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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome author Linda Broday to HJ!

Hi Linda and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, To Love a Texas Ranger!


What’s The Best Piece of Advice You’ve Ever Received and How It’s Impacted Your Writing? 

to-love-a-texas-rangerI’m so excited to be here today to talk about my new release—To Love a Texas Ranger. This is book #1 of a brand new series called Men of Legend. For those who haven’t seen any promotion, I’m introducing the fictional Legend family who own a huge ranch in North Texas.

Tough-as-shoe-leather patriarch, Stoker Legend, obtained a small piece of land as payment for fighting for Texas independence. He’s added to the initial acreage until the ranch now covers six counties. He rides herd on his three sons—Sam, Houston and Luke.

This first book features Sam. He’s the youngest of the bunch and he loves being a Texas Ranger, which is a bone of contention between him and his father. Stoker wants him to help work the ranch, but Sam was born with an obsession to see what’s beyond the horizon. Cows don’t interest him. Running out outlaws and riff-raff from the state is his love. He has his hands pretty full though with the ruthless outlaw, Felix Bardo.

People ask me all the time what was the best piece of writing advice I ever received. Actually, it was two. Early on in my career, an award-winning author told me not to chase the market because it changes faster than I can write. But the second piece of advice really hit home—to write what I know.

I know Texas and I know about hard-working cowboys.

So, I put my pirate book under the bed and soon sent Knight On the Texas Plains to an editor. She snapped it up. This book is about a drifter who sits in on a poker game and walks out of the saloon with a baby that one of the men wagered. (By the way, Sourcebooks Casablanca is going to reissue this book next year and I’m thrilled.)

That book started me on a wonderful path. I’ve become a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author and have won a lot of writing awards. My stories have a genuine ring to them because I fill them with truth. I can insert little-known tidbits about Texas and about my cowboys that writers living elsewhere often don’t. Readers can tell.

Where I live here in the Texas Panhandle, it’s very common to see them. And I often go out to the Sanford Ranch that is only about twenty miles from here that my friend owns with her husband. I love spending the day watching the cowboys work and listening to the cattle lo. It’s very relaxing and it brings me back to my writing fresh.

I know about the vegetation in the different areas and the landscape that ranges from swamps in the eastern part of the state to the Gulf of Mexico and sandy beaches down south to the flat land up here in the high elevation. Research is easy.

You might notice that with the exception of my Men of Legend series, the rest of my stories are about men and women who have little other than a dream they hold close in their hearts. That’s because I lived in poverty growing up. I know what it’s like to be cold and hungry. What it’s like to want for something. I know these men and women like the back of my hand. I know how they think and feel, what they pray for at night. And what the loss of a dollar means.

Writing what I know has changed my life in such a profound way. I’m forever grateful to the author who gave me this advice.

I hope you enjoy TO LOVE A TEXAS RANGER and my Legend family. Put your feet in the stirrups and ride along with Sam. You’d better hold on tight though because he won’t have time to come back and get you if you fall off. He’s running for his life.

Book #2 of this series—Houston’s story—releases in May 2017 followed by Luke’s in November.
Back Cover Copy: Gravely injured on the trail of a notorious criminal, Texas Ranger Sam Legend boards a train bound for his family ranch to recuperate…only to find himself locked in battle to save a desperate woman on the run. Determined to rescue the beautiful Sierra, Sam recruits an unlikely ally. But can he trust the mysterious gunslinger to fight at his side?
Sam is shocked to discover his new ally is not only an outlaw, but his half-brother. Torn between loyalty to his job and love of his family, Sam goes reeling straight into Sierra’s arms. Yet just as the walls around his battered heart begin to crumble, Sierra is stolen away. Sam will risk anything to save her—his life, his badge, his very soul—knowing that some bonds are stronger than the law…and some legends were born to be told.

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Book Info: 

A Ranger. A Cowboy. An Outlaw.
Men of Legend

The Texas Ranger
Gravely injured on the trail of a notorious criminal, Texas Ranger Sam Legend boards a train bound for his family ranch to recuperate…only to find himself locked in battle to save a desperate woman on the run. Determined to rescue the beautiful Sierra, Sam recruits an unlikely ally. But can he trust the mysterious gunslinger to fight at his side?

Sam is shocked to discover his new ally is not only an outlaw, but his half-brother. Torn between loyalty to his job and love of his family, Sam goes reeling straight into Sierra’s arms. Yet just as the walls around his battered heart begin to crumble, Sierra is stolen away. Sam will risk anything to save her-his life, his badge, his very soul-knowing that some bonds are stronger than the law…and some legends were born to be told.

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Meet the Author:

Linda Broday resides in the panhandle of Texas on the Llano Estacado. At a young age, she discovered a love for storytelling, history, and anything pertaining to the Old West. Cowboys fascinate her. There’s something about Stetsons, boots, and tall rugged cowboys that get her fired up! A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Linda has won many awards, including the prestigious National Readers’ Choice Award and the Texas Gold Award. She blogs regularly at
Linda Broday’s website:


74 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: To Love a Texas Ranger by Linda Broday”

    • lindabroday

      Hi Kim, thank you for coming over. It sounds like you listened to the advice. I’m sure that business school really paid off for you. Sometimes we brush the advice aside and live to regret it. What I got really made a difference in my life. I hope you enjoy this book and the Men of Legend series.

