK. Sue now lives in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England.




42 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: The Wedding Proposal by Sue Moorcroft”

  1. Kristy dean

    I love hear how creative people get when doing a proposal. My first husband said, I think it’s time to set a date since my 4 year agreement with you ends soon. So when should we? Than he got on one knee three months later at the engagement party and proposed. It wasn’t a good one or a surprise nothing. We lasted 10 years. But the second one was better. He took me to Omha zoo and did it were we had our first family picture and vacation. Just married that man 2 weeks ago.

  2. Terri Shortell

    My ex didn’t do.a.very good job at proposing. Actually never actually proposed just assumed we would get married. Lasted several years but wasn’t a good marriage. Love when someone is imaginative and romantic. Maybe next time. Lol. Thanks for the giveaway and review. The book sounds interesting. Going on my TBR list.

  3. Kristy Petree

    My first proposal was at prom (notice I say “first”). It was the romantic and cheesy, him getting down on one knee and all. Unfortunately we got divorced about 5 years later.

  4. marcyshuler

    My hubby and I met at work on a locked Psych unit. He actually proposed to me the first time there with a patient sitting between us. She was looking back and forth at us like she was watching a tennis match. LOL

  5. Selenity Jade

    Don’t have one to share either. The only proposal I got was kind of thrown out there. So yeah…. And we never got married, thank god. So I only got engaged. ^_^

  6. BethRe

    My husband of 28 years proposed in the driveway at my parents house after picking me up from college right before Thanksgiving. He had roses and at first I didn’t even know he had a ring I was so caught up in the roses. After I said yes went to call my friends and no one was home LOL this was before cell phones

  7. DebraG

    I saw one where they did a bill board. Then another used one of those planes that fly over beaches. Great ideas, but sometimes simple works best.

  8. conniefischer

    After 47 years of marriage, it’s difficult to remember, but as I recall, I don’t think it was much of a proposal. We had just talked of marriage and then it was like “let’s do it!”

  9. janinecatmom

    I have never been proposed to. My ex gave me the ring, but didn’t ask me to marry him. He just said one day we will. I made the plans of when on my own. My current husband and I were out shopping at a jewelry store (for something for me for Mother’s Day from the cats) when we started looking at diamonds when he decided he would get me a ring. he never asked to get married, I guess it was just an assumption since he bought it for me.

  10. kp

    My husband proposed to me right after he graduated from college and my Dad’s response was “get a job”!

  11. Cari White

    My sister’s hubby rented a room at a five-star hotel where there was a New Year’s party. Lisa thought it was so both wouldn’t have to drink and drive. In their room he had champagne and strawberries waiting. They left the party 15 minutes before New Year. At midnight he got on his knees and proposed.

  12. Sue G.

    We had both just graduated from college and gotten “real” jobs. Once a month we went out to a fancy restaurant. On the day he actually proposed I was suppose to pick him up in my brand new car. Well after work I stopped at the store for milk for my mom and something was wrong with my car. I ended up being 45 minutes late picking up hubby. What I didn’t know was that he had planned to propose to me at his parents house before hand. Well now I’m late, we were late for our dinner reservations and hubby was not too happy. We barely spoke throughout dinner. On the way back we drove through the park and he told me to pull over. We walked to a new deck that had been built and on that deck he proposed. He then explained how he first wanted to propose the weekend before but I blew him off because one of my college roommates came into town. Then all the problems with the car he was starting to think it was a sign! Well finally after 7 years of dating (high school and college) we got married! It has been 25 wonderful years so far! 🙂

  13. Joye

    My best friend that I was running around with said “Let’s go to Vegas and get married.” and I turned to him and replied “Are you nuts?” That’s when I found out he was serious.
    We married later but not in Vegas

  14. ndluebke

    After 40 some years its hard to remember but I do remember he played a cassette tape of our favorite song by the Beatles. Yes they were the thing back in the old days. Anyway he made it seem like it was playing on the radio but later found out it wasn’t.

  15. Colleen C.

    My father got my mom one of those gumball machine rings… he hid it in one hand and asked her to pick a hand… she chose the one that has the plastic ring… he then asked her if that was the one she really wanted and showed her the real ring he had in the other hand… she still has both rings today! 😀

  16. Lavender Smith

    My husband arranged a romantic dinner with champagne and delicious food made by a cook and then brought home. He gave me a beautiful ring. He had secretly invited people to celebrate with us and they came over after dinner.

  17. Trudy Dowling

    In a pizza parlor He said, “I think it is time you stop taking the pill, put a ring on your finger, and stop playing house.”

  18. Terri C

    My husband proposed in bed. I smiled at him and went to sleep, so he had to ask later if I realized he’d asked me to marry him. He’d been hinting since our first date, so it wasn’t exactly news to me.

  19. donnasquaw1952

    My proposal was kinda different. Back in 1972 I was going with him for around 6 months (known him for years because he hung around with my brothers and dad, fishing). His sister and her husband were going to Niagara Falls for their vacation and second honeymoon. His sister wanted us to go with them. Back in them days even though I was of age my dad wouldn’t have accepted that with me not married. But my mom said well your of age and really can’t say you can’t. But you know how your dad feels. Next thing I know his sister said that would make a nice honeymoon for you two and going with us. I think that was fasted planning for a wedding in history. Did get married in the church but not a big one. Went to Niagara Falls on the Canada side and then went on up into Canada. We went for two weeks, so we did go up into Canada aways. One place we stayed at was recommended to us by one of those roadside guides. It was suppose to be a nice place. One of the cabins the guy showed us had a dirt floor, so we decided to stay in his deluxe. It was haunted! Me and my husband was in a room on the other side of the wall of his sisters. Their would go on and off, we heard them laughing because they didn’t touch it, they were in bed. Then we saw a shadow through the wall and we thought it was them. They said they thought it was us. We all slept in one bed and left the next day before daylight. The next place we stayed at, the last stop before we started back home was by the main highway. Late afternoon towards evening we saw a bunch of police cars stopping checking cars. Wonder what was going on then a couple police officers came up to the motel checking us. Guess what there was a prison back and they were hunting them. Never been back to Canada since and I’ve been divorce for over 20 years now. I was married to him for 19 years, two sons, but I think our marriage was cursed. His sister has been divorced and married to this same man 3 times. We were cursed!

  20. Sandie W

    My ex and I had been together for five years, when one night he said let’s get married. I asked when, and he said now. We got in the car and drove to Elko, NV. It lasted 10 years.

  21. paulette

    I proposed to my ex husband…in a restaurant exactly 2 and a half years after our first date, bought my own ring too the next day (supposedly only until he got a job but he never gave me the cash back)…. so we could have something to look fwd to after he was sacked for theft! What an idiot I was! No wonder it never lasted!

  22. Ashleigh Downes

    Hmmm what I love best is seeing how romantic someone can be while ask the most important question of there life. I myself have not been proposed to nor have I done the proposing. I’m still single and hate it very much.

  23. sunshineread

    Yes! I was 17 years old actually. I was celebrating one year of dating… and the my boyfriend just ask me to marry him, it was rainning ALOT really! Yes, I said yes!

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