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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome author Melinda Curtis to HJ!

Hi Melinda and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, Time for Love!

Waving to all the Harlequin readers out there!

Please summarize the book for the readers here:

Time for LoveA touching, sweet romance that features a small town with a barnful of horses, quirky characters, a single mom trying to make up for past mistakes, and a sexy horse whisperer.

Please share the opening lines of this book:

When Kathy Harris was as a teenager, she’d dreamed of being a fashion designer, a professional basketball player and an airline pilot—anything to get out of her small hometown.
So much for dreams.She shoveled another pile of manure into the wheelbarrow.
She was back in Harmony Valley, the smallest of small towns in the remotest of remote corners of Sonoma County, California.


Please share a few Fun facts about this book…

  • I had a horse when I was a teenager that was half kitten, half she-cat. I based the former race horse/now brood mare, Sugar Lips, on my horse.
  • Abby, the Australian Shepherd in the book, is based on my son’s dog, Bonny.
  • Tally, my young Shorkie, will make her debut in the next Harmony Valley book.
  • I guess you could say people in my life are safe, but the animals almost always get put in a book!


If your book was optioned for a movie, what scene would you use for the audition of the main characters and why?

The opening scene would be great. Kathy and Dylan meet up right away. Kathy isn’t sure Dylan is the right man for the job – helping her save a dangerous colt that was attacked by a mountain lion. And Dylan? He’s got his own agenda. Lots of subtelties.


What do you want people to take away from reading this book?

That no matter your past or the obstacles you face, you can find time for love.


What are you currently working on? What other releases do you have planned for 2015?

I’m incredibly excited for the next book in the series. I know you’re not supposed to have favorites, but A Memory Away was a joy to write and the first real romantic comedy in the series. The rest have comedic elements and moments.

Thanks for blogging at HJ!


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To enter Giveaway: Please complete the Rafflecopter form and Post a comment to this Q: The horse I had as a teen was nearly too much for me. I had to work hard just for her to consider me worthy of a ride. When I was older, Mr. Curtis and I adopted a very strong willed Labrador, who took constant work to make him behave (not that he was an angel). Have you ever had a pet or raised/rescued an animal that challenged your skills as a caregiver/pet parent?

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Excerpt from Time for Love:

There was a loud thud in one of the rear stalls.
“That would be Chance.” Kathy hurried to the stall. “I hear you, baby.” She slipped inside, moving slowly, surveying the stitches and bandages on the chestnut colt’s lower neck and chest. He pranced nervously through the straw, eyeing Kathy as if he’d never seen her before. The stitches beneath his round cheek were oozing and needed attention. “What’s up with you, baby? Are you lonely?”
Despite the long gashes, Chance was beautiful. He was only a few months old, his head barely reached Kathy’s, and yet he held himself with the proud dignity of a long line of racing thoroughbreds.
Chance froze, staring at the stall door. A moment later, he began kicking, striking out at anything within range—imaginary foes, walls, Kathy.
A large hand gripped Kathy’s shoulder and yanked her out of the stall.
“Let me go. I can calm him down.” Kathy struggled to free herself as Dylan dragged her back several feet.
In the paddock outside, Sugar whinnied.
“You’re not going back in there.” Dylan’s voice became clipped and seemed to harden until his words hit her like gravel spitting from beneath a semi’s tires. “That. Colt’s. A. Killer.”
Kathy twisted free of his hold. “That colt is why you’re here.” She was shaking. Shaking with anger and fear and adrenaline. She was shaking and it wasn’t because she needed a drink. She and Chance had a lot in common—social handicaps. He by his appearance and outbursts. Her by her reputation as a drinker.
She tugged Dylan out of Chance’s line of sight. Sugar trotted back and forth along the paddock fence.
“I heard about this colt, but not from Gage.” Dylan raised his voice to be heard above the huffing and hoof strikes Chance was making. “Mountain-lion attack.”
Kathy nodded. “Since the drought, they’ve been coming closer to civilization looking for food. Chance and Sugar were in a remote pasture at Far Turn Farms. They moved them here a few weeks ago.” She pitched her voice high, as if she was talking to a baby, taking a few steps back until Chance could see her again. “He’s just a scared lamb.”
At the sight of her and the sound of her voice, Chance’s outburst seemed to lose some steam, just like when her son, Truman, would throw a tantrum as a toddler. A bit of gentle reassurance and everything would be okay.
“He’s not a lamb. He’s nearly as large as you are.” Dylan’s face was set in hard, disapproving planes, a cookie cutter of most people’s reaction to her past mistakes. She didn’t want to admit how disappointing it was to see that familiar expression on his face, especially since she just met the man. “I’ve seen that look before. Don’t go in there. He’s a lost cause.”
The stall latch was cold beneath her fingers. “That’s what some people say about me.”