  1. jillshalvisblog

    This book sounds wonderful can’t wait to start this series .I shared it everywhere.My best advice was to say your money for a rainy day tied with Stay in school.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Jill, thank you for coming. I’m glad you stopped by. I hope you like this series. The one thing I learned in writing about this Legend family is that money doesn’t keep trouble from your door. In a lot of ways, they have even more problems than the poor, broken down cowboys I’ve always written about. It sounds like you received some really good advice too. It really takes work to save money in this day and time but it sure pays off to do it. And staying in school is so crucial to get by in this world. Thanks again for coming!

    • lindabroday

      Hi Colleen, I’m really glad you stopped by and let me tell you a bit about me and my new series. To look for the positive is fantastic advice. I try to always do this myself because I hate being negative or being around people who are. There is a silver lining behind the cloud if we look for it. Often it’s difficult to see but it’s there. Thank you again for coming.

  2. Debbi Wellenstein

    Most of the advice I ever received was lousy advice. I guess the best advice was to do the opposite of what the advice-givers advised!

    • lindabroday

      Hi Debbi, thank you so much for taking a minute to come over. It’s great to see you. It sounds like you’re doing okay the way you’re going. Often we do get bad advice but we have to really examine it and view the source too. It sounds like you’ve gotten careful as well you should. Have a great weekend. I’m getting ready for winter. With the exception of the last three days, the temperatures here in the Texas panhandle have gotten a lot cooler. Winter will be here soon and I can’t wait. Hugs!

    • lindabroday

      Hi Marilyn, thanks for coming. I love the advice you were given and I’ve lived my life pretty much based on this philosophy. We can’t always achieve what we want and we sure can’t be perfect. We’re going to fail at times but if we try our hardest and do the best we can we’re still going to come out winners. My characters live their lives this way. Like me, they will often fail but they pick themselves up and try over and over until they reach their goal.

    • lindabroday

      Hi LRAINES78, I’m so glad you stopped by to weigh in on this discussion. Your comment made me smile. Mom’s seem to have an unlimited supply of advice, the majority of which is very helpful. My mom lived through the Depression and saw so many bad times. I could always count on the advice she gave me. My mom was a really wise woman. Thanks again for coming!

    • lindabroday

      Hi Marsha, thanks for stopping by and sharing your piece of advice. I really believe that everything does happy for a reason. Often the disappointing outcome is what we need to help us grow and learn. And sometimes what we think we have to have turns out to be something that might have hurt us. I think we have to trust and believe that everything will turn out for the best, no matter how disappointed we get. Thanks again for coming.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Debbh236, thank you for your comment. I loved that piece of advice but I never can seem to do it for the life of me. I let too many things get under my skin.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Natasha, thank you for coming. I tend to stress a lot. Especially when I have a deadline looming. Oh man! That’s time to really sweat. I hope you have a great week.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Joanne, now this piece of advice is one I have no trouble adhering to. I think I’m very tolerant and show each person respect and kindness. It’s a wonderful piece of advice that I wish more people would try. It sure would make this world a better place.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Tammy, thank you for weighing in on this discussion. Your comment is very true. Children learn by example but I’m afraid too often they witness bad behavior and mimic it because they think it’s the right thing to do. Have a great week.

  3. Tonya Lucas

    Linda- I LOVED this 1st book of your Men Of Legend. Sam stole my heart. I can’t wait to read Houston and Luke’s books. They have already latched onto my heart just in this 1st book of the series. I love the advise you were given, I’m going to consider it advise from you to me as I try my hand in a short story. Congratulations on this phenomenal book, I can’t wait for others to read it and get on the Linda Broday fan train.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Tonya! Oh Wow! Thank you for coming over. It’s great to see you. Thank you so much for the kind words concerning To Love a Texas Ranger. I’m really blessed to know how much you like this story. I’ll give you plenty of advice concerning writing. The main thing is not to quit. Perseverance is the key to success. Write your short story, get it like you want it and enter it in contests. That’s exactly how I got published. Big hugs!

  4. Glenda Kinard

    I thoroughly loved Sam’s story in To Love A Texas Ranger the best yet by Linda Broday!!!

