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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome author Linda Broday to HJ!


Hi Linda and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, To Catch a Texas Star!


Please share your favorite scene from To Catch a Texas Star: 

Thank you for having me. I’m so excited to share my new book with you.
It’s about Marley Rose McClain and a drifter named Roan Penny. Marley rescues Roan and nurses him back to health, not knowing what a difference he’ll make in her life.
Marley’s and Roan’s love is like a slow burn that grows hotter and hotter. It’s a lasting love for all time.
I have so many favorite scenes in this book I had a difficult time choosing just one but I think the one I chose is a very powerful one. In it, Marley has just found out that the people she grew up believing to be her parents really aren’t and that Duel won her in a poker game when she was a baby.
The secret shatters her whole world and she doesn’t even know who she is anymore. Roan helps her figure it all out. He’s such a steady, wise man and carries a powerful love for her. With him beside her, she eventually comes to terms with the shocking revelation.
Marley has big dreams of becoming a children’s writer and that’s why they’re talking about Sleeping Beauty and pirates in this excerpt.
Enjoy the short scene:

Light filtered through the curtains of Marley’s small house. She stirred in Roan’s arms. They’d spent the night on the sofa, her head on his shoulder, the quilt keeping them warm. She felt drugged and weary. Too much had happened to take in, and she had no idea where this new road would lead her.

Roan’s eyes met hers. “Good morning, sleeping beauty. I couldn’t find my pirate ship.”

“I’m glad you helped me make it through the night.” She got up to stand at the window. The ranch looked the same as it always had, but she knew it never could be again. Something inside her had changed. Duel came from his house and stared in her direction, although she knew he couldn’t see her. “Besides, Sleeping Beauty lived in a castle,” she murmured, “not a ranch.”

“So she did.” Roan came up from behind and put his arms around her. He kissed the back of her neck.

“Duel’s standing out there, looking so sad and alone.” She swallowed hard. “What am I supposed to do now? I don’t know who I am anymore. My whole life has been a lie.”

“Duel is still the same father you’ve always loved. He’s hurting real bad too, Marley. I think you need to go talk to him. You both have things to say.”


“Nothing can be settled without hashing it out. Go to him, Marley,” Roan urged.

She turned. “About last night. I shouldn’t have asked you to marry me.” She wrinkled her nose. “Just chalk it up to distress and nerves.”

He tucked a tendril of hair behind her ear, studying her face. “We have plenty of time, and when we marry it’ll be for the right reason. Go talk to Duel.” Roan walked with her to the door and opened it. “Don’t close your mind or your heart.”

She nodded, took a deep breath, and left the house. Duel watched her approach, and the slump of his shoulders and sadness in his amber eyes was painful to see.

“How are you, Marley?” Duel asked in his deep voice. He started to reach for her, but instead dropped his arms to his sides.

“In truth, I don’t know. I have so many feelings racing through me. I grew up always knowing and taking comfort in the fact I was a McClain. Even on the scariest, darkest night I found security belonging here. Now…”

“You’re still Marley McClain, if you want to be. I legally adopted you. There’s nothing wrong with the name.”

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.
I hope you’ll give this story a try. It concludes the Texas Heroes series and if you haven’t read the first two they are: Knight on the Texas Plains and The Cowboy Who Came Calling.
I have a brand new series (Outlaw Mail Order Brides) starting early next year.

Thanks for blogging at HJ!


Giveaway: Print copy of To Catch a Texas Star (Texas Heroes) by Linda Broday


To enter Giveaway: Please complete the Rafflecopter form and Post a comment to this Q: Have you ever learned a secret of some kind that shook you? You don’t have to reveal it, but if you’re comfortable with it, feel free to tell how you dealt with it.

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Book Info:

He’ll do what it takes
to prove
his love

The son of a notorious outlaw, Roan Penny yearns to make his life count…but heroism comes with a price. Left badly injured, only the kindness of a gentle stranger can save him. He longs to be with the captivating beauty—his savior, his Texas star, his Marley Rose McClain—but he knows he’d bring her nothing but trouble.

If only he could convince his heart of that.

Marley’s lived a charmed life, and she’s determined to spend the rest of her days at her quiet hero’s side…but she isn’t what she seems. A life-long secret threatens to destroy everything she knows—and everything she could hope to be. As dangerous men threaten to pull her back into the shadows, a desperate Roan must ride hell-bent for leather to save the other half of his heart…before he can lose her light for good.

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Meet the Author:

At a young age, Linda Broday discovered a love for storytelling, history, and anything pertaining to the Old West. After years of writing romance, it’s still tall rugged cowboys that spark her imagination. A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Linda has won many awards, including the prestigious National Readers’ Choice Award and the Texas Gold. She resides in the Texas Panhandle where she’s inspired every day.