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Book Info:

As a kid from a shattered family, Kathy Harris couldn’t wait to get out of Harmony Valley. Yet here she is, back home, determined to rebuild her life and regain her young son’s trust. But she doesn’t expect to work miracles—unlike Dylan O’Brien, the enigmatic cowboy rumored to be a healer of misfit horses.

As they work to save an injured colt, Kathy starts to believe in a future with Dylan that she never thought possible. But one of Kathy’s new rules is no more secrets…and Dylan has a big one. One that could destroy the life he and Kathy are building together.
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Meet the Author:

Melinda CurtisMelinda Curtis is an award winning, USA Today bestselling author. She writes the Harmony Valley series of sweet, light-hearted romances for the Harlequin Heartwarming line. Brenda Novak says: “Season of Change has found a place on my keeper shelf”. Melinda also writes the sweet romantic comedy Bridesmaid series and fun, steamy romances. Jayne Ann Krentz says of Blue Rules: “Sharp, sassy, modern version of a screwball comedy from Hollywood’s Golden Age except a lot hotter.”
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52 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Time for Love by Melinda Curtis”

  1. Colleen C.

    Well right now my family has a puppy that is hit or miss with potty training… have to keep working with her and hope it clicks!

    • melcurtiswriter

      Colleen, here’s my potty training theory (for what it’s worth). The smaller the dog, the longer it takes. And just be grateful she’s not a horse. That would take forever…:)

  2. haddies.haven

    Yes; my neighbor passed away a little over a year ago, and she asked the my dad take care of her dog, should anything happen to her. Spike, the dog, was living in some of the worst condition known to dogs, and it just was horrible. He had not been eating for some time before I started taking care of him. He is pushing 18 years old (human years) and he is just this big lump of wasted space. He barks for no reason, or just because I walk through the garage.
    To be honest, we had thought he would die a month after we took him in, but no! He is still alive, and he has recovered whatever injuries he had when we got him. He pushes my buttons at times, but he is still a great friend.

    • melcurtiswriter

      OMG, I can see so much comic potential in this. My lab is 15 and as soon as I put his leash on he barks and barks and barks. We’ll be 5 minutes into the walk before he settles down. And I walk him every day. If only they could talk, right?

  3. lraines78

    I haven’t but my parents have a standard poodle that is very strong willed. He is mellowing out in his older age!

  4. Gail S

    Yes, we adopted a cat from the local Humane Society, he was just under a year old. He was vying for our attention, Putting his paw out of the cage to get our attention. As soon as they let him out of his cage he made himself at home in my husbands arms, even licking his face. 🙂 We brought him home. We found he must have been locked in a bathroom in a shower, it took him a couple of years to get over his fear of bathrooms. He also had had a habit of getting water from the kitchen sink and would lick the plates. We also noticed he would eat so fast that he would throw up 3-5 minutes after eating. All these quirks stopped after he learned to trust us. I always wondered if he had been abused in other ways. He was a sweetheart. We lost him two years ago, but he still has a place in our hearts. He actually picked us, before we really looked at him. 🙂

  5. Meredith Miller

    I adopted my sister’s chihuahua, who had only been handfed and around cats. She’s more of a baby than a dog.

  6. Tammy Y

    I have a rescue cat that is scared of cages and is very skittish. We are working with him and he is getting better.