    Sometimes when you are most broken, when you need saving most Heavens salvation falls in your lap such is Sam Legend when Sierra falls into his lap even when that salvation needs saving herself. Sierra is on the run from horrible Outlaws when she literally falls in Texas Ranger Sam Legends lap and he will stop at nothing to save her for in doing so he will saves himself with the help of a brother he doesn’t know exist. The adventure sets off to the safety of his family ranch. This books starts off with a bang and ends with a bang. More twist and turns than a run away roller coaster Linda Broday keeps you on the edge of your seat until the last sentence. I cannot wait to read the other Legend Brothers books

    • lindabroday

      Hi Glenda! Thanks for taking a minute to stop by. I love seeing you on here. I love your first sentence– Sometimes when you’re most broken, when you need saving most, Heaven’s salvation falls in your lap. That resonates deep inside me. Lovely words that carry such truth. Have a great week.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Mary, thank you for coming. Mothers are full of sound advice. They know what’s best so often. I had the best mother in the world and I still hear her advice in my head. I sense that you do too.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Glam009, thank you so much for coming. I love your comment. It’s really true. You reap what you sow. If you treat others badly, it’ll come back on you. I don’t know who gave you this advice but it’s excellent. I wish more people would practice it.

    • lindabroday

      Hi BN100, thank you for stopping by. It’s great to see you. Those two words in your comment carry a lot of truth. Amid all the advice and all the rules we set down for ourselves, we have to have fun or it’s not worth it.

  5. Irma

    Hm, probably the one that my mentor gave me while I strated working in the bussines that I am now. She said that if I wanted something it’s not just gonna drop in my hands. I had to get up and work for it. It’s true.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Irma, I love your comment and I say Amen to that. We live in such an entitled society who think the world owes them. They want everything but don’t want to work one bit toward getting it. Lots of whining and complaining from kids and adults these days.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Kate, what a great piece of advice. We do have to separate our needs from our wants. I want far too many things–a new car, new pair of shoes, new purse, new house, but I don’t really need them. So, I save my money..sometimes, I’m really weak though about certain things. Especially books! I’m cringing here.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Isisthe12th, thank you for coming. I’m really bad about putting off going to the doctor and often regret that decision. It’s best to go when you need to and don’t think it’ll get better by itself. Some things won’t.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Cathy, that’s very good advice, especially for a married couple. We should always clear the air because if not it festers and gets bigger and bigger. Have a great week.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Strgth4hu, boy if only some of our people in government would take your advice, it sure would be good. I try not to speak rashly to anyone. It sure causes a lot of problems.

  6. Nancy Luebke

    I received some of the same advice that you did. I wrote and had published in 2 church newsletter/newspapers an articale on grief and miscarriages. I also wrote about angels and a romance, neither one published. However, they were good experiences. I also wrote a Easter story for children.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Nancy, it sounds like you wrote some very moving things. Don’t quit. If one thing doesn’t work, try something else. Just keep putting your stories out there and eventually you’ll hit pay dirt. I don’t think God gives us a gift without letting us succeed. I wish you lots of luck.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Cynthia, persistence and determination is the key to anything but most of all life. Never give up. Keep trying and eventually you’ll reach your goal. I don’t think I’d be a published writer without this piece of advice. It also helps that I’m a stubborn Taurus! Ha.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Banana Cake, thank you for coming to join the conversation. This is a great piece of advice but one I struggle with. It’s a lot more fun buying something new than putting your money in the bank. I do try to save though except it’s a losing battle. Sigh.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Texas Book Lover, thank you for joining in the conversation. You have some wonderful advice. No matter how difficult the trial or life, we can’t win unless we believe in ourselves. We have the power if we can learn to use it.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Glenda, great advice you have. We can’t win every battle and we wear ourselves out trying. We should choose the important ones and let the others go. I had to work to learn this one.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Booklady, thank you so much for stopping by. Great advice that’s sometimes hard to go by. We have to learn to forgive ourselves when we fail and try again. We’ll make it if we believe we can. Have a wonderful week.

  7. lindabroday

    Sara, thank you so much for having me. It’s been great fun chatting with everyone and hearing all the excellent advice. I hope some will try my new book and start of a new series. I have lots more in store. Book 2 – Heart of a Texas Cowboy – releases in May and it’s already available for preorder on Amazon. Book #3 will follow in November.

  8. Meredith Miller

    Don’t let your initial reactions to something cloud your judgement. Give it a moment and think before acting.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Meredith, thank you for stopping by. I love seeing you. That advice is very wise. It would prevent some foolish mistakes. I’ve often said and done some things I wish I’d thought more about first and was either for or against something that turned out to be wrong. Have a good day!

  9. Mai Tran

    THE Best Piece of Advice You’ve Ever Received is: “My mother, Eve, always taught me never to look back in regret but to move on to the next thing. A setback is never a bad experience, just another one of life’s lessons.” Sir Richard Branson, entrepreneur.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Mai Tran, thank you for coming. Your mother knew what she was talking about. Once something is done you can’t go back and undo it. Just learn from the mistake and go on. Have a wonderful day!

  10. Amy Rickman

    Set away if you’re anger before you say something hurtful that can’t be taken back.

    • lindabroday

      Hi Amy, thank you for coming and sharing your advice. The cowboys used to say you should hobble your tongue and save lead. We sometimes hurt people when we’re angry. I try not to but sometimes I let my feelings get in the way of my good sense. Have a great day!

    • lindabroday

      Hi Laura, thanks for coming. Your grandmother gave you some excellent advice. She knew what she was talking about. We should be happy with what we have instead of trying to get something that isn’t any better just because it looks better. Have a nice day!

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