38 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: To Catch a Texas Star by Linda Broday”

  1. Mary Preston

    No, I know quite a few secrets but none that shook me. Maybe if they had happened to me….

  2. Tonya Lucas

    I’ve found out a huge secret one time, it was startling, shocking, but since it was something that didn’t involve me, and was way in the past, I have just kept it to myself. I figured it’s not mine to tell.
    I loved How Linda had Marley deal with the reveal of her secret. She wrote it into the story with gifted talent. Roan is the perfect man for Marley, their blossoming love is so beautiful.
    This has become my most favorite book by Linda. I hope everyone loves it as much has I did. May you have a great day.

    • lindabroday

      Tonya, I’m so happy you enjoyed this book. I think it’s one of the most powerful I’ve ever written and I agree that Roan and Marley are perfect for each other. Hold on to that secret. I recently learned in tracing my roots that my maternal grandparents were never married. My grandmother was married to another man and never divorced. That shocked me. I’m glad my mom isn’t alive to know this. Love and hugs!

  3. sejoc1968

    I didn’t learn until two years ago at the age of 47 that I had spent my life feeling guilty for choosing to live with my father and step-mother in Stephenville, Texas over living with my mother in Amarillo, Texas. I really thought this was a choice I made for myself and my three year old little sister. I was led to believe that. It turns out that my mother had asked my father and step-mother to take us because she could not make it on her income with two children, full-time day care for my little sister, (I was 10) Bill’s, groceries, etc. Not to mention she didn’t have any help when she needed a sitter, no extra money for pleasure for two young kids. We had lost my brother the year before and she was still dealing with that without any emotionL support from anyone. We had spent the summer with my Dad and step-mother and had been on so many fun adventures that of course won us over. It was almost time for us to go home to get ready for school to start and my father asked me if we wouldn’t rather stay in Stephenville, live with them and go to school there. Of course, my three year old sister was jumping up and down saying yes because it was a lot more fun living with them. I wanted to also but with a huge guilt hanging over my head. I had an older sister living in Hereford at the time but the majority of our family lived in East Texas other than my oldest brother and sister that lived in Marion, Kentucky where we had lived three years prior. I truly felt I was abandoning my mother. I did not like going to school in Amarillo. I had attended first through fourth grade in a small town in Marion, Kentucky, which I loved. I attended fifth grade in Hereford, Texas which I preferred to Amarillo simply because it was at least smaller. So back to the decision, my father actually told me after deciding that yes I would rather stay in Stephenville that I had to call my mother and ask if we could stay there. So with a guilt a ten year old should never have I made that call. The rest is history and it’s still a decision I’m happy I made because I can’t imagine how our lives would have turned out if I hadn’t made that call but then again now that I know the real story I guess it would have turned out about the same except for a ten year old not holding a 37 year guilty conscience.

    • Tonya Lucas

      Stephanie- I never knew this, how horrible you lived with this so many years. I am glad you did stay with your dad so we were schools mates although in different grades. Praying you now have peace over this event that happpened to you. Love you Dearly sweetie.

  4. kermitsgirl

    I’m not sure I’ve ever had a secret shared with me that shook me. Everyone shares everything with me, so I’ve become numb to any kind of shock, I think.

  5. Linda Farabaugh

    I have many secrets in my life that I found out about. But being that they are shocking secrets about ny family, I can’t divulge them. They will remain secrets with me forever.

  6. Teresa Williams

    Yes I have and all I can say is one family member committed suicide because of it.

  7. ndluebke

    Yes, it was devastating and heartbrakeing. Taken a long time to get over it.

  8. Jana Leah

    I have. It’s about my cousin, but I’m not supposed to know it, so I just pretend I never heard the secret.

  9. Shannon Capelle

    Yes I have and wish I never had! It was the worst thing I ever found out and so hurtful!!

  10. Irma

    Yes, my mom’s aunt. I leaned that her kids aren’t her husband’s kids at all.

  11. Linda May

    I can’t think of any secrets at this time. Thanks for your great generosity.

  12. lindabroday

    I’m sorry I’m late to the party. I just returned from the RWA conference in Denver and trying to get caught up. I’m happy to be here again and I loved every comment about secrets. It seems most people are carrying one. I have many that I’m unable to ever divulge because it would destroy lives. When Marley discovered she was won in a poker game she was shattered. What a thing to find out. But Roan Penny helps her through it all. He was very patient and he loved Marley so much. I hope readers will give the book a try. Thanks again for having me.