  7. glam009

    I adopted a little cat 3 month old I called Sofia first because I think was a lady …but nop he was a boy…so called Remy, …and he was from a street cat and she came to my home and feed her and never left…..I adopter her too (Missy) and the best decision ever…
    Remy is abusive with Missy, don´t let her go outside… so I do it separately ….. and he is half fixed and now mark his territory….uff but he is very loving when he want something …act all macho but is afraid with plastic bags..and people… lol… and love lay down in the stairs when somebody is trying to use the stairs..
    Missy at first was very skittish at first…my arms was scratched all the time… now she is a doll …sleep with me…love to go under my bed… and always in the morning she is in my arms sleeping…well both love to sleep..loves to bite..and clean her paws before exit the sand box.
    I love my cats….. now I have my sister´s dog..Akira and she cry because she miss her mommy….

  8. Jen

    We did a have dog who could be sweet but was very stubborn. We weren’t allow to move anything (ie decorative pillow) without her throwing a fit. She had a strict rule about running in house (only she was allowed to run). She has so many rules.

  9. debby236

    We adopted a feral kitten. It was a month before she came out. Then she would not eat unless it was quiet. That went on for a year. It took a year for her to come to us.

    • melcurtiswriter

      Debby- I’m so glad she came around. Our feral adoptee mostly loves us from a distance. She doesn’t like my husband’s big screen tv (especially if sports are on – lol). No idea why

  10. Jane Nelson

    I had a cat named Shadow and he was a rescue from a friend who couldn’t keep him. I got him when he was approximately 2 months old and from the day I got him he was skittish of people. Even me! No matter what I did to show him love even I had trouble. I do believe before I got him, in those 2months before, the they abused him and thats why he was constantly afraid. I lost him 2 years ago, he was 10 years old.

  11. kim amundsen

    We had a german shepard that a old lady had trained as a guard dog and could not handle so she gave the dog to my father. Try and retrain a dog that it very protective of everyone in the houseold a major chore. He also broke I don’t remember how many ropes because we would tie him up outside with our bassett hound now the dogs got along great best buddies in no time. The one positive thing about having the shepard was that no one could break into the house.

    • melcurtiswriter

      Kim, I take my little 15 pound Tally to train with the big dogs (mostly German Shepherds). I don’t know how many times in the beginning they lunged to eat her. Now we are best buds and go to Panera bread for lunch on the weekends, sitting outside with all the “pack” (people and dogs). It’s amazing how just a little socialization mellows them out.

  12. Kathleen Bledsoe

    Before we moved I lived beside a woman who fostered abandoned and abused animals, she was a true inspiration, a very giving person. We adopted our youngest dog, Maddie, from her and we’ve never had any problems unless you count Maddie having to be the center of everyone’s attention lol

  13. Kermitsgirl

    One of friends found a kitten wandering the streets and brought her to my husband and I. She was the sweetest cat I’ve ever owned. When she was 4 years old, she went into renal failure. The vet told us she had less than two weeks to live, but she wasn’t in any pain, and that it was hereditary, so there had been nothing we could’ve done differently. We gave her fluids through an IV daily (at first, then twice a day, and three times a day as it progressed) – which was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I don’t like needles in the first place, and not being able to explain to an animal that what you’re doing is making them feel better is so heart-wrenching. She always pepped up after her fluids and romped and played like nothing was wrong. She lived for six more months, and she was always the sweetest, cuddliest, happiest thing.

    At first, I wondered why she had to go through something like that, but then I realized that it helped me get over my fear of possibly having a child that will need constant medical attention, as I have seen such things take a toll on even the most caring, loving people and their marriages. I now know for sure that my husband and I can handle anything like that together and be stronger for it.

  14. Tammy H

    We have a feral kitten we took in and tamed. The poor little thing ended up pregnant before we found her, so she gifted us with 6 sweet kittens, too!

  15. Sharon Sommer

    I have had so many pets of all varieties but the hardest one to handle and train to bond with me was my sugar gliders. Oh wait my son got a pony from my dad when he was 2years old, I loved my dad but what was he thinking? That pony only lasted 2 months with me, it had a very stubborn mind of it’s own.

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